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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-32 2021/04/27 Concerns about mind control in Democrats 2021/04/23 on PF has suspected Zalmay Khalilzad was an operative linked to the 9/11 attacks through his northern Afghan family ties and loyalties. 2021/04/16 Ports TOM part of border protection issues 2021/04/14 Comments section on Borders-1 (Border Issues-General) moved here 2021/04/13 Border Section given focus 2021/04/11 Editing in Process, New Topics Menus Section 2021/04/09 Earlier Notes from La Raza/Unidos ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE PERSONAL 2021/04/27 New Mexico might stalk residents trying to leave state across state lines through some kind of mafia; abscondings in Arizona and Oregon; watch for Hawaiian nationalist mafia; there might be hidden programs for forced miscegenation and contrived miscegenation As mentioned previously, family members who were lifetime conservatives had started sounding like one-sided Democrats. It is alarming because the ideation and language used sound almost robotic and flat. Some signs are constant chatter and obsession over COVID-19 and hatred for Trump and Trump supporters for being irresponsible over precautions; Over-concern for plight of blacks and illegal immigrants to the exclusion of self and white family members, or whites in general - taking on white guilt too easily. My concern is some kind of mind control has gotten hold of them. I suspect some of it is coming in through Verizon. Maybe doctors and hospitals. There might be a link to progressive clubs and minority extended family members (boyfriends, girlfriends) I also suspect a Native American/Hispanic control game that started in New Mexico as some sort of longterm program directed at Anglo-Saxon looking whites (the more fair, blonde and blue-eyed you are, the more you might be targeted in New Mexico). I suspect this control game might follow targeted individuals outside of New Mexico in anti-white places like Hawaii. I also suspect rings linked with New Mexico’s minority poulation in Arizona and California. There might be a Hawaiian continuum in Oregon. The fact Oregon has been hit so hard by the BLM movement and the presence of suspicious black police leadership should be considered as part of the issue. 2021/04/23 PF has suspected Zalmay Khalilzad was an operative linked to the 9/11 attacks through his northern Afghan family ties and loyalties. He was likely too involved in constitution building and prime minister/leader creation in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and is still very much in the center of things (alive and kicking). 2021/04/16 Related topic: See article SFgate-2006 for this date Ports TOM part of border protection issues 2021/04/14 BORDERS-1 Borders Issues-General comments moved here PROTECT THE UNITED STATES AND ITS CITIZENS…both from dangerous threats with intentions to do violence, but also from non-citizens who are misusing, taking advantage of and stealing from the nation. Put American citizens as top priority. GIVE PRECEDENCE to the American People, not Mexican nationals wanting special favors and treatment. Call center/service center jobs now in Mexico need to stay inside USA when servicing Americans. STOP full blown excessive and illegally wrought amnesty and border violations involving yet other illegal aliens. Illegally wrought amnesty can occur when a corrupt group infiltrates the American system, including through the Biden/Harris package in the White House. It is likely cartels and anti-American groups are influencing the White House as of the Spring 2021 period. Biden is helping them out because he is likely paid off and influenced by groups hostile to this nation. His lax attitudes toward border protection are a sign of criminal and terrorist influences which are extremely dangerous. Dracula wants to get in the door and take over the USA, tell it what to do, what to think, and make it a puppet to low-grade thugs. Make sure you do your part to stop this. Border Patrol includes awareness of Jobs - who is getting a paycheck to mishandle your files linked to basic services or product purchases in your daily life That Hispanic or Mexican sounding call center clerk can be more ominous than you think. He might be there as a growing number of Mexican nationals and Hispanic immigrants who are getting jobs at the expense of American citizens. He might be there to monitor your files and personal information, and to link what he knows with cartel activists who will further exploit your life and money. He might be someone who wants to put Mexicans on the front and center burner, determined to have Mexicans “handle everything” for you and other Americans. This determination to be the ones to handle everything is dangerous, and can come in with a male machismo that not only wants to be the center show, also wants to control women’s lives by being the so-called “man” in the space. Single women might be getting hit harder by these so fallacious and dangerous call centers handling American basic needs, from Home Depot orders to Verizon smart phone usage to Xfinity nternet. Who is answering the phone, handling the front desk and handling the paper work in the back rooms is always a priority for any True-Blue pro-American and western liberties ally. Who is answering the phone is in Ifact a form of border protection/national security issue because they can be invading you without crossing the American border, or they can be invading you inside your own country by getting jobs when American citizens were turned down and away. Call centers can be a form of border protection problem, in other words. Reverse discrimination in hiring practices such as minority preference are illegal inside the United States and must be avoided, investigated and responded to with the full weight of American law, treating reverse discrimination as another form of racism. Hispanics must not be favored in the job market; we should not be hearing mostly Hispanics in call centers across the board. The attitude that the USA owes Mexicans and Hispanics, or that “whites have it coming to them” or any of the many other forms of venom, petty retaliation and self-serving for Hispanics need to be stopped. Border Protection includes concerns over these hiring practices, because job stealing is a form of trespass. By putting their own people in jobs that service American citizens, people can get inside American private lives, personal information, and increase covert activities of control and monitoring. Border protection should include monitoring invasions through cell phones, internet, access to driver’s licenses and many other things. In summary, these concerns are not just those of so-calledracist far right types”, or “dumb ass Trump supporters”, or “weird Q’Anon conspiracy theorists.” Mexico has a long-standing gig. Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have a decades-old one. African extremist groups have a variety of agendas. Several of these attach so-called civil rights to their anti-white, anti-American warfare. Much of the behavior can and does operate like organized crime. Border protection isn ot just about watching our borders for trespassing by outside groups, but includes understanding how people can access American information and steal identities, money and other things, and how crime rings can run strings to target Americans. Anti-American warfare can include what you experience walking into an American hospital emergency room and your experience with health insurance as well as doctors and nurses, what you experience with Mexican nationals in call centers handling calls for American-based businesses, and how you find almost everyone answering the phone either does not sound American or sounds like minority preference might be afoot at that business. Minority preference can be linked to sinister movements with anti-American, anti-white warfare at the heart of their agendas. Advertising that only shows minority preference also can be linked to this warfare. Border Protection, in other words, starts at home and in your daily lives, your routines going around town and dealing with basic services. It starts with being mindful, paying attention, acknowledging when things seem off, taking notes, sharing what you see and experience with others. It includes realizing minority preference might not be such a good ting for even minorities, because it could be linked to monolithic tyrannical groups bent on a monolithic takeover, groups who don’t want a cosmopolitan space but want dominance. Such dominance can show up early as turfing and hosting, one-sided repeated advertising, changes in demographics which ostracize one groups of people, a tendency for non-Americans to be taking over companies that service Americans, buying up American properties and lands, and the feeling everyone at a company servicing a cosmopolitan group of Americans is one or two races most of the time, like all Hispanic or all black. People hired at Starbucks should not just be minorities and LGBT. People answering phones for Verizon should not mostly be Hispanic and black. People answering phones at Blue Cross blue Shield Health Insurance should not sound like Mexican Nationals when servicing calls for American citizens, and if they do sound like that, a Caucasian whose primary language is American English has every right to ask to speak with someone at that company whose first language is English and have that request courteously taken care of immediately without hassle or delay. Hispanic culture must not be forced on the American people through these corporations showing favoritism toward Mexican nationals or their relatives inside the United States. The Mexican culture is its own space, and many Americans do not like it and don’t want it dominating everything we do; for many of us, the American culture inside America is the preferred choice, and Americans have a right to a choice. Mexican nationals coming into our space from Mexico and from within our cities can be very tricky, obnoxious, aggressive, self-serving and linked to organized crime designed to infiltrate and take over the American systems. These people have not been good neighbors nor friends. The culture, like the accents, has a thick, heavy approach which most Americans don’t want; there can be a lot of Hispanic machismo, gang culture, cuss words, drugs, alcohol, heavy competition against whites and against Americans in general, a one-upmanship and a constant can of worms about trying to steal jobs, education and American benefits that belong to Americans; and on top of all this, these Mexican nationals and their family members and friends want to snuff AMerican free speech and ideation against their activities. They have a lot of gall, take a lot of risks, are cocky and the men think overcoming reverse discrimination is having sex with American women to subdue them sexually; the men take their Hispanic machismo to misuse cross-fertilization as a way to blur divides. Proving you don’t have reverse discrimination is not about having sex with someone, but means don’t turf or ostracize inside the USA to keep out white Americans or Americans in general. Minorities linked to international groups intent on infiltrating subduing America are trying to turf large areas. Border Protection includes payng attention to workers and ads from the post office, UPS, Fed Ex, cell phone companies…health insurance companies….hospitals…watch for sinister signs of turfing everywhere you go and know it’s not just about civil rights - it’s about military operations and anti-American warfare. Don’t be a part of that, and pay attention and respond when you see it happening in your daily lives. Watch for a Nazi-type of takeover in brown and black skin with similar stealth jihad styles as the Muslim Brotherhood. Watch for signs of cult behavior, and for civil rights taken too far. Watch for gang mentalities, with course and immature ideas about what power looks and feels like. Watch for groups using weak slogans and overly simplistic arguments. But wait a minute. Are we talking about ALL Hispanics, ALL Mexican Nationals? No. Some have a different vibe and outlook altogether than these anti-American, American abusing weasels. Watch the facial and body language, listen to what they say and how they say it. Some are obvious no-nonsense and just want a no-nonsense experience without violence and to help Americans keep out the bad guys. They are not networking for civil rights militant agendas, not out to power trip the USA with Hispanic power movements, although there might a little of that civil rights stuff. Mostly these people want to play by the rules and get on with life, they are not trying to make trouble, even the kind that favors large numbers of relatives and friends. They tend to think and operate alone or in small groups, are not into cartels or gangs, don’t do drugs and live peacefully. Large areas turfed by Hispanics or blacks, have large numbers of hidden Mexican Nationals, or have large pockets of Islamic or African blacks make our nation more difficult to monitor and respond to threats. Our issues here are not so much about race, as they are about networking for trouble. Problem networks disrupt and transmute the American system along internationalist anti-American agendas. Most Americans do not want Mexico on this side of the border, but they also don’t want Hispanics coming in and taking over large areas which squeeze other groups out, change the culture and language tendencies, and tend to run and operate like large self-servicing cliques. So in these cases, they might be on this side of the border, but it is still an American border protection problem because they have brought Mexico over here. You walk into an American mall and see no white employees anywhere, but the mall has cosmopolitan buyers walking around; what’s up with that? Why isn’t that mall hiring any whites but expect white buyers to buy from all of these Hispanics? Why aren’t white American families represented in the job market at that mall? How many white teenagers have applied for jobs at that mall, only to be turned down? Again, although inside the border of the USA, this is still a border protection problem because Mexico’s influence - along with its Hispanic American family members - is felt inside this nation to the detriment of other white citizens who also could use a job. That Mexico-American Hispanic connection operates like a continuum of the Mexico side of the border only to the advantage of Hispanics - not white Americans, and not the rest of the American people. Mexico and its relatives inside the USA tend to operate like large networked cliques with cultural tendencies that are uncomfortable and unpleasant to other Americans. o Male Hispanic Machismo “Let me handle it”; “I will make your problems go away”; “I will protect you” “Sex will make it better”; “If white women say Hispanic are reverse racists, sex will make it better” - (the fact is, turning to sex to solve gender and racial problems won’t make it better) Shaming (Some comes from Catholic background), Gainsaying Women - Looking for the real or imagined bad in white women Catholic and Shamanic mixture of tendencies, including the occult, witchcraft Tendency to not listen and to jump to conclusions about whites including white females A tendency to cheat whites out of their money, over-charge, to lie, to do a half-baked job, to fake a job, to seek attrition (whittling away) of white or American resources Overly sensitive to any perceived or real slight A tendency to be retaliative in a variety of ways Tendencies to stalk and use “surround sound” both locally and across large distances using cartel members; surround sound has certain cultural characteristics Physical abuse common - domestic violence, sexual abuse, beatings o Dark Spirited or Misguided Hispanic Female Trends “Butch” “Sinister Witch” “Gang Member/Leader” “Psychological/Physical Abuser” “Good Catholic Little Woman” Crafty Business Woman Well-painted sex bomb; Earthy wise woman (herbs and psychic) Civil rights activist All of these can have an anti-white and anti-American aspect, can be in collusion with criminal networks across borders, there can be hidden agendas and secrets - Cooperates with Cartel Drug Sales; 2021/04/13 BORDERS section - current focus, as well as La Raza/Unidos 2021/04/11 Editing/Org. Shifts across website. New Menus Topics list section will facilitate research. The reason for revisiting La Raza/Unidos is the obvious connection in behavior and manifestations between it and the Black Lives Matter movement and antifa movements. It also shows the link to cartels and terrorists. It needs to be put in global context with other “high strange” immigrant floods (like of Islamic groups) into countries like Germany and Holland. 2021/04/09 Comments moved from La Raza The La Raza/Unidos section is being edited, revised and added to while being given more focus, along with Borders. Note 2020/05/06 (moved from La Raza/Unidos) Comments are being reviewed and edited after a recent transfer from River Gold to Police Factor after about three years hiatus. COMMENTS Some of these groups are in our communications systems as much or more than the “conservative white America” side is and exploiting and manipulating things in certain ways; no matter who is doing illegal and immoral surveillance on Americans, it needs to stop; we also need to be looking for the following in these matters: Zone of Influence, Invisible Fingers, Making the Other Guy Look Bad (making it look like White Racists when it is La Raza; making it look like La Raza when it is White Racists, etc.), and Arabian Nights Effect - all found as sections on this website. Please be prepared to look for antics of various kinds, in other words, by different special interest groups. Also be watching for interconnected links between different races. Another issue to watch for are games being played between drug dealers and various races fronting as one thing or another. In this regard, as well as others, we can be dealing with people who are using opposing views to get people to go against one another, while they quietly sit back and reap the rewards in various ways. We need to be watching for Religious Rights types who are fronting “Jesus Saves” when they are actually part of something more sinister - watch for latent Satanists, drug dealers, Red Chinese and others. As part of this, some of the apparent religious right types are making a parody of the Christian fundamentalists while pretending to be religionists and pushing out Jesus Saves material like giving people bad-tasting medicine that is supposedly for their own good, when it is actually designed to make people feel such repulsion they head for the hills. In other words, it could be done by materialists who want to turn people off all spirituality, not just Christianity - or they are anti-Americans who are attacking the United States main religion. This website obviously is of the Church and State persuasion, but is not trying to turn people off all of spirituality with its qualities of human compassion, sincere sense of brother and sisterhood, humane treatment of humans and so on. We need to be able to find common ground on basic feelings for making the planet a safer - and as President Bush, Sr once said - kinder and gentler place. This website also takes the stance that La Raza is a special interests group not in the interests of the larger United States and its original constitutional purposes, and is a hostile entity that needs to be exposed across various terrains of information. This is why religious, ultra- conservative website links and info have been added here to provide additional info that might not be available elsewhere.