Notes News Backlog-41 2021 SEPTEMBER
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-41 Index of September News Clips o 2021/09/28 Sinaloa cartel: Alleged Mexican drug cartel boss charged in California in past week; ABQ o 2021/06/15 “Compromised” Cops Create Liabilities. By Tierna Unruh-Enos o 2021/09/22 Alleged Mexican drug cartel boss charged in California; o ABQ-2021/06/15 “Compromised” Cops Create Liabilities. By Tierna Unruh-Enos 2021/09/24-25 Here is some activity from political leaders 2021/09/22 Wisconsin Rep Mike Gallagher’s stance on Wujan, China, CCP 2021/09/20 ALIPAC: Major blow to Dem illegal alien Amnesty budget bill plan 2021/09/19 US healthcare cyberattacks o Washington Examiner-2021/09/07 o Healthcare Finance News-2019/09/17 2021/09/17 IED related enemy bank funding - vets suing banks 2021/09/16 Afghanistan former commander Gen. Miller didn’t want pull-out; o Milley’s suspicious calls to China (some say taken out of context) 2021/09/14-15 Serious Recall Demands against Governor Newsom - California 2021/09/11 o 9/11 Information o Current police leaders at FPD (Farmington, New Mexico Police Dept) o Current Input on Afghanistan’s tumultuous terrorist situation 2021/09/09 copy of letter from Senator Ben Luján 2021/09/04 “Play it Safe”: Vetting (checking out) Afghan refugees - Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz and other political leaders speaking out 2021/09/01 Flood of Illegal Immigrants issue goes back years ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE NEWS 2021/09/28 Sinaloa cartel: Alleged Mexican drug cartel boss charged in California in past week; ABQ 2021/06/15 “Compromised” Cops Create Liabilities. By Tierna Unruh-Enos Yahoo 2021/09/22 Alleged Mexican drug cartel boss charged in California. AP on Yahoo Excerpt/Summary: Sinaloa cartel-top lieutenant-Sergio Valenzuela-charged…Valenzuela was designated as a narcotics trafficker under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. Valenzuela was a “plaza boss" who oversaw a major drug trafficking corridor that shipped “multi-ton quantities" of illegal drugs across the border, and he reported directly to the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, a treasury department statement alleged. The smuggling route includes the Mexican city of Nogales and a city of the same name across the border in Arizona, the U.S. attorney's office said…The alleged cartel leader, Ismael Zambada Garcia, is charged in a separate San Diego indictment and also remains a fugitive, the U.S. attorney's office said. ABQ 2021/06/15 “Compromised” Cops Create Liabilities. By Tierna Unruh-Enos Police Agencies May Be Ignoring Compromised Officers to Fill Vacancies 2021/09/24-25 Here is some activity from political leaders on China, (Wujan) COVID-19 origins Afghanistan, borders, immigration; impeaching Biden 2021/099/25: Biden Impeachment proceedings section started Earlier material on 9/24: Rep. Crenshaw - Texas-Republican - Combat Veteran Topics: Afghanistan Pull-Out; Border Protection; Illegal immigration to-dictate-our-foreign-policy/vi-AANm7gz Note: Rep. Crenshaw has had eye surgery on the other unpatched eye recently 25a3434d027497fb2e5a8c82074c74b9#:~:text=Crenshaw%20says%20he%20has%20undergone%20surgery%20on% 20his,eye%20was%20detaching.%20%28Chip%20Somodevilla%2FPool%20via%20AP%2C%20File%29 Excerpt: HOUSTON (AP) — Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Texas Republican, said Saturday that he has undergone eye surgery and will be virtually sightless for a month. Crenshaw, 37, is a Navy veteran who lost his right eye and suffered damage to his left eye in 2012 when a homemade bomb exploded when he was deployed to Afghanistan. “The blast from 2012 caused a cataract, excessive tissue damage, and extensive damage to my retina,” Crenshaw said in a statement. “It was always a possibility that the effects of the damage to my retina would resurface, and it appears that is exactly what has happened.” Rep. Mike Gallagher - Wisconsin - Republican - Combat Veteran China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, TIbet, COVID-19 Wujan cover-ups Rep. Mark Green Afghanistan - Afghan vetting process Sen. Ted Cruz - Texas-Republican Afghanistan-Afghan vetting process Rep Bryan Steil -Wisconsin - Republican the Exposing the Financing of Human Trafficking Act, leading an effort to ensure Iran never obtains a nuclear weapon and enforce U.S. sanctions on European countries that trade with Iran. Sen. Ron Johnson - Wisconsin - Republican Borders and national security See: illegal-immigration-surge-this-is-a-national-security-threat Rep. Mike Waltz - Florida - Republican - Combat Veteran Afghanistan Pull-Out An alternative view of Mike Waltz: Rep. Steve Scalise -Louisiana - Republican Calling for hearings into the origins of the coronavirus Rep. James Comer, R-KY House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member Calling for hearings into the origins of the coronavirus 2021/09/22-24 Wisconsin Rep Mike Gallagher’s stance on Wujan, China, CCP See also: 64-China Wuhan; Legislation-China Townhall 2021/06/23 UPDATE: The Chinese Communist Party Goes After a Sitting Member of Congress, and He Responds in the Best Way. By Rebecca DownsRebecca Downs by-the-chinese-communist-par-n2591493 Excerpt: In a statement provided to Townhall, Rep. Gallagher said: I "couldn't help but notice that the Wolf Warriors deleted their tweets after I called out their lacking geography skills. It's start, but if they really want to make it up to Wisconsin, they can delete their claims on Taiwan, the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang." On Wednesday, a sitting member of Congress, along with the entire state of Wisconsin, was targeted by the Chinese Communist Party over Twitter. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijan, tweeted that Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), who has been one of the most vocal members of Congress to call out the CCP over the coronavirus, should "go to Fort Detrick, just an hour's drive from Wisconsin." by-the-chinese-communist-par-n2591493 Fox News [[this article is also shown in Notes-News-2021/09/22; China-Articles-More Detail] 2021/06/20 Rep. Mike Gallagher: Truth on COVID, China – here's why world needs answers about what happened at Wuhan: We have spent the last 18 months witnessing China’s Chernobyl in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic. Opinion by Rep. Mike Gallagher https //www foxnews com/opinion/truth-covid-china-wuhan-origin-us-rep-mike-gallagher Excerpt: This leads to the second reason for investigating the origins of the virus. American taxpayer dollars may have played a role in funding this dangerous gain-of-function research at the WIV. For example, a new report reveals that the WIV’s Dr. Shi Zhengli (known as the "Bat Woman" for her research on bat coronaviruses) listed more than $1.2 million in U.S. government support from 2014-2019 on her CV, and a 2017 paper she co-authored, which described experiments involving modified or "chimeric" bat coronaviruses, acknowledges funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the US Agency for International Development. The EcoHealth Alliance run by Peter Daszak – the foremost critic of the lab-leak hypothesis and only American allowed on the WHO investigative team – worked closely with Dr. Shi and received over $30 million from the Defense Department, $2.5 million from USAID, and $1 million from an initiative the Department of Homeland Security calls the "Ground Truth Network," which paid a network of scientists to "contextualize information pertaining to biological events." The U.S. Intelligence Community released a statement in April 2020 concurring with the "wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified." https //www foxnews com/opinion/truth-covid-china-wuhan-origin-us-rep-mike-gallagher 2021/09/20 ALIPAC 2021/09/20 09:13 PM Major blow to Dem illegal alien Amnesty budget bill plan 388427/?mc_cid=e204b65467&mc_eid=UNIQID Senate parliamentarian blocks Dems from including amnesty in budget-reconciliation bill Washington Times - Updated: 8:37 p.m. on Sunday, September 19, 2021 Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled that providing a pathway to legal status and citizenship for about 8 million illegal immigrants is not a budget-related matter, making it ineligible for the “reconciliation” process. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) Washington Times 2021/09/19 The woman in charge of enforcing the Senate’s rules reportedly won’t let Democrats put an amnesty for illegal immigrants into their budget-reconciliation bill. By Victor Morton https //www washingtontimes com/news...onough-blocks/ Excerpt: According to a report Sunday evening in Politico, Elizabeth MacDonough ruled that providing a pathway to legal status and citizenship for about 8 million immigrants who are in the country illegally is not a budget-related matter, making it ineligible for the reconciliation process. Budget reconciliation requires only a simple majority to pass, which the Democrats have a hope of mustering on the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill, rather the 60-vote threshold to overcome a Republican filibuster. The decision marks a severe blow to Democrats’ hopes of passing an amnesty bill, since they have slim-to-no chance of getting 60 votes on that as a standalone issue. Democrats had argued that providing legal permanent status to Dreamers, essential workers, farmworkers and those with Temporary Protected Status would have an impact on the federal budget and thus can be put into the reconciliation bill — an argument Ms. MacDonough didn’t buy. https //www washingtontimes com/news...onough-blocks/ 2021/09/19 Health care cyber attacks 2021/09/19 Washington Examiner-2021/09/07 US healthcare system vulnerable to cyberattacks, leaving patients at risk: Incidents increase 55% in 2020. By David Hogberg Healthcare Finance News 2019/09/17 Hospitals face rising risk of sophisticated cyberattacksTo date, attacks have led to patient data being exposed; Going forward, attackers will seek to disrupt hospitals' operations, Moody's says. By Mark Blimek cyberattacks#:~:text=Small%20hospitals%20that%20lack%20resources%20and%20modern%20technology,for %20cyberattacks%20that%20could%20greatly%20damage%20hospitals%27%20finances. 2021/09/18 Fox News 2021/09/16 No. Humans are not Infrastructure. Changing the Country in order to win elections for Democrats. Illegal immigration is “human infrastructure” Massey. “Essential WOrkers.” Green Cards. “Dreamers” Any illegal alien under the age of 18. Tucker: This Biden policy means many more young Americans will die 2021/09/17 PROBLEMS WITH BANKS AND/OR CREDIT CARD COMPANIES. Also see Notes Personal-2021/09/17 Consider the Consumer dot com [Note from PF on article below: Use caution on the information about legal relief for IED victims following article - doublecheck with other reliable resources, and check with a knowledgeable attorney before getting one’s hopes up; This might or might not be accurate information for injured veterans] 2021/09/14 Injured U.S. Veterans From IED Attacs & Their Families Can Sue Select Top Banks For Funding The Terrorists…By Consider the Consumer sue-select-top-banks-for-funding-the-terrorists Excerpt: Special Coverage For IED Attacks: Injured U.S. Veterans And The Family Of Deceased Personnel Can File Cases And Receive Compensation Thanks To Federal Law Excerpt: Injuries and death are common, and many who are left with dealing with the consequences of war sometimes have a hard time grappling with their new situations. However, a fairly recent federal law can allow veterans and their families to sue entities that may have contributed to the injuries or death of military personnel while in Afghanistan or Iraq. To be specific, those people who got injured via an IED or improvised explosive device attack can receive possible compensation. As of writing, there were already around 200 injured veterans or the surviving family members of deceased military personnel that are able to receive monetary compensation from erring banks like HSBC, Commerzbank, Barclays,[French BNP] and others. 2021/09/16 Washington Examiner: 2021/09/14 Former commander of US forces Gen. Scott Austin Miller in Afghanistan disagreed with complete withdrawal, GOP senator says. By Mike Brest disagreed-complete- withdrawal?utm_source=Examiner%20Today_09/15/2021&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Examiner%20 Today&rid=24873386&env=1ded5d82a6d8c7ddad68cc9116b0dde6b1030a0c5fac32898bd6af58dd2d31e0 2021/09/16 Milley's checkered history: China, Afghanistan withdrawal, and CRT. By Sarah West crt?utm_source=Examiner%20Today_09/16/2021&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Examiner%20Today&ri d=24873386&env=1ded5d82a6d8c7ddad68cc9116b0dde6b1030a0c5fac32898bd6af58dd2d31e0 2021/09/14-15 GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM Serious Recall Demands against Governor Newsom - California added 2021/9/15 “The alleged heroin smuggling would fit in with Pelosi supporting the collapse of Afghanistan and illegal migration of drug cartel members.” See miningawareness below Newsom was not recalled, but he should have been - see this as one strong indicator: Excerpt: Below material is from: which references the following video: The article seems to have originated here: by Dan Walters, CalMatters, 1/6/19, UPDATED JULY 8, 2019 Dan Walters Excerpt: Dan Walters has been a journalist for nearly 60 years, spending all but a few of those years working for California newspapers. He began his professional career in 1960, at age 16, at the Humboldt Times and is also found in: Capolitical Review Walters: Gavin Newsom’s keeping it all in the family notes taken from Mining Awareness’s article to clarify the interconnections and mutual-feeding politics/wealth: the intertwining of the political families: Browns, the Newsoms, the Pelosis and the Gettys. SKI RESORT 1960s started for winter Olympics Governor Pat Brown awarded a concession for John Pelosi/William Newsom Later there was a feud over what to do with the resort between Pat Brown and Newsoms (William and William) The Reagan administration later bought out the Newsom concession. BROWNS Pat Brown San Francisco 1943 won DA position (help from W. Newsom); 1960s governor of California Developed Squaw Valley for 1960s winter Olympics (Dept of Parks and Recreation) Jerry Brown Jerry, reclaimed the governorship in 1974 NEWSOMS William Newsom businessman and close friend to Pat Brown, 1943 DA daughter - married a Pelosi - one of John Pelosi's sons William Newsom the younger: Governor Jerry Brown appointed the younger William Newsom, a personal friend and Gavin’s father, to a Placer County judgeship in 1975 and three years later to the state Court of Appeal. fter Newsom retired from the bench in 1995, he became administrator of Gordon Getty’s own trust, telling one interviewer, “I make my living working for Gordon Getty.” The trust provided seed money for the Plump Jack chain of restaurants and wine shops that Newson’s son, Gavin, and Gordon Getty’s son, Billy, developed, the first being in a Squaw Valley hotel. PELOSI John Pelosi Gov. Pat Brown awarded a concession for John Pelosi/William Newsom to operate Squaw Valley 1960s winter Olympics with Pat Brown and Sons: Paul - Married Nancy now Pelosi (Former D'Alesandro) Another son - Married William Newsom's daughter Nancy Pelosi Paul Pelosi, son of John Pelosi - Married Nancy now Pelosi (Former D'Alesandro) Until they divorced, that made Nancy Pelosi something like an aunt by marriage to Gavin Newson (Nancy Pelosi’s brother- in-law was Gavin Newsom’s uncle). GETTYS Current Governor Newsom is strongly linked to the Gettys, a very wealthy business family. Washington Examiner 2021/07/06 California legislator and harsh Newsom critic jumps into recall election Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley — who has toured the state with his recently published book, RECALL NEWSOM: The Case Against America’s Most Corrupt Governor — has already raised $100,000 since his announcement Tuesday morning. from 2021//9/14 Governor’s Illegal Immigrant Activity - Unfair to Americans Gov dot ca 2021/07/27Governor Newsom Signs Into Law First-in-the-Nation Expansion of Medi-Cal to Undocumented Californians Age 50 and Over, Bold Initiatives to Advance More Equitable and Prevention-Focused Health Care undocumented-californians-age-50-and-over-bold-initiatives-to-advance-more-equitable-and-prevention-focused- health-care/ Alipac 2021/08/18 Corrupt Gavin Newsom on Verge of Defeat Excerpt: The corrupt Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, is on the verge of defeat in the September 24 recall election. Newsom's position has been greatly weakened by the fall of corrupt Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and the imploding approval levels for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! These downward trends for Democrats decreases the chances they can or will pass Amnesty for illegals while increasing the chances their party gets clobbered in the 2022 midterms. This recall election in California is important to all of America because it could have a strong impact on corrupt Democrats in DC sneaking Amnesty for millions of illegals into the current reconciliation budget bill, and it could set the trend on which party wins in the 2022 midterms. While some designer polls are claiming he is safe, and the biased left-leaning bet manipulators at PredictIt are doing their best to create the illusion Newsom is in a strong position, the true polling says this race is very close. When the pro-Newsom anti-recall far-left New York Times says the race is a "Dead Heat," that means the recall supporters have the lead. (View latest polls HERE) In fact, even Gavin Newsom is admitting to his supporters in fundraising appeals that his top challenger, Larry Elder, is "only 2% points behind" him. While Gavin Newsom is campaigning against pandemic issues and "evil Republicans" aligned with Trump because those DIVISIVE issues help Democrats win in California and the 2022 elections, the pro-recall challengers are focusing on Democrat corruption, out of control violent crime, and open borders because Republicans win on those UNIFYING issues. The New American 2021/09/10As California Recall Looms on the Horizon, Grassroots Canvassing Efforts in Arizona Reveal More Evidence of Voter Fraud. By Annalisa Pesek reveal-more-evidence-of-voter-fraud/ The Hill 2021/09/08 Fears rise over disinformation in California's recall election. By Reid Wilson Excerpt: Newsom is spending lavishly on ads to juice Democratic turnout, and he’s also getting help from the biggest names in the party: Vice President Harris campaigned with him last Wednesday, and President Biden is due to do so Monday evening. Some are saying Larry Elder is a likely and viable replacement for Newsom; here is an alternative view of Elder: CNN 2021/08/28 California's women face a big problem with Larry Elder. By Kara Alaimo Earlier Material from BLM 20a Governors Blacks To start considering possible California governor corruption linked to executive-style COVID-19 resrtictions, read this from June 2020 about a lawsuit against California governor: Mercury News 2020/11/14 James Gallagher wins lawsuit against Gavin Newsom https //www mercurynews com/2020/11/14/james-gallagher-wins-lawsuit-against-gavin-newsom/ Now this about ties between Governor Newsom and California Big Bucks over masks meant for USA people: San Diego News Desk 2020/06/04 Governor Newsom’s Dubious Mask Deal Brings Corruption Concerns. By Michael Palomba https //www sandiegonewsdesk com/2020/06/governor-newsoms-dubious-mask-deal-brings-corruption- concerns/ Excerpt: Gov. Gavin Newsom made a $1.4 billion deal with BYD, a Chinese company, to produce N-95 masks. What’s weird about this situation is that BYD is an electric bus maker with no history of making masks. What’s even weirder is that the masks never came to fruition because they failed to meet national safety and health standards. The story begins in March with a different company. A deal was made with Blue Frame Medical LLC, a recently formed company made up of political consultants looking to cash in on the pandemic. Newsom facilitated a $456.9 million transaction with the company, wiring the funds in exchange for millions of masks. However, shortly after the transfer was initiated, the State Controller’s office got a call from the bank, notifying them that the account they were transferring to was opened just one day before. The state immediately requested its money back and began its search for a new company to produce masks. In April, a deal was struck with BYD, but the contract was kept hidden from legislators and the media. The California Globe has found “a trail of well-connected players” involved in the $1.4 billion mask deal. These players include: Mark Weideman: a prominent lobbyist who represents BYD. BYD’s automotive division contributed $40,000 to Newsom’s campaign Mark Weideman’s wife, Jennifer Wada: their marriage is not common knowledge even to many Sacramento insiders. Wada currently owns a government relations business Anthony Williams: prior to that owning a government relations business, Wada and a man named Anthony Williams were partners in a law firm: Wada, Williams Law Group. Anthony Williams is now Gov. Newsom’s Legislative Affairs Secretary. There are also links to Tom Steyer, the failed presidential candidate who also happens to be Newsom’s Economic Recovery Committee Chairman. According to California Globe, a source said the governor was able to pivot so quickly from the bad Blue Flame Medical deal to BYD because of the connections between Weideman, Wada, and Williams. https //www sandiegonewsdesk com/2020/06/governor-newsoms-dubious-mask-deal-brings-corruption- concerns/ Reuters 2020/02 US lawmaker calls for ouster of CIO of Calper. China ties: letter. By Alexandra Alper https //www reuters com/article/us-usa-china-calpers/u-s-lawmaker-calls-for-ouster-of-calpers-cio-over- china-ties-letter-idUSKBN206310 ABC 10 2019/07/02 California Governor Gavin Newsom accepted money from a convicted felon | PG&E Investigation PG and E 6 felonies [Note from PF: There is a strong anti-Governor Newsom bias in this article; the reporter (perhaps named Brandon) is obviously vehemently opposed to alleged felon-campaign funding of Newsom for $208,000] https //www youtube com/watch?v=IA2TuDHbxvA&list=PLdKhnwdZFa_pQUgOMfXXcAzpUlMa0dB4M&index=70 [Accessed 2020/12/14] 2021/09/11-12 HONORING VICTIMS of 09/11/2001 today: some input past and present; 2021/09/12 added PBS-2018/03/09 video Legislation- Recent: The September 11 Transparency Act of 2021, First presented in Senate by bipartisan group Menendez S. 2654: September 11 Transparency Act of 2021 Introd. 2021/08/05 Sponsor: New Jersey Senior Senator Robert Bob Menendez Senate dot gov 2021/08/05 MENENDEZ, SCHUMER, BLUMENTHAL, GILLIBRAND, BOOKER, MURPHY INTRODUCE SEPTEMBER 11TH TRANSPARENCY ACT. Sens. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) also sponsored the legislation. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.-08) will introduce companion legislation in the House of Representatives. introduce-september-11th-transparency-etc Washington Examiner [this article also listed below] 2021/08/06 9/11 families tell Biden to avoid memorials on anniversary unless Saudi Arabia documents are released. Mike Brest A day before the letter was released, a bipartisan group of senators announced legislation that they say would increase governmental transparency regarding federal 9/11 investigations. A companion bill is said to be coming in the House as well. Excerpt: The September 11 Transparency Act of 2021, if enacted, would require the Department of Justice, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Director of National Intelligence to consider declassifying key documents related to the 9/11 federal investigations. It does not specify individual documents that would be declassified; rather, the agencies would have to complete declassification reviews as laid out through their existing processes. The bill is molded from the declassification view of the Osama bin Laden raid that passed in Congress in 2014. This Year’s 9/11 Memorial NBC News dot com 2021/09/11 Biden marks 9/11 with visits to all three attack sites “These memorials are really important," Biden said at a stop in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. "But they’re also incredibly difficult for the people affected by them n1278591 Washington Examiner 2021/09/06 Son of 9/11 victim tells Biden not to come to Ground Zero for 20-year memorial ceremonies by Luke Gentile, Social Media Producer memorial-ceremonies AR Now 2021/08/18 9/11 Pentagon Memorial May Not Be Open to Public on 9/11 Due to COVID Protocols. By Matt Blitz covid-protocols/ Investigative, Judicial Material on 9/11 CBS News dot com 2021/08/28 Notebook tied to associate of 9/11 hijackers said to contain plane drawing, flight calculations BY CATHERINE HERRIDGE be-filed-in-case-against-saudi-arabia/ Disparate Hypothesis 2014/10/30 counterterror-chief-in-charge-of-the-osama-bin-laden-investigation/ The writer poses a question about John ONeill (See also PBS below), WTC head of security and former FBI Counterterror Chief: Excerpt: And while I was a bit taken at how quickly – and confidently – the fingers were pointing only hours after the 9/11 bombings, I was positively shaken by the first red flag that popped up. His name was John O’Neill – or more precisely, he is the seam that shows. Dated September 12, in a Washington Post article by Vernon Loeb, it was revealed that O’Neill, who died in his capacity as head of security for the World Trade Center, was also formerly the New York FBI Counterterror chief responsible for the investigation into Osama bin Laden. That could perhaps be written off as one of those freak synchronicities. There were the other items – reported quite blandly, in that “there’s nothing to see here, folks” tone – that gave me that sinking feeling. Apparently, O’Neill had a falling-out with the Ambassador to Yemen over his investigative style and was banned from returning there. But then there was that other nugget that I had trouble digesting – that O’Neill had resigned from a thirty-year career in the FBI “under a cloud” over an incident in Tampa – and then left to take up the security position at the WTC (only two weeks before!). counterterror-chief-in-charge-of-the-osama-bin-laden-investigation/ PBS 2018/03/09 Watching “The Looming Tower”? Meet the Real John O’Neill. By Patrice Taddonio Excerpt: When the Twin Towers fell on Sept. 11, 2001, among the thousands killed was the one man who may have known more about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda than any other person in America: John O’Neill. The FBI’s leading expert on Al Qaeda, O’Neill had sounded the alarm about the group’s threat to the United States long before 9/11. His story is dramatized as part of the new Hulu series, “The Looming Tower,” in which he’s played by Jeff Daniels. But you can meet the real John O’Neill in the classic FRONTLINE documentary The Man Who Knew — which is streaming online, for free, above. Fox News dot com 2021/09/07 9/11 mastermind, 4 other Guantanamo Bay detainees seen smiling during first group court appearance in 500 days. The detainees appeared in court together, smiling and in an apparently jovial mood, for the first time in 500 days. By Lucas Y. Tomlinson , Audrey Conklin Giant Bomb The Hill 2016/07/15 Congress publishes redacted 28 pages from 9/11 report. By Julian Hattem The Hill 2021/09/03 Biden signs executive order directing release of some 9/11 documents. BY BRETT SAMUELS 9-11-documents NSA Archive2 dot gwu dot edu 2006/09/27 On Clarke Memo of 2001/01/25 "A Comprehensive Strategy to Fight Al-Qaeda"? Rice versus Clinton on January 2001 Clarke MemoBush Administration's First Memo on al-Qaeda Declassified: January 25, 2001 Richard Clarke Memo: "We urgently need . . . a Principals level review on the al Qida network." Shadowproof 2011/06/13 DOD WHISTLEBLOWER: DOCUMENTS SHOW INTEL WITHHELD FROM 9/11 CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS. By Jeff Kaye congressional-investigators/ Excerpt: he Congressional inquiry, published in December 2002 as “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before And After The Terrorist Attacks Of September 11, 2001” (large PDF), never mentions the Asymmetrical Threat Division, called DO5 in government documents, or that JFIC was tracking Osama bin Laden, or perhaps most explosively, that multiple briefings were given on possible targeting by Al Qaeda, as early as summer 2000, of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Indeed, these buildings were considered the top targets by DO5, and the military intelligence analysts considered contacting WTC security and architectural/engineering staff, but held off, as Iron Man put it, “because of a command climate discouraging contact with the civilian community.” Briefings were given on DO5’s work to other elements at U.S. Joint Forces Command (parent command to JFIC and DO5), to CIA, DIA, NSA, NCIS, and other agencies. Iron Man listed some of the names of who received the briefings in his letter of complaint, but they are redacted in the declassified version provided to Truthout. The entire story and Iron Man’s documents are the subject of a new article at Truthout, authored by Jason Leopold and myself. Iron Man, a former deputy and then Acting Head of the Asymmetrical Threats Division, came forward for reasons of integrity, both professional and personal. Iron Man wrote to the IG in 2006: [etc…] congressional-investigators/ Victims Saved, Hero Dogs on 9/11 Today 2013/09/10 9/11 'hero dog' saved woman trapped in rubble for 27 hours. By Lilit Marcus Excerpt: Genelle’s story was one of several that inspired documentary producer Tanya Kelen. She decided to tell the story of some of the day’s heroes, who just so happened to have four legs and lots of fur. The special she produced, which aired Tuesday night on Animal Planet, spotlighted a number of incredible dogs, as well as the first responders, veterinarians and dog trainers who made their work possible. There were more than 300 specially trained search-and-rescue dogs at Ground Zero in the days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They helped find survivors in the rubble and, later, found trinkets like jewelry that could be returned to victims’ families. Still more canines served as therapy dogs, helping survivors and first responders cope with their emotional trauma. Washington Examiner 2021/09/10 9/11 anniversary: A conversation with the last survivor pulled from the wreckage by Washington Examiner Staff, from-the-wreckage?utm_campaign=article_rail&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=article_rail Youtube Video 9/11 - THE FOOTAGE THEY DIDN'T LET YOU SEE TWICE (9/11 2001 Documentary) [Note from PF: This is a possible CIA conspiracy theory site] FPD LEADERSHIP: Farmington, New Mexico Police Leadership Chief Steve Hebbe Deputy Chief Taft Tracy [Extracted from Internet on 2021/09/11] Afghanistan Terrorism Problem VOA News 2021/09/1 Would-be Foreign Fighters Dreaming of Afghanistan. By Jeff Seldin. Excerpt: Seemingly encouraged by the Taliban takeover following the departure of U.S. and NATO forces, terrorists in other parts of the world are talking about making the journey, counterterrorism officials and analysts say. 2021/09/09 copy of letter from Senator Ben Luján-see Notes Personal for this date Sept 7 2021 Dear -- Thank you for contacting my Washington, D.C. office. Keeping in contact with my constituents is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to engage with you on such an important topic. Immigration is a critical issue facing our state and our nation today. Living on the southern border, New Mexicans know the complexities of this issue firsthand. Unfortunately, our immigration system today is broken—our families, businesses, and economy suffer because our current system cannot effectively address the challenges that confront it daily. There is more we must do to strengthen our immigration system to provide immigrants with the dignity, respect, and opportunity they deserve. Throughout my time serving New Mexico, I have supported immigration reform efforts to ensure all New Mexicans are provided with the resources to live a healthy life and opportunities to succeed. Last Congress, I supported legislation like the Keep Families Together Act, the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, and the Central America Family Protection and Reunification Act. Here in the Senate, I was also proud to work with my colleagues to introduce the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. This long- awaited legislation keeps families together, and creates a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, including our Dreamers and farmworkers. It also includes provisions to help America’s economy recover and rebuild, modernize border security and our ports of entry, and address the root causes of migration from Central America. The diversity in our communities is remarkable, and throughout my time in Congress, I have fought to ensure equal treatment of all people regardless of immigration status. While we may sometimes disagree, please know that I value your input and weigh the thoughts and concerns of New Mexicans before every vote. Going forward, I will continue to work with my colleagues to create a system that is fair, just, and finds solutions to the unique problems facing New Mexico. Once again, thank you expressing your concerns on this important matter. I am humbled to begin serving New Mexico in the Senate and I look forward to being in contact with you. I hope you will consider keeping in contact with me by subscribing to my newsletter here. If you are looking for assistance navigating a federal agency, or would like to speak to a member of my staff in New Mexico, please visit my website here for more information. Sincerely, Ben Ray Luján United States Senator 2021/09/04 “Play it Safe”: Vetting issues involving Afghan refugees - political leaders speaking out Breitbart 2021/08/24 President Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies are importing many unvetted Afghans into Americans’ homeland — and the arrivals will likely get work permits and citizenship, say former officials at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). By Neil Munro KFoxTV [Note by PF: Yellow hilites added for emphasis] 2021/08/27 Cruz says he's concerned on Afghan refugees not properly vetted, allowed to leave facility. By Staff. Excerpt: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was in El Paso to participate in a roundtable with local business owners and took an aerial tour of the Doña Ana camp at Fort Bliss where Afghan refugees are being housed. This is a really difficult time for our country,” said Cruz. “What happened yesterday was horrific. Cruz said before any of the Afghan refugees come to the U.S., they need to be thoroughly vetted for security concerns. Cruz said he's concerned the Biden administration is bringing thousands of refugees from Afghanistan and not being properly vetted. Cruz said there already are nearly 3,000 refugees at the facility in Fort Bliss. The senator said Fort Bliss officials were told those refugees were vetted but Cruz stated that Fort Bliss is relying on the administration and on the State Department to engage in the vetting. Cruz said Fort Bliss leadership told him there was no security perimeter at the facility. He said there are no constraints to keep the refugees at the facility and said they are not being detained…He said the refugees can choose to leave at any moment. He said many are choosing to leave and said some of them are going to downtown El Paso. Cruz said if 10,000 refugees are placed at the facility those 10,000 refugees can choose to leave. Cruz said he does not have faith in the administration in the vetting process of the refugees due to the failures taking place in Kabul. “There are many people who I believe assisted the U.S. I’m glad we are getting them out of harm’s way, but I think we should be getting them to a safe third neutral country rather than making the U.S. vulnerable,” he said. "When an evacuation is being done in a rapid and emergency process that invites mistakes,” he said. He said he doesn’t believe the administration when they say that all Afghan refugees have been vetted because he said everything else that is happening in Afghanistan "has been a disaster". Cruz says the administration didn’t have a coherent plan to evacuate Americans or to evacuate the Afghans who assisted the U.S. Earlier Warnings By Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas 2020 2017 Sen. Cruz Continues Leading the Fight Against Radical Islamic Terrorism in the 115th Congress REINTRODUCES BILLS ALONGSIDE REPS. MCCAUL, DIAZ-BALART TO DESIGNATE THE IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARD CORPS AND MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AS TERRORIST GROUPS January 10, 2017 2016 HuffPost 2016/03/22 Ted Cruz Wants Police To ‘Patrol And Secure’ U.S. Muslim Communities After Brussels “We don’t need another lecture from President Obama on Islamophobia,” the GOP hopeful said. By Igor Bobic 2015 TED CRUZ: DON’T BE COMPLACENT ABOUT ‘RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR’ ON SEPT. 11 Sep 11, 2015 In The News. Sylvan Lane. Dallas Morning News on-sept-11 2021/09/01 ISLAM ANTICS: Consider the antics of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS and Al-Qaded, together and separately;Flood of Illegal Immigrants. Flood Immigrants: We have seen articles on this problem going back years 2021 Truth News Net 2021/05/18 Why is President Biden Purposely Flooding the Nation with Illegal Aliens? By Dan Newman Excerpt: “We have a three-pronged approach,” Biden’s border chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), told a Senate hearing on May 13. “Address the root causes [of migration], to build legal pathways [into the U.S.], and to advocate more with the hope that Congress will pass immigration reform,” he said. Mayorkas is opening legal pathways into Americans’ workplaces and homes by widening the side doors in immigration law, such as parole admissions and asylum claims. He is also widening the doors to legalization by easing the award of green cards to illegal or unlawful migrants. 2020 foreigners/ 2019 New York Times 2019/12/07 Violence Drives a Swell in Mexican Migration Many are asylum seekers but are being forced to wait in Mexico, where their lives may be at risk. By Kirk Semple CNN 2019/10/10Turkey’s president threatens to flood Europe with refugees as Syria offensive ramps up Helen Regan By Helen Regan and Tara John, CNN European Parliament Flood of Refugees into Europe 2018 Woai dot iheart dot com 2018/09/24 Flood of Illegals into South Texas deemed unsustainable. By Jim Forsyth Excerpt: Nearly 2,000 illegal immigrants were arrested by the Border Patrol in three days at a crossing south of Mission in the Rio Grande Valley, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports. The immigrants were found in several different operations, but Manuel Padilla, the Rio Grande Valley Station Patrol Chief, says the vast majority of them went up to Border Patrol agents and surrendered, demanding asylum in the U.S. The vast majority of the immigrants were from Central America, but some were from Mexico, and African and Asian countries. 2016 Jihad Watch 2016/10/12 Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Massive Flood of New Immigrants from Muslim Nations OCT 12, 2016 3:07 AM BY ROBERT SPENCER muslim-nations Excerpt: The Washington Examiner reported last week that “at 42.4 million, there are now more immigrants, legal and illegal, in America than ever before, fueled by a massive flood from Muslim nations….And while the doors remain open on the U.S.-Mexico border, the biggest percentage increases in immigration are all from largely Muslim nations.” What could possibly go wrong? Hillary Clinton knows, as she revealed in a 2013 email that makes her current public position on immigration absolutely inexplicable. The Examiner added that according to Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler of the Center for Immigration Studies: “The sending countries with the largest percentage increases in immigrants living in the United States from 2010 to 2014 were Saudi Arabia (up 93 percent), Bangladesh (up 37 percent), Iraq (up 36 percent), Egypt (up 25 percent), and Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia (each up 24 percent).” muslim-nations