Notes News Backlog- 17 August 2020
IN THIS SECTION Backlog 17 AUGUST 2020 Murder of Jackie Vigil in Albuqurque, Suspect named 2020/08/31 Against Black Lives Matter Axios and The Federalist-2020/07/03 2020/08/29 Portland, Oregon hit hard; letter on the problems between state, local and federal in Portland; The Heritage on Voice of America - one way, if not the way all the CNN’s, NY Times, etc. sound the same on BLM 2020/08/25-26-27 Spain 2020/08/05 Problem with Apple; China’s dangerous approach with Hong Kong; more issues involving the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) 2020/08/02-03-04 2020/08/31 Jackie Vigil Case, Albuquerque KRQE 2020/08/19 Suspect named in murder of Albuquerque woman shot in driveway driveway/ Pete Dinelli 2020/08/24 Federal charges filed against 5 in Jacqueline Vigil murder, political gamemanship in presidential election year, mayor keller and chief geier left with egg on faces https://www petedinelli com/2020/08/24/federal-charges-filed-against-5-in-jacqueline-vigil-murder- political-gamesmanship-in-a-presidential-election-year-mayor-keller-and-chief-geier-left-with-egg- on-faces/ Excerpt: This blog article reports on the November 19, 2019 murder of Jacqueline Vigil, age 55, the mother of two New Mexico State Police officers. Vigil’s slaying became Albuquerque’s highest profile unsolved homicide for 8 months until the FBI stepped in to help. APD never made an arrest in the case, but the FBI made 5 arrests. This blog article is an in-depth report how the murder investigation became embroiled in a turf battle to claim credit for solving the case. The backdrop is a Presidential election year with Mayor Tim Keller and Chief Michael Geier engaging in political gamesmanship and winding up with egg on their faces. For 8 months, the murder of Jacqueline Vigil was reported as unsolved by the Albuquerque Police Department (APD). It has now been reported that a suspect had been identified in January, 2020 by the APD homicide unit, a fact never disclosed to the family by APD. In August, it was finally disclosed to the family by the New Mexico United States Attorney but only after a Presidential Press conference where the husband of the victim was used for public relations to offer a $25,000 reward for someone already identified and in custody since January. …FBI Agent Bryan Acee wrote in his affidavit: “On this particular morning, Jacqueline Vigil suffered the tragic misfortune of opening her garage door and backing her car onto her driveway at the same time defendant was lurking nearby as he was looking for items to steal. … Talamantes approached the driver’s side door and likely tried to open the car door. Because the vehicle was in reverse, the doors were locked and Talamantes could not open the door. For reasons unknown, Talamantes stood just outside Jacqueline Vigil’s driver side window, leveled his pistol at her head, and pulled the trigger. Jacqueline Vigil was struck in the head and succumbed to her wounds.” https //www petedinelli com/2020/08/24/federal-charges-filed-against-5-in-jacqueline-vigil-murder- political-gamesmanship-in-a-presidential-election-year-mayor-keller-and-chief-geier-left-with-egg- on-faces/ New York Post 2020/08/26 RNC 2020: Widower Sam Vigil endorses Trump, lauds ‘Operation Legend’ By Ebony Bowden legend/ KOAT 2020/07/23 My Wife did not deserve to be killed, widower of slain ABQ woman speaks at White House. Brittany Hope woman-speaks-at-white-house/33398408 2020/08/29 Axios Giuliani rails against Black Lives Matter, Antifa and De Blasio in RNC speech Excerpt: President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani took on the "unprecedented wave of lawlessness" that has swept across the U.S. at the RNC Thursday night, accusing the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa of turning peaceful protests into "vicious, brutal riots." Why it matters: As mayor of New York City, Giuliani was famous for championing a controversial record of crime-fighting, including policies like stop-and-frisk. He tore into his successor Bill De Blasio for allowing crime to rise in New York, and accused Joe Biden of being a "Trojan horse" for progressives "waiting to execute their pro-criminal, anti-police, socialist policies." https //www axios com/rudy-giuliani-rnc-speech-151780bd-6c7d-4947-892a-4b08ecf68778.html The Federalist 2020/07/03 If You Really Believe Black Lives Matter, Stop Supporting Black Lives Matter By Ben Weingarten (disclosure by PF: there are signs there might be a Jewish or Israeli bias in this article, but certain points seem worth considering. This author does clearly indicate in the article that he feels BLM is antisemitic. I highly agree with his sentences in the excerpt below and have highlighted them in yellow. I feel he has covered the right points) https //thefederalist com/2020/07/03/if-you-really-believe-black-lives-matter-stop-supporting-black-lives- matter/ Excerpt: BLM poses a cleverly designed dichotomy and demands people choose a side. It defines the world as bifurcated between racists and antiracists, and commands that you must stand with the latter and attack the former. But the antiracists are themselves racists. People like Robin DiAngelo cast whites as evil on the basis of their skin color, and call for them to spend their lives atoning for their inherent sins as determined by their pigmentation. This is to say nothing of the fact that their proposed “remedies” for societal racism — namely compensating for past discrimination with present retributive discrimination — would destroy any notion of true liberty, equality, or justice. This is intentional, as their objective is to heighten racial strife. It has devolved almost to the point of parody: White women are paying nonwhite women to browbeat them over dinner about their alleged transgressions. People of good faith who reflexively support Black Lives Matter and “antiracism” should know they are affirming movements collectively rooted in and devoted to Marxism, Jew hatred, violence, racism, social discord, and the undermining of our founding values and principles. 2020/08/26-27 Republicans Homeland House dot gov Letter dated 08/06/2020 about three weeks ago signed1268.pdf Dear Attorney General Barr and Acting Secretary Wolf: For the past two months Portland, Oregon has experienced nightly violence from rioters who are targeting law enforcement and federal buildings, including the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. As much of the violence occurred in the vicinity of the federal courthouse and damage to the facility was mounting, the Department of Homeland Security deployed additional personnel to bolster security to the courthouse and other federal buildings in the vicinity, which is consistent with the Department’s authority under 40 U.S.C. § 1315 and responsibilities prescribed by Congress. Rioters directly targeted law enforcement with violence, including improvised explosives, rocks, glass bottles, a sledgehammer, ball bearings and marbles launched from slingshots, and used lasers to temporarily, and potentially permanently, blind the eyes of officers. I support peaceful protests, but this is not that. It is my understanding that over 245 law enforcement officers have been injured, including several who have sustained serious injuries. Just as all use of force cases by federal officers are and should be reviewed, cases of violent attacks on law enforcement must also be investigated, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. As former Vice President Joe Biden said, the “arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted.” The United States has a long history of law enforcement agencies supporting each other. This is particularly true in the post 9/11 environment. Acting Secretary Wolf has been clear that prior to surging federal resources to Portland, DHS requested assistance and coordination with state and local officials and law enforcement to address the violent rioters. Those requests were denied. Instead, Portland officials carried out a smear campaign against federal officials, dismissed calls to address the violence, and passed resolutions preventing local police from providing any assistance, coordination, or information with federal counterparts. This lack of cooperation made a difficult situation worse and may have further exposed federal personnel and facilities to violent attacks, putting politics over American lives. As of July 29, 2020, a joint security plan was reportedly finalized between DHS, the Department of Justice and the Oregon State Police, in which the state police agreed to deploy additional forces to Portland to assist with securing the area around the federal courthouse. Despite media reports that this action has ended the violent riots, it is my understanding that the violence has continued to occur around the federal courthouse, and federal officers have continued to be targeted with fireworks, lasers, and projectiles. As your departments review the violent rioting that has occurred in Portland, I am requesting you conduct a joint investigation into the breakdown of cooperation, mutual assistance and information sharing by state and local law enforcement with their federal counterparts in Portland, Oregon between May 29, 2020 and July 29, 2020. Furthermore, I request that you provide to Congress a full assessment of the injuries to federal personnel caused by violent rioters while on duty in Portland during this same time period, as well as an accounting of the damage done to federal facilities. It is vital that a thorough investigation be conducted into the violent actors that have disrupted a peaceful protest movement, caused significant damage to a federal courthouse, and caused injury to hundreds of law enforcement officers. As part of this investigation, I urge you to ensure that all security footage be maintained and nightly reports on violent incidents and the use of force be collected. To the greatest extent possible, while not endangering law enforcement operations, it is important that information be shared with the public. Thank you for your service and your continued commitment to carrying out the vital missions of your departments. I look forward to receiving a briefing on the results of your investigations into the violence in Portland and the problematic lack of state and local police support. Sincerely, Mike D. Rogers, Alabama Ranking Member The Heritage on Voice of America 2020/08/07 “The Voice of America’s One-Sided Coverage of Black Lives Matter Protests” Helle C. Dale matter-protests Excerpt: The Voice of America, the U.S. Agency for Global Media’s flagship operation, is putting its own spin on coverage of the Black Lives Matter riots in the United States. It’s a spin consistent with much of the rest of the mainstream media—the CNNs of the world—and hardly represents an accurate image of what is going on in America today. An Aug. 1 Associated Press story run by the VOA about events in Portland, Oregon, described the nature of the protests, which it said have now become so peaceful that federal forces could be withdrawn: “Portland Protest Strives for Peace as U.S. Forces Drawn Down.” In fact, the presence of federal agents comes across as provoking violence, and their removal as the way to calm the waters. The demonstrations sound positive, even idyllic. Despite the fact that the feds were actually invited in to stop explosive violence raging out of control in Portland, with the widespread destruction of property and lives as a consequence, there was no mention of this constructive role in the story: A group identified as ‘Firefighters for Black Lives Matter’ gathered in a small park a couple miles west of the courthouse. Another group, ‘Unemployed Workers for Black Lives,’ began to march towards the federal building around 8 p.m. People stood next to a makeshift memorial, with the pictures and names of Black people killed by police, at the Waterfront Park. A parade of cars with Black Lives Matter signs taped to their windows slowed traffic in the city. Just after midnight, the crowd had grown to over 1,000 people who remained outside chanting “Black Lives Matter” and shouting the names of Black people killed by police. Groups were also standing together engaging in conversations about social injustice. The AP story is fairly typical of the coverage of race relations and Black Lives Matter at the Voice of America. matter-protests 2020/08/05 Spain - the problem with Spain - new page on Police Factor (also see Index) This was originally on River Gold, is currently incomplete but being revamped and added to. 2020/08/02-03-04 Red Flag! WARNING United States Post Office USPS is referring people to the suspicious Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Also see Notes-Personal #2 for 2020/08/04 Seen on the United States Postal Website - About section Domestic hate groups Is your company a high-profile organization whose services, research, or products are the subjects of public controversy? Check with the Southern Poverty Law Center (, which tracks hate groups. USA Today 2019/08/17 SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center After internal challenges with discrimination, the Southern Poverty Law Center can't call itself an arbiter of justice.Jessica Prol SmithOpinion contributor column/2022301001/ The following newsletter can be found at ProtonMail; only a small amount is shown here. 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