Notes Personal & News Backlog-22b NOVEMBER 2020
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-22b Notes-Personal November 2020 2020/11/22 Jackie shot Kennedy? 2020/11/20 a) Black Lives Matter, Indian Country, China threat, American college campus threat b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page 2020/11/17 Billboard only portraying Navajos/brown again: Stop Ugly Racial Turfing Wars at San Juan College in Farmington of NW New Mexico 2020/11/15 Marketing/Brand Labeling 1) Trump not to be blanketly excoriated here; 2) Ukraine-Biden-Trump problem given more detailed attention 3) I am Navajo: how to avoid mind control/corruption in Navajo Nation Big Business politics On this page Backlog22b: 2020/11/09 2020/11/07-08 Don’t Blow Giuliani Off; Biased pro-Biden Articles/News 2020/11/05-06 2020/11/02-04 BLM material Replace Durango, Colorado Black Lives Matter protest site/memorial with Memorial honoring Persons in Blue/Uniform, Connecting the Dots BLM-terrorism, organized crime, drug cartels 2020/11/01 -------- 2020/11/09 See COVID-19 vaccine article entered on this date in News Pfizer and partner BioNTech Fishy that vaccine shows up immediately after election It is suggested here they have been sitting on a prevention until after the presidential election was tweaked by the Democrats for a Democrat win. I feel they had been trying to make Trump look bad over coronavirus the whole time - or to make things much worse about him by playing on his apparent ignorance and foibles* - and wanted the good news to come on the Democrat wave. Democrats had been playing how ineffective and stupid Trump was over COVID-19 and wanted its vaccine to make them smell like a rose in terms it shows up just immediately upon taking the White House. How many people had to get sick or die because of such blatant sociopathic antics? Investigate the companies responsible for the vaccine for politics and underhanded dealings. *it is possible Trump knew something not released to the public; even the black surgeon general had at first acted like masks would not be effective, but he changed his tune later. It is possible some military people with clearances who supported Trump had heard that the virus was not what it was made out to be by the press. Many people acted like it was little more than a bad flu. As time moved on, the flu either stayed the same and proved itself by exhibiting more dangerous symptoms than at first thought by some, or it was replaced by biowarfare which acted out in the way predicted by the first lesser germ. Or it mutated. It is possible the COVID- 19 situation was tweaked along the way, in other words. Also if Trump was being dishonest, perhaps he was suppressing news of a vaccine and he lost control of that suppression after the election. We need to consider various possibilities. More on Psychic/Psychotronic Attack. A security clearance or inside information is needed on this to be certain. I suspect family members can be influenced in this manner so they sound like a Democrat infomercial though they started out Republican for many years, which is frightening. I feel any psychic or psychotronic attacks it starts by oppositional types gaining inside information through emails, cell phone and mail intrusions into privacy. I do suspect the MPM. This includes locally, the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners Area having certain tribal members complicit with such dishonest antics, but they are not the only ones. I suspect a problem in Hawaii with certain Asian MPM. More on tribal lawsuits: Please look over all lawsuits by the Navajo Nation and various tribal groups, including Oklahoma Cherokee and Oregon confederacy. Every single one. Connect the dots and look for “calling cards.” Keep Looking Beyond the Media Driven Narrative on Trump Not arguing that Trump has issues, but when people cannot look deeper than the shallow, apparently obvious about him, or cannot look past other people’s narratives about him, I think this is a sign of a problem. There are bits and pieces that come out of Trump that offer unusual glimmers of truth as to what the media is not telling us. When you try to look past the obvious erratic behavior and say to yourself, OK, Trump, why are you really doing that (like the recent Secretary of Defense firing), then start checking things out for the less obvious, new insights can pop up. There’s usually more to the situation than meets the eye. This approach might not absolve Trump, but it gives Trump a chance to tell us what he sees and knows in his own way without instantly assuming it’s “just more whacko Trump firings.” It is possible Trump might have been psychically or psychotronically attacked to cause the odd behavior; there could be weird underlying energy that is hard to explain to people.It could make someone act out or have odd facial distortions. Perhaps Trump is facing Stasi-like tactics and is in danger. Perhaps Trump has certain quirks - along a certain line based on early childhood problems in the home. Whatever the case might be, certain otherwise hidden things could be popping out of Trump’s speech and actions, so pay attention and like Giuliani, don’t just blanketly blow him off. Biden and the largely ignorant Democrat gang like a symphony are being soothed into a complacent “Ah, it’s almost over, let’s move on and forget.” This unified one-note sound in the media is one reason people are saying the media are not even trying to pretend to offer a balanced news after the election - See Notes News article Complicity of Media by Barry Richard for this date. Obama: Continue to Keep an Eye on Him As a side note, Obama is rumored to be dealing with someone over a Waimanalo complex which is upsetting local Hawaiians there. My instinct is this all should be looked into. I believe this is near Kailua on Oahu in Hawaii. Waimanalo is a village which has a rural setting; there have been homeless people in tents on the beach somewaht close to the McDonalds there. 2020/11/07-08 Don’t blow Giuliani Off (see Giuliani Fights Back, etc. in Notes/News Clips for this date) later added comments 2020/11/08 I feel there is some kind of hook into votes: I agree with Giuliani and other Republicans, there is probably something up with deceased persons. I think people are trying to steal votes meant for Libertarians or for other than the two main political parties. I think the thieves tell themselves a non-major party vote is a wasted vote, and that no one will notice if they steal the vote. I think it happened in Arizona in 2016. I think there might be identity theft associated with votes, they might not just want to steal the person’s vote, they might want to become the person, maybe partly through signature. I feel a lot of this is linked to Mexican nationals as illegal aliens. I think San Diego is a major problem, too many non-nationals coming across the border to work. Baja California is likely a source of corruption in terms of big industry or products sold to Americans The Mexicans who have been coming across the border have been doing it for years and it is a habit. There have been students from Mexico in public schools near the border before COVID-19. There are American citizens married to Mexican nations with kids in those schools, too. I k now at one time some years back Mexican nationals were getting American school privileges along the Texan border, lots of schools were being built for that. Earlier 2020/11/08 Comments on Election 2020: As many suggest, it does feel the Democrat leaders pulled a sly, half-doubting they could get away with it. They stayed poker faced, quietly giggling underneath with fingers crossed. With a little help from their friends, they managed to slip it through. Now they continue down the aisle together, poker faces intact. The MPM/LGBT New World Order and misled come lately, ex-conservative, pseudo-intellectual, self-congratulatory wanna be liberals paid the devil to “Just get rid of Trump, Anyone but Trump. Please, please, please, anyone but Trump…” Watch what you pay and pray for. Corporate Bought TV News Media: They are trying to make Trump disappear: “Just put Trump behind you.” Their news casts are like laxatives - just dump Trump like an unwanted bowel movement you leave behind in the toilet. The black-centered ads seen in all major department stores and on many corporate linked websites tells all, folks. The BPM (black power movement) is obsessive-compulsive, aggressively self-centered, lying and cheating their way to a black totalitarian system, they are extremely dangerous, and large numbers of wannabe liberals who help put these people in power are clueless. This behavior and manifestation is far, far, far more than just civil rights; it is a sickness. Blacks are still a minority in the country. There is zero reason to make themselves look like a majority or front and center, or bigger, or more colorful. It’s a sick, sick obsession. Do not go along with this sickness. With so much obvious obsessive-compulsive behavior , yes, they could lie and cheat in an election. With that much sickness, they could do any crazy thing. Please pay attention to the black-centered ads. Please, please, please. This is a major window into how these groups lie and cheat. See: BLM8 Black-Centric Media BLM8a Black Centric Media cont. companies with emphasis of black/dark brown ads/images The US Post Office has shown itself to have referred people to the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) known to have gone corrupt; that means mail-in ballots cannot be trusted running through the post office. More on Giuliani Remember he had to deal with 9/11 as New York’s mayor in 2001 and saw firsthand the results of terrorists More on Kamala Harris: not a good candidate to help unite the country Do a normal, honest and old school USA background check on Kamala Harris. Also judge her by the standards of her words. Her words have not shown her to be a “unite the nation” type, but a black-centered type - an occupational civil rights activist who feels whites owe blacks and that blacks should be given special privileges, namely that blacks can do no wrong, and if they do, don’t call a spade a spade and by all means, let them off the hook. This includes watching her own crimes and misdeeds bounce off like water on a duck’s back because she is at least partly black. She seems oily and slippery, presenting a sick sort of charm which seems to leave a pit in the stomach. She has been living a lie for so long she is clueless to any other way to do politics. The truth is, both candidates were bad. The American people deserve better. But many people chose Biden/Harris, the worse of the two evils, …and simply don’t know it. One Republican retired truck driver referred to Kamala Harris as a “scary woman”*, which is exactly right. Honest people, honest with themselves and others, will acknowledge all that is truly wrong about Kamala Harris, and would stay clear of that mess as much as possible. No one in their right mind would vote for a presidential team that includes her. Most minority voters voting for Biden/Harris saw the minority in Harris - they wanted a minority, any minority - who said what they wanted to hear. Of the two candidates, Trump has accurately reflected on the dangers of the cartels, radical Islamic groups (yes, they really are radical), and illegal aliens. Other minority voters who have been carefully watching crime among black controlled/dominated populations might have picked up on Kamala Harris’ long-standing corruption and turned the other direction. Some minorities might have voted for her because she has “experience” - district attorney, attorney general and Senator - without paying attention to her actual track record in those positions. The real problem with Harris is she is a gateway to black troublemakers; next in line to the blacks are the rest of the MPM groups who have just been waiting for a way to get in the door. This woman is not about uniting the country, but about furthering black agendas at the expense of the rest of the population. It’s scary to think about who will be coming in through Harris’ weak and self-serving portal. Very scary, indeed. And white wannabe somethings or another helped vote her in because they did not really bother to study her dossier. *(from above) ”But Mr. Tippie, a retired truck driver who imbibed the president’s words partly through Fox News, agreed with Mr. Trump and his surrogates that the election had been stolen before their eyes. He lives in Nanty Glo, Pa., in the interior of the state that the so-called elites in Philadelphia sometimes call “Pennsyltucky.” To Mr. Tippie, Mr. Biden is “a total fool,” his running mate, Kamala Harris, is “ is “a very scary woman,” and a Biden presidency would be both illegitimate and disastrous.” (from New York Times-Trip Gabriel-2020/11/08 - see more below). Earlier 2020/11/08 Biased News: Pro-BIden Against Trump; some indicators are “no evidence of vote fraud” the truth is it is too soon to tell or the newscaster/writer is gaslighting The gaslighting, diminishing Sneer about “Trump Supporters” (Sniff, Sniff) continues. Many have been given a narrative about Trump and Trump Supporters, rather than an accurate assessment of who these people really are. You and I have been being told not only what and how to think about Trump, but how to feel about him. The sneer was repetitive, like psychological driving, and in an aura of group think - like people in church all crying together after a sad sermon. The people associated withe media did not want Trump to have even the slightest good press. They are jealous of even slight wins or pieces of ground. Their behavior is obsessive-compulsive. There is likely hidden psychic and/or psychotronic attacks. Biased News Pro-Biden and Against Trump Start Here: New York Times New York Times - Trip Gabriel - Gabriel is gaslighting Republican concerns of vote fraud 2020/11/08 In Pennsylvania, Trump Voter Fury Foretells a Nation Still Divided President Trump has presented no hard evidence of voter fraud, but his charges have riled supporters in Pennsylvania who now insist the election has been stolen. https // Gabriel has run up against Trump previously and thus might have sour grapes: Politico 2016/01/15 Trump ejects New York Times reporter from event Donald Trump's campaign kicked a New York Times reporter out of an event in Iowa on Friday. The reporter, Trip Gabriel, was asked to leave by Trump staff members and a local police officer while at least 20 other reporters were allowed to remain at the event at a Pizza Ranch in Waukee, Gabriel wrote in an account posted on the Times website. The Daily Beast - Very Left to Far Left - Part of the Newsweek Merge 2020/11/08, cont. Don’t Blow Giuliani Off see 2020/11/07 directly below Many of the problems are coming from Mexico as well as Central and Latin American countries (the conglomerate is referred to here as Hispania) which have long been under the influence of Marxist thinking. Also MPM people are running as cliques and purposely ostracizing whites. It is like one large college fraternity clique. There are lots of games and lots of sneaking. Part of the strategy is to put whites on the defensive. Part of this is a head trip to switch roles. It is important to understand how switching roles is a primary objective of HIspania MPM. They want whites to yell and scream “you minorities are mean! You are discriminating! We need discrimination rights and protections” the way Hispani MPM felt they had to do that with dominant white culture. They want the whites to be the ones who squeal for rights now. Some whites have figured this out a long time ago because they had seen the problems while in the military or in public or private schools where Hispania, Black or Asian groups were bullies. A lot of the problems are related to international groups infiltrating and influencing minority populations. Other problems are homegrowns who grew up in arenas with turfing and bullying. There have been two kinds of discrimination coming at mature-aged whites. One is the machismo-driven male thing toward single older white women. Their “help” is a denial of equal rights of women while trying to dominate the role of white males while bringing the woman into the fold and under the thumb. They are trying to prove they are in charge and are better than white males. The other are the snitty and snotty little undercurrents across the board from MPM hourly employees to store managers. See the excerpt on “Do they think we are stupid?” in Giuliani below. I have seen large black-centric photos at Target inside the store and at Ross’s on the windows facing the parking lot. I will add this to the Back-Centric section. Where there are photos of whites, they are made to be less eye- catching. I have found that APUS has since put up a photo of whites on its home pages in a way at least when I arrived to the home page it was the first thing I saw (this is not to say there is a rotating set of photos); Icould it haveanything to do with the fact I made a stink across various departments at that institution? 2020/11/07 Giuliani Fights Back Comments here go with Notes-News Clips for this date Don’t be so quick to blow Giuliani off. For the MPM/LGBT people, Giuliani might be easy to make fun of and write off. Just read the blogs - often critical and ridiculing - to the video in which he had inked up hands. Let’s get into the mindset that shows up in those blogs here. Then read why we think he needs to be listened to. Here’s where the bloggers are being critical: For one thing, he is older - senior citizen aged - and perhaps can be seen and felt as “old-fashioned” in how he talks - as well as maybe “just too white” (although like many in America, he’s likely racially mixed). His mode of expression might be coming across as from an earlier era in which language and facial expressions were not canned the same way they are today - if there was canning, it was different canning. Whether Giuliani is actually dated or not, he needs to be listened to. He makes good points about possible or likely mail-in vote fraud, particularly in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In a video listed below for today’s date - about six hours ago as of this writing on Nov. 7th, he claims there will be legal action against vote fraud on Monday. Some (not all) older generation people might show the rough edges - things just aren’t chill enough. One reason might be because pre-computer, pre-Internet and pre-Music Video people did not grow up watching the hypnotic material that has been slickly pushed on large numbers of people like psychological driving. People are being driven toward same thoughts, same ideas, same clothing styles - with only a few pre- chosen variances - in a way unprecedented in human history. Another reason older people might have “rough edges” according to modern viewers is many have lived a lot of life and most of the illusions and fantasies have been trampled down, worn away or spit out as worthless or no longer needed - life with babies and grandbabies, watching kids grow up and move on, economic ups and downs, medical issues, and deaths of family and friends. They also have likely gone through several elections over the years and seen the various games played. Also as one ages, one find that gravity sets in, and a person might not be able to get by on sexiness and looks anymore. That is when you get down to basics. Smooth facades are dropped for a realism that might seem silly to young people who have not hit those bumps of life yet. Newer era MPM/LGBT supporters are often younger. Some have made comments about older generation white people being the ones who often balk at their tendencies. White citizens of any age could be getting “it” from MPM/LGBT, but older people could be getting hit harder. Some are likely being discriminated against and pooh-poohed (gaslighted, treated as if they are stupid or not of importance) because of such attitudes. The MPM/LGBT habit of blowing off white older citizens who remember a less mind-controlled country is a fals sense of superiority. The USA was a healthier and safer country before these groups starting messing with things. MPM/LGBT knows its mind control tactics have been working on younger people over several years, but the tendencies were not there for those who grew up in the 60s or earlier. Yet sadly some seniors have gotten “it” as mind control late in life, vulnerable and unsuspecting, thus victims. Many minorities who are into the MPM/LGBT are mean to white senior citizens in a way that is meant to blow them off as stupid, incapable, fumbling, crazy, wrong, etc. Watch how minorities in a power struggle mindset treat white older persons at the post office, grocery store, mall or anywhere with mostly minority employees. We are not talking about all minorities; we are talking about the ones with the MPM/LGBT attitude. It is part of a clique attitude - an MPM clique. Many of these older whites have gotten so used to be treated rudely they walk around tense or dejected, lonely and sad. One youtube video shows Giuliani talking with ink spilled particularly on one hand, and with side shots when he is still facing the camera in another direction. He spends a lot of time in that particular video (of about a day ago on Nov. 6th) mincing data which puts most to sleep, data about the election numbers just yesterday. The younger generation likely does not have patience nor empathy for such as Giuliani. However, it is suggested here you give Giuliani some space. Any of us could spill ink on our hands and not know it. Giuliani comes across as very human; we are all human. Haven’t any of you had a ballpoint pin break open and spill, or loosen up around the tip so that it bleeds ink? Don’t see this as laughing stock material; be patient, it’s human to have something like that happen. Pay attention to what he is trying to say, ignore trivia like ink spills on the hands. Was there election fraud? More than likely. Particularly with mail-in ballots. Should Republicans sue? Yes. One of the telling signs is the media’s desire to provide soothing supportive pro-Biden afterglow, newscaster’s voices sounding pleased he won and providing backup reasons why it’s “obvious” he was a good choice. Newscasters are not staying objective. This is one clear sign something is terribly off. 2020/11/05-06; some material added again on the 6th, later evening 11/06 These notes go along with the Notes News for this date La Plata County Republican letter Continue your push against illegal aliens. Republicans: Remember these key ideas: Republicans: Do Not Give Up Don’t let this shake your Self-Confidence; The Outer Layer might look Republicans are “going” but keep up the momentum no matter what happens from here on out. No matter if the Democrats win, the Republicans must not give up. They must not loose their momentum. They need to continue the push and learn from this most recent campaign. They must hold firm to the fact both Biden and Harris are corrupt. Biden’s problems might be harder to undeniably pinpoint, but so far, Harris’ track record seems to be fairly clear (see Notes News Harris for this time period). The Republicans truly have been on the right side of the campaign this time around, but mostly it is the Republican people. In all honesty, but Trump and Biden are less than what Americans deserve for a President, but Trump has stood up to some of the uglies more than others. Give the Republicans credit, if you are one, give yourself credit, and don’t fall prey to the psychological driving that has been going on. Republicans will be on the right side of history, but read the next point about Church and State Separation. -Unify despite religious differences; respect church and state separation, but don’t be bamboozled by Radical Islam’s misuse of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights for their agendas; do not try to use anti- abortion as a major Republican Party venue, but focus on “gritty common sense for national defense” instead; understand Catholic anti-abortion antics for control as possibly linked to an ethno-religionism with ties to the MPM (Minority Power Movement); they could be using false fronts to get into the Republican Party. Although not all Catholics are treacherous in this way - some of our most valiant fighters against Radical Islam are in fact Catholics, other kinds of Catholics could be MPM tied ethno-religionists. You cannot control another person’s religious experience. You cannot force someone to go to Jesus or Mohammad. You cannot force women into certain kinds of submission (ie, dress) to pretend that makes them more pure in the eyes of God. Very strict religious fundamentalism of any kind winds up harming more than helping. Many people chose Biden over Republicans because they wanting something more liberal. Christian or Mormon religious fundamentalism was apparent among several Republicans. The problem is, behind Biden/Harris are more religious fundamentalists - Radical Islam among them - the MPM (minority power movement). There really was no real moderate candidate in this election to turn to. Harris is deeply connected to BLM, which is linked to some of the most radical black Muslims on earth. -Americans needed to look for candidates during this 2020 campaign who have spoken out against cartels, gangs, narcoterrorism, urban terrorists, as well as Chinese, Russians, leftists and Radical Islam - etc. rather than looking for the best liberal candidate. Who is getting the most real about the anti-American groups attacking the USA while also worrying about the effects of COVID-19 on our economy, jobs and local businesses without distracting us on other issues? We needed to see strong connections between real science and the COVID-19 virus from candidates. -Don’t only focus on keeping gun (right to bear arms) related bill of rights, but also teach your fellow Americans how to protect themselves from BLM rioters and any post-Biden/Harris takeover Surge against non-Democrats or against whites; many quiet, peaceful Americans don’t carry guns and do not know how to use them; become teachers for self-defense; create safe pocket zones as shields to send people who don’t have guns to be protected should an emergency Surge occur against them. People who carry guns can help protect the general populace. This is also in case of an out-and-out Race War. -Understand some Republicans could be anti-government types with vigilante tendencies, even against fellow Republicans, if they don’t like something about that person. We need to weed these types out. We need to be firm about BLM, but not become vigilantes in the process Aggressive stances with BLM does not mean going outside the law or killing people without compunction. Aggressive means firm, not murderous or treasonous. The reason to be aggressively firm over BLM and their affiliates and piggy-backers is that the cultures in question usually will not take no for an answer. They also often see moderation as weakness. -Understand ex-Republicans and others who are more mainstream or left-center who voted for Biden/Harris are missing certain key points. They just don’t get it. Start figuring out why some of us got it and others didn’t. The gap in understanding is critical. What made you get it? YES, illegal aliens could have been involved in fake voting ballots. Beyond this, there are strong indications dishonest and treasonous BLM supporting political leaders were working with illegal aliens during riots. Authentic American government agents were running up against something bad, and still are. YES, Trump has justification in suspecting false play in the elections. YES, the MPM/LGBT gropus would, if they could, cheat. How do you find out? If the investigators and counters are corrupt, there could be problems proving it. Electoral System: Ongoing Problem It is the contention of this website that the electoral system denies us the real American system. It should be a one-on-one vote with no political intermediaries. Each American citizen should be given the benefit of the doubt to carry the weight of his or her own decisions in a vote without a politician potentially taking away that vote through the electoral process. We have lost a lot of power with the electoral process. The electoral process has a hidden elitist tendency which assumes most Americans cannot think for themselves. Also we are at the mercy of politicians to honor the votes of their state. Again, there should be a one-on-one count for each American citizen. And of course illegal aliens should not be part of this count, this should go without saying. Harris might be the weaker link: investigate her first, and quickly before things go even further Biden might have been more secretive but this is my suspicion: all is not as it seems in the past car accident involving his wife and kids; that might be a criminal issue hidden along the lines of Kennedy’s car accident involving a woman, with some kind of coverup because Biden was an up and coming politician (or hoped to be); Biden’s criminal past and coverups might have put him in league with, and at the mercy of, black organized crime - either they had something on him or he couldn’t find friends in more honest corners. It is possible he is being used by blacks to get in the door. I feel Harris does not have sufficient self-esteem, character or proper raising to stand up to criminality, back room deals or other antics, and has been around sleight of hand politics for so long she does not know any other way. I feel it is possible she has been raped or has had sexual abuse in such a way it left her vulnerable and unable to have self-esteem in some ways. She is very much an RGI, Race Grievance Industry, type, complete with calling cards. With a real investigation, this would likely be the weaker and faster link to dissolve an upcoming presidential inauguration or to impose an impeachment should Biden/Harris make it past January 2021. Dangerous Potential after any Biden/Harris takeover likely not hype: Gang Top Dog Mentality Unleashed It is unquestionable they are a criminal and dangerous team that could cause serious problems to the United States, making things much more unstable and dangerous. One reason is the Top Dog mentality of the minority caucus which would try to go after their opposition. This is NOT some weird conspiracy theory. Part of it is coming in through Radical Islam’s link to the MPM (minority Power Movement). If we are to protect ourselves, we need to do it NOW before Biden/Harris take hold. The Top Dog mentality means anything goes, the minority groups are the Head Honchos, it will take urban street approaches to the presidency - imagine fists beating chests, wild eyes and hooting as they see a loss of Trump as We Big, You Small…like letting a dam break loose. It is the crude mentality of the jungle. We must get the illegal aliens out of the country, and we must pull Black Lives Matter associates out of critical control areas. We will likely need to use our military as a temporary expediency for this. Many who voted for Biden thought it was for the relief of getting rid of Trump. They were not able to see past the narratives and have not done their homework about Harris. Many bought the idea that Republican’s complaints about race-related issues were racism. They have not seen the demographic shifts for what they are. This is a core ignorance which fed into the Democrat campaign. Most Republicans will tell you it is self-defense about race, and blacks will tell you black-dominated cities are often not where it is at. Just being black with black cities and black politician and police doesn’t make things instantly better. Getting rid of Trump will not make things instantly back to a more normal. Trump pushed some buttons, but the buttons had already been flaring and starting to pop open. Earlier 11/05-06, some additions As I have indicated, it’s the people on the ground among the Republicans I support, not necessarily the politicians. It is the men and women who have held on to the Old America. The people who are not ready to let the real USA fall to tyrants, who want safe neighborhoods and a sense of fair play out of the hands of cartels, gangs, urban terrorists and anti-American radicals. It’s the honorable police persons, military, firefighters, teachers and others who want kids able to come home to a nurturing stable home and able to play in the front yard without craziness or driveby shootings. This is not a white thing, it is a human thing. We don’t want deals with drug dealers getting politicians in the door. Watch for Navajo Reservation Biden/Harris votes in Arizona Going through Arizona recently from the Shiprock area of New Mexico to Flagstaff, the highway through Kayenta and Tuba City on the Navajo Reservation - a line of Biden signs, sign after sign supporting Biden and Harris. I think it was between Kayenta and Tuba City I saw a sign that said “Native Americans are the nicest people on earth.” As I drove by, shaking my head, I said to myself: “What a crock!” Anyone who ignorantly or consciously supports Black Lives Matter is not among the nicest people on earth. This kind of thinking is an illusion, and it helps support a native victim mentality which glosses over the subjects at hand. Niceness alone does not explain the Native American situation over the past 500 years since European colonization related contact. It is more complex than than mere domination/submission explanations, with a soft, nice submissive party on the dominated side. There are numerous examples of various tribal groups who had been capturing other Native Americans from other tribes for centuries, only to enslave or keep them against their will. In the earlier years of colonial contact, various Native American groups were mercenaries (Cherokees are but one example), getting paid for scalps and the killing of other tribal members. And various Native American groups helped to rapidly wipe out animal populations, including the beaver, for European colonist’s money and trade goods. In more recent years, we have seen too many fake looking or marginally likely lawsuits from civil rights composites, including Native American tribes - many of which look and seem the same. Later I passed through Anthem near sundown, having pulled off I-17 into a local gas station for a break. There near the intersection near the large shopping center were some Trump supporters with flags and cheers. I smiled and waved, feeling this helped make a stranger feel more at home. Later as I moved on and it was just past sundown and dark, I saw other Trump supporters also making their presence known - small dirt trekker vehicles, as well as old and new trucks all with flags, and yet another with red white and blue poles lit up in the dark. All of this was very comforting because these people coming out in force help keep the streets safer and give the strong message of a firm loyal American presence. 2020/11/02, 04 BLM material/Durango Personal Notes here go with Notes-News, etc. for this date. Notice the arrogance of presuming the general American public needs “to get educated.” Also notice the blanket presumption of “privileged” white America, where “privilege” is used as guilt mongering. Standing alone, this might not seem sinister in and of itself, but read the ACT letter below. Hidden below the guilt mongering of the word “privilege” is a sinister threat that blacks in power will take away that presumed white privilege. The word “privilege” goes back to the 1960s civil rights movement and is very loaded. MEMORIAL FOR PERSONS IN BLUE/UNIFORM: CONNECT THE DOTS BETWEEN BLM AND AMERICA’s ENEMIES: TEACH THE YOUNG PEOPLE THE TRUTH ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTER Organized Crime, Urban Terrorism, Narco-Terrorism, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Communist connections: China, old USSR, Russian oligarchy, Vietnam leftist ties BLM protest (memorial) site needs to be replaced with Persons In Blue/MilitryUniform Appreciation Memorial. Full pro-American Honoring Military History (Active Duty, Veterans), Pro-Honorable Police Person and Riot Response Team. Multi-racial. Connect the dots between BLM and international enemies and terrorists so young people and others get the real story about the threat. Photo taken today in the park near historic downtown. It is the firm contention of this website the BLM memorial needs to be removed and the park either left vacant or replaced with a solidly pro-American Veterans Memorial and Honorable Police Person, Riot Response Team Site. This Veterans/Persons in Blue/Uniform Memorial Site would go beyond existing Veteran memorial sites in Durango elsewhere. It would be for Afghan/Iraq Veterans as well as Vietnam ones, as commonly seen, but with a connection made between overseas battles and stateside urban terrorism. with a brief historical overview of each, as well as a special unique slant on some particular veterans and battles, complete with good photos of each. I feel we need to give more attention to what it has really meant to fight against the same tyrants that often hook up with Black Lives Matter affiliates. Many of the groups we have fought overseas are hooked up with Black Lives Matter allies. Both: A wide array of dangerous groups directly linked to BLM and piggy-backing on their protests We must understand several blacks and others involved in the Black Lives Matter movement inside the United States are not even from the United States. Yet others born here are linked to hostile internationalists. It is this website’s belief that Durango is under siege even if we have not seen overt rioting like in Denver.* Get very clear on every single politician associated with Durango directly or the state of Colorado in general. Get clear on which ones are showing signs of Black Lives Matter types of language and symbology, known here as “calling cards.” Durangoans might be too nice to handle the guilt mongering of the Black Lives Matter movement. *I’m not talking specifically about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter street violence we’ve seen in places like Denver and Portland, which includes outright murders of Trump supporters. I’m referring here to voices that normalize and promote open terror against any freedom-respecting person who has different views from those blessed by left-wing leaders, media, and Big Tech. Seven examples are included below.”-- See ACT letter in Notes News. 2020/11/01 ACT Letter Regarding ACT letter for this date in Notes News -1 Regarding the letter about the Democrat Party likely has a group prepared to try to use so-called “education” then annihilation (ie, Holocaust) tactics for non-believers. Background Pulse behind why I responded so strongly to this ACT letter today I am basically reiterating here that Black Lives Matter memorial in Durango, Colorado needs to be permanently removed from the Main Street park near downtown historic/tourist based Durango. The memorial is vile because it celebrates and commemorates a movement linked to several bad things: -Local Durango Black Lives Matter collaborators using civil rights guilt mongering during COVID-19 - misusing a health risk period to further anti-American agendas; they also can be conected to the networks using COVID-19 to get America used to Red China-types of government mass control -Drawing attention to only one group of people when many other types suffer -Denver has had a bad problem with riots; others have died linked to BLM activities in Colorado; Durango should respect the state and the country by not supporting BLM - he Durango Herald, Durango’s main newspaper and its ties to the area government show up a particularly virulent batch leading Durango (there are Republicans and others speaking out, but most might be too nice and proper; Durango is in dangerous trouble of becoming permanently lost - some of the troublemakers are far left LGBT and drug users hooked into the drug culture that has grown in Colorado since marijuana was made legal in the state -The BLM memorial should be seen for what it is - a propaganda tactic designed to soften Durango for the next step of Minority Power Movement/LGBT/Leftist takeover (see one entity could be behind both Democrat and Republican counter-attacks below) -Known American enemies: BLM is linked to International groups America has been at war with -experienced and trained civil rights organizers from other areas -leftist college groups - Navajos included - from San Juan College (Farmington, New Mexico 45 miles south) and Fort Lewis College (Durango) Replace BLM memorial in Durango park with American Military Memorial Make a Historic Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial on one side and a Vietnam on the other (like two walls or sections) in the exact spot where BLM memorial is now in Durango. Make it historical, with unusual facts not usually covered depicting what American soldiers eally have had to deal with off and on since 2001. It needs to be above and beyond the veteran memorial area near the river on the other side of the main city thru-way several blocks over. We should be commemorating our veterans and the valiant active duty activities then and now in replacement of the Black Lives Matter memorial. I would like to see our country and our soldiers given their due. Keep at top of mind awareness the treason of the Native American groups who aid and abet BLM The Navajo Nation and other tribal groups are closely linked to the Black Lives Matter conspiracy, and should be held fully accountable for that malicious connection. The Navajo Nation has cooperated with many if not all tribal and indigenous nationalist groups across the country, including Hawaii and Oregon. As such, they are linked to the Portland riots, to Obama’s filthy presidency and the corrupt Obamacare legacy and so much more. The Navajo Nation has put out numerous civil rights oriented lawsuits with little or no true legitimacy, and they are of an ilk seen used by other minorities across the nation - they have the same look, feel and bad taste. The odor is one of corruption and mass conspiracy. However, there could be a third party entity behind most of this - see Democrats and Republicans below. Minority Males Part of BLM Conspiracy Might Try to Mate with what they think are vulnerable white females One part of the conspiracy not often talked about is that if white females balk, Navajos and Hispanics part of the conspiracy try to mollify them through marriage - which is a machismo, male domination tactic. They think having sex and making babies will make it all better and go away. They think “taking care of” (ie, let me handle it) white female partners will make it go away. Wrong. So not only “education” is part of it. They are trying to mix genetic blood as a form of domination. Some white males feel if they marry minorities, they will be excused from any upcoming Holocaust. Or if they marry into the Navajo Nation, maybe they will get some of that money. Or if they are seen married to or dating a minority, they are into the new “cool” and people will think they are hip: “See, I am doing the right thing.” “Please love me and like me, I am a proper white beyond all that racism stuff.” But some minority males think white females can be shut up through marriage. Both cases are linked to a conspiracy pushing people into decisions that would not normally be there outside these racially driven contexts. Truly free people don’t decide to mate based on hopes for survival, like to win favors from the Navajo Nation’s money or from a possible Holocaust getting ready to exit all white Republicans. In other words, whites might feel compelled or manipulated into making relationship choices with minorities because they feel jittery, uncertain or scared, or to prove to self and others they are not racist, that they are way beyond petty down South styles of racism. All of this means they are not making decisions from a perfectly clear slate. Mixed Race Marriages: True Blue, Neutral or Can of Worms And once married to minorities, loyalties might shift. I have seen where very American military families of mixed race heritage are true blue Americans. Loyalties do not have to shift, in fact, they might get stronger to the USA. And these families can be a warmth and example to the rest of us. But some minority-white households go the other direction, sadly. And there you have it. There is not much more to say, it is what it is. And it’s an ancient problem, a human problem, part of life. But we do have to watch for it and deal with it. Personally, I feel loyalty to the United States is a no- brainer; the US has the best system on planet Earth, don’t mess with it, why would anyone with common sense work with Mexico or Venezuela in drug deals against the United States? Some do it because of sex, who they sleep with. “Sleeping with the cartels.” I am tired of it, and I know a lot of you are tired of it, too. We don’t like it, but we have to deal with it. How many white male police officers with Navajo children go after whites who speak out against the excesses of the Navajo Tribe? How many Navajos are in Walmarts private surveillance crew, are anti-theft mystery shoppers and target whites around town? How many Navajos in the Farmingto PD anticipate taking over the department as part of a hidden overall arrangement between the City of Farmington and the Navajo Nation? How many Navajo officers currently working at FPD know they are on the list for becoming Chief or some kind of manager because of this corrupt and secret arrangement? How many Navajo police officers are currently biding their time, playing things just so far, knowing the takeover is coming? They are partway in and partway out, pretending to go along with traditional police policies, but not really buying into it. They know their day as head of the department is coming, at which point it will be turned over to MPM (Minority Power Movement) - and Navajo - authority. How many white police officers have gone by the wayside through so-called civil rights lawsuits while corrupt and half-bakeded Hispanic and Navajo police officers slipped through the system in New Mexico? One entity could be behind both Democrat and Republican counter-attacks I also think we need to consider it is the SAME group behind BOTH Republicans and Democrats. The so-called revelation material might be the expose of “this is what we are doing using both political parties as our stooges.” Back to the earlier analogy of the Holocaust Victim/Descendant of Victims Vengeance Conspiracy, maybe Jews are replaying the buildup to the Holocaust in a number of ways. Either ACT is part of this game, or they are being used as spokespersons for the Holocaust Conspiracy. In considering billionaire Jews are behind much of what we dealing with, it lends credence to radical Islam’s hatred of Jews. At that point, we balk. We don’t want to be Jew haters like Radical Muslims! How can anyone in their right mind think Jews would try to replay the Holocaust - and the Nazi fascist buildup to the Holocaust - on society! The point is, keep your mind open and flexible. Even the darkest and strangest conspiracy stories might have a thread of truth. and sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Holocaust Vengeance Jews There are some points to the Jewish Holocaust Vengeance Conspiracy to consider: maybe some of the old victims or their descendants were caught up in Nazism - abuse, mind control, dirty habits through association. Maybe some truly are the Zionazis described by the most avid Muslim Jew haters. Maybe some are mentally ill and fanatical, twisted. Maybe some of it is linked to unhealthy forms of homosexuality, hence the LGBT connection to anti-racism gambits in Black Lives Matter. Are some of the Jews masterminds in a Nazi mentality sort of way, even while trying to show their victims why the Nazis found it so easy to take people over? Have the Jews gotten hold of some old Nazi mind control technology? If Holocaust Vengeance Jews are connected to anti-fascism and anti-racism ploys while being the backers and hidden leaders using blacks and other minorities to do the leg work, what is the final game plan for those persons of color? ACT’s letter suggests that the Democrat Party likely has a group prepared to try to use so-called “education” then annihilation (ie, Holocaust) tactics for non-believers - example Durango, Colorado has a Black Lives Matter memorial in a park on Main Street with a sign that reads essentially “I [a black person] want to ‘educate’ you…[about systemic racism in America] this idea of “education” is linked to much more sinister concepts of forced ideation/conception and control (ie psychological driving) while using race-related guilt mongering to get in the door; once they get in that door, they have experienced and trained “organizers” ready to infiltrate and network across the community for a full takeover. It is likely the Black Lives Matter group plan to use so-called “education”, then eventual annihilation (ie, Holocaust) for non-believers; it is possible people who have fought or spoken out against them are on a list and targeted, everywhere from Navajo-controlled shopping centers, to corrupt Black Lives Matter supporting cops, to so-called drivers with smart phones part of the network around town who can be texted or called at the flash of a moment when a target is in their area. The other possibility is the Chinese are involved….in a way that was there since Vietnam…maybe it’s both Jewish Holocaust Vengeance and the Chinese. It seems very likely that the way the Chinese were involved during Vietnam - along with the Vietnamese - in the 1960s Civil Rights…is with us here today. This can include old leftist links. The Chinese have not had freedom for a long time now and are showing signs of wanting to spread. They have a long history of mind control in China. We should not be doing business with China. Real Americans would cease business relations with China. We can pull out and do our own thing and create better business allies We do not need China. China’s government is a monster. Real American leaders would not pussyfoot with China. It should be clear this is a major source of our problems. IT should be a matter of off/on and just say NO. China is something the USA should JUST SAY NO to. Should have happened a long time ago. The main issue here is that the Minority Power Movement and Race Grievance Issue uses guilt to manipulate the American public while having other agendas. Most importantly these agendas include having contacts with international groups the United States has been, and often still is, at war with. These RGI groups demand attention and money, as well as special privileges, at the expense of the rest of us. They are also often linked to trained and experienced organizers who come into areas to try plant their own people and ways. Frequently such groups are linked to two things: drugs and sex. Using homosexuality as a political tool and drugs as a business networking device, these two things alone can explain a good deal of the behind-the-scenes networking. There is no hard and fast rule that “I am gay” therefore “I am a Black Lives Matter supporter.” Sadly, when sexual difference sees itself as marginalized, people with non-traditional sexual lifestyles can get caught up in shady businesses. When drugs are added to that, it becomes a sad situation. I think it is sad because a homosexual lifestyle is nost instantly to be linked to racism topics. The topic can intertwine, but it does not have to. We are seeing black and white homosexual partners and everything inbetween. So what? Does this instantly make LGBT Black Lives Matter commodity? Of course not.