Notes News Backlog-16 July 2020
IN THIS SECTION Backlog 16 Notes News Excerpts from Horowitz/Black Book Left-dangers of Black Panthers (2020/07/08, 13) Understanding The Threat: Jihadis, Marxists, Core Issues (2020/07/07) Video clip from Sky News Australia-2020/06/11 Hidden Agenda behind BLM; Book The Truth Behind the BLM Movement/By Martinelli; MSN-2020/07/04-05 China’s Hong Kong Draconian Crackdown;(2020/07/05) Death by Restraint: 3 NM cases-CBS-2020/06/14; Gang Intervention in El Salvador and League Central America -The Intercept-2018/10/02 (2020/07/01) 2020/07/08, 13 pp 64+ added at bottom of this section Horowitz, David in Notes-News-2020/07/08 /Black Book - The original Black Panthers -1960s and 1970s The Black Book of the American Left by David Horowitz Chapter on Why I am No Longer a Leftist p. 27 At the time, the left saw the Panthers as a persecuted vanguard, victimized by racist police because of their role in the liberation struggle… In reality the Panthers were a criminal gang that preyed on the black ghetto itself. The Panthers’ leader had found refuge from several criminal indictments in Castro’s Cuba…to defend them against the “fascist” attacks of the police was a radical’s first responsibility and task. The Oakland police were aware of the Panthers’ criminal activities, but were rendered powerless to stop them by the nationwide network of liberal and radical Panther supporters who sprang to their defense. pp 26-27 In 1974 I began a new project with the Black Panther Party…I raised the funds to create a “Community Learning Center” for the Panthes in the heart of the East Oakland ghetto. The Center provided schooling and free meals to 150 children, and community services to an even larger number of adults. The following year the woman I hired as a bookkeeper for the Center was kidnapped, sexually tormented, and then brutally murdered by my Black Panther comrades.” p. 44 “Elaine had two characteristics necessary for Panther leadership. She could move easily in the elegant outer world of the Party’s wealthy liberal supporters, but she could also function in the violent world of the street gang, which was the Party’s internal milieu.” p. 49 Regarding Black Panthers School: Adding to my dismay was the fact that the school head, Brenda Bay, had been replaced by Ericka Huggins, a prominent Party figure and in my view an individual who was mentally imbalanced. It did not improve my dim view of Ericka when I saw her punish a child by commanding the 9 year old to write 1,000 times, “I am privileged to attend the Black Panther Party’s Learning Center because…”) p. 49 My concerns about the school came to a head on May 19, 1974 which was Malcolm X’s birthday. A “Malcolm X Day” celebration was held in the school auditorium, which I attended. One after another, Bobby Seale, Elaine Brown, and other Panthers mounted the podium to proclaim the Party as “the only true continuator of the legacy of Malcolm.” pp 64 - 67 A Taste of Power by Elaine Brown is covered by Horowitz, he cites several examples of Panther deceit, vulgarity and violence p. 66 Violence was not restricted to the Panthers’ dealings with their enemies, but was an integral part of the Party’s internal life as well. In what must be one of the sickest aspects of the Panther story, this party of liberators enforced discipline on the “black brothers and sisters” inside the organization with bullwhips, the very symbol of the slave past. In a scene that combines both the absurdity and pathology of the Panther’s daily routine, Elaine describes her own punishment under the Panther lash. She is ordered to strip to teh waist by Chairman Bobby Seale and then subjected to ten strokes because she has missed an editorial deadline on the Black Panther newspaper. p. 67 The Panthers were just at the police and other Panther detractors said at the time a criminal army led by gangsters and murderers at war with society and with its thin blue line of civic protectors. When Elaine took over the Party, even she was stunned by the magnitude of the Party’s weaponry…there were literally thousands of weapons. There were large numbers of AR 18 short automatic rifles, 30-30 Winchesters, .375 magnum and other big-game rifles, .30 caliber Garands, M-15s and M-16s and other assorted automatic and semi-automatic rifles, Thompson submachine guns, innumerable shotguns, M-79 grenade launchers…there were caches of crossbows and arrows, grenades and miscellaneous explosive materials and devices…. 2020/07/07 UTT: The True Nature of the Jihadi Threat; The Marxist-Jihadi Cabal Understanding the Threat (UTT) The True Nature of the Jihadi Threat: The Main Focus of Their Effort Excerpt: The war which we fight is primarily defined by the enemy as INFORMATION WARFARE, which manifests itself in our system as political warfare, influence operations, espionage, counterintelligence, propaganda, and subversion of our foundational institutions: political, educational, religious, and media. The enemy’s primary focus is to control the narrative in this war. Yet, the entire U.S. government is focused on kinetic war – shootings, bombings, kidnappings and other acts of “terrorism.” The U.S. is not only NOT winning in the information battlespace, the U.S. is not even engaged in that space because American leaders do not understand it is the enemy’s self-identified Main Focus of Effort. The Marxist-Jihadi Cabal - Elevator Pitch Excerpt: In the United States today there is a significant jihadi and communist infrastructure which has been built over the last 70 to 100 years here. We have an understanding of these threats from evidence in major criminal trials, electronic intercepts, testimony of federal agents and declassified FBI files, and – in the case of communists – defectors from CPUSA and the KGB, and much more. Both the communists and jihadis seek to overthrow the U.S. government and install a totalitarian form of government. Both are well-organized, have long-term strategies, are well-financed, and work together at the local, state, national, and international levels. The way they do what they do is they operate within our system – political, media, religious, education, security – and over time insinuate themselves into positions of influence to drive how we think about and understand these issues. Evidence of their successes include: the fact the U.S. military crushed the enemies on the battlefields of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, yet America lost the wars there; If we compare the Communist Objectives for America in 1950 and where America is today, we see they have achieved nearly 100% of their goals; and U.S. government officials have an understanding of Islam which is exactly opposite of what muslims teach their children about Islam in U.S. Islamic schools. America’s intelligence and national security apparatus has consistently catastrophically failed for over 20 years. To win this war we must understand these threats and how they operate, and chop them off at the root and not wait for a forest to grow. In some places in the U.S. it is too late, but for most, we can still make a significant difference, but it must start now. This war must be fought and won primarily at the local level. UTT exists to empower citizens with tools to do this. 2020/07/05 Sky News Australia on Hidden Agenda Behind BLM; CNN - China’s Draconian Clampdown of Hong Kong Supporters of Democracy; Book by Martinelli on BLM Book: The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police. By Dr. Ron Martinelli There is a 'hidden agenda' behind Black Lives Matter protests 231,397 views•Jun 11, 2020 as of July 5, 2020: 9.2K likes 484 dislikes Sky News Australia 2020/06/11 There is a 'hidden agenda' behind Black Lives Matter protests Note from PF: This is likely a biased resource, not only for the white point of view, but might have an anti-female liberalism/equality aspect; however, it is one of the few sincere opposing views to the BLM movement found on the internet movement; most resources have been tainted by the one-sided pro-BLM movement view (looks like a conspiracy when you type in “opposition to Black Lives Movement” or its equivalent in browser and you only get pro-BLM articles (*notes continued in Black Lives Matter section on this website) https //www youtube com/watch?v=UeTioYgCEQA Excerpt: here is an agenda behind the Black Lives Matter protests which is not to fight racism, but “to push new myths and new hatreds,” according to Sky News host Andrew Bolt. https //www youtube com/watch?v=UeTioYgCEQA MSN 2020/07/04-05 At UN Human Rights Council, 53 countries back China's draconian Hong Kong crackdown Adam Shaw https //www msn com/en-us/news/world/at-un-human-rights-council-53-countries-back-china-s-draconian- hong-kong-crackdown/ar-BB16kZTP?ocid=spartan-dhp-feeds 2020/07/01 Drug Smuggling (also see Notes - Personal) LA Times 2016/05/03 Tight squeeze: Economics make border drug tunnels narrower. By Tatiana Sanchez. https //www latimes com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-border-drug-tunnels-20160503-snap-htmlstory.html Void of El Chapo - Smuggling Tunnels continue: Mexico News Daily 2019/12/30 El Chapo’s tunnel-building legacy lives on; latest one found in Nogales The Sonora municipality is considered the cradle of drug tunnels Death by Restraint Albuquerque Journal 2020/06/14 Death by Restraint: 3 New Mexico cases BY ELISE KAPLAN https //www abqjournal com/1466162/death-by-restraint-3-new-mexico- cases.html#:~:text=In%20June%202019%2C%20Rodney%20Lynch,incidents%20were%20caught%20on%20camera Gang Violence Intervention - El Salvador apparent successful program The Intercept 2018/10/02 EL SALVADOR IS TRYING TO STOP GANG VIOLENCE. BUT THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION KEEPS PUSHING FAILED “IRON FIST” POLICING. By Danielle Mackey and Cora Currier. https //theintercept com/2018/10/02/el-salvador-gang-violence-prevention/ Note from PF: There is an anti-Trump bias to this article. Excerpt: “This is a country where people don’t believe that gang members can change,” he told The Intercept last fall, sitting in a conference room, employed at the company the pastor told him about on that day three years earlier. The company is League Central America, a textile factory that makes collegiate wear for U.S. universities such as Arizona State and Yale. League’s president, Rodrigo Bolaños, has long been a rare and vocal advocate in the Salvadoran business community for hiring former gang members. Bolaños argues that the problem of gangs in El Salvador isn’t so complicated. There have been gangs across the world, from England to Chicago, at every time in history, he says. “The same way gangs generate, you can also get them out of gangs, if you do positive forces like second chances, education,” he said. The company tests those who belonged to El Salvador’s three main rival gangs — MS-13 and two factions of Barrio 18 — with techniques like icebreaker games that require physical closeness. If a new hire couldn’t stand it, Bolaños said, “that person wasn’t ready.” The company subsidizes employees’ secondary and college education if they haven’t finished it, and offers classes on-site. It might seem unremarkable that the U.S. government would direct funds to a program that sounds so wholesome. But for El Salvador and neighboring countries like Honduras and Guatemala, it represents a delicate, tenuous shift in U.S. foreign policy. It marks a step away from years of a U.S.-supported approach that has favored the mano dura, or “iron fist,” response to gangs, and has mostly shunned work that directly engaged current and former gang members who wished to leave crime and violence behind. Past U.S. policy has erred toward an almost exclusively military, police, and mass incarceration response; and when violence prevention work was funded, the government stipulated that the organizations that implemented U.S.- funded projects on the ground must ensure the participants had no ties to a gang. In fact, until recently, it was prohibited under U.S. Treasury Department restrictions to use government aid money for any program that directly engaged members of MS-13. This policy change could be imperiled by the attitudes and actions, currently in vogue at the White House, that are meant to demonize gang members. From his presidential campaign to the recent policy of separating families at the border, President Donald Trump has used MS-13 to justify his calls for harsher immigration laws. He has insisted that its members — who he has repeatedly called “animals” — should be treated as an existential threat to the United States. But while Trump and many in his administration act as though Salvadoran gangs exist due to a lack of toughness, parts of the U.S. federal government in Central America — which for years enabled the implementation of exactly the kind of policy Trump calls for now — have recognized that mano dura has failed. “It’s a policy that did not have positive results,” said Enrique Roig, former coordinator of the Central America Regional Security Initiative for the U.S. Agency for International Development, a major vehicle for U.S. funds to the region. “The whole intention to focus more on the prevention side, on respectful law enforcement,” was to correct the mistakes of the past, like “the use of incarceration as the main method of dealing with the problem.” It is also meant to build “relationships of trust between communities and police, so people in communities actually report crime, and police know what’s happening by responding in a way that’s respectful of human rights. https //theintercept com/2018/10/02/el-salvador-gang-violence-prevention/