Notes Personal Backlog-29 2021 MARCH
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-29 2021/03/29 PET PEEVE: Xfinity Prepaid Internet Website - ads are always of blacks/browns (No Whites In Sight); Xfinity is obviously controlled by minorities and white enablers who do not think white paying customers are important 2021/03/09 Hispania Catholic cults and cartels; watch for turfing/hosting 2021/03/01-05 Some notes before closing up notes for awhile o Republican political leaders standing up for national security need support across state lines o African nation interference and plans for global dominance African Union o A Biden Boy-Man Love thing linked to his totalitarian stance on LGBTqi? o Continue investigating Biden in Ukraine-Russia-E. Euro/Euro -China issues Republicans are right: he is likely a criminal o Continue to keep 9/11 at top awareness Native American, Canada complicity possible - Mohawk, etc. Muslim and MPM related steelworkers in WTC building and repair as well as waste management 9/11 debris removal - Mohawk, etc. “The Ports” NY NJ relative tight network corruption around 9/11 o Kroger grocery store chains: continued problem with store surveillance (private) as well as area police system surveillance. Includes shoplifting prevention tactics getting out of hand beyond the awareness of most members of the public, watch for targeting and profiling in various ways - there can be reverse discrimination in tribal border towns both in hiring practices as well as store/police responses to whites complaints o Yahoo blogs on New Mexico reverse racism; Witchcraft/occult running through Hispanic Catholicism More on what psychic attacks are. ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE 2021/03/29 PET PEEVE Comcast - Xfinity Prepaid Internet Both ads on same page - No Whites in SIght See More of this sort of thing on Stop Black Lives Matter/Black-Centric Media MICROSOFT&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Prepaid_BR_Exact_West&utm_term=xfinity% 20prepaid%20internet-43700053505689822&gclid=58096e4be5e31c20d83a0e29960c4a6b&gclsrc=3p.ds& [Extracted from Internet on 2021/03/29] Examples of the types of figures used in the ads are typical of many Big Brother Corporations doing the same thing. Such behavior is militant, self-centered and immature - and it is disrespectful non-thankful to white paying customers. Whther Xfinity likes it or not, African Americans are still a minority in the United States and discounting all white Americans in its ads is a sign of hateful behavior. 2021/03/28 Moved from Index (front page) Issues with NM Boycotts against MPM-LGPT liberal/leftist fascist-style groups running ops in all major corporations. Join the Boycott. FIGHT MPM-Fascists. See Stop BLM/Black Ads showing this fascism destroying the fabric of our society. 2021/03/24 MPM and religious fanatic (or cult) controlled spaces: These groups can be spying on you, stealing information, keeping tabs on friends/family and using off-the-charts mind control/psychotronics to influence your decisions and thoughts. There can be control games that range into the medical world, like cartels controlling health insurance/hospital or medical facility visits. As people feel off-center and financially challenged by COVID-19, more and more people might be pulled into the corrupt networking practices. Both ideological and religious groups might try to control a patient’s medical care out of a false impression they are almost like royalty or priests whose role is to guide and control patients they deem as lower beings. Hispanic Catholics in their ethnoreligionism are one such group; another is far right Protestants or Mormons, and yet another group would be radical Islamicists. We need military and FBI style “True Blues” investigating hidden networking between MPM, religionists and politicial radicals inside all aspects of our medical industry. There are numerous articles and websites on the Internet suggesting corruption of this nature in hte medical world. Hispanic Catholics must not use the link between MPM and ethno-religionism to treat white patients unethically during any medical experience in the United States. We also need to carefully monitor reverse discrimination in hiring practices at local emergency rooms and patient offices to make sure they are not being turfed or otherwise dominated by Hispanics, Native Americans and blacks in the state of New Mexico, parts of California and beyond. Turfing and targeting does not belong in any medical facility anywhere in the United States. The state of New Mexico has a horrendous reverse-racism problem, but this issue applies to any area of the country with pockets of non-white dominance or reverse-racism. In the state of New Mexico, the Hispanics run operations like an anti- white fraternity clique and do not tell themselves no. Whites have been bullied, ostracized and left out of jobs for decades in this despicable state, and have had to suffer with one corrupt Hispanic and Native American politician after another which destroys their full American experience in the United States. The dishonesty and corruption know no bounds. Hispanics make the excuse they are being stereotyped; the people in charge of the places showing minority preference year after year are not being stereotyped. This is an accurate representation of what many whites around the state have had to contend with for decades. The culture has a mean-spirited, cliquish approach toward whites that drags on and on and because of the corrupt politicians, there is no relief in sight, no help, nowhere to turn . Religious fundamentalists often make the problem worse, capitalizing on a person’s vulnerability with nowhere else to turn to address non-believers in a mean way and to try to control their situation. This issue holds for everywhere in the country that your two sources of assistance are minorities and religionists. An earlier comment on a few far right types: First, white males have already been given a huge bashing. I have run into a few “types.” This is not to say all white conservatives are like this. I feel too many have been too attacked for too long and it has become a type of hate crime. Anti-American groups are going after our mainstays, the people most likely to protect the nation. There are many types of white male conservatives. Many are eloquent and well-versed. One possible type might be the following. This is not the rule, but a minor portion of the whole. As secretive, defiant individual who either hates females or counters them regularly, might be quietly homosexual, there might be a hidden child sex abuse ring - poker faced, outer world is family, house, nice vehicle, inner world is secretive abuse and defiance. They will register as Republicans. 2021/03/22-23 On article boycotting information See Notes-News 2021/03/21-22 On Website: Investing Advice Watchdog First, before I begin on IAW - Investing Advice Watchdog, a few notes: Before I found this website a few days ago, I had already been noting and making insertions and comments on very similar groups and concepts. Just going around in my daily life or experiencing things over the phone dealing with call centers for major corporations, I started noticing something wrong was afoot several years ago, with a peak conclusive weakeup in 2020 after the Black Lives Matter movement came out in full broad daylight, all bars removed. We started seeing the warning signs in 2016, but 2020 was definitely the turning point. So I started putting up a growing number of concerns on this website, everything from banks and Verizon to the American postal services and hospital emergency rooms in cartel-like collusion with health insurance companies. In doing this, I felt largely alone, like few people were doing this or seeing the same troubling red flags I was. But as I focused on my search, I did in fact find clear signs others have had the same concerns as me. At first, they seemed few and far between. So now we come to IAW. Watch folks: someone might try to take it off the Internet, so make copies of the website material NOW without fail in case it goes away. That also holds for any website you see with pertinent information or insights - we are dealing with global terrorism operating like black, LGBT religious and ideological Nazis. Here are some groups the websites suggest banning. The amazing thing is IAW had separately come to the same conclusions as I did. Namely, on: Verizon Capital One Krogers SOCIAL ENGINEERING DOES NOT BELONG IN AMERICAN SERVICING FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Cartel and Terrorist Activity siphoning funds from mainstream America toward dangerous anti-American groups, both inside and outside the country - but an international component is something true blues need to track. Black militants in African nations should be particularly suspect. Pinnacle-Bank of Colorado has donated a large sum, apparently. racial-equity-audits-11616026865 PNC American Banker 2020/06/19 PNC pledges 1 billion to fight racism Verizon gave 10 million Bnk of America Bank of America pledges 1 billion to fight racial inequality IAW has a long list by category. Go check it out, make a print-out, and share with family and friends immediately. IAW is on the mark. I will also add major reasons I was especially sensitive to global reverse-racism and minority- LGBT/Islamic/Black-Muslim/Africania-leftist/China takeovers: 1) State of New Mexico is unquestionably among the top percentile for reverse-racism in the country -Seeing Navajos and Hispanics take over rapidly the local banks, community college and main post office in San Juan County, New Mexico which is the northwest corner of New Mexico 45 miles from Durango, Colorado where there is collusion with leftists/non-white groups at Fort Lewis College and the local newspaper The Durango Herald which has started servicing Farmington with its propaganda -Corrupt state governor and attorney general 2) Dealing briefly with the ACLU and all its crony organizations 3)Hearing and seeing large numbers of non-whites at major corporations like Xfinity and Verizon 4) White police officers being targeted Far Right Types On another note, I have run into what I suspect are some true far right types. One kind has a subtle energy. They are crafty. They do not like women. It’s a man’s club. Some energies feel like very hidden homosexuality, they wlive in an outward world of forms - not the openly gay types.There might be an old South thing. They are defiant and difficult. The rejection of females runs very deep.There might be an old Nazi connection to some of it.They would not reason with a woman like me. There were be underground battles. Why they hate women so much I do not know other than they feel threatened by noise and messiness, they want order, they feel threatened if there are not protocols protecting their sense of sovereignty. I don’t kknow that they can be healed of so much insecurity. The more you try to be up front and honest, communicative and sincere, the more they tend to evade and defy. You as a woman are not really having a dialogue with these types, because they defy two-sided balanced communication. There might be an old Nazi-USSR-East German Stasi continuum which ranges into northern European countries like Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Holland. Some of it might range into parts of the UK, France and Switzerland. I feel an extension of this group might be linked to strange pedophilic types that abduct and abuse children, the kind that are shown wearing makeup. These are the split mind trauma victims Republicans who support Trump have been decrying, but these men - and some women - can be posturing as good married family Republican types. This is the group that would retaliate in strange violent ways - like the bridge traffic blocking fiasco. Strands of these tendencie run through Trump’s retaliative expressions - I am not sure whether Trump is linked to strange secret pedophilic behaviors or not but if so it would run through the white Europe (with some Eastern Europe likely) royalty “Baron” trajectory - Another type of very right type are the genuine he-men who want to be in charge. They want family and heterosexual relationships. They generally don’t want to dealing with females they feel are too egalitarian. The exceptions are those but will allow some flexibility if they find friendship with stronger women who are basically honest, loving and kind. Their vibes and approach are different from the ones mentioned above. This is more of a masculine energy without the subtle undertones mentioned above. March 23, 2021 Re:A Cosmopolitan as Needed, Personal as Desired; B Plan for Non-American Takeovers Already in Place found on INDEX page A: means we need to unite despite racial and other differences, but in private life there are personal choices in such a way that forced integration and social engineering should not enter our private world without our direct conscious awareness and agreement. This means whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. can go home at the end of the day into their own nests and do their own thing if they so desire - ie, whites have a right to congregate without black anti-American radicals trying to force a break-up inside our own country B: Non-American takeovers means all of the corporations already under the sway of hostile Big Brother types of entities, here are the signs: Calling Card Lingo All Black Ads Huge Donations to “Social Justice” Programs Only blacks and Hispanics answer the phone at major corporations call centers when servicing Americans of all races Rapid Non-White takeovers of Jobs - squeezing out whites in that area, business, department, government agency, etc. 2021/03/16 A repeated theme on this website is the notion that reverse discrimination is yet another form of racism. Some concepts are developed and repeated on several sections, encouraging people to become not only aware but fluent with the ideas. You will find the ideas are put out in almost slogan format, to make it easier to remember and keep at top-of-mind awareness. Some examples in daily life have been used to show how to apply these concepts in a realistic manner. Whether or not the examples show real discrimination or criminal networked lines of attack, the point is more to show you how it could pan out if such things were present, and how to watch out for such things. The list here is presented from the concept of white persons experiencing reverse discrimination as a form of ostracizing, fraternity-like cliquishness, Job Discrimination, Ad Discrimination and more. It can include AMerican citizens cooperating with International groups with known anti-American attitudes and war, connections with gangs and cartels, links to far left socialist and communist agendas, Islamic extremists, African Union militants and more. The problem is some whites have been taught to be good girls and boys, to be polite, to demonstrate non-discrimination by “not getting into it” with non-whites, and to take a second burner because of social engineering taking place. These groups also want to put whites on the defensive and to stand for their rights the way the non-whites felt they had to do that with white domance. There is a tendency to try to make whites beg, be deferential, be obeisant, to have their words not listened to, dismissed. THere can be a constant presence of malice and snottiness, both an undercurrent and overt hostilities. THere can be power and head trips directed at whites. Hispanics doing it might be trying to get whites to treat Hispanics like Old WOrld Spaniash royalty and don’t want whites to talk equally across the table at Hispanics without that deference and obeisance. Once again, here is that list of terms: Zone of Influence - A Network of colluding parties against you Surround Sound - A Multiple-Layered Space as full blown targeting, theft and warfare Turfing - Involves a group making a space “theirs” with various tactics to exclude others Hosting - A form of trufing at the front entrance or in a store to make it seem these people are the representatives of the space, in charge of “letting” you in and the ones getting your money for their group affairs Canary in the Coal Mine: Whites Going, Going Gone - there are key signs an area is being turfed and infiltrated with the goal of moving whites out and putting non-white players in - watch for cartels, internationalists, minority power movements No Whites in Sight: The Gone State --(all Hispanic, all Somalian, all Muslim, all Navajo Native American tribe, etc.) The Gone State is almost 100% of the time is worse - - than the original American system, not better There can be some psychological operations in day-to-day life: Gaslighting - to deny your experience Defer to Old European Royalty Treatment - Hispanics are touchy if you try to talk equal across the table to them Stifle Your WOrds - they try to suppress your speech Here are the examples: No Whites In Sight Hospital ER visit at La Mesa, CA Grossmont Hospital during COVID-19 pandemic issues - you walk up to the front entrance of a makeshift outdoor area, the security is right next to the Patient Admit window - you see only blacks and Hispanics in a cluster -An ER entrance in San Diego can be turfed/hosted by non-whites security guards - 2 black males - 1 Hispanic male black security guard going through absolutely everything in white patient purse and makes unnecessary comments about an innocuous item he sits right next to the patient admit window and can hear all private conversations about medical issue = he makes catty responses female greeter taking you from entrance to temp. outdoor pavilion are Hispanic front entrance staff behind window for patient intake/admittance to ER are all Hispanic Traveling and doing business across the I-8 Phoenix to San Diego Mexico/CA border corridor Travel on I-8 you go through at least two checkpoints between Arizona and San Diego on the I-8. You see several of the guards are Hispanic, some are not. -you sense you are being watched constantly along the highway and also even inside the cities from when you turn off on a exit; the sense of being watched is particularly strong in Yuma. You feel you might be watched by people inside Mexico; consider two main groups are watchers - American police and border patrol security as well as Mexican thugs on the other side of the border with contacts inside the USA. Pay attention to the fact some of the guards might be paid off agents working for cartels, and articles show inadequate background checks are possible for American guards Selling a used car to a recycling/junkyard dealer could make you vulnerable to various forms of theft and graft; Hispanic owners and personnel with contacts and business on both side of border could misuse the info they give them during the sales transaction - driver’s license, title, address, phone, etc. Used car parts, VIN numbers, etc. can be used in tricky and wrongful ways in coordination with smuggling, stolen cars, identity theft and any number of other things. Health Insurance and Medical Minority Clustering, Job Preference, Infiltration -Some key signs are no whites answer the phone at call centers or at the front entrances of facilities as above, consider you are dealing with cartels, a mix of international groups with anti-American agendas, MPM/LGBT power-mongers and even business outside of the continental USA like in Mexico call centers -know that you should NOT only be hearing blacks and Hispanics answering the phone at BCBS or any other health insurance company -Might be misused by non-white operatives (Hispanic and black seem most likely) to divert funds meant for the insured white person toward themselves and their family members in hidden ways using both health insurance and hospital systems -some games being played on a white seeking medical help from an infiltrated medical center include -catching their phone call or text inside or outside the Verizon Cell Phone spy system -they know you are going to the hospital in advance -insurance company operatives - they learn you are at the hospital when the ER entrance admitters/screeners contact your insurance company - operatives inside the insurance company -doctors being dismissive and overly defensive about their expertise -not checking you out on some things and giving too much attention on certain other things -not thinking about what you suggest might be the issue, but acting like that is ridiculous and that their opinion is more informed, even when they don’t even really check you out -charging you money despite a low grade evaluation -doctors and other medical staff might be providing sub-class medical treatment using COVID- 19 pressures as an excuse Here is the point being made: with sensitizing and training, you can start to learn how to pick up reverse-discrimination types of racial turfing in an area. Where mixed races exist in a given space, it is either cosmopolitan or it is not. When it is cosmopolitan, people are relaxed and adult-like around each other and not running things around race. There is a different feeling when things are being turfed. The body language, vocal intonation, humor, etc. are different. Forced integration can carry its own vibe. Forced integration might create a new set of advantages for the race who felt slighted before. Forced integration can bring cartels and anti-American groups into the American space being so- called “corrected.” In the old days, forced integration was busing, like sending poor black kids into rich white school systems. Now forced integration is more like “in your face” forced ideation - blacks on most ads, repeated messages across various forms of media about “social justice” and “ending systemic racism.” The problem is, it’s not about integration, it is about tak over…You are dealing with hyped up, obsessive-compulsive black militants with other racial groups included - you start investigating and it is a military operation. The people are aggressive and a lot of it is spurred by people from outside the United States. You don’t like it and want to do something about it? Well, you must unite against this stuff or these groups will walk all over you and your family. When you are dealing with something this aggressive you have to be firm and resolved back. You cannot be wishy-washy. In terms of the example involving the San Diego ER doctor, the non-white cluster around the outdoor temporary (makeshift) entrance were putting off a vibe that could be construed as possibly reverse-discriminatory and cliquish. The security guards were giving off an air that felt territorial along racial lines. Hospital security and Campus security should be cosmopolitan with a good mix of races to keep the turfing down. We - you and I - should not have to tell employers to watch for reverse-discrimination, but the fact is, in certain areas and constructs, we do have to watch for it. The non-whites will not monitor it for themselves and voluntarily choose to be ethical and balanced. The truth is, hospitals and schools are the last place racial turfing should be occurring. We are dealing with some very one-sided and malicious non-white groups who have taken things too far. These groups are misusing civil rights and so you and I must not be doormats. You feel like you are dealing with gang culture, not cosmopolitan work spaces. It means your daily life is an uphill climb dealing with people who are more aggressive than you are, forcing you to rev up your approach to push back. It deflects you from your quiet life and what you really want to be thinking about. These ugly behaviors do not belong in the United States of America. Please do your research on black militant groups inside and outside the USA. WE must all become experts about the actual enemies we are dealing with. One of the most important thing for white Americans to understand is tat we are dealing with craft and graft - a variety of psychological operations from various avenues of malignancy. This means that in order to fight back, you must read a lot across the board. Even if not in-depth, get at least a taste of a subject so you can recognize it enough later should you need to look into it more. A website like this is shooting for basic recognition first with a little more in-depth here and there. We are trying to get a feeling for how different groups are attacking the American system and way, for one thing, so as to be able to more effectively counter it. You must believe the American system is better than anything the cartels and anti-American groups are trying to put in. The passion is in knowing that the things they are trying to replace America with are mean-spirited and dangerous. But passion as the core is only a part of the response package. To have an effective response package, we also need education and experienced trainers. To say some of the enemies are Hispanics and blacks, Navajos or Mohawks, is not about racism. It’s about approach and intent, it’s about who they are cooperating with, and it is about vibes or how they make us feel when we are around them or what we see in the non-white centered advertising. It is how it makes us feel when we see one ad after another after another of only black people - one person described it as “depressing” - another as not wanting to buy from that company. And it is how we feel when we read about bank after bank, company after company saying they are donating huge sums of money to black civil rights groups. Many of the non-whites involved in these ugly-spirited takeovers of linked companies are in defiance against whites who never did anything to them but instead are taking out their venom on every which kind of white imaginable. The turfing and hosting found in grocery stores, post offices, malls, and even hospital emergency room entrances is a sign of a sick group of people our society has let in the door and let grow like a cancer. Hispanic males want to be seen as the smart leaders who out-perform white males, they are trying to push white males out of the space of American daily life. Blacks are determined to force their faces on an American public that is still mostly white by pretending to be the majority in everything, absolutely everything. These blacks and Hispanics are trying to pretend they are the moral compass of white America. You have to respond to this aggression with a powerful will and plan. Theirs is a lust for more, more, more. The obsession to stamp out racism makes them racists, and it is not just about race, it is about money and power. They have been taking huge sums of money out of the American system, determined to waste the American coiffures on anything. In many ways, they have exposed themselves coming out into the open, squeezing out whites exposed their true colors - take a good look at what you do NOT want for political leadership. This is the corruption of the Middle East, Africa, Mexico, Latin America, China…the hands of power in the hands of a few immature tyrannical thugs - everyh9one else brutalized, dominated, poor, frightened, alone and scared all of the time. Some of them are Hispanic Catholics who want to tell everyone else how to have a religious experience while being bossy and dominating in the process. The Hispanic Catholics with that far right streak are among so of the most vicious controlling individuals on planet earth other than Islamic henchmen and Chinese Communist leaders. what we are confronting are large numbers Americans who do not know how to think. So you help them learn how to think. One way to stop the Big Brother thuggery is through boycotting. Another is through legal action as anti-trust litigation. Yet another is to write letters of complaint to your local grocery stores and every place you feel a Big Brother operation is place. The other is to help your fellow Americans find safe places to get their basic services outside that mean-spirited Big Brother space. Cell phone usage and mail are two critical areas, as well as banking and groceries. Consider how health insurance companies can hurt you and your family if anti-white and anti-American groups are controlling that space. An example is Mexican nationals trying to reroute American family dollars toward themselves. If they decide you are just a “spoiled white American” they could target you and get especially aggressive about sneaking to try to steal from you. Some of the networking seen among Mexican and Hispanic cartels has similarities with Islamic terrorists overseas. To fight these sinister groups, you and I must get smart about how they network. 2021/03/16 moved From front page-Index 2021/03/10-11 (See Notes/News Clips CJ-City Journal-2005 this date) AMERICAN SYSTEM IS BETTER SYSTEM .STOP Mexican national amnesty and flows in large numbers over border. GIVE PRECEDENCE to the American People, not Mexican nationals wanting special favors and treatment. STOP amnesty and border violations for other illegal aliens. Call center/service center jobs now in Mexico need to stay inside USA when servicing Americans. Don’t feed Mexican egos by giving them what they want - give them an inch, they will take a mile - gloating in the process. Watch for Verizon’s link to Mexico and ask yourselves if that increases spying and interference into American households. SEE ALSO: Borders 2021/03/09 Moved from Front Page-INDEX: 2021/03/09 Notes about Mexican border patrol corruption now 2021/03/05: Talking to the True-Blue, Pro-Americans and their Allies: This is written from a Republican, Church-and- State Separationist platform asking all like-minded parties/persons to help get Biden/Harris out of the White House. On a lesser note, Republicans need to get rid of the elephant logo and find something more inspiring and truly American. Put national security at the forefront, unite despite religious differences! Biden/Harris have to go!!! March 9, 2021 cont. Getting an intuitive hint on car “recycling” company(ies) in southern California near and around San Diego. The feeling is that it ranges across the American and Mexican border, has ties to cartels, is part of a broad network which includes infiltrations into and extra-contextual byond the border protection groups (like the people at the checkpoints along the USA I-8 between Yuma and San Diego), and that there are watchers from the Mexico side as you are driving in that area. Years ago, I had a few teachers in the public schools who would say things like this: “I do not treat my lesson plans like a rule book.” Essentially, they meant that although there was a general schedule, if class discussions, world news or area events caused a need for a sidestep discussion and additional discussion, the teacher would take time out to do that. Such is what is happening here. Although I indicated I would be “taking a breather” from these notes area insertions, I have felt a few things have come up which need a sidestep. Sidestep #1: The first of these was the aforementioned real estate professionalism department leader’s possible link to the Hispanic Catholic occult-linked cult in the Farmington, New Mexico (San Juan County) area linked to Mexico. One red flag was despite a certain incompetence and inadequacy and sourness or non-motivated presence, the woman was still there after three decades when it is this opinion she should never have gotten the job in the first place or her placement should have been no more than a stop gap. Another red flag was that she refused to properly even look into a complaint against a Hispanic owned real estate company (one of the marriage partners was Hispanic with family ties in the area). Another red flag - for those of sensitized and awake to religious cults - was both iconographic pieces around her desk and personal office area coupled with a certain vibe from her indicating a possible Mexico-Catholic cult psychic mindset and minority preference. Sidestep #2: The second of these sidesteps is now, a brief head’s up about car recycling companies (ie, junkyards, used parts stores, buy used cars for cash (for cheap) places. The feeling is such Mexican/American Hispanic links are important for people investigating border-related anti-American warfare involving cartels and what many Republicans feel is the Biden/Harris connection to global-satanism, Black Lives matter, corporate takeovers toward a Big Brother enterprise and more. In feeling the energy around this Hispanic owned and operated space, I feel their extended networks are keeping tabs on who is coming through that I-8 zone as if the Mexico side of the border is now in charge and treating American citizens like how the USA has - in their bias - treated Mexico nationals (like suspicious people, like illegal aliens, etc). I also feel witchcraft is invlved and the paranormal. This sort of thing then has a corollary with Sidestep #1 above, but this issue has a more southern California broad-based situation withits own particular vibes and tendencies. The wisest True-Blues (pro-Americans and allies protecting western freedoms) will investigate this trajectory from the used car parts industry to the border protection sector’s corruption problem. It’s an overall Hispania World problem, in other words, whether in New Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado or anywhere with networks of people from Spain’s Old World colonialism roots, Occult Catholicism, Ethno-Religionism and anti-American warfare. The problem can have ties to World War II era Italian and Spanish fascism that weaves in and out of national socialism, a broader socialism and Communism. In summary, Junkyard/Recycling companies are important to watch, investigate and follow trails of cartels and anti- American warfare, anything from New Jersey, New York, Canada and China with Minority Power Movement, Muslim and other players, to the Border Area Span involving Mexico and the USA discussed above. In the network of interconections, here is a partial list of things to consider: 1) Ad Sources that have run on the vehicles - Craigslist, Facebook - might be keeping tabs on what you have said about the car and your phone number, as well as photos of the car; ads are likely not really deleted but stay in files 2) Banks they use - for example, Union Bank is at least one bank used in the San Diego area for a recycling company. Watch money involving these banks between Mexico and USA. 3) Junkyard/Recycling companies themselves in terms of who owns them and how many are owned by the same company or interconnected through family and friends. They might be involved in identity theft of their customers via personal information that comes off things like vehicle titles, driver’s licenses and vehicle VIN numbers; you might watch for later thefts at your residence location; Parts of your vehicle (car masking or changes) as well as your identity could later be involved in cross-border smuggling operations and 4) Agencies American government agencies involved with these companies in terms of regulation, licensing/oversight and other things because corruption could be there aiding and abetting 5) Border Patrol Corriuption. BP watches cars for signs of stolen vehicles, re-configured exteriors, changed VIN numbers, and more. There can be a link to re-configuring cars, ID theft, smuggling and more between corrupt Border Protection agents and facilities and used car junkyards and recyclers. 6) Border Patrol Hispania BP could be pretending southern USA is Mexico and trying to isolate the area from true-Blues wanting to come from adjoining states like Arizona even if from further states like New Mexico or Texas. Some of the behavior could be cartels turfing between states, but it also could be an even broader and more sinister attempt at making southern USA into Mexico under Mexican control of “who gets in” - they might be trying to wall of southern California for Mexicans. 7) Psyops in the Region. There might be active psyops in the area to put down Trump supporters, even using subtle mind control ops through corporations like Verizon. They could be using what they know about family members derived thru Verizion and other cell phone companies. They could be literally targeting True Blues to get family members to turn on them and any Trump Supporter “types” - and ad companies like Craigslist and Junk Dealers/Recyclers -as well as infiltrated Border Patrol could all together be linked to this problem. Even though it is likely legitimate pro-American operations have used Verizon to watch for cartels, terrorists and other criminal and anti-American activity, the real question is who actually controls Verizon and how it could be being used by global takeover operations. Where Mexico and Hispania fits into the Verizon issue is vital. 8) Witchcraft. Some are calling it Global Satanism. I personally feel it as witchcraft, but maybe it is actually satanism. Whatever it is, I feel it is an important component behind what we are dealing with, I am picking up certain elements. When Native groups to the American and Latin America land masses and islands are involved, even when linked to Hispania, watch for certain tendencies. Gathering up of souls or the energy of the etheric bodies of victims in a large “hell” which includes perpetrators of abductions, torture and murders. Using excess losses of material goods for overly cheap rates as “booty” and as capturing part of your energy through that transaction and the capture of your goods into the hands of the enemy in this way. In summary, by getting your stuff for too cheap, they think they got YOU, and another win away from the American People toward the Mexicans and their dark allies together even they deem as “hell.” This is a form of trophyism and it includes energy capture. As an example, a car is sold by an American to a group with American operations that range over into Mexico with witches on the Mexico side watching everything. mnb so it is not just the person’s car they get for cheap - there is an energy gig going on during and after the whole process of getting it for too cheap. CONCLUSION. Real Americans will protect the American people from invasions and assaults coming in through Verizon by cutting it off immediately and giving Americans other small separate and safe cell phone systems. This would likely need to come under the jurisdiction of localized National Guard or similar operations to cut off the line of continuity found throughout Verizon’s global networking. SOLUTION. A partial solution = American Special Operation Forces (core groups): What you will do is put in True- Blue measures to instantly break up the gigs in regions like southern California-San Diego and the I-8 Corridor to protect the American People. You will quickly and efficiently plan and line up, then make it happen, like turning off a light switch. Your mantra is: protect the American people, protect the American people, protect the American people. Keep core group numbers to a minimum and be exacting about drug and alcohol testing. Recognize you are likely dealing with both regional variants and global forces, both which might be using metaphysical (occult), social (mind control, psyops, cult) and physical processes. 2020/03/04; more on the psychic thing on March 5, 2021 about 5 pm mst Continue to watch for the occult and psychic attacks in New Mexico and among Mexican nationals trying to mess with the American system. 2021/03/05 2021/03/05: Religiously connected abuse is not American. Beatings, shaming, severe authoritarianism are not spiritual, and no self-respecting true American calls this behavior “religion.” True religion also does not use psychic attacks to shame or abuse people into submission. o What is psychic attack? Is it real? River Gold dot net has spent more time on this. Yes, psychic attack is real. Yes, really. What is it? It’s an energy directed by the brain and furthered by the bioenergy field of the human body. It is a link between thought and physical manifestation. There are levels of awareness. There are different etheric levels, places where consciousness moves around and exerts itself. Probably everyone remembers some of these levels or spaces from dreams. Etheric travel gets more focused and concrete with experience. Some people are more adept at OBE’s, or out of body experiences. This means some people are manipulating things more than others in a conscious way. A psychic attacks is directed energy that impacts you negatively. Some people are out there bringing up an energy field that is like a parallel world. Whether they are taking you there or creating it, when you start waking up psychically you can feel these more adept people doing something to you - where did they learn how to do that? Some of it likely runs in families for generations, in churches, in college fraternities, in special waterborne military groups, and more. Cult-like tendencies could be running through waterborne military from earlier UK and England times, and before. Old religious authoritarian systems can be controlling and abusive both in the physical and in the psychic world. Far right religionist can be almost as abusive as radical Islamic groups - I currently don’t think actual torture hits the same levels as the violent religious or secular Muslims. But there can be this shaming “Wash your mouth out with soap” and “If you think you are better than Jesus, I am going to hit you” and “if you try to do a man’s job you are a lesbian and sinful and need to be punished” … the list goes on. American and European Christian fundamentalists can be emotionally and physically abusive - and if they know a few psychic tricks, they could attack you in “energy world”, as well. The spill-over between Catholics, Anglicans and Protestants through history could mean certain tricks have been passed down through groups whose family lineage followed all trajectories. Protestants might know some old psychic tricks from their Catholic ancestors. Mormons might have some old English, UK and other European baggage; some have suggested a Masonic link. How does an abusive Mormon use shaming and an abusive concept of sin to punish? And all of this could have come from such yet earlier set of ancestors. If psychic attack and sexual and emotional as well as physical abuse all go together with authoritarianism, people which ave been abused into their knowledge might become abusers and then unwilling to reveal secrets. Also it is hard to know about discussions involving the psychic world because so many people lie and evade. The main thing is to not pretend to know more than you do, to admit your weaknesses, and to maintain a level of sincere humility. All games need to stop when it comes to discussing the psychic world. Be truthful, be real and give it your best shot. Do your best to describe something that is hard to put into words. Examples are elections, politicians, trying to force America to let Mexicans over the border. That quirky feeling might have a psychic attack component (dark energy, dark humor, messing with your head). Outward “good” (saints, Mother Mary, angels, crosses, etc) inside “bad” - occult; True blues need to know this about New Mexico before planning any pro-American operations meant to help restore white human and civil rights to this very corrupt state - and in the process, they will help non-white victims of corruption and abuse, as well. To say it’s nepotism, cronyism, anti-white, etc. does not go deep enough into the etheric attacks learned from someone they know. I encountered an energy today from what seemed to be a real estate connected Hispanic. The occult energy seems ancient, passed down, Catholic outward but something else or additional inward. My first feeling was that it reminded me at once of Catholic saint icons as well as Eastern Indian mysticism icons and that it could also have a link to ancient Jews and Egyptians, but that it entered certain kind of Catholic mystery schooling at some point in time. In encountering this today, it seemed other- dimensional and like the person was almost like a witch or satanist. And the feeling was when a person hits that level they can psychically attack people and suck life force energy. My feeling was if the woman in question is actually doing this, she might have learned through ties to Mexico, like a fusion between Mexican Catholicism and indigenous shamanism, but that there might be something passed down through the Catholic line from Europe (likely Spain) with a yet older lineage linked to that strain of Catholicism, perhaps a mystery school sect or a priestly tradition. If an Eastern occult tradition pervaded a strain of Catholicism, and if other indigenous occult tendencies were added to that, it (or something like it) might explain some of the aberrations found in more than one form of organized religion. The energy seemed to present itself as a result of some complaints over reverse discrimination in hiring practices throughout San Juan County, New Mexico, particularly in the Farmington area. See the Yahoo blog below which shows discrimination against whites in the colleges; my recent experience is they are deliberately not showing pictures of whites on the billboards and class schedules - Navajos and Hispanics at San Juan College are doing this. If you think you are seeing a white, look closely - it is a Navajo or Hispanic white now on the billboard near the gas station. Whites are getting the short end of the stick in New Mexico and not the full American package. Yahoo blogs on racism in New Mexico People indicating either ‘no racism” and “yes racism” in New Mexico, with the latter saying “Very racist” (see below). Yahoo Blogs: https //answers yahoo com/question/index?qid=20070626220625AAn0W0I Reverse racism in New Mexico? I have heard that there is racism towards white people in New Mexico. Is this true? Im looking to move to the Santa Fe area, and I was just curious to know if this is a big problem. Thanks Answer Reverse racism in New Mexico? 3 Answers Anonymous 1 decade ago Lived there for 3 years. Never experienced it. The only problem I had occasionally is that I don't speak Spanish and the majority of people there do. And a lot of the people there are of an almost pure Spaniard bloodline and look white. Anonymous 5 years ago OMG yes, there is reverse racism there, and at so much of a worse level than white people hating on blacks in the south. That is not an exaggeration, they HATE whites to the core and yes about 90% of people living in New Mexico are Hispanic or native american. Natives don't like whites either. They aren't even mean to black people really its like white hate to the max. They have a university in New Mexico which is an hour away from Santa Fe, and it gets sued almost every year by white employees for racial and even gender discrimination. New Mexico is big on families, mainly corrupt families that almost resemble the Godfather series. They build political machines and try to screw over the system. A former president of New Mexico Highlands University defrauded the state of 4.5 million and the president after him, Jim Fries left because a white administrator was sueing the school for not letting her move in in position and giving her lower pay than the Hispanics, which has happened to many other white professors, which I am linking the cases below. They basically have a policy that you have to be Hispanic to run the school. Hispanics run the courts also, so if your white you're basically screwed x10 just like how blacks get worse sentences in white courts. They recently hired a white president, Sam Minner, but we all think that they hired a white guy to get out of the recent discrimination lawsuit. And New Mexico was also recently rated a D- in the state integrity investigation because they have no ethics there, and the hillbilly politics is all just nepotism. Racial and Gender Discrimination and Civil Rights Lawsuits against NMHU: La Grange vs NMHU (Racial Discrimination) RECENT lawsuit September 2015 - Turner vs NMHU (Racial discrimination) Demartin vs NMHU (Racial and gender discrimination) more 00 Anonymous 1 decade ago reverse racism is a term that makes no sense. Racism is racism period. https //answers yahoo com/question/index?qid=20070626220625AAn0W0I [Extracted from Internet on 2021/03/04] 2021/03/01-03 As mentioned yesterday, regarding 9/11 there are still things to learn, and the roots of the problems that permitted that disaster are still with us today, and also can shed light on current events and perpetrators. Secondly, I would like to encourage people to support our Republican and other officials fighting Biden and Harris, those who are showing clear signs of protecting national security. As some of you are aware, we have some very dangerous people in the White House and among the political leaders across various states. Included among these are some governors who aided and abetted the worst parts of the Black Lives Matter riots. There are several fine Republicans around the country trying to help with these problems. One such Republican is Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin. There are also several in Texas, Montana, Oregon, South Carolina and beyond. Here (Notes/News 2021/03/02) are some of powerful things I am hearing from Mike Gallagher, a non-active duty Marine. Please support him and other politicians showing clear signs like this about protecting our national security interests. You can donate across state lines and I ask everyone unite despite religious differences to protect our country from radicals. On all-black ads on all large corporate media (or almost all-black, or mostly black, dark brown and brown ads): Investigate on a non-American militant contingency as the core group behind the Big Brother, Black-Centric behavior. Here are a couple of websites pointing us toward understanding their extremist intentions for global dominance: African Union Russian Interference in Africa: On Biden: Watch for a Man-Boy Love thing with his son, it might be linked to his embracing of LGBTqi. Also continue to investigate a Ukraine-Russia-East European link and any applicability to a China-Euro joint economic global dominance package which can include Germany. Krogers Grocery Stores chains continues to come up on my radar There is something spooky about the surveillance around at least the 20th Street Farmington, New Mexico branch and the Flagstaff Fred Meyers one. On the one hand, there is a real problem with shoplifters, an ongoing probably weekly or even daily issue. On the other hand, there are additional issues, partly because of that shoplifting problem in the sense the “watchers and responders” go overboard, in some cases profiling someone and using so-called “preventive action.” In other cases, it is a reverse discrimination problem found growing throughout San Juan County, New Mexico in