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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-27 2021/02/28 China-Navajo-Colorado hemp/marijuana -might be a Russian link 2021/02/27 True Blues investigate Muslim and radical leftist ties to tribes 2021/02/25 Problem not American racism, but minority power movements and minorities not taking responsibility for their own violence and sourness 2021/02/24 Old Rothschild conspiracy revisited, another conspiracy website found - it is possible it is all is of the same group 2021/02/23 On BLM 2021/02/21 Stop Media Bias Now dot com info 2021/02/20 The Am erican System is the Better System: beware of Native American groups exacting anti- American warfare from the reservation system and state politics. A mix of tribal vitriol + radical leftism = danger 2021/02/17-18 Old 9/11 material revisited: “911 As Partial Takeover” 2021/02/07 The old problem of Iran 2021/02/06 On cults why on PF 2021/02/02 Anti-cartels 2021/02/01 Concerned citizens of all races need to come together against the cartels and ISIS; we need to write citizens and politicians alike to insist on even stronger border protection and firm rules about illegal aliens; say to people, “This is about humanity, not race, and we have shore up and strengthen America.” ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE 2021/02/28 See related Notes-News 2021/02/28 Russian connection possible in the China-Navajo-Colorado-hemp/marijuana issue. Feel it intuitively, it comes up as a “bleep”, not much detail. 2021/02/28 China-Navajo-Colorado hemp/marijuana -might be a Russian link In going over the Rolling Stones article mentioned in News for this date - I am picking up a possible Russian link, the energy is vague, nothing specific 2021/02/27 2021/02/27a Recap on True-Blues investigating and holding firm against tribal complicity with anti-American groups. 2021/02/27b The Equality Act is too radical. Honorable egalitarian women and conservative gays do not support it. It came in on the fumes of the Black Lives Matter riots and is linked to that whole sound and lights show. See this article: accommodation-column/3731197002/ For those of you out there who are True Blue - sincere in your intentions to protect the United States against gangs, cartels, terrorists and sociopolitical/ideological radicals, take tribal groups seriously. Investigate Muslim organizers among the Navajo Nation tribe and other Native Americans. Your work is not complete without doing this. First do a research history on all known cases of tribal-Muslim cooperation. Then look for overt signs Navajos and other tribal persons are thinking and operating like Muslims or Muslim influenced people. There is a certain kind of aggression and selfishness. Link this to Hispania-wide cartels and their ties to Muslim radicals. Then identify any Chinese influence or interference. Watch for old Russian leftist strains started at least in the 1960s during the Vietnam era - Navajo young adults might have parents and grandparents from that generation. In New Mexico, identify cooperating universities and community colleges. Watch for Navajo and other tribal Marines, Navy and other military branches misusing what they learned in the military to use stealth takeover attacks on reservation border towns and beyond. Get clear in your true blue investigative minds who such individuals might be in your areas of concern. I dentify if the local municipal police have been dominated by Navajos or other minority groups bent on destroying the American presence in the area. Native Americans and Hispania cooperating with cartels, terrorists and radical leftists do not deserve our respect or cooperation. The United States without question has the best system. Native Americans cooperating with Mexican national thugs are mistaken, misguided and dishonorable. Also remember there are signs of Holocaust era Jews in leftist anti-American agendas - it can be hard to fathom how conservative radical Muslims and Jews could be cooperating but there are signs the convoluted strands of interconnection meet through civil rights groups. So while we are looking for the Muslims, we could be missing the Jews. In both cases, we have to recognize sincere Muslims not engaged in secretive or overt warfare against the United States and acknowledge certain kinds of Jews who could be attacking the USA. It is the ongoing bias of this website that most, if not all, mosques cannot be trusted and like many Trump supporters, I wish they were not here in the United States, this includes not liking large areas of American cities dominated by Muslims. There are individual nice Muslims, but as a group as a whole, the tendencies are sprawl and takeover, not integration. They do not adopt American values and freedoms. In addition, some of these groups have shifted from blaming America for Islamophobia to neo-Islamic and far left social justice ideas. When you follow the trails of transgender demands, how many are mentally ill victims of some tyrannical operation, and how much of their behavior relates to certain countries bent on taking out the United States? How many have been victimized by Afghans, black African nations, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya? 2021/02/25 2021/02/25 Summary of anti-American approaches around reservation border cities 2021/02/24-- Some notes on conspiracy material involving the Rothschilds theme. This website still maintains the problem is not racism in America. Many minorities and LGBT are not taking responsibility for their own violence, sourness and sexual abuse related issues.Here are the real problems: -Blacks in high crime areas often will not take responsibility for blacks doing bad things. They want to blame whites and the USA for their problems. Black politicians often make things worse, not better. Many of the blacks are linked to both Black Muslim and other Muslim groups engaged in terrorism and plots for a takeover against the United States. Many blacks are linked to phony fundamentalist Christian groups whose ministers are anti- white. Obama belonged to one of these churches. Many blacks engage in a kind of witchcraft or outright satanism which lends a twisted streak to anti-white, anti-American approaches; there can be dangerous psychic activity as psychic attacks and more. It can manifest in crime cases, so investigators need to know what signs to look for. -Native Americans won’t get off an old anger over European colonizing and many believe in and promote a prophecy that Native Americans will come together and take back lands and dominate American systems. Many Native Americans work with anti-American groups of various sorts, including cartels and terrorists from other countries, come of it coming in through national and international blacks and Hispania. Native Americans often say they were and are too nice, refuse to take responsibility for their own bad behavior and deeds, and tend to misuse the American legal system for high ticket lawsuits. The tribes are often operating as corporations, taking over convenience store/gas stations even off Reservations around reservation border towns, putting in Navajo and other employees and managers. They take over border town chain stores and show Navajo and other Native American preference in hiring. They are often disohonest and arrogant with whites in boarder towns like Farmington, New Mexico. They use the American system for their own agendas and spit on it the rest of the time. Where Hispanic culture exists among Native American males, they apply machismo to white women which has a gang-style and Catholic ethnocentrism that acts like “we are doing white women a favor by handling everything.” Tis approach is not the real modern western democracy way. No male is doing any female a favor doing that. Native American women like Navajos can be actively aggressive against whites, it can be lesbians, bi, and hetero, the behaviors are mostly a sullen or hostile undercurrent. This undercurrent can manifest as low service, or incomplete or wrong information given to a white requester, sabotage behind the scenes, and can come out in outright defiance and hostility. Navajo women are often very much part of the networked gig around town by adding to the across-the-board undercurrent of negativity. Hopis traditionally saw the Navajos as enemies and head bangers - indicating even early on Navajos were aggressive. White males married to Navajo or other Native American women often make excuses for them, frequently are on marijuana, might have an alcohol problem, and there is little help to whites suffering from Native American oppression - the males tend to tune it out or have joined the Natives. You would think mixed race households would make things better, but this is often not the case. Around reservation border towns, some of the culture you are seeing might be linked to drug operations and other forms of crime. If those white parents of Native children were abusive, it only makes things much worse, because the children then think all whites are like that. Sights of white parent abuse might be if the Natives think you are like those parents, they don’t trust you. But the Natives have their own abuse patterns, too, and mixed race kids probably could be getting it from their Native relativesl and extended contacts. Some signs are that certain Mormon whites might be abusive to Native mixed race children, but we need to analyze the data as I suspect other religious groups are also involved. One indication is that some white male cops might have raped Navajo and other “pretty Native women” - once again, then the Natives lump all whites together. You have to pin down Natives about what white means, because it could mean a fair-skinned HIspanic. It is possible there is a military link to drug operations in any given area. Although at this point not known for a given example in San Juan County, New Mexico, If white males in the oil and gas industry were dealing drugs while in the military, they might prefer minorities who might be less inclined to say anything about their tendencies. I am not seeing signs of Natives really working with white women to combat gender-based discrimination and abuses in the border town areas, but I do see signs of white women being overly submissive to Natives or aiding and abetting Native hostilities toward other whites, particularly in places like Walmart (ie, a Walmart white store manager in the past coupple of years). White enablers often run in church groups with Natives, so there is a religious fundamentalism issue alongside the racial ones in those cases. My experience over many years is that Navajo women are secretive; even if they talk openly about some things, there always is something else going on they do not talk about. They are often competitive over white women. Some lesbian Navajos seem to possibly have a sick thing about white women, weird subtle flirting that if you don’t understand or ignore it, they get retaliative. -Hispanics often have convoluted ties to Hispania - areas of old Spanish colonizing - which tends to bring in cartels and anti-American types acting like their own colonizers - legal and illegal immigrants both have a bad attitude toward the USA and want to put their own people in over Americans. They are often aggressive and relentless in bringing families and allies across the border. Hispanic males can have the machismo mentioned above. Hispanics and browns will take over banks rapidly. One day you see a fair and balanced group of whites and minorities in the room, the next you only see Hispanics and Native Americans, along with some darker skinned persons like black mixes and blacks. At that point, hardly any whites in sight, yet the groups still scream over “racism in America.” There could be Mexican nationals linked to some of this activity, as well as other cross- border Hispania. Very dishonest, they have a well-used gig going, aggressive, sneaky, self-absorbed. They don’t want Americans to feel or say that Americans have rights to their own American country. They are abusive in many ways. Minority politicians linked to Black Lives Matter and other similar groups are often racially centric, not looking out for the big picture, prone to influences by lobbying groups and donating groups. They put minorities first and foremost, ignore minority connected crimes. 2021/02/24 See Topics 1/Conspiracies/Rothschilds/Aim4Truth and other conspiracies discovered repeatedly around the Internet over the years. (this latest below to be put up later) knowledge/ Warning bells, red flags: What I picked up psychically shortly after posting the above website including the Verizon conspiracy, cannot say for sure they are linked, although I suspect possibly - would put a question mark around it and use caution - as I picked up these vibes: Gay sexual extremism incl. certain particularisms; anthropophagy (the stuff of Jeffery Donner) There might be a UK link 2021/02/23 Of particular importance is that we are seeing a large number of black ads on all major corporate home pages and other pages. An overview and list of corporations only or mostly using black ads has been started in BLM-8a Black-Centric Media BLM-8b Black Advertisers; Black-Owned Marketing Companies Too Many Black Ads Media Companies - used by Walmart and Target Black Lawsuits against corporations might spur more and more black ads - links between black ads and recent lawsuits likely BLM-8c Black Centric Ads A-F BLM-8d G to Z The black-centric ads are dangerous, indicative of a fanatical group tin companies. Americans don’t have privacy dealing with these dangerous corporations (their actions are likely watched through website use and purchases 2021/02/21 Regarding Notes/Hews 2021/02/21 https //stopmediabiasnow com/ The intent of the Mad As Hell Boycott is to remove partisan bias and hypocrisy from the prime time nightly news programs of ABC, NBC, and CBS. The use of Bias by Omission put at risk the very freedoms that have been long assured by a free press. Comment by PF: I have written this group to alert them to the Stop Black Lives Matter section showing a huge number of black ads on all things corporate, which goes along with the fake news 2021/02/20 2021/02/20--America Better System: Tribal anti-American warfare kept at top-of-mind awareness; through BLM (found on index notes} THE AMERICAN SYSTEM IS THE BETTER SYSTEM Disenchanted With The Land Of Enchantment “Poor Me” and “Whites Owe Us” get in the way of honest services by racial minorities in New Mexico I am going to repeat warnings about Native American warfare against the United States. Having watched the Navajos “build up” over the past decade, I can see what is coming if we don’t protect ourselves as a nation. colonialism. One of the problems is low grade power-mongering. I have seen similar tendencies in both Hawaii and New Mexico. A college education is for everyone. There must be no MPM (Minority Power Movement) or RL (Radical Left) turfing of American colleges. Turfing includes self-aggrandizement using photos with the deliberate intent to exclude white persons, an attitude of malice and exclusion which can be seen and felt around campuses. The turfing includes campus security. 2021/02/17-18 Note from PF on 2021/02/17: 9/11 AND PARTIAL TAKEOVER: Slight pained look/body language in certain White House and Pentagon people. Roles during 9/11 Condoleezza Rice National Security Adviser - it is felt she rode her own horse over black civil rights issues - self-protective and cautious-not really in the corner of the United States or President Bush, probably had self-defense training, not instinctively protective of the best interests of the USA, during a takeover blacks might have attacked this individual either during or shortly around the 9/11 time period. Between and betwixt might define Rice, or detached, if intimidated by a hidden backroom takeover operation, her response might be different from more of a “true blue” type in a similar situation. There are and have been worse black-first types; Rice’s black-first type is more of a “inside herself” thing which might lean toward blacks subconsciously during a takeover, even if she is being stressed, injured or hurt by them, some of this is a black-related old victim issue even in Rice who knows better - with more self-confidence, more understanding internally of what America is really about (not intellectually, or inside here head, or giving lipp service to it) Rice might hae stood up better an responded better to a takeover which could have included blacks as well as others. Watch carefully her facial expressions and body language before, during and after 9/11 - including during Iraq-centered operations. She feels strained, poised but in a posed manner, overly cautious. Go back and watch as many videos of you can of Rice, looking for subtle clues that things were not right. Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of Defense Seemed to have “disappeared” awhile during 9/11 - was he attacked? Abducted and later forced to put on a performance? There was always something very strange and off-base about Rumsfeld during and after 9/11, this is one individual who is unique and kind of to himself in his own way, like Rice is to hers. What exactly is it about Rumsfeld - what did he know, who exactly had been in contact with him, and did he really actually say at one point “there were no planes” or was that a misquote? Why was Rumsfeld a little different? What about Rumsfeld quirks caused him to respond the way he did? Have been going back over some older 9/11 material. Something has bugged me from early on, an intuitive feeling that Rice might have been attacked, something off with Rumsfeld. So On 9/11, some people who might have been impacted: George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld. Cheney might have escaped it or maybe he was taken off to the Middle East rather than choosing to move of his own volition; Whoever did the takeover might have orchestrated the fake-seeming “Deck of Cards” and actually wanted the US to attack Afghanistan and Iraq for them, putting our people in harm’s way for some kind of oil and gas related takeover operation. If a takeover occurred, maybe someone broke into the Pentagon after it was hit. Rumsfeld might be pinched and worried about grandkids, Rice might have been attacked in her office, Bush Jr either survived or was killed an almost lookalike dummy put in his place, one with kind of Middle Eastern nose; it is felt here that some Native Americans and Hispanics in New Mexico had something to do with 9/11, as New Mexico Tech has come up in other places - it is suggested it needs to be seen as part of an old civil rights, anti-American Vietnam Era issue, what we are seeing in the Black Lives Matter movement today in 2021 likely has connections to this decades old trajectory of hidden warfare against the United States. Also remember that Venezuela has been one of the “Hispania” countries linked to Middle Eastern Petro. Puerto Rico has come up around Alaska cartels and Army National Guard/Anchorage PD. Khalilzad might have suspected or been part of what was going on. The big honchos are likely linked to petro and more than one military, including the US Navy and perhaps some Army. Which country is originating this, or which main oil conglomerate, should be a primary question. Saudi Arabia has come up with Aramco. Also there has been a suggestion of a heist in the WTC material. Rumsfeld might have been under duress which was why he was acting pinched and strangely. Mexico has shown billionare activity and could have been part of the takeover and over up, likely an ongoing antagonist against the United States, including in the recent White House ordeal involving Trump, it is likely the egos of Mexicans are involved in various displays in the media and the impeachment attempt. Watch the news for signs of “America, you had it coming” and follow those hints to their source. Consider the possibility that what attacked The White House this last go around - including the invasion of the Biden/harris package - is linked to the old 9/11 material (certain strands), and that they are calling this a “regime change” - many of the players are of Hispania, including Mexican illegal aliens and Radical Islam/Neo-Islam/Islam cartels, some in the American military. Identify the players who gloat over a “regime change”, they are in our midst. The takeovers include heists both during 9/11 and during the recent White House Ordeal. Canada and New Mexico: consider possibility of some kind of connection, I am picking up a vibe of a possiblity like things might have been taken to New Mexico, or, to a lesser degree, across Canada and to Alaska, also maybe some part of Canada was involved in 9/11 more directly; Think about Canada along certainl trajectories. First, an old UK trajectory angry over USA history breaking from England. Second, an old French one angry over losing lands to the USA that were once French. Third, a Muslim spreading problem invading everywhere, but in UK, Canada and European Union in certain ways, some differently per geographic region, some along certain trajectories. Yet again, some Canadians think more like Americans do, realizing western freedoms are being usurped by various groups bent on being the boss. Others have a “sniff” toward Americans, Canadians in their way, British in their way, like a tendency to send dirty water and trash south across the international border, or to act like Americans are not as intelligent or polished. One thing to ask is whether Canadian air space might have been used during 9/11 in some way, including taking cargo related to the disaster to Alaska (debris, dead bodies, etc.) although this idea might be wrong. Two states in particular which should always continue to be on our radar in these 9/11 matters and other anti-western or anti-American agendas are New Mexico and Hawaii. 2021/02/07 The old problem with Iran See Notes-News for this date on Benghazi Whistleblower video, etc. Iran has been a major thorn in the side since our earliest days in Iraq, and it goes back further to the Iran-Contra scandal.. Any book that covers OIF goes into how much the Iranians were messing with things there, including the explosive devices later called EFPs they were building on their side of the border and smuggling in - EFPs were covered in the the Iraq section. Iran was bribing and manipulating various Shiites in Iraq, both those who had survived Saddam Hussein’s regime and those who had been exiled in places like Iran, Lebanon or London. Iran was also encouraging housing developments to win hearts and minds of Iranians. They have had certain tendencies in Iraq which I feel have been played out in the United States, and still are. Theirs can be some of the “calling card” insignia and habits of operation. In addition, there are likely other tendencies in other countries that show up as a likely Iranian marker. In the Benghazi Whistleblower video, Iran comes up again as it looks like Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have bargained with Iran against the United States. However, I will add that I think Hillary might have been pressured or influenced, and that Bill might have been sexually abused by men, if the more recent photos of Bill Clinton are the same man and not someone posturing as him. His energy has seemed severe male-to-male sexual abuse in more recent years and sometimes when I feel that energy I suspect hidden abuse and oppression behind the scenes. I feel some whistleblowers might have been abused by takeover infiltrations, not Americans. Earlier notes on Cults -Why on PF The reason some time has been spent on a few cults on Police Factor is to help connect the dots in crime cases and governmental takeovers. I suspect there is more of this sort of thing going on than many people realize. Cults are religion that have gone haywire, or they are political theory manifested like haywire religions. Here’s my input on cults: -even the best of us won’t realize we are in one -Shaming is big as well as making people feel small: there can be fear-mongering; guilt-making, scolding and gaslighting; ostracizing; head trips (see more under control games) statements like “if you think you are better than Jesus, try walking on water” -there can be a sense of levels to go through to become more evolved and advanced as a leader -people can often be on addictive substances -people are getting sexually funky with each other; boundaries between male/female and child/adult are being disrupted; things shift increasingly toward perversion and even sexually abusive and twisted deaths -there can be psychic influencing, or even psychotronic; people can try to sit on you psychically to try to change your thoughts, approach and energy; psychic influence can also include habitual attempts at attrition, which I refer to as hammering, the people doing the energy-based hammering are obsessive-compulsive -they get in the middle of your family and contacts using Verizon or some other cell phone company and internet like Comcast -one cult might be linked to another one; there might be a core group behind several cults -watch for being secretly drugged, abducted or raped -deference: there can be hierarchies used to make newbies feel small and to defer to the higher ups they are told have some mysterious knowledge and power; -people are deferring to someone else, often both an honored deceased (like a messiah figure or someone who started the organization) and a living leader; -people don’t have a strong sense of center or personal identity to begin with, or a normally strong person is made to question him/herself; gurus, shamans, Mormon elders, etc and their ilk could be using tricks; however, Hamas and Hezbollah and their ilk can use both leader power and group power; some of the tricks might go back centuries or thousands of years -there’s a money thing either for or against wealth; some might be told material success is a sign of godliness, that it means they are doing things right and God blesses them -sometimes there are issues by men over women, but women (including lesbians) can come in too strong, too -there are issues over sin with taboos along that subject, but rejecting such things can go too far, too -race and religion can go together, but it can be a melting pot, too -there can be control games of various kinds; it can include spying and retaliation; some police can be in on it some reasons: -She doesn’t believe in Jesus -He’s gay -She had an abortion and believes in abortion -She doesn’t like us -”I hate women like that” -Minority ploys - examples -only photos of non-whites in advertising in internat’l corporations; even at the local level, as part of that trend, at a community college, 2021/02/04 See Notes-News for this date. The reason the 2019 material about anti-cartels was included in the Notes section is a timely reminder of some such activity while the Biden/Harris package are trying to undermine everything along these lines. In addition to the main two persons in the article, there is a list of people who supported such measures who might still be in office or in a related one. It is best to let these people know you support anti- cartel legislation and responses and that you stand for the protection and safety of the United States. 2021/02/02 Some possible warning bells based on experience and intuition recent and further back in time, some repeats No guarantees any of this has merit Gainsco Insurance* (Dallas); Arizona- Flagstaff historic downtown area: Macy’s International Coffee in its link to Bahai (I met a man who was an attorney linked to this group- his vibes came up “Iranian-based psychopaths“ who make a game of picking up isolated women for a game of torture, some of whom might be linked to Bahai males who wear suits in Phoenix) Arizona - Cottonwood hospital and possible urgent care zone of influence with some kind of Mexican mafia - overcharging ER in-patient, low grade blood pressure equipment and excessive costly testing and funky link to Blue Cross Blue Shield and their 100% thick accented Hispanics answering call center at night while in ER - translation and understanding was bad; a zone of influence around the big G (Graceland) storage sheds in Flagstaff, AZ and Kentucky or other southern state base; strange psychotronic surveillance zone of influence feelings around airports and planned flights Portland and Denver; Chain store turfing: a feeling of Hispanic and Native American surveillance of whites around Walmarts, Sams Club gas and grocery stores Safeway and Smiths are two of them; feeling sometimes they want to falsely pin theft on whites by making up stories and that they would possibly tamper with video evidence , I met a fair-skinned, probably mixed race female Hispanic teen who had this exact experience at Walmart - a Navajo security employee falsely accused her of stealing and she felt his behavior was odd and out of the blue; the feeling a Gang Unit Hispanic-Native American cop is misusing his power through gangstalking a white female in Farmington and lives in her area and that he says mean things about her when she calls into the police, a white police chief might be catering to minorities esp. Native Americans, might be cutting deals in white cop-on-black issues. One or several of these mentioned cops in Farmington could be linked to cartel corruption with car insurance, maybe a DPS (Dept of Public Safety) link, as mentioned earlier. *Gainsco car insurance out of Dallas, Texas. Some weird stuff going on there. Read the 2019 BBB complaint about their blocking cancellation and refund. Although the insured had different circumstances for going to them (mine was an error in not checking it out first and realizing later they specialize in high riskers and also have a flaky reputation online) The weirdness is I had the same exact problem in Jan 2021, and my perturbation was nearly identical. I will let you know if the cancellation-based refund is as they told me today, but I had the feeling they were giving me the exact same run-around as listed in red below. I have added other complaints, including yet others given the run-around over cancellations. Police investigations needed into Gainsco, as well as Attorney General and Texas Insurance Commission. Change your bank account information immediately even if you have to pay for another debit card replacement fee because they could try to charge you more later. I suspect we are dealing with organized crime. Double-check if the Texas Insurance Commission is corrupt as well. Shannon O (1 star) 06/29/2020 I appreciate the fact that this no name auto insurance company insured me legally when I got cancelled by State Farm for filing my first claim, so, I was very surprised to find such horrible customer service in dealing with cancelling my policy with Gainsco once I was able to go back to State Farm. I proceeded to cancel via email and was then advised via email that I needed to have a handwritten signature. Okay. Printed same email, provided wet signature, scanned/emailed back to appropriate email address. Heard nothing for about a week. Forwarded original email to same email so it would have time stamp and attachment included and requested status of cancellation. I finally heard back next day with confirmation of cancellation. I had paid my policy in full 5 months prior for my 6 month policy premium. I figured after some proration, I'd receive a reimbursement for my last month since I cancelled my policy on or before my due date. Never heard anything via email or phone call. I emailed once again requesting status of premium refund. Received this very response: "Hello, Due to policy just cancel a few days we are not able to verify if refund, policy cancel short rate what that means is you get penalize with a 10% of what is remaining of the 6 months. You can call us back in about 5 business days to verify the amount." Okay. I waited 5 days and CALLED Gainsco this time to verify amount. Much to my relief, I was told I'd be receiving a paper check in the mail for about 2/3 of my monthly payment amount. Great. 3 weeks go by. No paper check. I called again to verify status, was told that after 30 days to contact them again if no check was received and they would issue stop payment and reissue another. Okay. By then, I called for a THIRD TIME after it being almost 5 weeks since I had been informed of my refund being mailed, I was speaking with the CSR and she wanted to verify my mailing address. Mind you, this had been done each time prior when I called along with my DOB and last 4 digits of my SS#. I then discovered they had mailed my check to a different address and upon my dismayed inquiry of why they would mail a refund check to an address that the policy was not written for, the CSR all of a sudden could not hear me and proceeded to hang up on me. I did not receive a call back, even though they verify your phone # on each call, and I chose not to call back as I did not know what kind of help I'd get if I even did phone them again. So here I am typing a negative review on what I thought might have been a decent company and wondering if I'm going to get any of my money back that they so willingly took back in December of 2019 when I paid the premium balance in full. Amazing how when they owe someone else money, they take forever and then don't get around to sending anything out. BEWARE! I'm probably never going to see my $60, but I'm very happy to be with State Farm again. No more no name insurance companies ever again. HORRIBLE. It's so infuriating. I am a respectful person, I try to be kind and understanding and patient. I pay my bills early. I pay them in full. No reciprocation or professionalism with Gainsco. They can't even respond in a timely manner, much less offer mediocre service for their paying clients. Emily M (1 star) 06/05/2020 This company has very poor communication and customer service. I've been threatened multiple times and cancelled once due to them charging the wrong card. Instead of being contacted about the payment not going through they just tell me I'm being cancelled by end of day. Brittany O (1 star) 03/28/2020 GAINS[c]O IS THE WORST! This is the response I received from Franco ****** the Total Loss Supervisor, when I asked him to check the vehicle again when they missed certain features. Keep in mind the vehicle is in their possession: Gainsco feels we have done our due diligence to confirm the specific options on your vehicle, at this point, the burden of proof is on you to independently confirm what options came with your vehicle Why is it my "burden" to do your JOB???? Denzel V (1 star) 11/01/2019 This company is a scam and incompetent, If you are involved in an accident with this company as the driver's insurance, caps lock for emphasis FILE A CLAIM WITH YOUR OWN INSURANCE, THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND. I was T-Boned by an Unlicenced, Unlisted policy driver, with the listed driver riding in the passenger seat. The Owner of the vehicle was the passengers father who has a history of Not driving with a license too, which allows me to prove a prima facie case for Negligent Entrustment and I have already hired a Lawyer and have no problem taking them to Civil court. My incident occurred on 10/16/19 and I had all the information needed for them to reach out and get started by 10/18/19. I was promised a rental vehicle on two occassions, received a rental reservation all for MATTHEW HOLBROOK to cancel my rental and set it as a renter pay. After receiving a damand email from my lawyer, he approved the rental. The T-Bone accident has caused my car's alignment to pull one direction, making interstate driving unsafe. I have visited the hospital had x-rays and have severe back injuries that keep me up at night. I have accute stress disorder from the accident and dealing with the stress of their incompetent employees. I received threatning phone call today while at work from 12-9PM stating that they don't have a supplimental estimate due to my auto shop's computers being down, he then proceeds to let me know the rental would end today, where enterprize closes at 6PM for my timezone and I am at work until 9. Tommorow is the start of a new work week of Saturday - Wed and If they expect me to be without transportation or loose my job or stress me out and damage my health any further than their driver and their company already has. I will be seeking delay compensation and I'll see them in Court before I continue to deal with such levels of disrespect. YOUR DRIVER ran a red light and hit me going 35Miles an hour while I had the left turn signal, they were negligent and provided a dangerous vehicle to an unlicensed friend. Please see the defintion of Negligent Entrustment to see if im playing games with yall. "The plaintiff must show the following elements. First, the owner of the vehicle entrusted the vehicle to the driver. Second, the driver was incompetent, reckless or UNLICENSED. Third, the owner knew or should have known that the driver met the factors under element two. Fourth, the driver was negligent in his or her operation of the vehicle. Last, the driver's negligence caused damages." I am not dealing with your 1-Hr Wait times, your rude associates who leave threatening aggressive voicemails. I have the news and social media on standby, I am not playing with this company any further. This has caused me irreparable damages/diagnosis/medications i'll be on for the rest of my life. The 12-day delay has been unacceptable. I am writing the review to let their potential customers know to avoid this company, Current customers to STOP using their service. I also encourage anyone who is dealing with the company negligent and incompetence to reach out to their Attorney General for their state and let them know about this companies practices. I am appalled by the level of service I have received and they will be hearing from my lawyer. Gorntita V (1 star) 10/07/2019 Their policies are overpriced and if you want to cancel your policy, it would take around 1 hour or more for someone to pick up a phone. There is no option to cancel online so all you could do is wait on the phone. Do not use this company, Progressive has cheaper policy. Amanda V (1 star) 09/26/2019 I was paying $130/mo for liability and when I switched to Statefarm for a very affordable rate of $50/mo. I spoke to the CSR at Gainsco who went over with me several times the method I needed to cancel the policy. He NEVER stated that I needed to handwrite my letter to cancel. He only said what my cancellation request needed to say and that I insert into the body of the email my signature on paper. I asked several times to be reassured that this was all I needed to do to cancel. Two weeks later I get a denial to cancel and my next term limits. I called Gainsco a second time where the CSR informed me I needed to send a handwritten request via email to cancel otherwise they will not cancel the policy. IT IS ALMOST 2020 AND THEY NEED A HANDWRITTEN LETTER TO BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY. Being that I work Monday-Friday 6am-5pm and am an employee trainer - I have very little time to take care of my personal matters. My lunch breaks are 30mins long and I have taken 3 of my lunchbreaks waiting on a CSR to answer and to not be helped whatsoever. I told this CSR that I will not be sending in a handwritten letter as I don't have time to do so. I was certaintly upset and frustrated and she put me on a hold to speak to a supervisor. When she returned she said she got approval to go ahead and cancel the policy and I wouldn't be charged. 4 days later I get a notification that my payment didn't go through for my policy. I called again on my precious lunch only to be told the same unhelpful load of ****. I was transferred twice and ended with a supervisor who was unwilling to budge on their LAME need for a handwritten request. I don't know how one CSR says to type an email, another CSR says the supervisor approved the cancellation, and then the manager tells me cancellation over the phone is impossible. This company needs to get with the current times. Pull their **** together and get all their employees on the same page. I HOPE THE CEO AND COO READ THIS AND CHANGE THEIR CANCELLATION POLICY. HANDWRITTEN REQUEST IS ABS 2021/02/01 The issues ultimately are not racial. They are about protecting ourselves from criminals, also keeping American jobs for American people. It is about keeping call centers for services to Americans inside the country to shore up our vulnerabilities. It’s about breaking up Big Brother corporations like Verizon and Comcast. We want our neighborhoods safe, no matter the race. In order to do this, we absolutely must keep illegal aliens out of the country. We must not use semantics (words) to disguise the seriousness of the problems. Some of these people want to trivialize their illegality in our nation by calling their status “undocumented.” We need to set up a major policy against Biden/Harris and their border and illegal alien approach. We have got to move quickly. WE need to send letters to citizens across the country and all of our political leaders to stand up to Biden/Harris now, now, now. Whatever has taken over the White House is dangerous. And we need to understand and remember many persons of Spanish descent have tried to stop the cartels - no matter if they call themselves “Hispanic” or Latino/Latina, or “Chicano” or “Puerto Rican” or something else. We must stop dividing over these issues and make safe our country. We must protect our borders andnot be wishy-washy about this. It’s a matter of common sense. Many of those people have lived with severe dysfunction for a long time and they are used to aberration. You cannot reason with this aberration, you have to just say no, and to be firm, and to know the guilt trips over race are an excuse and a dirty trick to get inthe door. Here is a recent article that clearly indicates where Police Factor is coming from. Warning: the photos are highly graphic showing dismemberment and burning. This is a rare discussion on PF because we don’t want to desensitize people to the seriousness of the issues through overload and excess repetition. See the graphic news articles about what cartels are doing to people in the Notes News section for this date.