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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-40 Index of August News Clips 2021/08/27 Rep. Andrew Clyde and others’ warning to Biden about Afghanistan Two articles from his .gov website Taliban - China: material added to Chinese sect: Article in Gandhara-2021/07/20 Explainer: Why Is China Talking To The Taliban? By Reid Standish Recent Taliban Takeover of Kabul Airport Attack 2021/08/26 Video re: current amnesty bill 2021/08/24-25 Afghanistan 2021/08/21-22 o Mike Lindell o See new section Legislation, Bills Recent-Borders, Amnesty, China, etc. o Transgender, China 2021/08/20 Let’s fire the fake White House admin o Impeach BIden and Trump - Newsmax-2021/08/20 o Harris as a “diversity hire” RT-2021/08/18 o Townhall-2021/08/.18 2021/08/09-10 o Brookings -2021/01/25 Getting the China Challenge Right o PJ Media-2021/08/08 Portland police allegedly didn’t help pastor o Truist Bank could be blocking customers who are conservatives; Chinese from China work at Truist Bank in America-a link? 2021/08/06 Jacobin-2018/11/26 article El Chapo and the Narco-Spectacle 2021/08/04 o ( June 2021) Book Breaking Blue: Real Life by Sean "Sticks" Larkin o Capitol Riots 4th alleged or real suicide o Real Clear Politics-2021/08/04 article on history of racism among Democrats ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE NEWS 2021/08/27 Chinese-Taliban Connection; Recent Taliban takeover of Kabul; see p61-China-General; Rep. Andrew Clyde’s warning to Biden on Aug. 16, 2021 Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Republican See also: Legislation/Political Leaders/Andrew Clyde-Georgia-Controversy “We left our British allies at their embassy in Kabul behind and have seen a total collapse of foreign policy that will cost us our allies’ trust in our guarantees.” see Clyde House Biden Crisis below Two articles from Representative Andrew Clyde’s governmental website that are worth reading: 2021/08/18 Biden’s Crisis of Competence 2021/08/16 Rep. Clyde joins 35 Freshman Colleagues on letter to President Biden on the current si tuation in Afghanistan* See excerpted material below president-biden-current *2021/08/16 Rep. Clyde joins 35 Freshman Colleagues on letter to President Biden on the current situation in Afghanistan current Excerpt: We write today as members of the House Republican Freshman Class to express our deep concern with the rapidly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and to highlight the plight of Americans and the many Afghans who worked alongside U.S. forces and have still not been evacuated. While we may be new to Congress, the complete lack of leadership and direction that has come from your administration in the midst of this ongoing crisis has not been lost on us. For nearly twenty years, brave Americans - several of whom are represented in our Freshman Class - have served in harm’s way in Afghanistan. The primary goal of our nation’s mission in Afghanistan has always been to prevent the region from being a safe haven for terrorists who seek to violently attack our nation and our way of life, as it was on September 11, 2001. Over the course of our nation’s military operations in Afghanistan, our service members and intelligence professionals have succeeded in preventing the many terrorist threats emanating out of Afghanistan from becoming a reality. The world has undoubtedly been a safer place because of the efforts to deny terrorist groups the ability to use Afghanistan as a base of operations. As you oversee the final withdrawal from Afghanistan, we call on your administration to urgently prioritize the evacuation of American citizens, security of the airfield, and the evacuation of loyal Afghans who served alongside U.S. forces. We must safely and expeditiously get Americans and our Afghan partners out of harm’s way. Leaving Afghan allies behind would almost certainly seal their fate and would have harmful and lasting repercussions for our nation that cannot be overlooked. With these grave concerns in mind, we ask that you provide a briefing to Congress as soon as possible on your administration’s plan to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. We would also ask that you brief our members on your plan going forward to prevent terrorists from capitalizing on the instability in Afghanistan. As members of Congress, we also need to understand how and why your administration had such a poor grasp of the situation on the ground in Afghanistan. The American people and our nation’s veterans who served in Afghanistan deserve to have a full accounting of the diplomatic, defense, and intelligence failures that led to the crisis we are witnessing today. current Month old article important despite recent takeovers of Kabul 2021/07/20 Explainer: Why Is China Talking To The Taliban? By Reid Standish [8/27/21 extracted from internet] Takeover of Kabul CNBC 2021/08/16World leaders react as the Taliban take Kabul. By Silvia Amaaro ABC News 2021/08/15 Taliban sweep into Afghan capital after government collapses The Taliban swept into Afghanistan’s capital after the embattled president joined the exodus of his fellow citizens and foreigners 79473491 Airport Attack Foreign Policy 2021/08/26 The Taliban Are Far Closer to the Islamic State Than They Claim The terror group behind the Kabul attacks has close ties to the Haqqani network. By Sajjan M. Gohel, Fox News 2021/08/26 Republicans slam Biden after suicide attack at Kabul airport, at least 4 Marin By Emma Colton, Hou Republicans are slamming the Biden administration’s handling of Afghanistan after a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport killed at least 10 U.S. service members and wounded dozens more. "Mr. President, fix the mess you created. Stop running from it. We are still at war. You didn’t ‘end the war,’ you just gave the enemy new advantage. Go on offense, establish superiority, and don’t leave until all our citizens and allies are safe," Rep. Dan Crenshaw tweeted in response to the violence. Times of San Diego 10 Marines, 1 Navy Corpsman Among Service Members Killed in Kabul Airport Suicide Bombing. By Editor killed-in-kabul-airport-suicide-bombing/ 2021/08/26 Regarding Current Amnesty Bill Referencing this video [thanks to info about it from Alipac] Levin & Miller Warn Democrat Amnesty for illegals in Budget will displace GOP voters 2021/08/26 J.D. Vance Speaks Out Against Importation of Afghan Refugees and Chain Migration. By Evan James Ohio Senate candidate and author J.D. Vance has spoken out against the importation of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the wake of the United States’ disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Vance recently appeared on Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino’s Newsmax TV program to discuss the issue. “I really think people are radically underappreciating what this means,” he said. “60,000 Afghan refugees completely unvetted, you’re going to get a lot of bad people in that group.” Vance added that the United States’ permitting of chain migration could significantly boost that figure. “Those 60,000 people could eventually lead to four or five per refugee. So 60,000 could become 400,000 really quickly. And our country’s just not prepared for this.” Vance then raises the classic America First question—“Does this serve the interests of the American people?”—and answers in the negative. “Yes, help people, but you can help people by putting them in our overseas bases or with overseas allies. They don’t need to come here.” Watch: Ohio War Room @OhioWarRoom JD Vance: "Because of...chain migration...those 60,000 people could eventually lead to 4 or 5 per refugee. So 60,000 could become 400,000 really quickly. Our country's just not prepared for this...we have to ask the question, does this serve the interest of the American people?" 2021/08/24-25 (see Notes-Personal 2021/08/24 for this date) AFGHANISTAN added 2021/08/25 Tony Blair’s important message - Tony Blair Former Prime Minister of Great Britain Institute Global-Tony Blair 2021/08/2 1 Tony Blair: Why We Must Not Abandon the People of Afghanistan – For Their Sakes and Ours ours Excerpts: If it matters, you go through the pain. Even when you are rightly disheartened, you can't lose heart completely. Your friends need to feel it and your foes need to know it. In terms of UK and American time spent in Afghanistan: Read the excellent summary of what we got right and wrong from General Petraeus in his New Yorker interview For Britain and the US, these questions are acute. The absence of across-the-aisle consensus and collaboration and the deep politicisation of foreign policy and security issues is visibly atrophying US power. And for Britain, out of Europe and suffering the end of the Afghanistan mission by our greatest ally with little or no consultation, we have serious reflection to do. We don’t see it yet. But we are at risk of relegation to the second division of global powers. Maybe we don’t mind. But we should at least take the decision deliberatively. ours Earlier 2021/08/24 Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Texas, Republican: Politico 2021/08/24 ‘We will kill you’: Congressman says U.S. should reject Taliban threats over Aug. 31 deadline “We need to send a very clear message to the Taliban: We're not negotiating about our deadline,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw said. By Daniel Han Excerpt: Crenshaw has been a harsh critic of America’s withdrawal from the country. The Texas congressman has argued that keeping a small presence is necessary for stability in the region, and that American troops should try to retake airbases in the country. Washington Examiner 2021/08/18 'Greatest debacle that NATO has seen’: Biden stuns allies with Afghanistan mistakes expected of Trump by Joel Gehrke, Foreign Affairs Reporter Excerpt: “In implementing this flawed plan, I am disappointed that the Biden administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid U.S. withdrawal,” said Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, on Tuesday. “The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will continue fulfilling its oversight role with a hearing on U.S. policy towards Afghanistan, including the Trump administration’s flawed negotiations with Taliban, and the Biden administration’s flawed execution of the U.S. withdrawal.” New York Post 2021/08/14 Rep Michael Waltz warns of Al Qaeda resurgence amid Taliban takeover. By Samuel Chamberlain The Taliban holds a significant number of providences in Afghanistan. US intelligence believes that the capital city of Kubal will be attacked in 30 days. Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.), a US Army Reserve officer who made multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan, warned Friday that Al Qaeda will come “roaring back” as a result of the looming takeover of that country by the Taliban. “You’re going to see Al Qaeda 3.0,” Waltz told Fox News’ “Hannity.” “They are going to come roaring back,” Waltz said. “You’re going to see a repeat of when Obama pulled out of Iraq far too soon, quickly and irresponsibly, and ISIS came surging in. We saw a caliphate the size of Indiana and attacks across the West. You’re going to see that again.” Waltz spoke as the Taliban continued its offensive across the Afghan countryside Friday, taking four more provincial capitals — including Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, where American, British and NATO forces fought some of the bloodiest battles of the Afghan War two decades ago. 2021/08/21 Mike Lindell (native to Minnesota) New York Post 2021/08/13 Pillow fight: Mike Lindell says he was ‘attacked’ at his election fraud symposium By Joshua Rhett Miller Excerpt: in hopes of attracting hundreds of “forensic experts” to confirm his claims that voting machines were hacked to change votes intended for Trump to President Biden in November. But Lindell’s top cyber expert admitted Wednesday they couldn’t prove China hacked the election, the Washington Times reported. 2021/05/26 MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell booted from GOP Conference. By Sam Raskin Excerpt: …Following a visit to the White House with then-President Trump in January, his product was dropped by several major retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond…indell, a Donald Trump supporter, tried to attend a Republican Governors Association’s spring meeting in Nashville — but he was kicked out because he’s not a member of the organization, according to Politico. “These events are for RGA members, and Mike Lindell is not currently an RGA member,” an anonymous Republican governors group official told the outlet. he outspoken Trump ally has attended such conferences in the past, including the winter 2020 one in his native Minnesota, according to reports. Business Insider 2021/08/07 Newsmax reporter pickets Fox News for its refusal to air Mike Lindell's ads promoting his symposium on unproven election-fraud claims. By Zahra Tayeb* [Note from PF on above article : Watch for language like this, possible evidence of “calling card lingo”: “An ally of former President Donald Trump, Lindell has been a leading voice in spreading conspiracies theories about the election being "stolen" despite no evidence of voter fraud. “ See writer name info below *Zahra Tayeb Family name origins & meanings Muslim : from the Arabic female personal name Zahrā’, feminine of Azhar ‘bright’, ‘brilliant’, ‘radiant’. Zahrā’ is an epithet of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad. See new section Legislation, Bills, Litigation Recent-Borders, Amnesty, China, etc. 2021/08/20 RT 2021/08/18 Kamala Harris’ role in Afghan fiasco does little to dispel the idea she was a ‘diversity hire’By Micah Curtis afghanistan-collapsed-40878/ Townhall 2021/08/18 Why Kamala Harris Will Have a Very Hard Time Selling Her Pre-planned Message for Asia Trip. Leah selling-this-message-on-her-asia-visit-n2594332 Excerpt: Tobias Ellwood, who chairs the Defense Committee in the British Parliament, News Max 2021/08/20 Fred Fleitz: Biden and Harris Must be Impeached for Endangering U.S. National Security. By Fred Fleitz. 2021/08/09-10 SYMPOSIUM august-10-12-starting-9-central-sioux-falls-south-dakota/ Brookings dot edu 2021/01/25 Getting the China Challenge Right. David Dollar and Ryan Hass Excerpts extracted out of order by PF: For the United States, China is a partner, competitor, and challenger all at the same time…What makes the relationship especially complicated is the need to work closely with China on some issues while countering it in other domains. The Trump administration had an incoherent and inconsistent policy toward China that failed to deliver on its promises So while it will be tempting to try to decouple from China, decoupling is a losing strategy down the road since America’s partners would not follow suit, and the U.S. would end up isolated. …the U.S. needs to counter China’s assertiveness with its neighbors through a strong military presence and call out China for its undermining and violations of international rules and norms. PJ Media 2021/08/08 Where Is Your God Now?' Portland Cops Do NOTHING as Antifa Attacks Prayer Event Led by Persecuted Christian Pastor. By Victoria Taft. nothing-as-antifa-attacks-prayer-event-led-by-persecuted-christian-pastor- n1467987?utm_source=pjmedia&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&news Excerpt: Portland police watched as antifa bear-sprayed parents and their kids, lobbed “flash bombs” into the sparse crowd, and reportedly threw the group’s sound equipment into the Willamette River. This being Portland, police didn’t arrest antifa members for polluting the river, much less attacking people. Portland’s police bureau has been defunded by at least $15 million and there’s been a mass exodus of officers retiring or going to places where the rule of law is observed. As a result of antifa and BLM attacks on (the defunded) police, Portland is now awash in violent crime and on course to break records for shootings. nothing-as-antifa-attacks-prayer-event-led-by-persecuted-christian-pastor- n1467987?utm_source=pjmedia&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl_pm&news Alipac [Note from PF: please note the yellow hi-lited area “Chinese style Social Credit Score” 2021/08/04 Truist Bank cancels accounts conservative groups Excerpt: "Truist claims this is not credit-related because we would have the right to face our accusers and their specific allegations under credit laws," said William Gheen ( , lifelong BB&T customer, and Spokesperson for ( . "Truist Bank has made a big mistake, or is listening to left-wing political organizations who lie and resent ALIPAC's success in stopping illegal immigrant benefit bills in 30 states and Amnesty in DC several times since 2004. This may be the new unregulated clandestine social credit score we've been reading articles about ( system?rl=1&mc_cid=e2e31842dc&mc_eid=UNIQID) designed to mimic the Communist Chinese Social Credit System ( of political oppression here in America." When searching on the sentence Truist used to describe the reason for account cancelation ( ount+activity+is+not+consistent+with+the+intended+purpose+of+the+account%22&ia=web&mc_cid=e2e318 42dc&mc_eid=UNIQID) , ALIPAC discovered that the free speech platform ( 's founder Andrew Torba apparently received the same cancel culture letter from Truist in July. ALIPAC has a sponsoring profile page on GAB ( . Truist Bank Chinese connection Linked In dot com Zhen (Jane) Wu Data Scientist II at Suntrust now Truist Atlanta Metropolitan Area Excerpt of bio/resume Teacher of Finance Beijing Union University Feb 2014 - Jun 20145 months Beijing, China Teach a 3 credit Finance course during the spring semester. • Created syllabus for the 4 months course work. • Taught 22 international undergraduate students 3 hours a week, conducted quizzes, exams, and a team project. China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Graphic Banking Supervisor China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) Jul 2009 - Jul 20134 years 1 month China CBRC is the professional bureau who supervises the banking industry all over China standing for Chinese government. When a bank is operating, it faces many risks, like credit risk, operating risk, market risk, legal risk, system risk, and other risks. If risks cannot be mitigated, it may cause loss, recession or even bankruptcy to a bank and negative impacts to clients and society. Started as a member of a banking supervisory team, was promoted to team leader after 12 months. Supervised… Show more Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Graphic Trainee in Dept. of Credit Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Feb 2010 - Jun 20105 months Taian, China As a practical training before working as a banking supervisor: • Worked in the department that made lending assessments. • Determined whether to lending money to borrowers. • Learned factors to be considered to determine if a business or individual borrower has the ability to pay back the loans. I.e., for business borrowers, inspected their financial statements, their internal trading practices, considered their industry and operating environments. • Gained a deep understanding of… Standard Chartered Bank Graphic Intern in Dept. of Financial Institutions Standard Chartered Bank Feb 2008 - May 2008 4 months Beijing, China Worked as a full-time intern, • Collected useful data and news about domestic and foreign banks located in mainland China. • Composed the daily news letter about most important events related to Standard Chartered Bank(China). • Used MS Excel to organize large amount of data, to identify specific indicators useful for the department. • Used critical thinking to improve the structure of the newsletter to make it much more reader friendly. • Created a template that was greatly… China and Banks CNN 2015/08/04 China now runs 4 of the world's 5 biggest banks. by Ananya Bhattacharya New York Times 2015/07/26 China’s Global Ambitions, Cash and Strings Attached. By Clifford Krauss and Keith Bradsher strings-attached.html 2021/08/06 Jacobin 2018/11/26 article El Chapo and the Narco-Spectacle Excerpt: The cartel story — in which small-time traffickers get together and through entrepreneurial verve, mafia ethics, and unchecked violence build massively rich, highly centralized, vertically integrated drug cartels — is one that has long fascinated us. The trouble is, this cartel story is not just wrong — it’s the first lie of the war on drugs. …The truth, then, is not that an organization like Sinaloa is leaderless or unorganized — it’s that drug trafficking is flexible and adaptable, mutating to meet market opportunities and challenges. Rather than a pyramid-shaped “cartel,” a drug trafficking organization is more like a loose network of nodes, stretching across the supply chain from source countries to consumption markets — and in a country like Mexico, there are many such networks, sometimes overlapping and sometimes fracturing in territory and allegiance. This means that when one node is removed, new actors quickly move to fill it, often battling for the privilege with spectacularly violent results. 2021/08/04 Book: (2021) Breaking Blue: Real Life Stories of Cops Falsely Accused by Sean "Sticks" Larkin Epoch Times article found sourced on State of the Nation article State of the Nation: 4th Police Officer Who Was At Jan. 6 Capitol Breach Dies By Suicide. 4th Police Officer Who Was At Jan. 6 Capitol Breach Dies By Suicide Authored by Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times, The Epoch Times. Police Officer Who Responded to Jan. 6 Capitol Breach Dies by Suicide. By Zachary Stieber. CAPITOL RIOTS ALLEGED OR REAL SUICIDES BY POLICE Alleged or actual suicides of police officers State of the Nation passing on The Epoch Times Article below 2021/08/03 Were all of these Capitol police suicided because of their knowledge/involvement of the Democrat conspiracy to fake an insurrection on Jan. 6? Most recent -- July 10 4) KYLE DEFREYTAG, Age 26 Names involved: Chief Robert J. Contee III by MPD spokesman Hugh Carew Metropolitan Police Officer Kyle DeFreytag, 26, was said to have died on July 10 from suicide. The confirmation from the MPD of DeFreytag’s suicide came just hours after 43-year-old Gunther Hashida was confirmed to have died by suicide. 3) GUNTHER HASHIDA, Age 43 The confirmation from the MPD of DeFreytag’s suicide came just hours after 43-year-old Gunther Hashida was confirmed to have died by suicide. 2) JEFFREY SMITH One of the alleged or real suicides attack_3674386.html 1) HOWARD LIEBENGOOD--Jan. 9 US Capitol Police Announce Death of Off-Duty Officer By Jack Phillips January 10, 2021 ON 1619 PROJECT Real Clear Investigations 2021/08/04 1619 Project, Touted as Racial Reckoning, Ignores Democratic Party Racism. By Mark Hemingway. cratic_party_racism_788351.html