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Theories 2020/11/24 JFK cont 2020/11/23 JFK cont 2020/11/22 Jackie shot Kennedy? 2020/11/20 a) Black Lives Matter, Indian Country, China threat, American college campus threat b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page 2020/11/17 Billboard only portraying Navajos/brown again: Stop Ugly Racial Turfing Wars at San Juan College in Farmington of NW New Mexico 2020/11/15 Marketing an Ideology/Brand Labeling 1) Trump not to be blanketly excoriated here; 2) Ukraine-Biden-Trump problem given more detailed attention 3) I am Navajo: how to avoid mind control/corruption in Navajo Nation Big Business politics 2020/11/10-13 Not excoriating Trump 2020/11/10a I am Navajo: How to avoid Navajo Nation and/or Navajo composite corruption 2020/11/10b On page Backlog-22-b 2020/11/11 Happy Veterans Day 2020/11/10 2020/11/09 2020/11/07-08 Don’t Blow Giuliani Off; Biased pro-Biden Articles/News 2020/11/05-06 2020/11/02-04 BLM material Replace Durango, Colorado Black Lives Matter protest site/memorial with Memorial honoring Persons in Blue/Uniform, Connecting the Dots BLM-terrorism, organized crime, drug cartels 2020/11/01 2020/11/11 Happy Veterans Day 2020/11/26 Happy Thanksgiving see also Notes-News 2020/11/26 Find what has meaning to you personally on this day. Many say thanks to God, feel grateful for time with family. Some enjoy special food. Others are alone, but you don’t have to feel lonely. It can be about a nice walk, working on hobbies, freedom from oppressors. Make it your day in your own way, and know this is quite OK. 2020/11/25 Significance of JFK assassination consp. theories I conclude covering the topic and am now putting it away. I remember covering it briefly on River Gold to a much lesser degree a few years ago. My basic feeling is that the reason the topic is important is that we are dealing with the same problems today with both far left and far right groups as we were dealing with Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s. People like Pelosi and Bernie Sanders are still with us. People felt the far right did not like Kennedy. Websites putting a slur on the FBI and CIA might be one of several groups trying to destabilize the United States through psyops campaigns - info wars. It is best to remain emotionally distant from such claims. Many are hoaxes. It is not to say the FBI or CIA have not had problems. In my opinion, the Harvey and Lee dot net website by John Armstrong offers what at first glance seems compelling evidence of a possible FBI and CIA coverup involving two different men named Lee Harvey Oswald who both were in the Marines at the same time. There is a lot of detail. There are interviews in the 1990s with people who claim to have known Lee. There are photo contrasts. He even shows dental charts and an exhumed Oswald’s teeth in contrast to photos. The author suggests there was a tooth thing, that one broke his front teeth and had work done. Back in the USA Lee seems to be involved with questionable people - maybe the Ruby who killed him two days after the JK assassination - stateside while allegedly his double Harvey was in Russia. Allegedly some knew of pending JFK assassination. However, two of the photos, one designated Lee, one Harvey, on Armstrong’s website seem likely to be the same person to me, same eye slant, small width to shoulders, slight frame. Armstrong suggests Lee was tall and husky and Harvey was smaller. Armstrong claims a coverup started in 1963. When you look carefully at the apparent newspaper photo of Oswald, his eyes and eyebrows seem to be a match, not a composite. 2020/11/24 JFK cont I am dropping this subject on JFK but a little more did come up psychically: Goosebumps showed up when watching a video of Green Beret Whistleblower *and are coming up now. See JFK section on this website. Also for whatever reason, that sensation of someone burning was still present today. I do feel it has something to do with the JFK issue. JFK was reported to have been seen and photographed in a morgue. He apparently was taken to a municipal hospital, Parkland Hospital. I do not know why burning in an Army style vehicle on a base has shown up. I did add “Johnson did it” from a later Kennedy daughter release to the conspiracy list as that seedy character was capable of just about anything. Johnson did seem to act aggressive with the Kennedys over being named president right away. Also a mention of Irish Army creates goosebumps - he was impressed shortly before death and at burial. I did some more research and it looks like a PT 109 boat Kennedy was manning: “With virtually no warning, a Japanese destroyer emerged from the black night and smashed into PT-109, slicing it in two and igniting its fuel tanks. The collision was part of a wild night of blunders by 109 and other boats that one historian later described as “the most screwed up PT boat action of World War II.” This is the only sign of fire I have seen around Kennedy which involved deaths. In April 1943, 25-year-old John F. Kennedy arrived in the Pacific and took command of the PT-109. Just months later, the boat collided with a Japanese ship, killing two of his men (John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, PC101). It looks like PR set in covering Kennedy’s reputation in the matter but originally he was shaken over it. *Lt Col. Dan Marvin, Army paratrooper, felt CIA was involved, Fort Bragg,NC in 1965 was asked to kill Naval officer William Bruce Pitzer at Bethesda Navy Hospital who was Later found dead with apparent suicide. Was going to possibly show films to media ** I have written notes as they came up over a two day period, much of it a haunting feeling overnight. As a concluding note, I did not get goosebumps in a big way over any of this, with the exception of some goosebumps seemed to show up when I first started reading the JFK material, then dissipated quickly. Usually when I seem to make contact with a spirit or something “larger than life” I experience large extended goosebumps right away, then from then on even just thinking about the person or haunted area. But I do feel something ghostly around this topic. When looking at Oswald’s alleged photo in the police/Oswald getting shot one - which I feel the murder is faked - I sensed whoever is photographed might be psychically more awake than many. In the other photos of Oswald’s head (the newspaper photo) I do sense him possibly shooting someone. The two photos might not be of the same person. The police/Oswald one might be a spoof of/by Russians. On the other hand, people have suggested he acted differently with different people. There is an enigmatic quality to his photos from a young age. Did he experience early childhood sexual abuse which made him mature quickly? Was there anyone Russian in his early life? Some suggest a Hungary connection. Perhaps he was not killed by Ruby, but was sent back to Russia under Russian threats of war. The Russians and Germans seem to have a dark humor among certain groups, something I see among certain Hispania. The dark humor could spoof - take people through a maze of information that is so complicated and detailed people think it is likely true, or so jumbled it is false. David Horowitz has suggested a leftist plot to take over the USA ongoing since the 1960s. While many died in the Soviet Union, leftists kept up their dreams - and illusions - about communism elsewhere. Many do not understand the hooks of fanatics unwilling to drop their misgotten ideas. The idea is a revolution to overcome capitalism by taking over the means of production. It is likely why you are seeing so many blacks and other persons of color in photos everywhere on corporate media. These blacks equate capitalism with white USA and historical colonialism Whatever killed John F. Kennedy is likely still with us in the Democrat Party, the fake news, the old 1960s politicians like Pelosi. It is possible JFK got caught in the crosshairs. Some have suggested he was going to open up on some things, or had started to suspect some things, that he was wanting to pull out. Although I feel he had something off with the Catholic Church that someone was snagging him for, I also feel he was bright enough to reconsider options and to take alternative steps. 2020-11-23 note added I need to add a feeling of a burning vehicle and a person burning with it to death. I sense an American military base and a non-civilian car like an Army jeep, maybe longer, without a roof. Since it came up around the Kennedy assassination material over the last two days, I wondered if after he was shot he was taken to a nearby base - maybe for treatment - rather than a local municipal hospital. Maybe something happened to cause the vehicle he was in to catch on fire and burn him to death if he was still alive after gunshot wound(s). As far as I know now, nothing is mentioned of Kennedy on base around time of Dallas shooting, or of a vehicular fire. If it was the political car that swerved, hit something or turned over and caught on fire, I have not heard of it. Disclosure of possible psychic vision bleed-thru: have been reading of Iraq and Afghanistan 2003-2011 war zones in which some vehicles and occupants were burned up in enemy-caused explosions. Oswald If Oswald was small [I later learned he might have been 5’8] , he might have passed as a female in a pink dress with wig, perhaps hired as bodyguard to sit next to Kennedy rather than Jackie. It is conceivable if Oswald was shooting from upstairs window and was an experienced US Marines marksman gone rogue and further trained by Russians, he could have accurately shot Kennedy from a distance even using a low cost archaic one-shooter. The type of gun used seems to have different stories. The commonly seen photo of alleged Oswald getting shot A few photos showing Oswald being shot next to a tall police officer seem likely fake to me. Oswald looks small next to the officer. Jackie could have been trained in martial arts and guns. If the photo of Oswald is him, my first reaction was “maybe gay.” It came to me “Marines” and “Russian abuse.” Russian energy very strong in his countenance in several photos in such a way he feels more Russian than American. So I put “Was Oswald gay” in browser and got: Was Oswald Gay? McAdams MU dot edu [More of this article is excerpted in John F. Kennedy conspiracy stories] Psychology Today 2013/11/21 Why Did Lee Harvey Oswald Kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy? What motivated Oswald to assassinate JFK? Stephen A. Diamond Ph.D. kennedy [More of this article is excerpted in John F. Kennedy conspiracy stories] Jackie and John Kennedy Note there are several black conspiracy stories about various white politicians or agency leaders, including Jackie Kennedy and Edgard Hoover. The stories often come from the black community. I feel Kennedy had been doing something secretive and wrong linked to the Catholic Church as well as some other things that he knew it, and that he might have known in advance of his planned murder. I feel he was not so surprised he was shot at. However, he seems to have been bright, astute and progressive about civil rights and some other things taking America out of the 1950s into the 1960s. Many people grieved over his death. Note that Dwight D. Eisenhower was in office two terms before Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson followed him for the remainder of his term and the following one. Some conspiracy stories suggest Johnson was behind Kennedy’s assassination. 2020-11-22 JFK There is or was a video showing Jackie Kennedy next to Kennedy in which his head lunges back rapidly. It could be a fake video. The images are not clear enough. I remember thinking at the time it kind of looked like Jackie shot him and the image was taken out. It’s like I sense a firm arm go around one side of his neck and the other firmly and deliberately shoots him at the front of the head. It has been several years, and that thought has haunted me. I knew I needed to look into it, but it was not until today I really tried. Then I just now realized this was the day he was shot! It could be subconscious or someone was thinking about the subject today and I picked up on that without realizing it. One question for a non-ballistics expert, non-medical expert, and non-detective expert is: could someone close range, particularly with a muzzle, shoot Kennedy fully at close range in a way his head was not blown off or beyond recognition? A couple of articles were included in Notes-News for today. In later years I have had some kind of haunting feeling of connection with Kennedy, almost as if I had a past life and knew him, perhaps from the entertainment industry. But these feelings are vague and at times, in a certain way, ghostly. But it did not cause me to read that much on him. I am not a Kennedy conspiracy junkie. I have read bits and pieces over the years. My feeling Jackie - or someone who looked like her - might have been the one who shot him. If it was her, I feel it was perhaps connected to “Hispania” - the Mexican and Latin American-leftist counter-USA war involvement movement running during Vietnam. There very well might have been Cuban aspect as many have suggested. I feel that group and an odd, venomous witchcraft-psychic-paranormal type of energy are with us today. Finding the core of the energy from that era will help us combat it today. I feel there might be a footprint to all this in Arizona, including Sedona. I also feel the vivid pink was perhaps a deliberate distraction causing the eye to focus more on her. Perhaps there is something about the color and invisibility in camera film of that era under certain applications. I would look into Jackie’s racial heritage for signs of a Hispania link. I do feel I sense a strong Catholic vibe from Kennedy at the time of his death. It comes out stronger for me than just looking at his photos. Its significance is that he was perhaps more under the thumb of Catholic control than some might realize in a way he was something of a victim. The vibe is almost like clergy. This is not how I grew up relating to the Kennedy story: he was the new generation liberal increasingly in tune with civil rights and desegregation and such. If true, his Catholic aspect makes me feel sad for him because he was isolated under a problem with it I feel most people release the public face when injured or killed and this can be felt by an intuitive. Reagan showed another type of energy when he was shot. It is like something gets released from where it was pent up. Reagan felt his shooter was one of those lower class people, one of the riff raff, a kind of elitist energy showed itself. (I feel Reagan had some good points. He had some astute Jewish advisors. He seemed to want to stay clear of communists having seen it in the entertainment industry.) Kennedy had affairs, Jackie had filed for a divorce apparently shortly before the murder. It doesn’t prove murder, but motives could have been there. Add any racial or political issues. Several of the articles on Jackie killed Kennedy seem to come from questionable seeming websites. Here are a couple: 2020/11/20 a) from front page - Black Lives Matter, Indian Country, China threat, American college campus threat Black Lives Matter and Indian Country One of the key steps in countering crime in the United States is to focus on Black Lives Matter, its networks and funding operations because it all connects to many other criminal and national security problems. Reward good policing and home-state security behavior: One way to combat police abuse is to reward good behavior and professional departments. Rather than defund the police, we need to look at who among the policing and security agencies were the most responsive during the Black Lives Matter riots. That is, which ones were the most responsible, ethical, astute and valiant in their individual and collective countering activities. Then give those groups more funding for advanced education, training, supplies and technology. The agenda is to make policing at once safer for minorities and others while making a stand against cartels and unfair attacks against the United States. At the end of this professionalization process, blacks and other minorities will see better trained multi-racial police departments - ones that do in fact include whites - and government agencies determined not to attack all whites for the mistakes of a few. They will make sure we are getting the facts and not cartel or race-driven hype. Problems in police departments go down with increased salaries and education, better background checks, and an insistance on real investigations based on facts, not political and gang-like pressures. Banishing whites from police is not the answer and often leads to further problems. A good solid mix can greatly deters special interest groups from taking over. Islamic extremists, leftists, Russia and others are using the Race Grievance Industry to further their agendas to help divide the country and take it over, letting tyrants in during the process. If Native Americans think America is bad now, wait until an Iran, China , large Mexican cartel or Great Reset group take over! Linked to large countries doing this are cartels and people of all races and economic/social statuses looking for a fast buck for survival, perks or to feed their addictions. Although police person studying a murder case might think it is far removed from Black Lives Matter related issues, chances are if drug deals are involved, somewhere along the supply chain will be someone with a racial issue with the United States, whether from inside or outside of the country. Drug dealing and usage can have an underlying psychological pulse because selling and doing drugs has a long history of “rebellion against establishment” aspect to it which has become “fight white.” Black Lives Matter Stop BLM and its various affiliates: See Section BLM 1 to BLM 21 BLM21 What’s wrong with Kamala Harris (a lot) Indian Country See also Indian Country a Problem to USA - Navajo Nation Lawsuits/Benefits to Navajos, includes some other tribes Lots of money pumped into Navajo Nation during Trump Admin. (including a December 2019 deal between Navajo NAPA agriculture and China) to no avail-they turned on him, nonetheless, some media allege 95% of Navajo Nation said to vote for Biden/Harris China Dangerous U.S. goods imports from China totaled $451.7 billion in 2019, down 16.2% ($87.6 billion) from 2018, but up 52.4% from 2009. U.S. goods imports from China are up 342% from 2001 (pre-WTO accession). U.S. goods imports from China account for 18.1% of overall U.S. goods imports in 2019. College Infiltrations Keep China, Islamic and other large donors at the top of mind awareness at all times. How are colleges impacting entire communities and cities? Some examples on this website have included “Ugly Racial Turfing Wars” in which minority student photos have been being put in place of old racially diverse “mixed race” ones. Donations can be a problem. See: funding (This is given more attention on the Indian Problem to USA section) b) Opinion on Biden/Trump from front page This website never was an avid Trump supporting website, having started out hooting for his impeachment in sync with the one-note media until a light bulb went on to get off that train. It was always suspected Trump had his own kind of corruption and certain psychological problems. However, his blunt personality and unique approach brought bits and pieces of truth to the American public. It also awakened people to another viewpoint, while also empowering a white population to speak their thoughts and feelings of frustration over racially spurred political correctness. A window into the quagmilre of media-driven corruption was likely impossible without Trump as their opposition to him exposed the games being played. Thus we don’t excoriate Trump here, and give him credit where due, while acknowledging his faults. Biden is worse than Trump, and most people don’t know it. Biden is likely more subtle and poker-faced in his corruption, a smoother operator, and might be more the Russian conspirator than Trump ever was. Kamala Harris is a blatant Black Lives Matter supporter with a long- standing history of corruption and negligence as a San Francisco district attorney and State of California Attorney General and Senator. Some people see the whole USA lost in a war, not just an election - pay attention, and provide a quiet but firm counter. The big bucks poured into the Biden/Harris campaign is sick. Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were fed money by general well-meaning Democrats or Independents as well as the Minority Power Movement groups who fund Black Lives Matter as well as many other sinister anti-American agendas. Much of the problem with the 2020 Election is that many people who voted for Biden/Harris were persuaded through their emotions. They made decisions based on loose facts and mirages, finding themselves unable to dig deeper in their hurry to vote for anyone, anyone but Trump. The media is glossing over all of this and denying the Biden/Harris corruption problems, too busy cooing over what is right about Biden in the post-election haze. Republicans and others need to continue to work against such corruption. People who sigh with relief over Biden don’t know what they are dealing with. It is tragic such ignorance exists among the American public, as it is very dangerous. People who do see through the Biden/Harris problem must learn to unite so the next election has better results. We must keep church and state separate, for one thing. For another, we must focus on terrorists, illegal aliens, gangs and cartels to make sure jobs and money are going to American citizens, not anti- American groups. Focus on the economy in such a way Americans can get at least lower end hourly jobs with less fanfare and hoops. People who self-pay should not have to pay $900 per month or more for normal health insurance apart from subsidized government insurance. Anything less than this usually has high deductibles and less assistance. People need not be state-bound for health insurance in a way that requires a whole change of insurance and life-changing events to qualify. The insurance needs to be truly functional nationwide without penalties or hassle. Although the Democrats claim they will be working on the health insurance problem, be careful about whose pockets they will be lining in the process, as they did it before under Obama. Watch for medical-insurance corruption. Although this is a policing and national security grassroots website, the political element is part of the police corruption and one-note media issue as the subjects cross lines. 2020/11/17-18 San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico Billboard only portraying Navajos/brown again: More Ugly Racial Turfing Wars using “brown” only advertising Billboard along Hwy 516 between Flora Vista and Farmington, New Mexico. : “I am SJC” - with photo of one person - a Native American female (likely Navajo) - just past Farmington Lake entrance. Photo taken on November 18, 2020. There has been another billboard with only Native American and Hispanic (“brown) looking students which had been getting faded. Going to the Home Page in the past week, only Native Americans (likely Navajo) were seen in a video involving auto tech education. San Juan College used to be a friendly, open two year college respectful and appreciative of all students. Whites were seen in equal balance to a variety of minorities. This can also be said of the City of Farmington. There are still a strong number of whites in the area. A local college should be - and must be - about everyone, not a local minority power group menace. Education is about everyone. Please put pressure on San Juan College to get back to a balanced racial distribution of races with a diversity that does in fact include whites in the student body and the hourly public service jobs and student aid positions. San Juan College did not used to mainly promote the Navajo Nation. A community college belongs to everyone. It is a public funded college, not a private college. The Navajos have their own Navajo Community College and other Navajo tech schools,with several branches in various reservation and border town areas. The Navajo Nation is a large mafia-like big business conglomerate which has lost most of its indigenous roots in favor of predatory phony lawsuits and well-planned takeovers of general public areas, including government and business jobs. It is possible the plan has included racial mixing through marriages with whites. It includes infiltrating the Republican Party with minorities on the same pro-Dineh and Hispanic footing as the Democrats in Farmington; these politicians mostly serve a minority constituency. The Navajos are aggressive in countering any opposition. The Navajo Nation works with other tribes and at times the Black Power Movement. It will take careful reflection, planning, awareness raising and education to fight these mafia-like groups. San Juan College does not like discourse about their minority -centered approach. There are several departments that need more whites in the lower end, hourly and federal subsidized student aide jobs. San Juan College must not be seen as primarily a Navajo college. The area has a strong number of whites. It is best to have a cosmopolitan* approach on all college campuses. There are Navajos in the area trying to snuff out free speech. Some are known to target and retaliate opponents. Although there is another legal-appropriate side to the Navajo Nation’s policing efforts, for example illegal substance control and domestic violence and other violence response on the Reservation, the Big Bucks Lawsuits over petty Black Lives Matter-style, Race Grievance Industry issues far outstrips its more legitimate operations. In addition, more legitimate stances sometimes still have money-grabbing lawsuits attached to them, as below: see more in notes news for this date *cosmopolitan approach referred to here does not mean a minority-centered aggressivism but a balance of races (which does in fact include whites) in an open, non-oppressive atmosphere in which political correctness is not taken so far it restrains creative and critical thinking 2020/11/15 Marketing an Ideology. See Notes-News for this date. The Marketing idea is important in terms of stateside warfare. This correlates with John Guandolo’s Info Wars as central to anti-Americans plan for destabilizing USA from within. One way to look at this is marketing a product being the same as marketing an ideology. They know they need to use sensory appeal in an almost touch-feel way plus keeping the ideas simple and repeated. The branding associates the framework with company names and logos to make them seem liberal; we are seeing less of the branding with the Republicans with the exception of flags, eagles, crosses and fish symbols The ideology can actually be a framework with pre-selected directives like Democrat social justice with anti- police, just be kind, stop killing us, and “reparations” or Republican guns, anti-abortion, Jesus Saves and job/no freebies. Look for animalistic group aura being manipulated for group/herd/pack running/influence along with Marketing. Someone could be manipulating the group aura to get everyone to think and act alike. 2020/11/10-13 1) Not excoriating Trump post Moved 2020/11/13 from front page top and center 2020/11/13 2) On Ukraine-Biden-Trump page 2) Regarding Ukraine-Biden-Trump page: Why I am starting this page: my intuition suggests to me that there is more to the corruption story about senior Biden (president elect) than many realize. I am also seeing across the board the media-unity voice that it is all just a conspiracy story. I am going into this with the intuition Joe biden (senior biden) had underhanded dealings with Ukraine and possibly China, I am picking up a money thing from Ukraine like a bribe, fuzzy so far on China connection in this or anything else. I feel he might have accepted bribe because he felt marginalized by Americans - seen as an agin limp career politician who took a sideline to Obama, he felt his career was not particularly strong and waning. The recent "Oh great Joe Biden" you are seeing in the media unity voice is part of the conspiracy of the Democrats to recreate his image and to distract from Trump and to make Trump supporters and Trump look like bygones: "don't even think about all that, move on"). If true about bribe, One reason Biden took bribe is family - something about health issues involving Hunter but there is also a possible vibe about Eastern Europe heritage maybe. We have key elements: 1. Hunter Biden and Burisma - most of the media unity voice all tell us how much Hunter made (a lot) 2. Hints of collusion with both Ukraine and China 3. Trump bribing Ukraine government - hence the call for impeachment Some feelings that came up during process: Is there more to Joe Biden that meets the eye? Bilingual/Multi-lingual - speak a Ukrainian or Russian language? Eastern Europe connections? It’s my feeling the Ukraine-China thing is linked to a huge economic thing which will deeply hurt the environment, shift global policy, harm the USA, and will be (perhaps already started) draining from certain environmental and human systems, and the whole subject including Biden is very touchy and that people who step on this wire might be on their radar; I feel there is part of this that is secret for Biden that he was slipping it under the table despite publicity by laying low and staying quiet, watch for different Ukrainian and Russian groups, incl. Jews/Israel somewhere in all this, remember Ukraine’s involvement in Middle East with USA and others It is my belief people are trying to suppress opposition to Biden particularly strongly at this time 2020/11/11 Personal see 1 News/History Highlights for this date for Veterans Day related reflections as true stories in war zones KINDNESS, BLESSINGS AND HEALING TO VETERANS TODAY GOD BLESS VETERANS, GOD BLESS AMERICA 2020/11/10a I am Navajo how avoid NN corruption Not an avid Trump supporting website here, but cautious. Not out to excoriate Trump, willing to credit where due! The so-called post-election “TV news” has shown its true colors - not news, but a Democrat infomercial for Biden/Harris. BEWARE! The large news groups are run by wealthy families or corporate conglomerates which likely influenced the 2020 election. Democrats might have had a number of wealthy donors - Example: Owner of The Atlantic, Laurene Powell Jobs might have donated $$ to Biden/Harris; Elections should not be bought! [this message was repeated and extended on the front page a few days later] 3) I am Navajo. How do I avoid Navajo Nation (NN)-linked corruption? -READ diverse subjects from multiple sources. Include in your readings various forms of Mind Control and State Control that included same race perpetrators and victims. You want to recognize systems that can harm entire populations, despite race. -Avoid persuasion through emotion without checking facts and alternative views. One of the complaints about the Democrats is they seem to be infiltrated by civil rights oriented minorities, LGBT who do not separate sexuality from racial politics and unrealistic whites. Women’s rights groups have been dominated by racial and sexual politics, as well, with most of the focus on blacksThe complaints include feeling Democrats are controlled by an old leftist position in which communists and socialists - normally two different things - operate like religious zealots seeking a New World Order style of Utopia. . -Although the story of George Floyd might be true, don’t jumpt to conclusions on any white-on-minority `police case. Understand the long history of underworld crime in both worlds, blacks/minorities AND police. Also understand many police cases might be tweaked after the fact. Be the kind of person who wants the truth, not hype. Not all white cops are corrupt, not all minorities are linked to gangs, but mistrust can cause problems. One complaint is that Democrats have encouraged an anti-American approach by bad-mouthing our military while they are fighting and dying overseas. -Navajos have been seen cooperating with other Native American groups around the country, and with ethnic Hawaiians in an anti-American stance. -Understand the concept of RGI (Race Grievance Industry) from the understanding of a black man who wrote Black Lies Matter. He is someone who saw through how minorities and others are being manipulated. Don’t be so quick to say: “That is a sensitive topic.” Don’t assume the worst about whites. Don’t assume many whites think Navajos are stupid or incapable of reaching the top. Don’t assume all whites think Navajos are drunks. Allow for differences among whites just like there are differences among Navajos. Don’t encourage whites to put their tails between their legs with Navajos, either. You do not want people being submissive for the wrong reasons. Try to get everyone on an equal footing. Do not be emotionally persuaded by political arguments without reading various versions. Know that most of the news is running left toward the minority/LGBT position. You do not want “one note media” but the truth, even if it is not what you want to hear. You are more grounded basing your choices on the truth. You do not want your ego flattered, either. You want the truth. -Pay attention to Big Business like with China, Islamic groups or countries (like Turkey) and NN -Keep at top-of-mind awareness many Navajos were missionized or proselytized by various religious fundamentalist groups: Mormons, Catholics, Protestants; many were sent to missions, others have received help from welfare-type fundamentalist churches. Many Navajos are diverse racially and according to family background. Some were raised in cities or outside formal religious contexts. -Identify likely true religious orientation-related abuse stories: ie, Mormon white father and Navajo mother keep mixed race Navajo kids isolated, there is an abusive atmosphere in home -how religious networking can have a similar effect in the city or region - influential households can impact jobs, target certain so-called troublemakers or non-believers, including women --identify how females might be having problems because fo the religious beliefs -identify different mind and society control groups and connect the dots as to how that could happen to NN - or NN+Mormons or NN+Catholics, etc.; Start maybe with Stasi from now dissolved East Germany (Berlin Wall went down 1989, Stasi left a lot of records behind) and get a feeling for one kind of control/abuse, then go on to others and compare and contrast. Do you think China mind control is similar to Stasi mind control? NN is not immune to mind control operations inside tribe and beyond into the whole community of mixed whites and Navajos. How can you help to break up those mean and dangerous games? -make sincere friendships with fair-skinned Caucasians in which people get past certain kinds of racially connected dynamics: power trips including domination-submission tactics, misusing psychic energy learned from tribal associations on whites who were not raised with that information, ill-gotten sexual relations ie, trying to get inside a white family to insert Navajo power or bloodlines or to get control of their family business or to get them mixed up with drugs to weaken them and make money off them; watch for the reverse, for example a white lesbian female could try to exploit a Navajo female having problems with her Mormon family; watch religious dynamics and sex - too strict, hidden secrets, incest, etc. -Little white boys: watch for Hispanic, Native American or Black exploitation of little white boys as a so-called thrill or a power trip over whites, particularly white males; a Hispanic woman might coo “Oh, he is so cute. Oh, you are so cute. you are just adorable!” Could this lead to something else? Maybe or maybe not. Usually society looks for the guy to molest little boys or girls. You need to watch for the gals, too. -White single females maybe a little different or loners: watch for Hispanic, Navajo or other males trying to make her a sexual partner or to walk over her space boundaries to compete with the world of white males to show how he and his culture can do it better, Hispanic culture might try to dominate white egalitarian culture and the female’s sense of personal identity by being “the man”; the woman could get caught up in several culture related problems - he might have an alcohol/drug addiction issue, he might have insecurities which lead to control and abuse, old family dysfunction problems including incest or child molestation in the home; criminal background. Although this can and does occur in any race, culture or race-specific issues can make things even more complicated in certain ways. -Avoid being privileged over race or gender, stick to the facts, don’t get sucked into fake lawsuits pushed by corrupt civil rights groups as part of the RGI. A thought exercise: Imagine you are a universal soul in a body that is like a vehicle, a coat, that you can shed off upon death, walking off in a soul light; not always sensitive about race and culture, you seek universals that transcend time and space, you fight for everyone’s human rights and can see both sides of the story. Perhaps there are past lives and you were white, black, brown, female or male in another life and have been experiencing how to reduce pain for all humanity without trying to control everyone to make them the same. -Watch for corrupt minority cops and their networking across town. Take notes. What are some tendencies running along certain lines? Family lines? More Navajos than Hispanics, or vice versa? Racial mixes? Are whites in on it? If so, how? Who seems to be in charge, who is playing along? Is someone being targeted? Are they gossiping about someone to shop owners, is there face recognition technology in major department stores? Is any of this connected to the Mormons or Catholics or some other religious group? How would you go after the main culprits? Is it coming out of the NMSP (New Mexico State Police), FPD (Farmington Police Department) Navajo Nation Tribal police, or something else? If men are involved, are they targeting women? Has a white spoken out about the Navajo Nation corruption, or the Catholic sex abuse problem? Has she triggered some buttons? Have any of these cops - white, minorities, or mixed - picked up Navajo males or females off the streets - or anyone else and taken them off and abused them? Do people mysteriously disappear? -How can you help make social services fair for all races? One way is to make sure diverse races and religious/philosophical orientations are in a service meant for families and children, and if males are answering the phone there, how does that make women who have been traumatized feel? If you are a white sensitive to growing NN corruption and walk in the door of any social services agency and only see Navajos and Hispanics, how does this make that white feel? Can you as a Navajo sense that point of view? If you area a Navajo counselor in one of these places, can you sense how you want to focus on broad human rights, not just Navajo civil rights (ie Navajo power to give Navajos jobs in that agency and to focus on serving mostly Navajos and other minorities). If you cannot have that fairness for all human rights, should you be working in social services meant to serve all populations fairly? The best counselors and bosses see multiple viewpoints. White managers should be seensitive to how answering the phone voicemail with only English might alienate Hispanics seeking help. Navajos might want to work with Navajo counselors who can talk openly about Navajo medicine, shamans and metaphysical beliefs. Blacks who see no blacks at a facility might feel less safe. It is important to realize various ways people can be stereotyped; even whites can be lumped together. Navajos might feel stereotyped. Religion can try to influence the type of counseling even in a so-called general government agency in certain cities with a strong religious fundamentalist side. Religion is something that should be a choice and it is not professional to have one version of religion controlling a government office. People can be directed to religious counselors upon request, but it must be voluntary. Some Hispanic Catholic counselors males might have machismo, coming at women with both religious and gender issues of control, and if counseling white women, yet another dynamic might be added. This could be upsetting to women coming out of troubles with Hispanic abusers or controllers. The idea of “if only he/she would follow Jesus” does not belong in a government agency designed to service a wide range of people. But minority driven resentments toward whites coming in the door should not be there, either. If you cannot be objective and sincere and fair working with a white person, it is best to get someone else to try to help. If the politics cannot be put aside, then step away. This holds true in banks, credit unions, motor vehicle division, health/medicine, insurance and everything else. -Understand turfing and clustering of races. Look at this from the eyes of a white. You walk into a store and everyone in Customer Service and at the cash registers look Navajo. Assistant Managers are often Navajo. You have been unhappy with a change in the demographics of the city. You feel you are feeding the Navajo Nation by shopping here. Unlike whites married to Navajos, you don’t feel this is the best way to spend your money; you turn around and walk out, determined to drive as far as it takes to spend money in stores that have more white people because you want to see the area’s income is being fairly redistributed. The reason: you feel the stores are being turfed by Navajos and the people they like, while a strong number of white people still live in town. With that many whites in town, why don’t you see them more in the jobs? Added to the reason the NN has made millions, if not billions of dollars from lawsuits, many of which you feel are dishonestly put together. You don’t like the number of grants given minorities, including Navajos, in contrast to white students, because you have done research and see a lot of that is coming from Radical Islam, Black Power Movement groups, and more. You don’t like the fact the Navajos get free medicine, free trucks, free housing on the Reservation, and free college tuition at select colleges (Fort Lewis College was one of these, do not know if still true). Navajos are placed as a special protected class legally. So you walk into what was once an equally distributed race city - a balance of whites, Hispanics and Navvajos -and seeing Navajos mostly in the businesses there now. Do you want to hand these people your dollars? No, you do not. Not being a part of the tribal whites - and not interested in that - you want to give your business to companies with a good mix of whites among their employees. You never wanted a Farmington that was like Gallup or an extension of the Navajo Reservation. Your home town was turned into something you did not want or choose. You will travel many miles not to support the NN. Again, it is the turfing and clustering; the sense of rude behavior from Navajos on the buses and city streets; the bad feeling you get walking through the main city mall; the sense of privileging the Navajos at the local community college and city library (the library architecture is Native American and the SW Room shows a lot of kachinas - you see several Navajo employees). A library and college should be geared toward everyone, not just Navajos. The town did not used to be like this. If the Navajos were not so numerous, you would be OK with the area, it’s the fact there are too many and they run in packs, tend to hire their own and are often not honest and fair with whites. Yet they still decry being discriminated against, when that is just an excuse to bully people, give them bad attitudes, walk around with a chip on the shoulder, steal with phony lawsuits, complain and threaten companies to hire more Navajos and more. To know the NN is to know a lawsuit ready to happen and a mafia-like organization running dirty politics and big business against the mainstream public. 2020/11/10b MPM = Minority Power Movement LGBT = Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender BLM = Black Lives Matter See also Stasi San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico this is a blog public comment put up today, Nov. 10th sent to Backlog/Loose Notes-2020/11/10; the concern over SJC is ongoing and has been mentioned several times over the years. A Stasi page was created today which includes some material from River Gold. I suspect Trump has likely been attacked by Stasi-like antics and could be in danger now. Please read over the Stasi section even if you think you know about Stasi. I have read up on it previously and going back over it realize there is still more to learn. I still think there is a psychic/psychotronic aspect to it, at least in modern times. I do not know if it was there in the 1980s in last decade of Stasi. I think some of the culprits attacking us here in the USA are from Mexico/Hispania. It is possible Trump has not had adequate protection from high tech psychotronics and perhaps not enough info about psychic attack. I think Obama might have been more in tune with such things. A few reasons for this: his time in Hawaii, Biden and Ukraine or Russia might not be a dead story or Republican hype On an intuitive level, I feel Biden has perhaps dealt with Ukraine or Russia for money on top of his son’s earlier activities. I think Biden might be a mole. In addition, we should investigate whether he has any Ukrainian or Russian in his bloodline or if his family is from that general region. Look into whether he privately (secretly) is fluent in a Ukrainian language. I feel Biden was having money problems and was bribed. I think the bribe is in association with Ukraine by could be Ukraine, Russia or something in that region. On the scale of one to ten the sense of some kind of bribe is 8 to 9. It’s also possible the need for money might be connected to a family member’s health issues, maybe Hunter who was involved in cocaine and the Ukrainian business. If you look at Biden in a family photo with Hunter, they could fit into an Eastern European picture. Whether or not Biden has such genetic ties, I would consider the possibility he is more intellectually endowed than meets the eye. He might have gained some techniques outside the box while maneuvering around stuttering. He has described some of the processes like quoting poetry. We do not want people ridiculed or abused over stuttering. We don’t know if so for Biden, but consider hypnosis induced suggestions and memory learned during any stutter correction techniques, which could possibly help a mole hit hyper-drive capabilities, including any multiple language proficiency. A person could learn to be poker faced both as a corrective aid o the stuttering but also to work on more than one mental level. Keep an eye on Obama, and Remember this: (River Gold has more info on Obama) Assisi Primary School – Indonesia Obama’s Indonesian schooling began when he was entered into the Roman Catholic, Franciscus Assisi Primary School, in Jakarta, Indonesia, on January 1, 1968 and sat in class 1B. His teacher has been identified as Fermina Katarina Sinaga. He was registered under the name of Barry Soetoro, serial number 203. The school registration document identifies Barry Soetoro as an Indonesian citizen and his religion was identified as Islam…Obama will complete the first 3 grades at Assisi Primary School. Remember he moved in late 1967 and enrolled in Jan 1968. However, there is one strange factor about this; a photograph appeared In February, 2010, giving Obama’s life story another mysterious twist. Although every single account of Obama’s life puts him in Indonesia in 1969, this photo was taken in Hawaii — presumably while Obama was in the 3rd grade. This was reported in The Star Bulletin (2009). How is this possible? Obama in the 3rd grade — and in Hawaii? He was supposed to be in Indonesia — the report contradicts Obama’s own autobiography, as well as multiple biographies, that say he attended grades 1 through 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia…After attending 3 years at Assisi Private Catholic School, Obama then entered the Besuki Primary School, a state school. He was enrolled as Barry Soetoro, Muslim. He would attend Besuki for two years. part-i-kindergarten-through-high-school/ From PF: included on his friend Kamala Harris’ page because it reminds people of his mysterious background with missing pieces like time in grade school between Indonesia and Hawaii, and that there was drug usage in high school in Hawaii; Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims in the world according to Wikipedia; Obama has denied he is a Muslim and says he is a Christian; the Christian church he went to for many years had a strong anti-white approach by the minister, which Obama said at one point he didnt know anything How to resist Stasi and similar tactics Note from PF: This looks like good advice https //www maxhertzberg Excerpt: Many people succumbed to pressure from the Stasi and other security forces, often because of mental health difficulties (brought about by the pressure) or through a process that was commonly called ‘inner migration’: giving up political and social beliefs, following the path of least resistance and ceasing oppositional activity. On the other hand resistance to Zersetzung was remarkably commonplace, and activists found ways to remain both healthy and active. When East German activists talk today about how they managed to continue their activism, the same points come up again and again, these are summarised below. Support from friends and other activists was essential – a circle of close friends who shared an understanding of the political and policing situation was probably the most effective way to counter the Stasi. With such friends activists could talk openly about fears, suspicions and needs – they could work out ways to deal with the pressure. They spent time with these friends doing non-activism related activities which helped to build trust in the group. This helped them to know that if things got bad for them, they could both trust their friends, and be trusted by them; they would be there if help and support were needed. As a group they would make plans for possible situations – for example, who would take care of the children in case of arrest or even imprisonment, or who could provide a ‘safe house’ if somebody was being shadowed and needed a break. https //www maxhertzberg