Notes Personal Backlog-38 2021 JULY
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-35 2021/07/09 China-Gordon Chang 2021/07/06 PF like small specialized library of sorts; linking possible psychic or psychotronic attack topics to articles found in this library, like The Atlantic’s-2020/09 The Panopticon is already here. 2021/07/05 What is Antifa? An unusually good Wikipedia article. ------------------------------------------------ SECTION PERSONAL NOTES BY DATE 2021/07/09 see also Notes News for this date China-Gordon Chang I agree with most if not all of Chang’s advice on China. Chang is saying the right things about how dangerous China is and what the USA should do to respond to the country. Chang has been added to the China section, which is being edited and added to this week. Chang might have his own issues in the past with double-dipping and spying but his is the grittiest common sense about Hina I have seen to date. Tik Tok is dangerous. 2021/07/06 As I have indicated, Police Factor is a library of sorts, designed to organize a set number of related topics along certain trajectories. The idea is mostly to make use of what we already have available to us as information so we do not reinvent the wheel, but with a few other ideas thrown in here and there - like concerns about hidden psychic or psychotronic attack. Possibly correlated with this concern are informative pieces like the following: [Also placed in Notes-News for this date] The Atlantic 2020/09 THE PANOPTICON IS ALREADY HERE: Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control—and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe. By Ross Andersen 2021/07/05 I just found this early this morning.  I recommend everyone reads this article.  It is one of the better ones I have found on Wikipedia. Wikipedia The problem with either side - the conservative, or the antifa - is either can use wide,sweeping generalizations of the other.  I am finding a tendency to use the generic term 'antifa' among several conservative organizations.  In addition, people who lean toward a more liberal perspective might be so turned off by anything that looks or feels like white supremacism, they too can use wide, sweeping generalizations about any white who uses self-protective language for Self or Nation. I am concerned that these groups get into our emails, texts and phone calls to try to manipulate thinking, conversations and actions inside family households the same way they are doing it in the media and government.  I am concerned there either psychic or psychotronic activity on hand interfering with normal human relations inside families, nations and the world.  I worry that unsuspecting family members, or those enfeebled by illness or growing old age, which includes having lived in a gentler time, might not be able to identify or stand up to such largely hidden antics.  When we start hearing sneering language from either side directed in wide scooping ways at the other, we should see this as a possible red flag, and ask ourselves if some kind of hidden influencing is at hand.  Beyond this, we need to gather up real world analytical types who can carry on authentic discussions on these matters into a group of like-minded people who can help each other fight back if this is actually happening.  I refer to the general tendency for an area to be manipulated psychically and/or psychotronically as one type of "zone of influence."  In addition, I refer to such hidden antics as "Invisible Fingers."  The challenge is to get un-awake people to become aware of such antics, and to be able to discuss such concerns without becoming fearful, angry, retaliative or name-calling against the person suggesting such things are happening inside the zone of influence (including inside a family and friendship circle). One of the tendencies of a zone of influence is for people to take sides against the other.  In some cases it can be bullying or ostracizing as someone who does not play the game is left out of the circle of friends.  This can happen inside the family!  It could be being influenced by the ways these groups get inside the family dynamics through electronic communication or snail mail!  Don't discount China or radical Islam, as well as real or fake antifa groups!
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