Notes Personal & News Backlog-23 2020 DECEMBER
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-23 2020/12/29 Continue to watch for lies in news on any side of divide 2020/12/24-25 Merry Christmas; BLM small memorial might be gone in Durango, Colorado park 2020/12/20-21 More on TOM, East India Call/Service Center Problem 2020/12/19 More on Big Brother cell phones: TMobile-certain major cell phone carrier conglomerate 2020/12/17 China: keep at TOM awareness 2020/12/12-13 Texas AG website showing lawsuit 2020/12/11 certain major cell phone carrier World is Big Brother 2020/12/10 Texas AG suing certain states for 2020 election mishandling; list of possible cults behind both COVID-19 over-reach and BLM riots 2020/12/08 Governor Luján Grisham has potential adverse wide-ranging effects on rest of country thru Hispanic/Latina caucus 2020/12/06-07 correlates today’s Notes-News about companies funding BLM or having calling card lingo on “Social Justice” etc. 2020/12/06 Insight Crime, George Soros and Open Society Found 2020/12/04 Democrats showing their true colors and it is dangerous; Hezbollah, FARCS, Latin America/Mexico, Israel, Shiites 2020/12/01 To Fellow Republicans on Police Factor’s priorities 2020/12/31 HAPPY NEW YEAR See insert for this date on Notes News For an alternative view on the Navy and Marines, as well as apparent suicides of leading military figures and other well known persons, see the insert in Scarce News by David Martin. Fat Leonard Alleged suicide of Admiral Stearney 2018 Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda (alleged self-shooting in chest) Tailhook (some have suggested homosexual porn ring behind this) “When the scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.” (See David Martin in Scarce News) COVID-19 hitting Navy and other American military ships The Navy has been on my radar awhile at least since a waterborne military retiree woke me up to something might be off with it. Here is the tragedy: many Navy persons, including Navy Seals have functioned normally or well. They have fought alongside Army Rangers, Marines and other specially trained forces in some of the most difficult ground fights in Iraq and beyond. If something sinister is going on, it needs to be handled. I met a woman a few years ago who said a Marine she knew had been killing and burying women in Colorado. There are rumors that some such military persons have been asked to do assassinations. We need to hold our balance on these things, staying open but without evidence we cannot be sure. 2020/12/29 Continue to watch for dishonest or exaggerated news. Even by putting up multiple sources, something can be off. 2020/12/24-25 Merry Christmas A small Black Lives Matter memorial is now gone from a park near historic downtown Durango. I have noticed a few businesses are putting up American flags - large ones. It is important to realize people did this out of desperation over BLM. Much of the new (old) liberal crowd in Durango is linked to drug usage and sales. Whites linked to these chains are being asked to step down by defering to blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. If you are hooked on drugs, You could be selling yourself out. Minorities in charge of your addictions can be playing power games with whites. Durango has a very long history with drugs - as far back as the old opium, gambling and prostitution days. Follow the flow of drugs for several BLM mutual affiliations. It should go without saying that LGBT or women’s rights does not instantly equal BLM. Although they can and often do intertwine, it is not a given. Drugs linked to both of these worlds can be part of the issue. Numerous examples of Black Muslim extremists linked to BLM along with minority, LGBT and misguided white liberal allies. Native American and Hawaiian groups with tribal sovereignty as well as anti-American agendas have sold their souls to devilish enterprises in cooperating with various dangerous countries and organizations - Muslim Student Association (MSA) at local community colleges and universities, as well as Islamic CAIR, China, Russia, South African and other African black nationalist-communists, as well as Mexican-Latino ones. The problem with these groups is that on the other side of the idealism lies a land of violence. In addition, the black-first approach is so entirely self-absorbed and self-serving that it is cult-like and fanatical. Utopian ideals always flounder as the gritty realities of human existence and survival settle out of the flotational debris like a shaken up jar of pond water put to rest. There is a better way to do civil rights, and BLM is not one of them. GOD BLESS AMERICA PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN 2020/12/20-21 Continue to keep China, Mexico and Latin America, as well as communications-level intrusions into American private life, at TOM awareness. The point of view and concern of a person who has not accepted the Democrat approach would include observing Black Lives Matter content and donational support at companies you do business with - including cell phone, internet and email. This monitoring of who handles the business we bring to such companies would include noting whether Eastern Indians or other non-Americans are fielding calls in international call centers. On the other hand, Democrats might see cell phone and other invasions as conspiracy-based, as well. As mentioned in the East India section, such foreign handlers of American personal information can be a personal and national security risk. It was nine Democrat senators in 2019 (see Sen. Wyden below) who worried about cell phone companies, one of whom was Kamala Harris. If Democrat leaders are bribed by, or conspiring with, the likes of George Soros, Black Lives Matter, or China, would legitimate members of the USA be legitimately investigating and monitoring them, to Democrat leadership chagrine? Or are illegitimate groups conspiring against American leadership involved? (The bias of this website is that Kamala Harris is not working for broader America, and as such cannot be trusted and is dangerous, so maybe FBI or other national security-based monitoring of her activities is a good thing). Since we do not know the circumstances, we don’t know if cell phone-related monitoring of Democrats was just from low end intruders and investigators, but if true, we can likely use the information to protect ourselves, as well. Example: Wyden (Wyden was Oregon Democrat Senator at time of this article) 2019/01/24 Senators call on FCC and FTC to investigate how wireless carriers sold Americans mobile phone locations to data brokers, bounty hunters and shady middlemen: Following Multiple Media Reports of Misuse, 15 Senators Demand Federal Agencies Investigate How Wireless Companies Share Location Data https //www wyden senate gov/news/press-releases/senators-call-on-fcc-and-ftc-to-investigate-how- wireless-carriers-sold-americans-mobile-phone-locations-to-data-brokers-bounty-hunters-and-shady- middlemen Washington, D.C. –A group of 15 senators today called on the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission to investigate how wireless carriers allowed third parties – including data brokers and bounty hunters – to track Americans’ cell phones without consent. 2020/12/19 see certain major cell phone carrier Big Brother 2020/12/11 Cell phone company concerns -Notes-News for this date 2020/12/19 New Section: Cell Phone Company - Corruption, Issues More on Big Brother cell phones: TMobile-certain major cell phone carrier conglomerate added 2020/12/20 in going thru this material, I was reminded liberals can h ave a beef with surveillance; several Democrat senators complained about certain major cell phone carrier,wh etc.. So this issue is the “Good or Bad” depending on context and who, what or why. If legitimately acting law enforcement are trying to follow you and you are a terrorist - well, you need to be watched. If Hispanic cop is gangstalking you because you spoke out about Hispanic cop corruption, you need support, protection and whistleblowing about that dirty cop who is trying control your life. 2020/12/19 material: TMobile-Simple /Straight Talk-Net 10/certain major cell phone carrier Stay away! certain major cell phone carrier’s already bad thing just got badder! Seems like call centers are in India. Heavy accents, bad attitudes toward women (undercurrent of chauvinism and control). Bad attitudes toward Americans. TMobile is not disclosing certain major cell phone carrier-Simple Mobile affiliation on packaging, when you fire up a TMobile-Simple Mobile phone, it shows certain major cell phone carrier while booting up. The Alcatel 4G flip phones might hurt your hand with an energy, you can feel it, it causes an ache, imagine that next to your brain. What if the companies can send tones or energy at you or increase the wave energy naturally in the phone as warfare? With fewer and fewer cell phone choices that are not linked to corporate conglomerates, American citizens are likely open to abuse. You pay someone to have them spy on you, gain access to your private info, play control games and exercise warfare based on race, religion, gender, politics. That is, you pay them to abuse you and yours. Americans are not spoiled, having i too easy. No, they are victims of severe human rights violations in these matters. And so-called “minorities” are among the perpetrators, as they can be targeting white households, particularly targeting certain family members they think have it too easy. Watch for this particular modus operandi in your investigative work: this notion of playing Parent if a white family member customer is thought to have it too easy or if they think that white is spoiled. This odd corrective behavior can come in through certain major cell phone carrier and be spread to other cell phone companies if the person tries to move to a different company through gossip or messages. Chances are you would not know to look for such odd behavior. This is a form of gangstalking. How would an honest cop catch these people with such behavior at certain major cell phone carrier? Part of the game is to keep the gangstalked family member from leaving certain major cell phone carrier. Chances are this behavior has happened in Mexico, in China, and in all areas of the world being taken over by corporate-cartel conglomerates. There might be a psychic/psychotronic aspect. My summation is that cell phones are potentially dangerous and we have zero control over who we pay our money to for their services. Too many foreigners handling American cell phone files. Too many signs of Black Lives Matter affiliates linked to corporations many of which are linked and sharing information on you. Possibly cults of various kinds. Your life is at the mercy of people you do not know and never see. What can we do about this? One start might be anti-trust types of legal activity, breaking up cell phones into small American companies with no one entity controlling significant features like lines, towers, etc. Another is to start investigating these cell phone companies with an eye on gangstalking. How do you catch gangstalkers in the act? You will look for insiders as well as intruders - managers and employees as well as someone from outside (Mexican nationals and African nation blacks might be two possibilities). Someone who keeps changing their phone might be trying to avoid gangstalkers. Using a credit or debit card during the phone or time card purchases will reveal who you are. Criminals and debt-avoiders also change phones, so police and credit card companies go on high alert if you change your phone a lot. Shark-style credit card companies could try to interfere with your efforts at seeking privacy by lumping you in with suspicious watch-list characters. Victims of gangstalking think differently than others, walk to the beat of a different drum, and could be miscast as “suspicious” when their behavior reflects something else. Just keep in mind cell phone companies are dangerous whether you feel gangstalked or not. The common sense and healthy mind says “You know if it could happen, it might.” Beware of family members who shun “wild conspiracy stories” without realistically recognizing the potential for abuse by cell phone companies. Too many certain major cell phone carrier employees in high population, high poverty India answering your service request calls? Don’t you think that could be a danger for Americans? A few days ago, I heard a rooster crowing in the background from an East India accented employee giving me an attitude while “helping.” I cancelled the service shortly later.t 2020/12/17 China keep TOM. See also Notes-News for this date. There was a brief glitch this afternoon. Things are back to normal. In the meantime, the word has been put out “Top-Of-Mind Awareness About China.” Keep your sights on China’s human rights abuses and its influence of governors on COVID-19 as well as 2020 election. The people the most awake and less influenced are the ones actively speaking out against China. They are also insisting on investigations into China, as well as seeking measures to stop its influences. China wants you to distracted and thinking about something else. China wants malleable politicians and is likely bribing or using extortion on various politicians. 2020/12/12-13 Keep at top-of-mind awareness When New Mexico news media uses the term “white supremacist” be careful. It might or might not be true. Several news writers in New Mexico are so-called “minorities” with a beef against whites and the United States. They are often Hispanic, Native American or a racial mix leaning toward a MPM approach. Some whites labeled as extremists might be that way, but many are not. If a non-white person is using that term, slow down and do your homework. Do not let such words be a buzz word. China possible interference with Biden, several governors, businesses in China Parallels with Iraq, Afghan, Syrian and other Middle Eastern war zones What does parallel mean? It means things same or similar over there and here in USA The Sharia Law connection to the Black Lives Matter movement o What is Sharia Law? It is a Muslim religion approach to making the whole world Muslims o It is using various “stealth jihad” approaches which are sneaky during a takeover period; this sneaky time is a path on the way to outright bloody war - they want to line their pieces up first Stealth Jihad from the Black Muslim corner can include news campaigns and media advertising of mostly blacks first and dark-skinned persons of color second; watch college campus ads! Stealth Jihad can include racial and LGBT turfing Using group ostracizing to try to force whites into submission it’s like a college fraternity club to dominate non-members Getting inside family households through emails and phones follows similar tactics as getting inside government, military and police; having all or mostly minorities in the post office and UPS, Fed Ex and other mail carriers; trying to control family dynamics of other people’s families they hammer the family member who saw thru their games Native Americans and Hawaiians can be using similar tactics against whites o If the bloody war stage happens various “person of color” and white LGBT groups will attack and kill; Among these violent groups are Native Americans and Hawaiians, two groups which often get forgotten As part of the sneaky takeover process, they might use Stasi-like tactics, including: o ostracizing o gaslighting - saying you are crazy or racist, particularly if you say something bad about their group, approach, religion, etc. here is what they are saying: “you have a mental illness”; “you need real help” “you are schizophrenic/manic-depressive/paraonoid; “until you get on medication nothing can be done”; ”until you get counseling nothing can be done” - using the idea of mental illness to punish someone unfortunately, there truly can be a psychic or psychotronic aspect to this - someone has gotten hold of invisible warfare o gangstalking (gangstalking is not just about gangs doing it) o spreading gossip o feeding into people’s egos and emotions o if it is blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans doing it, they might want white police chiefs and white officers to go along with it; there might be false accusations against white officers; threats of lawsuits; a pre-lawsuit period and post-lawsuit aftermath - watch what happens to the department or company after the lawsuit - do you see a large removal of whites and an insertion of so-called “minorities”? Do you see more pro-black ads? How many Muslims are among the new or existing black officers, politicians, attorney generals, etc? Are any of the blacks who would have stay cleared of MPM groups being pressured behind the scenes by Black Muslim power movements, including being shown in photos with them? Can we trust the photos? The example here is of a black police chief shown with MPM in Minneapolis in news media. On the Texas AG issue, these GOP types are among the only types to actively fight Sharia Law, Black Muslim, Black Power, Minority Power, and Leftist radicals. Even if we do not agree with anti-abortion legislation, these people are among those who are trying to stop a New World Order style of global government. Many liberals and progressives have bought into the party line by feeding the most dangerous enemy on planet earth. Corporations all saying the same thing about Black Lives Matter are dangerous because it shows only one like-minded group is in charge. 2020/12/11 see 2020/12/19 insert on TMobile-Simple /Straight Talk-Net 10/certain major cell phone carrier Whether it is certain major cell phone carrier-Comcast-Xfinity or an intruder into their system, the potential for Big Brother-types of control and abuse exists. We need anti-trust, anti-monopoly legal break-ups of their system. We might not be able to switch to another phone or internet company without it all being connected. They might share info on you across name brands without telling you. 2020/12/10 ACT for America and others have put out material that Texan Attorney General is suing Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania for mishandling of 2020 election. Texas governor also has been less controlling over COVID-19 restrictions so far, but this could change. I have decided there is overreach tied to a cult trying to use the virus as an excuse to demonstrate authority and control. Having never run into this odd behavior before, most people are not sure how to respond. We are not denying that people are getting sick but people are not cattle to be controlled by self-proclaimed elite masters. Police officers too controlling in support of the mandates could wind up abusive; fear could cause mass shootings of civilians by police or others. Exactly who and what the cult is behind the control games I cannot say for sure, but there can be Strands of Interconnection which include, but are not limited to: - a certain strand of Jews - not all Jews, but it seems most likely this strand might include those retaliating over The Holocaust. This concern could include George Soros, but read my notes on Insight Crime below. One thing to watch for are old occult tendencies; links to Russian communism; the Hebrew language spans Muslims and Jews; Jews were distributed across the globe; Jews acknowledge some Jews back-stabbed them during the Hitler era. Kabbalistic Jews and certain Eastern sects which spun in circles might be the most likely to use psychic or paranormal applications, but there could be others. -a Sharia Law Islamic strand. Sharia Law wants a One World Order of Muslims. They might see themselves at the point of open jihad war now after a period of stealth jihad. -a Hispanic ethno-mix which includes Catholics, an old Jewish or Muslim link, Communism, Socialism and offshoot paranormal cults. Cartels from Mexico and Latin America with a history of authority could have gotten into American and global systems. Anti-trust types of lawsuits probably needed and a few independent companies needed (even if temporary until something more permanent) to give Americans a place to transfer their business away from the cultist cartels. Watch for characteristic cultural tendencies behind the COVID-19 control games - follow the trail of Hispanic and other governors who were also actively engaged with BLM issues. -a tribal mix which includes those in Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma and others; Alaska and Hawaii weave in and out of this matrix as part of “indigenous roots retaliation against USA” -various black communities; watch all corporations and colleges for black-centered ads, lingo and monetary support for BLM as part of a conspiracy -Cults might include SUBUD 2020/12/06-07; 12/09 Added note 2020/12/09: A photo that was found in the New Mexico Four Corners Area countryside showing expletive-laden perturbation over Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham-Grisham’s approaches has been removed for its poor quality and the possibility it could offend some members of the public, or yet again endanger the sign’s producer. The thing to take note from this is that there are quite a few flag-toting persons living in the Four Corners Area suspicious of, and unhappy with, the Democrat stronghold in New Mexico and Colorado. I do agree with the sign that the New Mexico governor is bad news and is not truly American in her approach. She is overly supportive of so-called “minorities” to the exclusion of whites in the state. Even if she were not on of the “Latina” governors funneling large sums of money toward “minorities”, her overall political approach shows signs of leftist complicity with other governors who aided and abetted BLM riots in other states, like a conspiracy ring. It is very possible that cartels and an old school Hispanic shadow government have used surround sound around certain white-on-minority cases. It is possible the public has not heard the true story. Too many “minorities” are handling the news in New Mexico in one way or another, persons who are members of the RGI (Race Grievance Industry). Walk into news places and see for yourself how many “minorities” and white liberals or progressives are both handling the news as well as the administrative aspects. NO to Michelle Lujan-Grisham Governor Luján Grisham has potential adverse wide-ranging effects on rest of country thru Hispanic/Latina caucus See: BLM-20/Governors/New Mexico/Michelle Lujan-Grisham-Grisham Unfortunately, this awful Hispanic governor emerges as a top contender for a Health and Human Services lead position - another bad indicator of the Biden-Harris package. See Notes-News-2020/12/06-07 for related links See CNN-2020/12/02 in Notes-News-2020/12/06-07 She is not honest. The problem with this governor is she is blatantly focused on the Hispanic cause at the expense of whites - and possibly others - in the state of New Mexico. See: See CNN-2020/12/03 in Notes-News- 2020/12/06-07 The problem is that for this type of Hispanic politician, they use political power to funnel money - lots of it - to Hispanics at the expense of other Americans. They have also misused COVID-19 to further these agendas. They, like Navajos and other Native Americans, whine that they are the ones suffering under COVID-19 the most in order to demand extremely large sums of money for themselves. These groups are very aggressive. Read this: “The chairman of the caucus, Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, said in a statement that the meeting was "productive and positive." He said a number of topics were discussed, "including an equitable economic recovery, prioritizing immigration reforms, and the disproportionate harm of COVID-19 on Latino communities." (from CNN-2-2-/12/03 above). Let us be clear: no one is immune. Latinos and Navajos might see higher statistics because of lifestyle choices or cultural tendencies - this could just as easily be said for Trump supporters. All people might suffer more if they are older or poor. Health care providers of all races can also suffer. Older white people are just as likely to get hit hard as older non-whites, aging white veterans get treated badly by non-white areas of the country in which the priority is on non-whites, or by non-white health-related departments. Poor white people in homeless shelters are as likely to get sick as non-white people. Once again, if those places are manned by non-whites, whites might get the short end of the stick in terms of funding or preferential treatment. There is a growing section on her in BLM/Governors-New Mexico. She is part of the whole ugly Black Lives Matter movement which is actually a conspiracy against the United States. She engages in partisan politics supporting “minorities” in the state of New Mexico - whites in the state are left high and dry. She has applied governmental over-reach in New Mexico, shown vastly biased behaviors by supporting the leftist/Race Grievance Industry across the nation, and has a glaringly ugly attitude toward the United States. Correlates with today’s Notes-News-2020/12/06-07 about companies funding BLM or having calling card lingo on “Social Justice” etc. Companies should not all be saying the same things like that. That kind of behavior is like Big Brother in a developing New World Order. The people doing this are trying to dominate other people and force them into feelings of guilt over racism whether they are guilty or not. 2020/12/08 Please see BLM-20 Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting 2020/12/06 Insight Crime Discussing Insight Crime again. Many of you who are Republican or conservative have heard of George Soros. Well, since I “found” Insight Crime several years ago and felt it looked like a legitimate enterprise in terms of reporting and educating on Latin American/Mexican crime, I have wondered about their George Soros connection. Look at those who are among major funders for Insight Crime, found on their informational areas, below is one on FARC added to that section on this website recently, you will see the below info down on the bottom below the article content) https //www insightcrime org/news/analysis/farc-fighters-colombia-reintegration-camps/ Open Society Foundations Center for Latin American and Latino Studies Funded by the UK Government Embajada - Bogota I ask you, do you suppose a Soros-funded enterprise can be legitimate? If so, what is the bad press in terms of his funding far left groups with anti-American agendas? Could cartels be messing with the media image on Soros to confuse people because he funds anti-cartel Insight Crime? What kinds of twists and turns could be going around on this subject, unknown by the average layman in the United States? 2020/12/04 Democrats showing their true colors See also Notes/News 2020/12/04-Meeks corruption articles for this date Democrats are so dangerous! Because of 3 groups: 1) ignorant voters who bought into media hype 2) power mongers 3) bribed politicians Gregory Meeks new chair of Foreign Affairs - Questions: Is he Jewish? Some articles show Democrat Jews favor his appointment: Jewish Democrats welcome Meeks’ appt. as chair of Foreign Affairs Cmte. Rep. Meeks will replace Eliot Engel, a staunch supporter of Israel, who lost his primary reelection bid and will not serve in the next Congress. By OMRI NAHMIAS DECEMBER 4, 2020 00:31 https //www jpost com/diaspora/jewish-democrats-welcome-meeks-appt-as-chair-of-foreign-affairs-cmte-651127 Why he is backing both Israel and going back to Obama Era Iran dealing? Could this suggest a Shiite invasion into Israeli politics, or a future intention thereof? Notes-News for this date shows several articles along these lines. See articles for Hezbollah, FARCs, Latina/America/Mexico for this date Meeks has been on several corruption watch lists. Biden trying to make Trump apologize and all that means there are thugs on board. White House is being taken over by thugs. Handing money and power over to Shiite Iran is very dangerous. They are trying to shift the power center of the world to Iran, folks. Means Shiites have been invading the American election process. New modern liberal Shiites can be as dangerous as their fundamentalist counterparts because they are in denial about their liberal uniqueness. By being a not religious fundamentalist, they are a moderate radical - it is all obsessive-compulsive about power. One of the calling cards a certain group is behind the antics is to make their opponents eat their own words or have family members or others channel their radical messages. They want to make opponents feel like odd man out. We are dealing power hungry people here. We are at a very dangerous moment in American history with this new Democrat bunch coming in. As a side note I have added musicians to Black Lives Matter in the past few days. 2020/12/01 Police Factor’s Priorities To Fellow Republicans and other interested parties: As a summary of various disclosures, resourced-based notes and personal blogs, this is where Police Factor and I are coming from: Church and State Separation, o Anti-Abortion should be a private organization issue and not a major facet of a political party’s agendas o No anti-abortion banners should be found on Republican Headquarter buildings o Respect the secular members of the Republicans by creating a broad Republican base o Watch for co-opting of the Republican Party: ethno-religionists continuing a Democrat style of Minority Power Movement inside the Republican Party (Hispanic and Native American Catholics); Islamic groups have co-opted several arenas inside the Republicans and the American government Border Protection and Illegal Alien Control - Crime Prevention. Keep alien votes out of elections and census Get more Americans of lower income into jobs: if corporations want money from Americans, hire Americans o many of these jobs are currently being taken up by Mexican nationals, China, Indonesia and other non-American groups; long-term problem of jobs taken overseas o Make it easier for marginally hirable people to get jobs without selling their soul to abusive employers o give tax incentives to corporations hiring Americans at livable wages o penalize corporations not hiring Americans and sending jobs to low income countries o repeat: if you want to do business with Americans, hire Americans; Americans should not be hearing the majority of call centers are out of Mexico, India or some other foreign area; there should not be minority preference in hiring inside our country, either - EEO laws apply to everyone o Recognize that minority preference has occurred in colleges through grants, college hiring, advertising and more; work to create a more equitable situation for the growing number of white homeless/poor Many whites cannot compete with big bucks grants by internationalists for minorities Women’s rights with caring and respect for men’s issues, too - reciprocity; where there is abuse, respond with modern and ethical legalities and justice o Recognize those male-centered households that misuse authority and are abusive o Recognize female verbal and physical abuse of both male and female children o Recognize male-on-male abuse, including human trafficking o Several single male parents take custody from addict or abusive female partners Pro-America - the old America, not a radicalized, left-wing, immigrant and illegal alien-controlled America o Everyone needs to work together to fight a possible New World Order many people are trying to force on us; it looks like various things: Islamic Sharia Law an old leftist approach seen during the Vietnam War Chinese tyranny Great Reset possibly a hidden royalty/religious group (royalty fused with Church) Russian interference Possibly a Jewish Holocaust link through George Soros, etc o One way to help support our country is to Roll up the sleeves and sincerely help with the crime problem Study the literature on police abuses and corruption Don’t go into courts half-cocked o Take responsibility for the legitimately corrupt police abuse cases o Itemize the cases to know what’s been said and done, who was involved, etc. o Watch for zones of influence, surround sound and stylized antics in a Compromised American State (CAS)* o In cases of CAS, plan on re-investigating recent or older cold cases involving white-on-black deaths** *an enemy-infiltrated area (Read John Guandolo former FBI in Understanding the Threat) **The usual view is to take media at face value - that white-on-black police death cases are not often in a corrupt, mafia-like zone of influence. See: way-to-die-yet-it-keeps-happening-over-and-over-again/89-a3692397-06be-4896-a7cb- 33280a6b02dc Excerpt: Yet not even that figure has proven enough to convince law enforcement officers to do what they were advised to do back in 1995 when the U.S. Department of Justice through its National Institute of Justice Program told officers: “As soon as the suspect is handcuffed, get him off his stomach.” Plan on a multi-layered response portfolio o Recognize key signs: ie, calling cards, switch-outs of legitimate American personnel by enemy infringement, check for tricky ultra-space maneuvers (ie, remote influencing) o Communication to In-Team - a group of people trained to see and respond to the antics o Communication to Public; understand the various ways the public just does not “get it” here in 2020 How this has been an ongoing problem, and why Apply creative thinking about antics. Cross-network to help each other’s strengths and weaknesses to keep each other financially afloat. You need someone watching for antics; pragmatists might not always see the subtle undercurrents. Think outside the box in these troubled times to help support each other’s livelihoods. Keep an eye on each other’s safety. Don’t use low grade tactics. o No tit -for-tat, name-calling, do as I do (ie, Republicans copy Democrat’s tactics) in political battles. Do not lie or exaggerate about your opponent; this only makes you look bad. Smearing, like showing drab photos exaggerating Biden’s age to respond to negative press about Trump’s age or looks was not where it was at during the 2020 campaign. Keep your heads and wits about you. Massive amounts of emails sent in bulk to political leaders is likely a feel-good waste of time. It keeps people from going active when they are sitting behind a computer pushing a button to send an email someone else has prepared for them. o Don’t use sex appeal to try to win elections (ie, a female campaigner shown in front of Harley Davidson motorcyclists). COVID-19 and governor responses are spurring Republicans to sue the government. Republicans have been among those few concerned with governmental overreach. o It is possible Republicans need to coordinate across state lines. o For example, consider hiring private investigators to look into various aspects of the medical industry and vaccine producers to look for any funny business rather than wasting time in decrying closed businesses and lost income. Have a clear understanding of possible corrupted COVID-19 testing and vaccination centers (ie, who has majority corporate shares and which countries are involved). o Several states are showing corrupt and overly biased or ignorant state courts. Apellate courts (Supreme Courts in New Mexico are likely as bad about backing the state government. o Republicans are being made to look uneducated and inept over the virus’s science. They have also been made to look as if they have been blocking progress in responding to COVID-19. o Make sure you know the in’s and out’s of viruses before going into court. o The contention that the virus is being used to manipulate people into a NWO (ie, Great Reset) is not that far out, but many do not realize this. The Great Reset is an example. o Native Americans might be especially fearful because of high COVID-19 cases among their members, and an early history in which European colonialism brought diseases that killed vast numbers. Commentary: There is a brief section on COVID-19 Section in the Notes section. As many know, The virus is an almost-organism, some Biologists say living, most others say almost living, perhaps an evolutionary precursor to human life. It’s basically a strand of genetic code that needs something to complete its reproductive tendencies. That something is a living host. It has a pernicious tendency to invade the living host’s cells, and can be quick acting to use its relatively simple biochemical machinery to replicate, then burst from the once intact host cell as many duplicate viruses. There are variants, but this is the basic mental schema. Currently the COVID-19 mostly gets you from infected droplets in the air. Masks help protect others and some suggest now even perhaps you, but are not perfect in blocking such tiny organisms. In water purification, for example, microscopic mesh is needed to keep out viruses. The thing people are trying to avoid are sprays of invisible minuscule virus-infected droplets from the nose and mouth by staying a practical distance away from others, currently recommended in public areas as six feet apart. Hand-washing with hot water and soap is likely better than many sanitizers. The best cleaner is perhaps a true bleach- based dilute. You see varying opinions, so whenever there is a question, go with a doctor’s view. In my opinion, the problem is that in trying to keep people out of stores like grocery stores, Walmart or Target, people are actually at risk standing in line even six feet apart. By standing in lines at longer intervals, one in front of each other, people’s breaths are coming at you on either side of the people in line. Just look at those long lines; people just stand and stand waiting to get in the store. In states like New Mexico, at busier stores, you are being blocked from just going to the store and getting your stuff and leaving unless you order a pickup. People are told being outside is less dangerous than confined areas but lines concentrate the effect of humanity withing a certain physical space, with people all downwind from each other. Also, re-used masks can carry bacteria or other organisms. Just breathing on a mask with warm, moist breath instantly spews bacteria and other contaminants; these in turn can gather tiny dust particles. These masks are likely not as dangerous as the coronavirus, but it’s an added germ bank you would not have otherwise. This is not to say don’t use a mask, but be realistic. o The problem with COVID-19 is that in its more advanced forms, something about the disease itself (or in association with it), can actually leave holes in the heart or create other health problems. And it might reappear or not completely be gone. People can have it without showing symptoms. o Some people are reputed to be trying to infect others for various reasons. What if someone working in a restaurant doesn’t like you while he is infected and cooking or serving your food? How many of you have noticed baristas putting their hands on your coffee lid while sealing it down on your cup? If there are tiny moisture beads from nose or breath sustained on damp spots on the lid, could you get infected? Most suggest surfaces of objects are less the concern, but in this example, perhaps it would be best to put the lid on yourself. o Some people have made sneering comments about Trump rallies in which people are clustered in dangerous health risking gatherings. Whether true or not, it is media-generated material like this which has to be overcome. Keep at top-of-mind awareness BLM protests at the very same time as the pandemic - there is likely a malicious agenda. Truly ethical and careful people would not protest during a major viral pandemic unless something else is going on, like exploiting American vulnerabilities to exaggerate tensions to make it easier to exact demands while furthering chaos and confusion. o Identify tribes/tribal conglomerates who have been awarded millions to billions in COVID-19 aid; many of these same groups actively supported Black Lives Matter during the pandemic. Watch for activities of hidden warfare designed to drain the USA of its money through waste or by giving it to people who are the enemy (or are working with the enemy.) Minority groups working with CAIR are suspect. Even though the BLM protests are largely over, some cities like Durango, Colorado still have had Black Lives Matter propaganda in central areas like the city park near the touristy historic downtown at least up until very recently. Get very clear on which Durango area and Colorado politicians and media enabled this. Several of the politicians I have looked into are white LGBT using the BLM calling card lingo. Republicans in Colorado will need to become very organized. Colorado probably has drawn some of this through the way it has developed a drug reputation, whether deserved or not. I might be mistaken, but I think Grand Junction might have held its own better against BLM in 2020; Durango might consider uniting with and learning from Grand Junction in these matters to see if there is anything that can be done in Durango to get the town back. Some of this can include an age gap which the BLM players have already recognized. Some are hoping to wait out the older generation and currently can be denigrating or trivializing them. Make sure people have lots of energy and drive. As Trump has said about Harris, “She was very, very nasty.” Well, people need to understand several of the BLM people are like Harris: they can and often do get quite nasty. Work in groups on city streets. Be aware of possible drive-by shootings or other forms of violence if you are holding signs of a political nature. People on drugs can do just about anything. There is a strong Stop Black Lives Matter section on this website. Some of the antics we are dealing with misuse the idea of social justice. The notion of stamping out systemic racism is really something else, but people become emotionally charged and guilt-ridden over it. Many minorities have heard the same anti-American messages since childhood. BLM is truly a cult-like, Stasi-like mind control program designed to organize agitators and to eliminate dissent. They use guilt and manipulation, force of will, high theatrics, media message and photo image control and have financial agendas. Some of the tendencies have African and Middle Eastern American war zone parallels; our military have seen some of these behaviors from Somalians, Afghans, Iraqis and others before, including mass riots and publicity stints. Please read Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance Industry by Taleeb Starkes. One of the themes seems to be the pain the author feels for the black community in the sense of black-on-black neighborhoods with high crime; corrupt black politicians who let black people down, and the full-brained recognition of the points of views of others victims of the Black Lives Matter movement. We are not denying - nor is Starkes - that blacks never experienced discrimination. He covers several important historical periods in America’s growth from racism. It is possible he still experiences some of it himself, but his focus is elsewhere as he covers BLM money corruption, lies across various platforms and the pain felt by The Blue. I thoroughly agree with the following article (moved to Notes-News-2020/12/01 - also see BLM-Biden)) - had already been thinking the same way when I ran into the article in the past few days about Kamala Harris’ obsession with black power; she is hooked up with dangerous groups. My take on it is she has some kind of psychological problem which includes anger over having been a poor black bussed to wealthier white neighborhoods through forced integration when she was younger. There are also signs she might have spent too much time around Black Power Movements to the point her gut pulse, language and ideation are too narrow to serve the broader interests of the American public. A lot of this is covered in BLM/Harris. We do know she has a sharp tongue and scathing interrogation style.