Personal Notes Backlog-11 MAY 2020
IN THIS SECTION MAY 2020 2020/05/30 #2 Goosebumps: Dave Schultz 2020/05/30 2020/05/29-30 2020/05/26-27-28-29 Letter about vote fraud 2020/05/25 2020/05/23-24 -26 Voting Location Security Cameras also 2020/05/23 #2 Goosebumps Christopher J Van Der Horn also 2020/05/23 #3 No Honor No Country Revisited 2020/05/20 vote fraud, problems with electoral, etc 2020/05/19 2020/06/19 2020/05/15-16 2020/05/13 2020/05/10 2020/05/08 Goosebumps: Sasha Krause Case 2020/05/05-06 Police Legislation 2020/05/01-02 2020/05/26-27-28-29 Letter This letter is being sent out to various members of the public. You are welcome to make a copy and forward it. Added note: 2020/05/29 - There is a lot of psychic activity around having sent these letters. There is the fear not all made it out of the post office to the public. For those of you who got the letter, please drop me a line and confirm. You do not have to like the letter or agree, but let’s confirm together you got the letter, please. You will know who you are. May 26, 2020 Dear Fellow Citizen, I am a long-term San Juan County resident of Anglo-Saxon descent who was born here and whose Protestant pioneer ancestors came to the area in the late 1800s. I have lived in Arizona off and on and have spent time on the Oregon Coast, but most of my life has been spent in the Four Corners Area. I started out fairly liberal, but with more research, have moved toward a conservative center while retaining certain liberal elements. I support border security protections as well as anti-narcotics law enforcement. I want gangs off our streets and cartels out of our systems. I have been outspoken about police and military corruption, but I do appreciate it when they have done their jobs well and gone above and beyond. I recognize the hardships many of them face. It all comes down to personal and national safety, as well as fair and equal treatment. A person can live a lifetime in New Mexico as an American citizen and not receive the full benefits of citizenship as various special interest groups take center stage and exploit the system, leaving the rest of us hanging. This letter is about the ongoing 2020 New Mexico primaries culminating officially on June 2, 2020 and the upcoming November general election. I am concerned about voter fraud in this year's elections. My overriding concern now is personal and national security. This letter covers San Juan County, New Mexico, but has applications to any area of the country seeking true freedom from vote fraud. A conservative activist group, Act for America, warns we not use mail-in absentee ballots: Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic sweeping the globe, Members of Congress have been clamoring for Mail-In-Voting policies this November 2020. In order to protect the integrity of our elections, the United States cannot have national Mail-In-Voting -- it's a recipe for ballot harvesting and voter fraud! It's our job as active and engaged American citizens to let our elected officials know we DO NOT support the idea of national mail-in voting. If we can practice social distancing at the grocery store, we can practice social distancing at the polls. https //www actforamerica org/action/mailinvoterfraud?actionsource=793 I have experienced lost mail in association with mail leaving or departing the main Farmington, New Mexico post office. Two were checks over two years, one was a flash drive in the past month. I realize we might not agree on everything, but if you support national security (for example, protection against Islamic extremism, China and Russia, and the need for border protection) and allow for church and state separation, we likely can find common ground. In addition, if you respect and appreciate the positive aspects of the American military and police, but are willing to face down corruption there, those are additional shared interests. Below are some points about the need for complete surveillance coverage around voting arenas, and groups with biases who could try to interfere with elections. If you have a dirty cop plus a dirty postal worker plus a dirty voting location worker all cooperating with one another, it could spell voting fraud. Such biases could be linked to race, religion, party adherence or any number of interests. Ask yourselves the following: Who is answering the phone? Who is manning the front desk? And who is handling paperwork in the back rooms? We do not want to feel that any one group is acting like the host or turfing a voting location, because American votes belong to the general American public. Sometimes some groups in New Mexico try to act like the state is a country unto itself. That needs to stop at the voting booth. Those of us who pride ourselves on being Americans first, New Mexicans second, need to feel special interest groups in New Mexico are not rigging our elections. We have had a serious problem in New Mexico with poor evidence handling from crime scenes. Evidence, including camera footage, has been corrupted, destroyed or lost. Police officers are not always wearing their body cameras or have them turned off. Water, sun, heat or other deleterious exposures exist. Evidence handlers can be bribed, bullied or killed, or can be the actual source of deceit. This is detrimental to the victims and the public. The media can be compromised in one way or another, further exploiting voter fraud. Yet some members of the media have made the difference in terms of dogged research for the truth, like seeking vital Freedom of Information Act material, sometimes at their own risk. We must be mindful about evidence and surveillance, knowing how it has gone wrong before. If organized networks are playing power games for corporate jobs and government positions, they might also try that at the voting table. As individuals competing with large groups, we can find ourselves unable to vote with confidence. We might not have that complete assurance our own vote goes the way it is intended. National security includes voting security. Thank you.