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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-39 Index of Notes for August 2021 2021/08/31 Oregon: encourage strengthening of national security measures 2021/08/27 On Kabul Airport Suicide bombing; Clyde’s remark leaving about British allies in Kabul embassy 2021/08/26 On Tony Blair; Letter to Arizona Sen Mark Kelly 2021/08/24 Afghanistan 2021/08/21-22 Mike LIndell of MyPillow, Alleged Whistleblowing, etc., 2021/08/20 On Afghanistan Rapid Pull-Out 2021/08/19 Jan 6 Riots section added, see “Circle of Blacks” 2021/08/18 Reminder to check back on China section 2021/08/11 psychic/psychotronic attack in household idea repeated 2021/08/09-11 Nation Sec. focus 2021/08/02 Running strings (crim ops) from hourly jobs, from cultural contexts or tendencies to attack/exploit customers ------------------------------------------------ SECTION PERSONAL NOTES BY DATE 2021/08/31; 2021/09/02 power plants/dams added; 2021/08/31 “Something About Oregon”, continued: Oregon: encourage strengthening of national security measures Areas of concern that I sense are a problem in Oregon: (much is a repeat or summary of other notes) I-84 vicinity o The Dalles and small towns (like Biggs Junction) on either side: possible gangs or cartels o Power plants and industry in Oregon and along the Columbia Gorge along both sides of river Washington/Oregon as a side note, the 1989 decommissioned plant at Hanford (see Manhattan Project) has been known to leak radiation o Fast Food swamped by perhaps “Easy Amnesty” immigrants; McDonald’s seems particularly questionable Oregon in general, particularly high tourism areas: Possible gangs, cartels, illegal or “Easy Amnesty” immigrants in or associated with: Hotels/Motels Credit/debit card transactions, ATM machines; motels/hotels; Taxis: in general anywhere in country taxicabs linked to Muslims; Campgrounds Fast Food Driver’s license to illegal immigrants? Chinese or other enemy invasions Although perhaps unlikely or wrong, I have in fact intuitive warning bells come up around: “Coming from Below” Waterborne enemy craft coming in the water (like Columbia River) or perhaps even an aperture in the earth (like a little way inland from the river, like past the canyon gorge area, maybe south of the canyon/river) A multidimensional aspect came up with this; a sense of seeing enemy craft coming up out of the earth almost like Star Trek type of materializing Thoughts and Questions perhaps this indicates the Chinese are working on top secret “parallel universe” types of activities; changing atomic matter; etc.. Hidden tunnels or manmade extensions of the Columbia River Gorge? Submarine craft - small or large? Small craft posing as big fish? “Circle of Blacks” in policing positions Muslim mosques throughout Oregon and Northwest Native American collusion with Black Lives Matter movement and Marxists from 2021/10/30: o Hispanics large number coming into the state o Strong presence of Asians in both Oregon and Washington state o Native Americans o LGBTq o Blacks o Graffiti along highways needs to be removed in Portland o it sends a message of chaos, inattention, dirtiness, corruption and lack of power Watch for: A Chinese invasion here - this came up intuitively today; Location of Muslim mosques Oregon was already on my radar as a “high intensity area Surveillance along the Columbia River Gorge Hwy 84. Native American-Hispanic connections along Hwy 84, Fast food chains, with McDonald’s a first priority to investigate; coastal and other McDonald’s, other fast food also need to be checked Hotels (Muslims, cartels, etc.) Taxi cabs (Muslims, cartels) Lines of continuity with Canada through northern border states, especially Washington; Canadian Asians might be a problem in terms of links to China or Muslim extremists Get rid of remaining graffiti most visible along major highways through Portland Metro asap Comment: Intuition: There has been an ongoing feeling of being watched along that Hwy 84 by hostile presences, not just normal American police and security; McDonalds seem to have possible cartel activity in and around them - watch for all Hispanic, all Spanish speaking workers and managers; credit card processing at McDonalds and some hotels seem to have a strange threatening feeling about them Suggestions: Temporary Emergency Relief of State of Oregon using national security personnel under the direction of proven loyal American states leaders like in Texas and possibly Idaho and Montana; this would be an extension of southern and northern border patrol task forces comprising of various agencies and troops. Although the bulk of the BLM riots seem over, the state is still not in good hands and has elements of unsafety and uncertainty; tenuous peace, likely vulnerable to takeover by worse hostiles-Seel BLM Oregon section. My suspicion that part of the hostile surveillance along Hwy 84 is linked to the Native American groups who live along there; I strongly suggest revoking any recent amnesty of immigrants in Oregon under the Biden administration and within the past five years and to stop giving illegal ilmmigrants driver’s licenses if that is happening in Oregon; there is no reason for Oregon to increasingly be a safe harbor for hispanic and Latino immigrants - that is not what the state is about - get the suspicious types out of there and clamp down on easy amnesty in Oregon; cooperate with Idaho in stricter rules, don’t let Idaho fall to loose practices 2021/08/27 See Notes-News 2021/08/27 for this date I am grieved beyond words over the recent deaths in Afghanistan, including 13 American casualties during the ISIS (& company) airport suicide bombing in Kabul. This was so unnecessary. I am so sorry our Marines and a Navy person were irrevocably harmed in this manner. I will add this to the Tony Blair material from yesterday: “We left our British allies at their embassy in Kabul behind and have seen a total collapse of foreign policy that will cost us our allies’ trust in our guarantees.” see Clyde House in Notes-News for this date. Added 2021/08/29: an example of the British “sniff” (an elitist attitude) As he shaped his team, Casey consciously and carefully integrated senior Coalition officers into MNF 1 and its subordinate organizations. The British, ever ready to play the sage Greeks against to the bumptious Americans Romans, immediately supplied deputy commanders at force, corps, and MNSTC-1, as well as other well placed subordinates on each staff. The British generals and colonels were not shy about offering opinions and advice. p. 185 What happened in fallujah, Book: Why We Lost, Daniel Bolger Given the high numbers of Democrats not loyal to the United States (nor appropriately engaged with it) in Congress, we have a problem actuating three measures needing to happen in light of not only the Afghanistan debacle, but several other pressing problems attacking or threatening (borders, mass amnesty, China, Iran, etc): 1) Call in an emergency joint session; Seek an ASAP impeachment of Biden and Harris. Such removal should include a package of problem people who came in with them, including the Secretary of Defense. Investigate and judiciously address high treason among those who played along with the BIden-Harris problem. this includes Democrats, Republicans and those of any political persuasion. The interim emergency leadership needs to be a composite of political leaders with a mix of those with direct combat experience in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other places of high conflict intensity around the globe; leaders with proven track records trying to do something real about the various high treat problems at hand; people with strong resolves against dictatorships; people with proven pro-American stances; people, no matter how strong their own religious beliefs, will authentically adhere to church and state separation and focus on national security 2) Put in an emergency replacement group as an interim government who will adhere to the Constitution and Bill of Rights in intent and form and who will help to restore a democratic republic to the United States 3) Make the appropriate moves to get back the loyalty and trust of our allies. For example, Tony Blair’s ideas hint at a possible UK/US dissolution over this latest Afghanistan crisis. His suggestions have merit up to th point of allowing massive waves of fleeing Afghan loyalists, because inevitably mixed in with such unwieldy groups will be unknowns and troublemakers. We have to use caution in not being pulled into a fight by groups with an agenda or under high unrestrained retaliatory emotion. however, leadership and active direction with concrete and firm edges needs to result. 2021/08/26 Letter to Mark Kelly; On Tony Blair’s response to Afghanistan pullout. This was sent to an Arizona Senator Mark Kelly (D) today: Sir, as a military professional, I know you know national security is the issue of our times. We cannot and must not give amnesty to large numbers of aliens at this time. The current amnesty bill is extremely dangerous. Only anti-American persons would agree to pass this bill. This will go down in history as a pointer to all corrupt politicians who were on board in 2021. Anyone who passes this bill will ruin his reputation for all time. The issues are not just this amnesty bill. There is an ongoing infiltration in all aspects of American life. Every American soldier who put out his or her time, health and energy to the wars abroad needs the basic common respect to not cooperate with things that are trying to wipe out their efforts. This amnesty bill is a slap in the fact to all combat veterans of all time because it puts emphasis on non-Americans over Americans. Please do everything in your power to be a man of integrity and personal courage. Do not vote for this awful amnesty bill. On Tony Blair’s response to Afghanistan pullout and crisis See Notes News 2021/08/26 Blair and also Vance Has Tony Blair been compromised or overtaken to speak for immigration of large numbers of Afghans? Is tat Tony Blair speaking, or someone else? First, I would like to express appreciation for Tony Blair’s thoughtful, candid and timely response. I found what he had to say of value, heart-touching and informative. He has been through the thick and thin of Iraq and Afghanistan wart times alongside AMericans. I agree with many of his points. However, I feel compelled to urge caution on some aspects of Blair himself as well as the historical and likely current British position in its relationship to the United States. There has always been an underlying resentment by Britishers over the American Revolution and subsequent founding of the country separate from its “mother country.” American military persons have repeatedly acknowledged receiving a certain sniff from many UK military people and others when working as allies overseas. I actually ran into some of this myself when talking to a retired British fellow, but did not realize it at the time. In addition, I had added “British Ops” here on PF for a reason; there has been an ongoing suspicion certain elements of the UK system could be playing games around the world and attacking the US, that some of it could be historical going back through much earlier eras, could have a link with elments of the Ruissians and Germans (BLair seems strongly opposed to Putin), that it could be linked to UK boy’s schools (ie, male sexual abuse) the old ties to the Catholics through the Anglican Church, alchemy, psychic awareness, tech, and more. Although uncertain, I have had a warning bell go up about UK-Afghan opium complicity. But I also had such bells go off aout Bush-petro complicity, with Bush’s oil and gas business linked (if not core) reasons behind overseas war ventures - more than one thing could be going on, in other words. As for Blair’s advice about all of us stepping in to help the friendly Afghans who worked with us, to support them as immigrants: Caution. First, no more large entries of immigrants, no matter who they are. Not for the USA, and strongly recommended not for the rest of western Europe. Hearing such language could be a red flag for a a ariety of reasons. “Help poor immigrants” can be calling card lingo. 2021/08/24 see Notes-Personal for this date Take Afghanistan seriously. My perception is that in the face of a blunder with Afghanistan and severe global persona implications, we need to think and operate on two fronts. Immediately get to the core of internal enemies, strategic detractors or negatively minded “go-alongers” Kamala Harris is one of them. There is something off about Lloyd Austin. These are just two. Pay heed to and follow the advise of military veterans. Don’t let the Taliban push the US around. Islamic extremists and secular militants see such things as soft, making it more likely they will become even more aggressive. 2021/08/21-22 See corresponding Notes News-2021/08/21-Mike Lindell Be cautious about Lindell, but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water - stay open and watchful Personal note on Mike Lindell: I don’t know what is going on with this individual, but have had intuitive warning bells go up after I initially shared link information to his symposium; there is a vibe that bothers me: I feel the blatant pillow ads come across as cheesy and crass - I received texts to my phone after signing on to his mailing list - there is something shaky in his persona; he might be trying to come across as charming to an older crowd (several Trump supporters, although not all, are near retirement age or older); it’s hard to believe political whistleblowing when it is accompanied by flashy attention dominating commercial ads - this could be unintentional, or a satire by higher ups designed to sabotage any real truths in Lindell’s message; China or others could have coopted him;I have suspected he is conning and this is a scam operation, albeit a crude one; if it is, he could be heading to prison soon; Trump’s presence in this makes you wonder-see note below; Lindell is using Christian fundamental language and shows a cross pin on his clothing. When the symposium started, I saw a little bit of it on China thru another website; what little I saw and heard seemed promising. I switched ove to frank website to try to get to the original source of the symposium and was flashed a window wanting certain contact info to get in. Later I realized the symposium was not a fully public event. Awhile later- after a few days, I started getting ads for pillw material. I replied STOP. My suspicion is there could be a problem with this personal info given out. There could be some games being played, I had a feeling last night he could be suicided, he claims an attack at a South Dakota hotel, I am not interested in seeing this man landed imperious violent justice. In addition I would not totally blow off the China hacking conspiracy theory - stay open to the possibilities - but Lindell is probably not the best man to cover such topics. ALso we probably need to consider Minnesota ties to him, and whether Radical Islam and militant Black Muslims could be pulling strings. WHether from that corner or not, Islamic groups could feel threatened by China and could be using others, including Americans, to fight their battles for them against China. Both China and Radical Islam/Blacks should be considered suspect and dangerous in these matters. So when you see negative press on Lindell, consider the source. Think both, Lindell could be a jerk and also linked to valid information in one way or another. Also consider whether photos of Trump near Lindell or “circles of blacks” who seem pro-Trump are real photos. 2021/08/20 On Afghanistan Rapid Pull-Out: If this is as it seems, compounded by other issues like possible coverups by the Democrats over the White House Jan. 6 Riots and real evidence of election fraud, it could be a valid reason for impeachment Kamala Harris is a key component behind the problem -follow Southeast Asia*, Asia, Haiti, Caribbean trajectories involving this individual -Harris likely has a psychological component from adolescence feeling the USA owes her - old race grievance i issues - created a power grab ego *SE Asia: Southeast Asia constitutes: 1-Indonesia - largest and most populous 2-Singapore 3-Thailand 4-Vietnam 5-Cambodia 6-Laos 7-Malaysia 8-Philippines 9-Brunei 10-East Timor 11-Myanmar 2021/08/19 Jan 6 Riots section added, see “Circle of Blacks 2021/08/18 I am reminding people to check the China’s Police State section regularly. Although the Border section was the focus before that, I have shifted to spending more time on Chinese intrusions and influences in our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN 2021/08/11 As I have indicated many times, I suspect psychic and/or psychotronic attack has entered our personal lives through the gadgets we use daily. I also suspect it could be “in the air” (like electromagnetics) with more prevalence and intensity around certain city sectors. I think high intensity areas like Portland, Oregon could be worse than others, and that it currently could be following the trajectory of the Chinese, Black Lives Matter and “antifa” movement there. I feel one of the red flags a household is under attack is that family members who used to be fairly normal start sounding like Black Lives Matter members, using same speech/ideas. Communication is flat and non-nuanced, one-sided, high emotion linked to communication blocks if you don’t play it their way. I am considering whether we are actually talking to the family member and not a member of the Chinese Communist Party or Black LIves Matter movement. 2021/08/09-10-11 See Notes-News for this date-Pj Media article Suggested Focus JAN 6 RIOTS and aftermath still need to be investigated o [added 08/11] US Capitol Police Officer Harry A. Dunn - Dunn needs to be investigated o Alleged or real suicides CHINA*: Investigate Wuhan Lab issue and also Chinese intrusions. o Fauci’s wife also needs to be investigated o American banks with Red Chinese employees o American Political leaders linked to Chinese See Stop BLM link to BLM riots Kamala Harris’ husband law firm *Example of nuanced discussion on what to do about China: See Notes-News-2021/08/09-10 Brookings article OREGON Support getting Portland back to normal, and then some (it is still considered an emergency state in Aug 2021) o abandon-strategy-to-bring-law Support conservative and other governors, Senators and Representatves fighting border/illegal alien issues o Continue to help border states Arizona, Calif, NM and Texas Anti-trust responses to large corporations must continue but don’t get sucked into antifa, BLM, European Union, Chinese etc antics, there are semantics plays, one player might want to break things up to put in their own gig 2021/08/02 A few scattered notes Illegal immigrants released into public domain might be going here: private and govt run campgrounds; McDonald’s fast food jobs; street corners holding homeless or help signs; mechanics shops lube/tire service. Extensive family groups: At campgrounds, certain groups might spread out across more than one tent site and tend to be noisy and invasive of the space of other campers: constant chatter among family members, looking around at and watching other campers. Car doors need to be locked if you leave your site Gang members or small personal crime networks can run strings from hourly jobs. Hispanic culture can lend itself to doing this in a certain way, and some of it can be machismo related. It can include retaliation and picking on someone deemed with money and/or vulnerable.
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