Personal Notes Backlog-12 JUNE 2020
IN THIS SECTION Backlog 12 JUNE 2020 2020/06/17 2020/06/15-16 2020/06/12 2020/06/10-11 2020/06/07-08 2020/06/05 2020/06/17 More Goosebumps - when reviewing Jamal Khashoggi’s story below As I write tonight, goosebumps here now. Extremely strong goosebumps “I can’t breathe.” Please note this was also apparently spoken by George Floyd before his own death. Khashoggi Jamal [in Notes-Pers-2020/06/17] Here's everything we know about the troubling disappearance and death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi John Haltiwanger Dec 10, 2018 Oregon Notes 2018-10 Khashoggi's final words were "I can't breathe," a source who read a translated transcript of an audio recording from the killing told CNN. The source said the audio suggested that Khashoggi's killing was carefully planned and not a product of a botched interrogation. 2018-10 This article is also listed in Notes #1 News History 2020/06/15-16 Comments from BLM: Black Lives Matter: What’s Wrong With Them Our civil rights discourse is being spoon-fed to us. In fact, with every heightened Rodney King-style Civil Riotsry (see BLM) it is being slammed down our throats. Civil rights are human rights, and they belong to everyone, including white police officers. Whether or not guilty as charged, all police persons have a right to a fair trial, honest presentation of the facts, and to be kept safe from mob mentalities which would excoriate them before the trial even begins. Our attention is being drawn to protest movements placed on front pages of newspapers as if they are infomercials designed to tip the scales of public opinion in only one direction. The so-called news is thus a type of promotion for Black Lives Matter. The above quote (see BLM) by Starkes about RGI - the Race Grievance Industry - informs us that blacks are being lumped under the moniker of victim as well as revolutionary, both pressed and pressing along certain programmed, rehearsed and rehashed trajectories. With more reflection, we can see that blacks have been flattened inside a two-dimensional box. This monochrome shadow-land refuses to colorfully flower blacks out into well-nuanced and multi-dimensional thinkers and actors capable of seeking modulated answers to life’s problems. It also keeps many blacks hooked into certain forms of attention-seeking and power-grabbing modes, while ignoring other possibilities. By demanding certain forms of power, blacks succumbing to riotry lose out on the saving grace of more sustainable forms of power. The integrated human and the well-coalesced society desire more than just seizure of the master’s cap and throne. We might not be able to say with certainty what power is, but we can say without equivocation what it is not. Power is not exchanging one dictator for another or becoming top dog to make others feel small and enslaved in return. We either learn from the lessons of history or we do not, but more blackness with less whiteness does not instantly make for a better world. Dishonest news groups operating like nationalist, state-controlled news agencies might be trying to fuel a fight or fester anarchy. Through distractions and pressures, they can be trying to soften or weaken the United States and western countries for the next stage in planned takeovers. With separate news agencies funded by one owner or running operatives inside them, we have lost freedom of the press. It is likely some people supporting Black Lives Matters and its allies are seeking regime change and are entranced by wrong ideas about power. It is also possible some blacks linked to the group truly feel they or their families have been victimized. However, even if a core groups feels this way, something gets out of hand each time and the power turns over to a hate fest. It is likely many news groups are funded by groups linked to Islamic extremism, China, the Russians, Latin America, an old Nazi theme that has gone international, a Nordic white guy thing - and other forms of anti- American and anti-Western agendas. Liberal Monarchists seeking religiously guided kinglyships are not seeing the reality of monotheistic power. Communists and socialists, ethno-religionists and religious communists all have in common the tendency to seek unity at the expense of individual freedoms. Three groups with money to consider are the Saudis, the Iranians and China. The Saudis have been known to fund anything they believe will support their power. The Iranians have fed power movements in various countries over the years. Yet others like the Russians and French have often been caught feeding our enemies. Various types of people have voiced concerns that George Soros is also involved in such staged events. Soros is said to have donated large sums to the ACLU and their allies; just exactly how all that works together or whether yet other agents in Soros forum are involved would require meticulous investigations and honest, objective reporting - many stories on the Internet about Soros seem fishy. In short, there might be multiple layers of deceit and power contenders, with a mastermind beneath it all. The mastermind might not be what we think, but a vindictive George Soros type should stay on our radar as a possibility. If a vendetta is involved against a planet full of whites, it might have more of a calculating, chess game mindset with an end goal of Holocaust. Such might be a quiet, subtle layer behind more obvious forms of violence we have become accustomed to in the Islamic Extremist world. Our news is giving too much attention to Black Lives Matter for it to be an accident. Someone has a plan. One of the ploys could be to misuse our civil liberties by exaggerating it to the point of the ridiculous and inane through so-called civil rights groups. They can be mirroring civil rights in the worst way to make the whole subject seem impossible in the end. This exaggerating could be deliberately designed to make a mockery of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. By taking things too far and screaming for “rights” to the point of crazed, nauseating excess, it can be a way for a calculating group to show up the United States against violently controlled and subjugated countries. But there can be something more yet again going on beyond this level of antagonism. It can be a way to move pawns on a stage, pushing people around and against each other to have them annihilate each other in the end. It also can have a morality play designed to teach people how situations could happen to you and me, too. So the hysterics by BLM are gearing up toward a conclusion. We are being manipulated through guilt and emotional dramatics. We are being steered toward certain pivotal points before we hit bottom. Each point along the way to a final takeover is calculated to create orgasmic-like climaxes - peaks of pitched emotion that result in ugly mass mobbings, destruction of property and deaths of police persons and citizens….and yet another turnover of laws meant to protect us. The current 2020 “Defund the Police” seen globally here in 2020 during the George Floyd aftermath is one such dangerous ploy. Following the wave of riotries arrive the pacifications and appeasements. After the demonstrations are over, then comes the soothing caress, as if to naughty, but somehow right, children: “Feed Me, Placate Me, Give Me Money and Change Your Laws.” This goes along with high press crime court cases which deliver white punished goods, along with civil rights lawsuits which deliver large sums of money to attorneys and victims. And also almost overnight congressionally supported laws sprout up weakening both police powers and national security. In payment for the displays, America - and now the globe - is supposed to open its hearts and pocketbooks to blacks and other minorities seeking atonement. It is supposed to rearrange its structures to pay for the show and to appease the non-inappeasable who really want just one thing - total power - Me Tall, You Small. They come in through the Trojan Horse of “We are victims of society, give us civil rights”, but clutched in their hands and hearts are the arrows and slings shooting “America, take down your arms, we are coming in, and we want complete control.” 2020/06/12 Watch for Fake News, Planned/Repeated Certain Dramatic Undercurrent During Police Related Stories watch for remote influencing and faked news When I started Police Factor several years ago, I went in horrified over all the police corruption and brutality and wanting to do my part to stop it by helping to expose it. After I have been around the stories awhile now, I have decided something additional is likely going on. It is very dangerous. Continue to watch for corrupted news The stories might get stranger and stranger Remote Influencing seems possible. ZOI (Zone of Influence). Watch for remote influencing by using remote viewing experts; take this seriously Some of the people doing it are likely Anti-Border people Dramas. Certain style of ritualized drama. Find the source of the type of played out drama. The dramas are like the following: Greek pathos/bathos hero conquers villains, public spectacle of vanishing the beast - in this case it is the police and white America. Hispanic bullfights. Certain Hispanic males with machismo want to be seen as the Big Tall Savior: illegal aliens are saying don’t tell us not to come across the border and sell and use drugs and dominate the American public with our ways. Third, it feels like an African dance ritual in which they are vanishing a foe. There seems to be a behind-the-scenes drama style being used. I have repeatedly felt this drama context behind numerous police related scenes as if someone is trying to create a drama first in which to punish someone in a public display second. It feels, for one thing, like an extension of a bullfighting ring. There might be yet other Latin American motifs involved in ritual and drama. In other, it feels like an ancient Greek drama in which villains and heroes are played out. Watch for professional hecklers, trained operatives Country after country in the Middle East has had horrific dictators take over; it happens fast; large numbers of liberals, leftists and intellectuals are killed in th process, as well as many, many others; the liberals and intellectuals are known to commune with the extremists in certain circles before each takeover event. The links to the left and liberal intellectuals has “let Dracula in the door” time and again. Part of the reason, although not the only one, could be that drugs loosen people’s inhibitions and might make people less focused. Laid back sexual lives along with a partying atmosphere might make people less divided between “us and “them.” 2020/06/10-11Black Lives Matter: What’s Wrong With Them Black Lives Matter - BLM What’s Wrong With Them section added Notes: there are some scattered inserts and comments in this personal notes section on BLM. I decided to put this section up after The Durango Herald put out a front page news article on a Black Lives Matter national protest movement that had local participation. I told the newspaper to cancel a trial subscription which had a little time left because of that front page news coverage. I decided they needed to know at least some of us will not pay them to support Black Lives Matter and the local adherents: No Promos for BLM. Certain Navajos in the Farmington, New Mexico area seem to be in on it as part of a Red Power mixed in with the Black Power movement. Civil Rights are Human Rights are about Everyone, Including Whites The groups spoonfeeding and forcing a certain brand of civil rights onto the broad American public - and the world. They are trying to dominate people and to force sympathy for minority causes at the expense of the broad American public. They demand - and get - attention, using up media resources when there are a million tragic stories all over our country and the world, each story deserving our compassion. They demand that their views are the only right ones. They repeat it constantly and try to control all media outlets. They have an ugly attitude as if they are the only victims on the planet and in the United States. We get bombarded every single time there is a white-on-black case. We are being so thoroughly bullied by these people because there is a political objective to take the issue to the next level. I knew a white male acquaintance who shortly before he committed suicide told me the story of the 1991 case involving Rodney King. He lived in LA at the time. He and his wife had to go into hiding, not able to walk on the streets for fear blacks would kill them. A black male friend helped them by getting groceries for them. He told me it could happen to me, too. Those were basically his last words that I heard before he killed himself a few weeks later. I have since wondered if just discussing the feelings of dis-empowerment made him feel sad and re- traumatized, perhaps it had something to do with his suicide. His message was that the black anger and domination of the area - along with a burglary of his home which involved violence and a robbery at his wife’s place of employment - made them decide it was best to move from California to get away from blacks. He said he and his wife and kids didn’t know where they were going; they just got in a car and followed a map until they found a place that seemed reasonable. This is the second person who has told me they left an area to get away from difficult blacks. The other one was from the Northwest area. Both of these people came to the Four Corners to get away from blacks overcoming an area. George Floyd Case I wrote The Durango Herald and told them it is totally OK to be white in America and that we do not have to apologize for American History. That we should be proud to be Americans, this is a beautiful country, the best on planet earth, and that white Americans are in fact part of its honorable heritage. also told the paper that liberals and leftists are used by groups wanting to take over countries and then they are spit out and killed. I just recently read Black Wave in which author talks about how various Middle Eastern Countries were taken over the more radical types of Islamic extremists. Each extremist takeover included killings of the left, liberals and intellectuals. There was no exception to this rule; the left was considered waste material. We have had white Americans dying and being injured overseas while these civil rights groups wreak havoc stateside and in our media, undermining our efforts against tyranny. I also repeated to the newspaper that the local leftists who support BLM need to be thoroughly investigated. I feel they mess with demographics and power structures at colleges. San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico is one I had already started worrying about, then I learned about this formalized socialist group in the local BLM protest this week. From a local perspective, the local protest was more of the same old same old Navajo and Hispanic anti-white material, only with a lot more emotionalism because it was another national Rodney King style event. The Farmington area has already seen a large demographic shift, including a replacement of whites by Navajos and Hispanics in the work force - very similar to what has happened in Minnesota with blacks that have moved into the state - yet the minorities still act like they are the poor downtrodden ones. Many of them are in fact better employed now than quite a few whites; the managers are Navajo; many of the workers are Navajo - it is like there no longer is a border between the Reservation and the cities of Farmington and Gallup. Many of the Navajos truly do get extra benefits that the whites in the area truly do not get. Yet they still make a lot of noise about whites who try to stand up to any lack of fairness. Whether or not it is directly linked to Islamic sharia law this behavior is very typical of the Islamic Extremist sharia law approach - they want to leave no stone unturned. Sharia law coupled with communist/socialist leftist groups seem to want to control the population by trying to tell everyone what to believe and how to emotionally respond to a situation. People’s emotions are being steered in one direction, but when guilt and manipulation are part of the strategy, few people feel up to contesting the things being dumped (ie Black Lives Matter posters) on their city streets and front pages news. Being able to offer an alternative view does not set well when people are emotionally charged. It’s hard for people to see “Islamic sharia” and “Communism/Socialism” behind Black Lives Screaming. No one is saying George Floyd deserved to die, particularly in the manner seen in the media, but we can stand back and retain our objectivity without being pulled into a mob mentality. Even though it seems unlikely that multiple videos from different parties that showed Floyd was not resisting arrest are wrong, when a case is surrounded by like-minded people, biases can do strange things. It looks pretty cut and dried that video from the store and several witnessing cell phones all show Floyd was most definitely not resisting arrest. Nonetheless, when organized crime makes up its mind, anything is possible even multiple contrived pieces of evidence. We can at least ask the questions. We can at least ask if the situation is a setup or re-fabricated one, or an Inquisition rather than a real case with a real trial. If our emotions are being steered so much we cannot ask such questions, then no one is safe in the United States. Put yourself in the cop’s shoes: if you are surrounded by a lynch mob, how would you feel? I have asked the question about professional hecklers and mob rousers as well-financed and trained operatives. If many of the protesters are sincere but the organizers are operatives, what can you and I do to protect our rights and national security while staying compassionate and honest over police abuses? What if some of the high dramatism seen around American white-black cop cases comes from African nationals and not American blacks? What if these people are really adept at theatrics in such a way it spurs other blacks into emotionally driven mobs? How do normally quiet people stand up to people wanting to spur a revolution against the United States, a revolution that will turn us into another dominated Saudi Arabia, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria or China? Do you understand the cost of silence is dangerous? Say NO to BLM. Demand that civil rights discourse takes on another approach in the United States and face down the groups who want to dominate the country. Understand the arguments, but insist on another approach. 2020/06/07-08 Running Strings Running strings is about how people cooperate with one another in a secretive, illicit and defiant manner to perform operations against the grain of the mainstream (legal) side of the USA. Closely connected to the acts themselves are why they do it. The concept of running strings correlates with Strands of Interconnection, but considers various groups cooperating at certain trajectory points. Each has separate agendas, cultures and outlooks . They are like separate instrumental sections which become an orchestra at the point of cooperation. The rest of the time they are like bands or loose interest groups. The most comprehensive thread connecting all of them might be drugs. The next most unifying theme might be an anti-American feeling. This rebellious attitude pervades the different groups for different reasons, but the common thread is in the USA but not of the USA…or THIS is my USA, not THAT. An example would be minorities or disgruntled and bitter veterans (see below). The next most common theme might be a male-first or all-male, anti-female approach. To sum this one up might be the banner of “Guys Rule, Gals Drool.” At the local levels, running strings is about how one specific interest group connects among its own members. It includes surveillance (keeping tabs) and communication. Covering the veteran groups: Let’s consider two types: Traitors and Rugged Man types. Fundamentalist Christian can be an extension of the ruggeds. Fundamentalist Christian veterans can have strict ideas about what constitutes a real United States, and their version might not agree with the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. They might feel certain things need vigilante responses when the government won’t take care of it. There might be austere and formalized ideas about relations between women and men, including roles and modes of communication. There might be strong attitudes against gays. When it’s all said and done, the men might say it’s less about gender differences and more about power; if a woman is trying to compete in a man’s world, then pull out all the props - they’ll give it to her like a guy, and it can be rough - that is, if they can get an edge, they will take it. They might tell themselves it’s about business, but there is an underlayer of hostility toward women who want equality. Men with this attitude can run strings through the community and across state lines against people who have gotten on their watch list, including among certain policing persons. Maybe they interact through certain organizations. Not all of the men are religious. Some might be strong advocates for lesser government and angry over certain kinds of funding or social services. Some might feel it needs to go toward men who fought in wars. Others might feel that people who used the funds or services need to be punished and the money and goods taken for their own endeavors. Running strings can include secretive vendettas involving break-ins and theft. The other kind of veterans might the stereotypical Flag, Cross, and Man as Head of Household type. Traitor veterans can be part of drug, alcohol, party and “fuck ‘em all” attitude. This attitude is about “fuck USA and fuck bitches.” Both kinds can run strings along belief systems and approaches. They might have points of interconnection over “Guys Rule, Gals Drool” when they deal with a woman. Minority groups: Hispanics will be the fictional example here with some likely real world ramifications. Many feel stereotyped. Three types of Hispanics will be considered: modern, slick “politico” types; Hispanic Catholic ethnoreligionists; and the shadow government types. A gray zone of illegal immigrants, mixed border families and drug sales connections can pervade all three. It can be the Hispanic custodian cleaning male and female bathrooms and floors in a grocery store. It can be the Hispanic security guard at a shopping center parking lot or in campus security. It can networks embedded inside Catholic and other charities. As for blacks, the question should be what kind of black? Many feel stereotyped. Common sense tells you southern blacks are one thing, California blacks another, New York ones another, legal immigrants yet another…college educated ones, poor but Christian, no-nonsense, no trouble ones…; some blacks with extended drug or criminal histories. And maybe several different types of blacks have something in common: they have personally experienced white bigotry. Some of that bigotry might be something in the air; they just feel it, they don’t feel safe or calm. It might not be overt And maybe it is misconstrued; maybe whites are not feeling this or that about blacks, but because of other bad experiences, a black person suspects something is off. Another type of bigotry might be the KKK kind, something totally lethal. Right now, what we are pinpointing are the Black Lives Matters groups and their approaches. Native Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans and others can be supporting this group and its allies. Their banner might be “Life in the USA is about fighting for our own.” Bylines might be, “White Americans don’t like us, white cops beat up on us and kill us; we have to force our way to the top because whites try to keep us down and out; we’d better put our own people in to replace the whites and keep the whites from getting back in - it’s about power.” A sense of historic grievances spurs and sustains the emotional pulse. A watchful eye for ongoing mishaps at the hands of whites; an unwillingness to admit fault; in the most virulent stages of a Black Lives Matter experience, minorities might lie, exaggerate, cheat and try to pull out all the stops. But behind all this, or running alongside it, can be dangerous terrorists. Likely some people who support the organization and its allies truly have experienced corruption and cruelty from white cops and in places where there is a white establishment. But it can be a matter of mafia connections manipulating outcomes, bribing or bullying police chiefs and departments; killing off or intimidating witnesses, changing or destroying evidence…. In either case, we can be seeing people running strings to rebel against real or perceived tyranny or the law and normal mainstream American protocols for fair play. We can assuredly agree that mafias can be racially driven or color blind. And not all organized crime fits the label “mafia” as it can be more of a sense of non-Americanism. Some of it is about immigration as colonizing. Some of it is Islam wanting to change America into its image. Some Russians and Nordic people feel theirs was the first America. Many Native Americans want their lands back after 500 years.; they are willing to join forces with non-Americans, even Islamic groups, Chinese and Russians, to fight the United States. Some feel it is the principle of the thing. A fictional example about running strings with possible actual ramifications would be rogue Marine and Navy higher ups. An example is the Fat Leonard Case, but we can consider other over-arching problems. Disgruntled over war and American leadership, some anti-American sentiments likely started during the Vietnam War. Yet another scion might have sprouted up later; it might have a power and money aspect through petro and by creating allies with certain countries. On one hand, they might be part of a “northern white guy thing” involving old Nordic areas, while also conspiring with all races. Their banner might read “Make money”; “Don’t work for others - or work for the ones who pay the most”; “Guys rule”; and Have a plan, Work the Plan. If such covert traitors to the American system exist in this manner, COVID-19 - and its sociological, political and financial results - might be one thing that helps to break up their sinister game. Both traitors and ruggeds are basically turning their backs on the United States. One might work with drug dealers, drug producing countries and oil companies. The other might work with a comparatively small tight network mostly inside the continental United States. All these groups - and more - can be running strings as a counter-movement to the United States. At some point, we all have to make a stand. America might not be perfect, but it can be argued it has redeeming core elements and that there is a lot worse out there. We can argue Stop beating up on the USA. Stop eating away at ourselves. Let us roll up our sleeves and try to make this a better place. The problem is that everyone wants to rule the world, or at least everyone has a different idea about what generates a happy space. People have different ideas about what freedom or peace is. Not to mention all the variants of what God is or is not. Perhaps the questions we can ask ourselves are: Country or no, who am I when I die? and Can I make peace with my country while maintaining my soul, so there is something of integrity inside me when I leave this world? What will sustain me for the long haul? And, If I decide life is more than mere survival - Can I leave something better than I received it? 2020/06/05 Re: George Floyd Case The Issue is really how our attention is diverted and held, by whom and how, and what other stories of potentially equal tragic value are given little or no attention