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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-33 2021/05/25 Links Trans; 2 new sections o Transgender Problems o Anti-Trust (started) o Seizures (Confiscations, Civil Aset Forfeiture 2021/05/24 Alipac critical warning about need to stop illegal aliens from getting in-state tuition in CA and AZ 2021/05/12 Some head’s ups o La Plata Co Rep-CJ’s Diner Durango o Washing Examiner-Mike Waltz Afghan o Alert to look into Shehhi (9/11) 2021/05/09-10 Kristen Breitweiser 2021/05/07 Can HEPA capture COVID 2021/05/06 American Thinker, The New American - problems/issues with masks o The New American-2020/07/29Are masks spreading Coronavirus? o American Thinker-2021/04/30 If you dig down, permanent mask 2021/05/03 Alipac Warning about Amnesty groups wanting to use Senate for private financial ventures o Alipac dot us-2021/04/28 Before Biden Speech, Amnesty Groups Promise $50 Million Campaign ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE NEWS 2021/05/29 Intuitive input on seizures; mix of intuitive possible and common sense on Joe Biden and ex-wife Neilia 1972 deceased in car wreck) Seizure can be corrupt or it can be legitimate following proper protocols: what is happening to the “stuff” informs us People can be victims of illegal seizures; or legitimate policing operations against cartels/criminals for proper seizures In general, policing agencies related to car registrations and driver’s licenses, a variety of problems possible - something like identity theft - some kind of misuse of information might occur involving car registration and/or driver’s license ; highway patrol personnel might be doing “abscondings” mentioned elsewhere - a type of seizure of property with a whip-in and run-off taking aspect; two trouble groups - the people in the govt as well as the people suing for stopping illegal or aggressive seizures - BOTH. At first, many of us agree that seizures can be questionable and that they coul line police agency pockets. It can seem cut and dried it’s a form of thievery. Then you start looking at exactly who is fighting the seizure laws time and again across state lines - it is the old high ticket civil rights groups or Democrat/leftists. I have even seen Grover Norquist/Hamas supporter types. So then you know the pepole fighting seizure are also likely ones caught transferring illegal or dangerous materials, or carrying wads of cash for ill-gotten purposes. But there is a vibe coming from several of the policing agencies of money grabs. The vibes coming off the policing/govt agencies who benefity from the seizures don’t feel innocent, either. Then there’s the remaining groups - the actual victims in the public, and the actual legitimate police trying to do seizures authentically for the right purposes. We can learn a lot by following the trails around the various aspects of seizures. Likely not all McDonald’s fast food locations are involved. Watch for problems along the I-8 corridor near the Mexico-USA border, as well as small towns with economic problems. The diversity signs seen near McDonalds drive-thrus are signs of undue influence by the RG industry. New Mexico might not like to lose its white victims to other states….watch for DPS, NMSP, FPD as well as other agency complicity Cartels around fast food joints: Around McDonalds various places and separately Carl’s Jr in Alpine, CA - possible cartel activity in how they are watching customers especially thru drive-thru and how some workers are involved illegal immigrants likely part of it Common sense and something off coming up in intuition Various groups being used to undermine stability of US. Transgender and illegal immigrants are two such groups. They both use emotion, guilt-mongering, distractions and string-pulling Would Joe Biden have messed with his wife’s brakes or such as that before here fatal accident? Could his motives been an affair and his political goals? Who if anyone investigated her car? What did the toxicology report for her indicate? Doany of the older children remember any arguments between Biden and her?Including the day of the crash? Context for this discussion: [Link is in Notes-News-2021/05/29-06/03] 1. Neilia Biden Was Driving to Get a Family Christmas Tree When the Tragedy Occurred Heavy 2020/08/20 Neilia Hunter Biden: The Tragic Death of Joe Biden’s First Wife Neilia Hunter Biden: The Tragic Death of Joe Biden’s First Wife https //heavy com/news/2020/08/neilia-hunter-biden-joe-first-wife/ Excerpt: The tragedy dates back decades to 1972; Joe Biden had just been elected to the U.S. Senate in Delaware when his first wife, Neilia Hunter Biden, decided to take the couple’s three children – sons Beau and Hunter, and daughter, Naomi – to get a Christmas tree. Only Hunter and Beau survived the accident, although they were also injured in it. According to Politico, the Biden vehicle was struck by a truck carrying corncobs as they journeyed to pick out a Christmas tree. 2. The Other Driver’s Daughter Was Upset by Joe Biden’s Comments on the Crash What caused the crash? By police accounts, it appears that it wasn’t the fault of the other driver and, contrary to comments Joe Biden has made over the years, it appears to be a tragic accident not associated with alcohol use. https //heavy com/news/2020/08/neilia-hunter-biden-joe-first-wife/ [Extracted from Internet on 06/03/2021] 2021/05/25 Stance on LGBTqi related issues: I very deeply feel current transgender equality measures are too aggressive and far left. I do not support forced transgender access to female bathrooms, locker rooms, sports, shelters or other arenas traditionally reserved for women. I feel biological males (males at birth and in body) need to stay in male bathrooms. I don’t agree with transgender-based hormone treatments to transmute a person’s biological gender. I feel most of these people have a mental illness brought on by severe abuse in their childhoods or lives and that they are making their problem our problem by demanding special privileges for themselves at the expense of the civil rights of others, like females. The problem with the transgender groups is they are trying to change society to fit their off-base standards. Because they are so aggressive, they can be suspected to try to force other things. Although perhaps yet to be proven, it is possible they might try to force others to their point of view or biological approach behind the scenes like exposing mainstream people to drugs without their consent. In other words, when in context with other societal gimmicks, anything in their sphere of influence can be and should be suspect. This includes their interference in Big Brother Corporations. I am someone who is creative, flexible and who thinks outside the box, I understand the arguments, and I was more in the transgender corner until they became too aggressive and forceful, at which point they have lost me. There is not an instant natural continuum between gay-ness and transgender-ness, and LGBT should not immediately join forces with aggressive transgender litigation. As a straight but not narrow type, there is a point at which you have to say no. The “in their head” liberals who like to sound off against those of us who don’t agree with the excessive liberalism are also dangerous because they think they are so darned smart - smarter than the older generation and conservatives in general. There is a “talk-down to” thing. How many of you have heard the bossy voices that come out of these people’s mouths? They think it is perfectly sane and logical to let transgenders take over and BLM related rioters destroy our cities, and large numbers of illegal aliens given amnesty, as if this is all one big logical platform, when in fact each piece is separate and should be thought about one case at a time. These groups are treating diverse topics as clusters. 2021/05/23-25 May 23-24, 2021 On Reverse Racism, Reverse Racism and Racism are Intertwined - to call it all racism doesn’t cover all the bases This is a letter that has been sent to the Southern Poverty Law Center Yion has been saved. A member of our communications staff will review your submission and get it to the right person to answer your Referencing the above article on prejudice in Hawaii dated from 2009. I want first to thank you for putting that out. It is still a vital and current subject. Next, without that article, which I just found, I had pretty much written SPL Center off for having a pro- black/minority and pro-gay and transgender organization. Some of my concerns are that Christian groups and individuals, which I am not a part of, have suggested they have been targeted by the SPL as racists or haters, that they have been put on black[sic s] lists of various kinds, and that once on such lists, they feel threatened and with personal liberties reduced. Such groups also suggest that the SPL Center has its own rounds with corruption and deception. My main concerns today as a white female heterosexual "straight but not narrow" left-center type are that of reverse racism. One of the main reasons I feel this way is the large number of black ads I am seeing across all websites, along with the large number of black TV commercials people have been complaining about for over a decade now. I have been finding that no matter which large corporation website I go to, I inevitably see signs of black preference in the advertising. The black preference includes a number of features which repeat themselves over and over. I have created a list of such corporations and also the general tendencies for showing black preference. I have also made screenshots of these ads and retained the date and location I saw the ad. Some examples of black preference include: only blacks shown on the webpage in question, which often is the home page for the website, but can be a topic category within the website. It is often the first thing you see if there is a roll-up of photos that flash by. If whites are included in the photo, like in a group shot, you often see the black has been given emphasis in some way through centering, front-facing while other skin types are side- facing; black is given more colorful dress than others; black is made larger in relief than others; others are dimmed while black comes out in the front; black is made to seem more exciting, engaging or business professional/knowledgeable than the others. Black comes out in the light while others are faded out; black is in a group of walkers shown as center and leading. Since this sort of thing is seen across the board, I have started calling the large companies involved in this sort of advertising "Big Brother Corporations" and feel that there is a sinister movement afoot in which blacks have taken over the advertising operations, if not other things, of these groups. I feel the people involved are dangerous, immature and power-mongers. In addition to huge sums of money donated by these same corporations to like- minded civil rights groups often referred to as Democrat left-leaning operations in the name of "social justice" the whole thing is dangerous beyond words. It goes along with the Democrat favoring slush funds in which banks give out settlement funds originally meant for lawsuit recipients to the exact same groups. The same kinds of groups putting themselves in the limelight are also relocating huge sums of money for themselves, and bragging about it in the public forums as the same type of turfing found in the advertising. In other words, bragging and face imaging are both part of the same turfing/trophying system. This kind of thing is its own racism as it is obvious that the groups involved are squeezing out white people and putting themselves in on top of everything - absolutely everything. It is an obsessive/compulsive mindset which is totalitarian. The people use guilt over race while they themselves are racist and exploit to the hilt everything they get their hands on. We are seeing similar kinds of behaviors on college campuses and in various news outlets. The people doing this are one-sided and control freaks. If pumped up on drugs and hormones, they are increasingly difficult to communicate with and reach. The language is usually extremely one-sided, it is a monologue, not a dialogue. A white feels like he or she is dealing with people who have a low-grade idea of what is personal and group power is all about. The visions of power and self-importance these people are expressing are like that of spoiled yet abused children who have not grown up. Because they use guilt over race, they get away with very bad behaviors over and over again as people feel intimidated, embarrassed and shamed into compliance. In addition, there is likely extortion behind the scenes, along with softening created by high ticket civil rights lawsuits which drain and distract companies time and again. Whittled down by such lawsuits into submission and economic instability, these power-mongering groups likely take over and that is why we start seeing the black turfing and trophying from that time on. It is possible that anything linked to these awful groups takes on the same low- grade tendencies, including the SPL Center, ACLU, Americans United, and any number of groups supposedly receptive to "social justice." I would like to see anti-trust measures directed at the Big Brother Corporations as one way to start breaking up the sinister and dangerous reverse-racism games. I also think we need to create support groups for whites who have been victimized by these groups. In addition, we need to start sensitizing and training in countering these malicious games. Left unchecked, whites can be made to feel they are unworthy and need to just take the psychological battering. I have heard it is happening in the military under Biden/Harris. An example is whites are being told to stop their white rage while taking military training at West Point. That kind of approach is reverse- racist and will undermine our military's effectiveness. It is dangerous. Thank you. Terri Butler May 23, 2021 2021/05/09, 05/16 2021/05/16 More on Breitweiser, Bush, Khalizad; added input on Kissinger On Breitweiser - 9/11-8-P1-P2 It seems possible co-opting could have occurred throughout the 9/11 zone of influence. If you look carefully at the thread of evidence cited by Breitweiser, which shows dedicated sourcing and emotionalism against both UAE and Saudi Arabia, let’s ask ourselves who that person might be if linked to one of the following: - a Jewish-Islam conspiracy; the people knew something of Kissinger because they had shared some of the dark portfolio - a Shiite anti-Sunni presence - a leftist Democrat presence - Could Breitweiser be/have been Jewish, an undisclosed 9/11 victim herself, could she have been co-opted at some point On Khalilzad -was there from the beginning -could he be linked to any behind-the-scenes groups involved in any Bush takeover/coopting? -pay attention to his business connections, his boyhood northern Afghanistan and Kabul ties, and ask whether Russian/Soviet connections might be possible On Bush -As mentioned before, consider a hidden Bush/Rice/Rumsfeld attack by the same 9/11 attack group and a subsequent partial takeover and co-opting; Cheny went to Dubai - of his own volition, or was something else going on? -Use of doubles? -If not doubles, do some photos show sign of drug or alcohol abuse? Back room abuse by takeover groups? -Type “Bush was abducted during 9/11” or “White House was under siege and experiencing coup during 9/11” unless your search engine is better than mine, there’s not much out there on this particular type of conspiracy, while other conspiracies get lots of coverage On Kissinger -Kissinger has been hammered for dirt -Is there a link between the left-ness of Breitweiser’s group and the sme anti_Kissinger groups in such a way we can link it to the “heist” aspect of 9/11 that perhaps kep on heisting -is there any link between Kissinger and George Soros? A good starter overview on Kissinger: philosophy/ 2021/05/09 Breitweiser’s article on UAE’s link to 9/11 attack seems like e a good overview of the 9/11 condundrum. So good, in fact, it has been placed in the Terrorism-9/11 section as 9/11 topic #8 and listed as a “Good Start.” However, maintain objectivity about any or all of the alleged or real 9/11 victim family or relationships. Although things seem real, something else might be going on. Warning about 9/11 material added to Breitweiser’s article. If real, Good Start on 9/11. If No Planes (or planes went elsewhere) be careful: some or all survivors of Twin Towers plane crash victims could could be operatives, keep in mind when reading over 9/11-8; the trail of coverups could include media used to back up story; find some photos of Kristen and look closely at her eyes. If bombs blew up WTC 3 buildings, some plane victims might not exist or were taken elsewhere, and relatives of the deceased might be a mix of real and not not real. Breitweiser’s articles list uses a lot of media outlets that have been considered suspect (Huffington Post, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) On first glance a grieving widow has gone the extra mile in research on how and why her deceased and beloved husband expired in 9/11 and the material is insightful and useful which is why 9/11-8 was created today, it lists her resources on the UAE article: Huffpost 2017/09/14 UAE: Financial and Transit Hub of 9/11 Terror. Kristen Breitweiser 2021/05/06-07 Personal input on masks, relates to Notes-News for this date. The point behind addiing alternative views on masks is that we need to question things and not accept them point blank. Many of the points about masks are worth listening to. I started feeling almost immediately that something was off about the whole COVID-19 thing, as well as the masks. There were two concerns right off the bat. First: “The Germ Bank.” The feeling the masks were incubators of bacteria and other things. Within moments of usage, stuff from self and from surroundings can grow rapidly in the moisture stream from mouth and nose inside the concentrated area of the mask up against the face. Second, the suspicion masks did not adequately filter very tiny things like viruses. On the HEPA air filters said to filter in the .125 micron range sufficient for COVID-19 viral exclusion, my instinct is that although this might be true under ideal circumstances, certain variables might reduce the overall efficiency. However, as we move along and read more, many different ideas develop as well as new insights from ongoingresearch. see Notes-News 2021-05-07
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