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IN THIS SECTION Backlog 14 2020/08/29 Nazis in the vaults and what is wrong with BLM 2020/08/26-27 2020/08/25-26 2020/08/19 2020/08/10,18 2020/08/05 INFO WARS What to do about them section created 2020/08/03-04 US Postal Problem-SPLC (the suspicious Southern Poverty Law Center should not be used as a resource on a government website) 2020/08/29 Nazis in the vaults and what is wrong with BLM Call for investigations into police departments regarding Black Lives Matter. We should not have active or avid BLM supporters in our police departments. Proper investigations will keep Black Lives Matter supporters with known or potential criminality from applying BLM agendas inside our police departments. This includes keeping them out of the FBI, Homeland Security and other national security organizations. Minorities and LGBT in our police departments must not be cooperating with Black Lives Matter either overtly or covertly. We need to be able to trust that our minority cops are not dangerous or assisting terrorists. We need to feel LGBT cops are not actively exploiting private information gleaned from their line of work in an anti-American LGBT network. Liberal cops need to stay out of the Black Lives Matter movement. Locally, how many minority cops (usually Navajo or Hispanic) in Farmington, New Mexico think Black Lives Matter is “where it is at” for minority empowerment and take-backs or are coasting on its issues? How many would try to attack you or get you in trouble if they feel you are messing with a BLM sign? Who are the reverse-discriminatory dirty cops in Farmington, New Mexico and beyond? It is likely most of the information will come from officers who have worked with them or from members of the public who have seen them in action. How many Hispanic or Navajo phone dispatchers are willingly aiding and abetting known BLM supporting police officers? The problem with Black Lives Matter is that it is not about racism, it is about ideology. There is a massive totalitarian campaign afoot. Please do your part to help stop this Big Brother system coming in on us. It’s not about race, they are using race to get in the door. Many people feel the issue is race. They tell themselves it is about a long list of racial grievances with the United States and old historic European colonialism. So they will argue that it IS about race. But it is not about race. It is about ideology. Because the backers - the real backers - behind BLM have totalitarian ideological roots. Anyone who wants to control people’s thinking and speech is dangerous. Black Lives Matter groups want to control yours and my speech. So it is about ideology, not race. You cannot force people to stop racism by acting like Big Brother and putting in just your very, very own players. To tell yourself that will end racism is like saying that Nazis could end Judaism by killing off all Jews in the world. It’s the same line of thinking: “Eliminate all whites, the world will get much better.” [Whack, whack, whack]. Or maybe it is about “reparations”: M4BL dot org: https //web archive org/web/20160801231517/https:/policy.m4bl org/reparations/ Excerpt: REPARATIONS: We demand reparations for past and continuing harms. The government, responsible corporations and other institutions that have profited off of the harm they have inflicted on Black people — from colonialism to slavery through food and housing redlining, mass incarceration, and surveillance — must repair the harm done. https //web archive org/web/20160801231517/https:/policy.m4bl org/reparations/ as explained by Ben Weingarten (see Notes News for this date, link below was found in that article) So maybe actual Nazis are behind the Black Lives Matter movement. Maybe they are quietly snickering down in some underground vault somewhere in the world, watching and controlling the world from computers, turning a dial here, pushing a button there: “OK Blacks will now descend on Portland.” [button pushed]. Now hundreds to thousands of the little hidden chips in black brains all over Oregon and Seattle cause black people to descend on Portland on cue. The white Nazis snicker a little more. “OK, now descend on Kenosha, Wisconsin.“ [They push a second button.] This one redirects the Seattle blacks in Portland over to Wisconsin, while leaving the Portland blacks to finish their job. Once again, the little chips inside their brains keep the blacks on cue: Like good little robots, they head over to Kenosha, stopping off in their black bus to get a whole lot of gasoline to make the new series of blasts - and fires - even more dramatic there. Seriously, anything is possible. We should consider actual master minds behind any operation, because things might not be as they seem. If either a white German Nazi or a sinister white Jewish Holocaust victim* retaliation is afoot, pushing people’s buttons, is this concept any worse or less likely than a pile of minorities and LGBT decrying racism in order to take over the United States? Aren’t both conspiracy stories equally unbelievable? *Several Jews have spoken out about the corruption and back-stabbing by other Jews, before, during and after the Holocaust. Strange psychological ramifications might be involved, but some of it might have to do with any of the following: torture and mind control in Nazi prison camps; survivor guilt which includes having been forced to help the Nazis; old lineage ties to European royalty or some such thing; mixed religious heritages; a denial of one’s Jewishness out of not wanting to be the thing Nazis, Catholics or others reject; retaliation within the order - maybe certain Jews felt they were too controlled and abused within their congregations and turned on their own The point is, keep your mind open as to exactly who is ultimately behind what we are experiencing, and do consider the possibility that strange tech is somehow tweaking people’s thoughts and emotional responses. BLM is linked to a number of dangerous anti-American groups from around the world. Many of those countries do not have good human rights records, so their civil rights are shot there. They go from country to country taking over. There next stop - and biggest trophy - is America and Western Europe. Many peoples of all racial backgrounds have been dominated by these awful country-bashers. It’s like locusts who go from field to field devouring everything in sight. “Hmmm. The US looks yummy. Let’s head over there.” [Chomp, chomp, chomp]. They have sucked a lot of diverse minorities and LGBT in. Many people who support BLM have been fooled. Many people follow along blindly, not wanting to stand against the crowd. There is suppression of the real news across the board. We are not hearing about how bad it is, or we are hearing it is the military or police doing the wrong things, and that the BLM people are only victims. Many Native Americans and Hispanics have built up to this moment; they knew what was coming. They think it is all white America’s fault, that white America had it coming to them. They sit back and watch and wait in satisfaction that America is getting hit so hard. The problem with this “Stop Racism” thinking is that most whites were not racist and were not a problem. The anti- racism drive is a ploy to let Dracula in the Door. Please do not be fooled by these immature and course tactics which have an underlayer of sophisticated mind control and possibly technical exploitation. So this is a matter of the pot calling the kettle black. Many Native Americans have strayed from their original roots by supporting Black Lives Matter. As such are losing their identity by joining a melting pot of every which kind of race and LGBT. Blacks have an entirely different heritage from Native Americans. By trying to suggest that racism unites them is like saying apples are fruits like bananas. 2020/08/26-27 These comments go with News #1 letter input for the same date Portland, Oregon being hit hard When I drove through in the past two weeks, I saw a lot of graffiti on several buildings not normally there; I saw it briefly from Hwy 5. It looked like downtown LA. Please remember the Oregon Police Abuse section on this website. On it I had included issues surrounding a black female police chief from the California area. I do not know if she has been part of the problem in the Portland area, but suspect something like that would be. See this part of the letter excerpted below: As your departments review the violent rioting that has occurred in Portland, I am requesting you conduct a joint investigation into the breakdown of cooperation, mutual assistance and information sharing by state and local law enforcement with their federal counterparts in Portland, Oregon between May 29, 2020 and July 29, 2020. Furthermore, I request that you provide to Congress a full assessment of the injuries to federal personnel caused by violent rioters while on duty in Portland during this same time period, as well as an accounting of the damage done to federal facilities We need to capture the Black Muslims involved in these ugly riots, as they most assuredly are part of the issue. There have been riots associated with Islamic groups inside the countries of Iraq, Lebanon and other places over the years. We must compare notes between those kinds of Middle Eastern and African continent Islamic-linked riots and these here in the United States. The strategies employed there are likely being used here. This would include simultaneously planned riots across various cities. The masterminds behind these operations have left evidence off and on over the years allowing us to better identify their tendencies. We must utilize this knowledge of far-away riots in reference to the ones here inside the United States. Many different races are involved, not just blacks, but the links are often Islamic in nature. Native American groups who have been supporting Black Lives Matter need to pull out immediately. Native Americans closely tied to their traditions do not support black Islamic extremists. Hispanics who have been supporting BLM need to pull out. BLM is not supportive of many diverse Hispanic traditions, either. BLM is usurping various racial groups, trying to get them to think like one Big Brother. It is best to stay away from such things. BLM is not about race in the long run, it is about power. Various people from other countries are coming to the United States to try to tell it how to run its own country, while their own countries are bully zones. It’s the case of the pot calling the kettle black, except their pot is a lot darker - they just do not want to admit to their own problems. It’s easier for them to swoop in on the USA and distract themselves with raids and such, while their own countries descend further and further into darkness. Many people have died merciless deaths in their home countries. A lot of this ugly behavior is about jealousy of the United States. 2020/08/25-26 My main message has continued to be to advise people who are protective of the interests of the United States to also utilize a creative and flexible approach to responses and solving problems. I am now saying it like this: 1. Retain what works in the American national security, military and policing system. 2. Utilize a creative streak that recognizes the “dance” the so-called “liberal” or “progressive” sector are applying against this country and the western world. This dance includes a variety of “off-the-chart features. I have covered several of them. The other thing I would say today is Do not trust Joe Biden. I feel very strongly something is wrong in that corner. I have felt this for a long time. There is something off about the December 1972 car wreck that killed his wife. Added 2020/08/26: The Hill 2020/05/22 Lies, damned lies and the truth about Joe Biden BY LIZ PEEK, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR —THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY CONTRIBUTORS ARE THEIR OWN AND NOT THE VIEW OF THE HIL Excerpt: Does Biden’s record warrant such confidence? Not really. In fact, Biden has a long history of lying — about himself, about his past and about events that never took place…Does Biden’s record warrant such confidence? Not really. In fact, Biden has a long history of lying — about himself, about his past and about events that never took place. Democrats want the 2020 campaign to be a referendum on President Trump. Fine, but if this is to be a contest of characters, it is only appropriate that Joe Biden’s history of fabrication and deceit – often intended to bolster his intellectual credentials – also be fair game. National Review 2019/04/05 The Most Disturbing Thing about Joe Biden. By JACK FOWLER Excerpt: But missed in these lists is a deeply troubling — I guess the right word is “lie.” It is one that Biden contrived — or at least perpetuated — over a deeply painful event: the death of his first wife and daughter. The lie hides in plain sight, amongst all the other oddball anecdotes (like his vowing to use his rosary beads as a choking device), maybe because it is so amazingly brazen, and because of its complete lack of being — here, I guess the right word might be “unnecessary.”The sad story is 29-year-old senator-elect Biden received the horrible call in December, 1972, that there was an accident in which his wife Neilia and baby daughter Naomi were killed, and his young sons Beau and Hunter severely hurt. Mrs. Biden seems to have driven into a busy intersection, into the path of an oncoming truck. Its driver was Curtis Dunn. Investigators found him blameless. Of no surprise, according to his family, his involvement in the deaths of Mrs. Biden and her daughter weighed on Dunn until his own death in 1999.It was a heartbreaking story all around, and with officials leaving no doubt of the truck driver’s complete innocence, what was the point of doing or saying anything more than letting Neilia and Naomi Biden rest in peace? As for Joe Biden, the tragedy was so utter that the accident’s circumstances were best left unremarked. Never mind unembellished. But embellished they became. When exactly, we don’t know. Why? That’s a question the answer to which is unfathomable — or if for political purposes, utterly deplorable. For some reason, the evidence shows, in the early 2000s, Joe Biden began to remark in public that his wife had died at the hands of someone who “allegedly . . . drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch.” That Curtis Dunn “was an errant driver who stopped to drink.” That drunk-driver story spread into news accounts. The Dunn family, who had strong sympathy for Biden, was shocked by the sullying of their now-dead father. They wrote the senator and asked him to stop and reminded him of the exonerating investigation. Some other things about Mr. Biden: Apparently he had a speech handicap which he has learned to control; it was stuttering. It perhaps lead to certain insecurities and old issues if he had been teased or ostracized. Also, consider the possibility of some kinds of extra self-mind control training which can apply to other areas of his life - ie, working the mind beneath a kind of poker face, maybe yes, maybe no. Any forms of self-hypnosis? How could this apply to having one agenda while keeping a public face? National Review might not be the best resource, I don’t like the cheesy ads they use, but I think the author might be onto something because i myself have felt something off about that car wreck. I am not sure we have gotten all the facts. I suspect he had some dirt which the minority caucus has exploited to manipulate his white public face to the public. I feel he is very much controlled by that minority caucus but also has white-related issues of anger he keeps hidden under the cover. There are signs his son has engaged in non-American enterprises even though Biden acts aloof to that. However, I feel the Ukraine-oriented son might ultimately be more honest and sincere than his father if given a chance to come clean on his family and other things. My suspicion is that Biden is not emotionally stable and should not be put in the presidency. Also his choice for Vice president is sleazy. Kamala Harris the typical BLM supporter type. She has a record of manipulating people and situations to get into office. There are several signs she has been one of the lineage of black power movement corrupt politicians. Black politicians need to get in and stay in on merit, not ties to organized crime. They need to really be about all of the American public, not just narrow black civil rights issues. Harris has alwready shown her true colors in the Primaries. Her speech was one long whine about black rights, hardly a word about the broader American system. 2020/08/19 DON’T GIVE UP! Stand Firm Against Black Lives Matter. Regarding letters: the INFO Wars page mentioned there: Go here The letters are a developing theme. As I send out yet another small batch, things come to my mind how to make more clear the objective. I also add material. So it is an organic enterprise. The objective is to STOP Black Livers Matter and to replace it with ALL LIVES MATTER, and to do a better job with civil rights, and to make national security a primary focus. I want people who are on the same page about not liking BLM to find each other and to work together. In terms of civil rights, the message is this: civil rights are human rights, and include all peoples - including white male police officers. We need to consider not only fake news, but abusively fake news involving stories around white police officers and persons of color. After studying many articles about police abuse and corruption, I decided that several stories seem questionable. This means I have flipped from my original contention, which was to help get the news out about the horrific abuses by cops against persons of color. I originally lined up as many stories as I could about attacks against black people and others to try to get the word out to the public. Now I want more investigations into cases involving WBME - White cops on Black/Minority Events. This is not denial but questioning. If all those white male police officers have really done those bad things, they need to be held accountable. But if the stories are twisted, we need to know. This includes cold cases as well as current events to see if the WBME’s were in a ZOI - Zone of Influence. For example, looking back on the old Black Panthers in the 1960s and 1970s, there are clear indications certain blacks had already infiltrated many political systems and were crude violent thugs. Because our country did not get a grip on it then, the problem has only gotten bigger. It is well past time to stand up to these racially driven radicals in a way that it really stops the bullies in their tracks for good. In terms of NATIONAL SECURITY, I want you to go John Guandolo’s UTT - Understanding the Threat and start there, if you have not already been introduced to his work. I don’t know Mr. Guandolo personally, and do not receive any benefits for encouraging the public to read his material. I feel he is sincere in his religious beliefs, and has a spiritual aspect, but his and my spiritual views are very different. Where we are on the same page are the national security issues - the protection of the United States. So far, this is the best resource I have found so far to get the layman quickly into the story and to start thinking like an FBI agent about homeland national security. Here is one link, also mentioned elsewhere: Threat.pdf My opinion is we need focused individuals with mixed military and civilian police backgrounds working on this problem because a lot of what we are dealing with inside the United States has parallels in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Bosnia, South Africa and beyond. Many of the BLM riots in the USA look and feel like past planned riots in Iraq by Islamic extremists mixed in with gangs and criminals. I feel deeply that American combat veterans need to get in on the local anti-crime and anti- terrorism planning committees across the nation, and to figure out ways of getting the word out to the general public. I also want you to understand that Black Lives Matter is an orchestrated event designed to take out the United States. They are linked to terrorists and drug cartels. They are also misusing COVID-19 for their own dark purposes. Although people sincerely protesting unfair and brutal treatment of minorities are there among BLM, the wide sweeping hoop involves lethal forces targeting the USA. For this reason, the BLM signs they leave around our cities and towns need to be taken as war. It is vital local groups work together to fight these signs as thoroughly as they would fight an enemy invader. To fight these signs, however, will require safety and legalistic precautions. BLM supporters hang around the signs and are also just around. You cannot remove the signs in many cases without receiving negative attention and chances are someone can get violent with you. You need to be sure you are not messing with signs on private property, or that they are not put out by a private billboard company. Just know you do in fact have a right to reject enemy material from your home town or city. You have a right to say NO to these people. You do not have to put up with this dangerous and ill-spirited nonsense. It is so tempting to just go over there and remove the signs. IF you are not careful, you could get hurt. Work in smart teams and know what your doing and who you are dealing with. We do not have to be dictated to about civil rights. Most whites are not discriminating against blacks or minorities. Other forms of discrimination are more likely, and as such they might be better termed discernment or caution. These behaviors might be mistaken for racism when it is actually something else. For example, racially connected machismo or nepotism might be the issue. It also could be concerns over Islamic sharia laws; the concerns are that adherents are not sincerely working with the USA but are trying to take over whatever they get their hands on. A few psychological or sociological issues to contend with: White cops and other whites married to persons of color: “How dare you talk about my girlfriend like that” and “I am not going to be a racist like you, I am going to protect these people from FUCKING BIGOTS LIKE YOU.” A white female married to a Native American person of color who feels she is part of a great movement linked to a prophecy about all the tribes coming together to take back their country. Warning: Partly what is going on here is they have internalized the one-track civil rights approach as their own. Also they have been entrained by that One-Track to deny themselves and other whites in an an unnatural altruism. It came about by calculated public mind control programs which started in that person’s childhood. They could get violent against you if you denounce BLM or anyone linked to a minority position. They are likely easily triggered by certain words or statements and are on autopilot. Whites like this see themselves as savers and as the next evolved step, the step that ends racism for good. They could get more violent with you than actual persons of color, and I am not sure you can get them off their One-Track. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff by finding those others who can truly see the Black Lives Matter movement for what it actually is - a terrorist and cartel system. One-Track people only hear “racism” and don’t see “terrorism” in these matters. Other problems: White police officers who are left in the police system might be intimidated and of low self-esteem. They might be overly cautious about making a mistake to do their jobs right. Some might be dominated by Hispanics and Native Americans in the Four Corners Area or by blacks from LA in Portland, or blacks from Somalia in Minnesota. Minorities taking over departments might not be the real deal, but only cartel- backed power plays bent on being Top Dog. Although they are technically police persons, they might have unhealthy visions of power. Will these people serve the community as a whole, or just their racial cliques? Others might be paid off by non-whites who have taken over the police departments. Watch for half- breed police chiefs who on the surface seem white but lean toward the minority position - and the whole BLM system of Islamic/left takeovers. White cops might not stand up to corruption in their departments now more than ever, erroneously feeling the system has moved toward the minority position. Younger whites might feel minorities are endowed with special powers compared to whites and they somehow know better about life than white people. This is because of the entraining since childhood in all of the media and education they ever made contact with. Despite diversity of opinion there has been a One- Track approach dominating the American system for decades. Just try to stand up to the popular racially oriented view and see what happens. People don’t realize how entrenched the One-Track view is. I have already discussed softening in various places. Please make sure you read it before you read anything further. Understand how planned attacks include getting whites out of power and jobs. It includes replacing them with persons of color and certain LGBT who support the whole One-Track civil rights movement. Behind it all is a planned methodical takeover of the entire American system. In summary, we want to get people off the One-Track approach to civil rights and back to a real civil rights as human rights approach that includes all people. We want LGBT who have supported BLM to find another voice in these matters, and for persons of color to start self-assessing how they could have been entrained since childhood to think about civil rights in just one single way. Real education looks at alternative views and considers multiple vantage points. 2020/08/10, 2020/08/18 Watch for Census Info Wars Also see Act For America’s California Census Partners with CAIR* see below The Federal Government apparently sent Aztec, New Mexico a Census sign. This sign only shows three minority children in front of the San Juan County administrative building on the main drag through the small city, the one that goes north from Farmington, a larger city, to Durango, Colorado which is 45 miles north. I wrote more than one email to various departments at the County and told them they need to include a white child. The County was not receptive - I only received one email back telling me that the federal government sent the sign. Aztec has always had a strong number of whites, as has all of San Juan County. There is no need to show only Hispanic and Native America children in the Census sign. This kind of thing needs to be considered likely linked to racial turfing. Such behavior discounts all of the voting and tax paying white residents in New Mexico. New Mexico is not just about minorities. It is insulting to all of the families with white kids to be shown three minority kids with an ad that basically reads “Do the Census to be counted for Education.” Along with highway billboards and college class schedules which only shown Navajos and Hispanics at both Fort Lewis and San Juan College in this same Four Corners Area, somebody needs to speak out and do something. Education is not just about minorities in New Mexico! This is such ugly turfing behavior! It is not necessary! Whites were sharing photo ads in the area before this with increased sensitivity to diversity across the board. There is a malicious side to this arrogant behavior. The people who make the decisions to put up these ads need to be made held accountable. *Calif Census and CAIR cont. Copied excerpt from letter from Act for America. By Steven Emerson, IPT News. Would someone who believes that ISIS terrorists and the Israeli army are morally equivalent have the kind of judgment to provide essential help to the government? What if that same person worked for an organization the FBI believes is not an appropriate liaison partner due to its roots in an American Hamas support network created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization which federal prosecutors say was part of an ongoing and ultimately unlawful conspiracy to support a designated terrorist organization a conspiracy from which in never withdrew? The California Census seems to have no problem partnering with Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR Los Angeles Office despite his harboring ideas a Muslim reformist dismissed as insane…. It’s a choice at odds with the US Commerce Department, which runs the national Census. A year ago, CAIR’s national… Notes correlated with the Info Wars page: An example would be Navajo leftist groups from San Juan College in Farmington New Mexico who participated in a Black Lives Matter protest and subsequently received constant coverage in The Durango Herald (Colorado) and other news sources. Extrapolate this example to others around the USA. Anyone white who has awakened to the minority preference system in New Mexico or Hawaii is likely more tuned into the global Big Brother Corporations. It is only an extension of what they have already seen and experienced in New Mexico. Lack of reciprocity from the Hispanic and black communities in terms of proper investigations into WBME cases if they are the police, attorneys and news. Hispanic cops in New Mexico might seem in your corner, but chances are they are really not but are part of some state-sponsored gig. Some of the gigs might be connected to the New Mexico Attorney Generals office. Chances are, white cops have been enveloped by a wide-ranging corrupt system. That system wants to scold, discipline, ridicule and humiliate those whites on the public forum. Many Native Americans, Hispanics and blacks are being entrained to think all of this is perfectly normal - they often do not question, but follow along. They do not question the stage that is being set, the actors, the dramas. It’s what they want to hear - another Big Bad White who has has been caught and properly horse-whipped across all available Big Brother Media sources. BLM does not equal Dineh or any other Native American Group. Native Americans linked to Black Lives Matter are likely losing the true Native American aspects of their culture. They are becoming a black-civil rights hodge podge. Note: The Four Corners Area of NM/CO is exemplified here, but this material applies to all states in the country See New Mexico Drugs and Cartels sections to identify the list of known criminal cases. Identify characteristics and tendencies. Identify a recent Navajo Reservation Cartel case involving high level crime. Regarding the Magnet/Spider Web analogy on Info Wars: An example would be Navajo ladies pretending to be Republicans and Trump supporters who are trying to lead whites down a false path to a place where the Navajos are in control. The Navajos in this scenario are trained operatives working with those who support BLM. (Not all Navajo Republicans are operatives, some are quite sincere; they are fed up with the liberals using magic and involved in gangs on the Reservation) have been eating away at American institutions bit by bit using very similar tactics. 2020/08/05 INFORMATION WARS: WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM Go here Also found in Index 2020/08/03-04 SPLC corruption Red Flag See also Post Office Corruption on this website The Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC is a suspicious organization, see #1 News/History Highlights for more info about its possible connection to the United States Post Office who is giving them a referral as a source of information on hate groups. There are other entries on Police Factor about groups suing the SPLC for various forms of inappropriate conduct and as its own type of hate fostering. The reason it’s a red flag is because post offices should not be recommending organizations like this. It’s also a red flag because it’s a language indicator showing that a likely conspiracy is involved - that is, members of the post office could be linked to Black Lives Matter , local minorities wanting to turf and control, or people with similar anti-American agendas Double-Speak from pro-American organizations: mixed crowds in these groups possible or likely; even main spokespersons could be operatives. Psychic/Psychotronic attack possible. I pick up vibes that suggest things are not as they seem with some of them. It could have to do with old pain and baggage back in the home Middle Eastern Country before immigrating to the USA. The pain it might be felt is not recognized sufficiently by Americans. Kind of a crass operative assuming that Americans might think Middle Eastern women are not as sharp and powerful as Islamic men. Possibly a split personality. Or maybe an external operative is watching and influencing this group. Consider either. I suspect we are being lied to about who is actually responsible for publicly reported deaths involving white cops and also public massacres.