Notes Personal Backlog-42 2021 SEPTEMBER
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-42 Index of Notes for September 2021 2021/09/30 Opinion on Mark Milley 2021/09/29 More on gangstalking; Medical World Possible Corruption 2021/09/25 Breitbart, Judicial Watch, Fitton, Klayman 2021/09/20 USA Pullout from Afghanistan section started 2021/09/18-19 on changing Republican Party motif 2021/09/17 Vulture credit card companies; Pan-Italian Cult-Catholic Mafia (includes various raced Catholic cults) 2021/09/09 Senator Luján’s overly strong support of immigrants is anti-American 2021/09/03-04 On Ted Cruz and others’ warnings about lack of adequate vetting of Afghan refugees; More on Denis McDonough - See Notes-News for today on Afghan Refugees; original loose notes on McDonough 2021/09/02 Regarding mass migrations 2021/09/01 Islamic terrorist activities and psyops across various physical and communications platforms ------------------------------------------------ SECTION PERSONAL NOTES BY DATE 2021/09/30 My opinion on General Mark Milley Check for what corporations he might be thickly in with (big bucks money games) I suspect a negative connection with Lloyd Austin His energy seems off; is he secretly under the thumb of a takeover operation; is he on drugs; I feel Kamala Harris is closely tied to anti-American elements who could be involved in a takeover Yes, he did step over the line by contacting China and Pelosi, but we need to dig deeper as to why. To me, it feels he is not entirely acting with his own volition, but feels under the thumb of something 2021/09/2930 Gangstalking Can include Shadow Government personnel inside government, police and civilian security systems Can involve local police, national security agents and the general public Examples-government: FBI, DHS, local police SWAT teams or other store theft surveillance networks around town Examples-civilian: Chain department store security; private security contractors Salvation Army truck drivers/deliverers Public Transit bus drivers Surround Sound creating a blanketing effect around a target Uses various points of contact around town or the area Tactics Bad-Mouthing: One tactic can be police operatives bad-mouthing a targeted person getting public to help to make the public feel they are keeping an eye on that person telling public to keep a distance but to observe and report Includes character assassination and defamation Bad Service: Another tactic can be keeping goods and services from getting to the person or over- charging the person Example: low-grade or almost non-existent medical response with retaliative high cost, exaggerated bill Reticence, dragging feet, giving the run-around to the targeted person Medical World Possible Corruption Personal opinion that red flags have come up on these regarding possible cartel connections or other corruption Optical Stanton Optical Farmington, New Mexico, 4906 E Main St, Suite B, Farmington, NM 87402 No Whites in Sight: Minority Staff Seem fishy-makes you wonder if this is a Mexico or Latin American cartel front; Not just fact everyone seemed to be a minority (it felt minority-turfed) The Thick-accented Hispanics or Latinos seemed to possibly come from out of the country. Native American male doing eye exams using machines in back windowless rooms seemed to have an anti- white vibe. Remaining eye exam was done from a distance (cyber) by a Hispanic seeming female. This company strikes me that it might be hiring illegal immigrants, and/or green card types or recent amnesty recipients, this might be a Mexico or Latin American thing Intuition: an American citizen could get kidnapped, possible identity theft, misuse of optical data; transferring an American citizen’s material over to a Mexican or Latin American national by pretending that other person is this American citizen; there is the feeling they are lying to you and giving you the run-around on some things and also Nationally Emergency Room - Hospital Sharp Grossmont Hospital 5555 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942 All minority admit and bodyguard staff around temporary outdoor pavilion set up because of COVI-19 in March 2021 2021/09/25 Breitbart, Judicial Watch, Fitton, Klayman Something might be off about Breitbart and the photos of beheaded or mutilated bodies. Not saying everybody at Breitbart might be off. Also there might be something off about Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch. This group says Fitton turned on a previous owner. See this article: The left and Tom Fitton! Comrades When It Comes to Larry Klayman! FacebookTwitterGoogle+ By Larry Klayman March 29, 2021 At first glance, I thought this might explain the bad feeling I have had about Fitton’s photo (almost evil, hollow) and the material that comes to me as donations-seeking ads in the mail. However, after more reading, use caution here, too. An ex suggested he might have had child abuse issues, he says it is a lie. In general, cartels could try to push the anti-immigrant approach to coopt the arguments and to take a fake rightsy attack at the American government while other groups take a leftsy punch at it. Some of it could be linked to China. Very bible-centered groups could be wanting control, as well. 2021/09/24-25 much of this material was moved to news clips or Biden impeachment 2021/09/20 Afghanistan USA Pullout, and Afghanistan-Opium sections started; although some time has gone by, we continue to grieve for the 13 Americans who were needlessly murdered during a suicide bombing, and will continue to hold the victims, their family and close associations, as well as other Afghanistan allies who were or continue to be victims of ISIS-K and/or the Taliban, in our regretful, yet supportive thoughts. Although we are concerned for Afghan allies, we must use caution, strictly vet refugees, and consider other options for temporary or permanent resettling. We worry for the lot of women under Sharia-Taliban brutal authoritarianism. However, women coming in as refugees could be secretly under the thumb of the tyrants or could be secretly working for and with them. Brutal abuse and mind control are the ways of the Sharia Law Muslims. Keep an eye on the poppy farms; looks for strands of collusion between certain (not all) US/UK groups and poppy/opium/heroin production, including any ties to private contractors; be cautious about CIA conspiracy stories, but instead look for group tendencies for drug sale collusion, no matter their label. Also be alert to developments between the Taliban and China, Iran and Southeast Asian countries. In addition, connections between the Taliban and Mexico and other opium producing monoliths should be considered. Also continue to keep at the forefront Biden’s hidden agreements with Russia over the pipeline and in connections over his son’s business dealings both in Ukraine and China. There are indications some Afghanistan military (legitimate Afghanistan government who worked with the USA) remnants are left in pockets, and we should not consider everything lost. On a more personal note, intuitively I sense that Afghan-Russian-Eastern Europe related paratroopers could try to invade us from the air, here in the United States, perhaps using so-called refugee-contained planes to do so. This is in addition to an earlier intuition that I had of a Chinese ground or (subterranean or water of origin, “from below” ) attack might occur in the Northwest. I will also add to that latter concept of the Chinese invasion that someone with Native American and white ancestry but raised or trained under tribal shamanism had a vision attacks might come from the southern border of the United States, perhaps in connection to Navajo Nation enterprises involving the Chinese. 2021/09/18-19 On changing the Republican motif from elephant to natural American animal motifs I originally voted at a certain online site this year for a change to the Republican symbol motif from the elephant to a majestic lion. Upon reflection, I realized something did not feel right about the majestic lion, either. The problem is, we need something more directly and uniquely American, or at least American-North American if animal habitat boundaries overlap. In addition, I feel we need a combination of motifs into one: like the owl with a wild cat. Owl and cat animals come up as possibilities: the horned owl in combination with the mountain lion or the bobcat. The idea is to combine owl night vision (shadowland) wisdom and flight with wild cat strength, agility and ground speed. Here are some notes: Great Horned Owl – is a very adaptable owl found to be the most widely distributed throughout the United States. This is a large owl up to 24 inches with a wing span up to 2 1/2 feet. You will see these owls pretty much everywhere from the suburbs and parks to forests and deserts. Their call is a deep, soft, stuttering rhythm of hoo- h’HOO-hoo-hoo that you can’t mistake once you have heard them before. I have had Great Horned Owls on my roof in my subdivision calling early in the morning. OR Barn Owl PLUS Bobcat OR Mountain Lion Bobcat because like horned owl it is adaptable Mountain Lion because it is more equivalent to the traditional European or Asian lion seen in royalty flags, but brings an American or North American continent aspect to it Using natural and real American animal symbols also can indicate a shift in the Republican party toward a fusion of effective and productive business with wise environmental choice One image that comes to mind is a prone wildcat (mountain lion or bobcat) in a half circle with its belly up with the owl figure (either just the head or the whole body) just above the body. Another is a standing mountain lion, mostly facing front, but at a slight angle, with an owl on the shoulder, perhaps an image of a famous American mountain peak or other famous American object in the background Another is a woodcut style of image showing portrait types of images of an owl and a wildcat side by side - very simple and direct The idea of replacing the Republican motif is to get rid of the gimmicky, even cheesy, aspect of an elephant. It’s also to remove the foreign country aspect. While some people might see the elephant as kind of fun and cute, I personally feel there is an odd energy around it which seems kind of sinister; I suspect an occult aspect has been attached to it at some point or another, maybe someting that came in through the Nast era, or maybe later. Beyond this, there have been various changes to the Republican Party over the years. By creating a new motif more directly linked to Americanism, we are reclaiming our heritage while demonstrating innovation and the will to forge ahead. See: See on Republican and Democrat motifs: 2021/09/17 Vulture credit card companies; Pan-Italian Cult-Catholic Mafia (includes various raced Catholic cults) Vulture (bad news) credit card companies; Also see Notes News-2021/09/17 for this date on IED attack related bank funding Two of them o Credit One (note: this is one of the ones showing blatant black-centric ads) o Capital One (black-centric ads, but Credit One seems worse) Things to watch for o High interest making it hard to get ahead o Giving credit to economically challenged people with marginal or bad credit and sucking them into more debt o Most important: Massive ZOI (Zone of Influence) involving Surveillance (including downright spies), Gangstalking-employees & family/friends/political cohorts managers and owners with anti-American, anti- western world agendas; Cut-throat collections tendencies which could include that surveillance; Cut-throat eyes out for how to get yet more money out of their customers by watching their family/other contacts and where they go (ie, what they buy where), also where they are when they sign in to their accounts If a mafia is involved, see additional possible problems below Pan-Italian Cultist Catholic Mafia Occult, psychic activity, knowledge passed on thru generations Multi-generationalSexual abuse, incest, inbreeding, control/monitoring of bloodlines Learned behavior about networking 2021/09/09 [See Notes News for this date on Luján] This proves he needs to be taken out of office immediately; he is overly supportive of immigrants, not American citizens. Americans 1st, Mr. Luján. Here was my response to Mr. Luján: Mr. Luján, I very strongly do not support the following: [added not Sept 17, 2021 - also the other things he mentiones] U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 Please work for the American people and not illegal immigrants. It is not our job to keep illegal alien families together or to focus on their needs. Our job is to help the American people. Please make sure your loyalties are to the Americans who were born inside our country and who are legitimate citizens. Please stop servicing Mexico and Latin America over the United States. If you cannot do that, get out of office immediately. We cannot stand traitors among us. 2021/09/03-04 On Ted Cruz and others’ warnings about lack of adequate vetting of Afghan refugees; More on Denis McDonough - See Notes-News for today on Afghan Refugees; original loose notes on McDonough 2021/09/04 It is agreed here that Ted Cruz and others are right to worry about proper vetting of the Afghan refugees. Although I have reservations about Cruz on other matters, I value his firm stand on Islamic terrorism. His has been a rare and consistent voice against it. I also respect the other political leaders who have joined with him in this matter. 2021/09/04 later notes - see original loose notes on McDonough 2021/09/03 below Denis McDonough: Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs. This man buries his thoughts and feelings deep. He keeps a poker face. See the section in this website. John Guandolo of Understanding the Threat suggests this individual has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. I feel people need to Play it Safe and not put anyone in public office who seems suspicious. Beyond this, although Trump also tried to put in a non-veteran (it was brief) I feel strongly a veteran or someone with an unmistakable background involving the military needs to hold this office. It is apparent McDonough’s wife has ties to an organization that helps veterans, but this in and of itself does not make McDonough competent. What is more, as is so often the case with Muslim-tied organizations, we can have front groups whose outer label sounds OK, but once you start investigating, you find hidden issues. I will throw some things out that come up intuitively as possibilities - some of it is more like a whiff. check for an old Vietnam link somewhere in McDonough’s family check for an Irish IRA link to McDonough’s Irish family roots in seeing a few Irish men in particular with Islamic ties, it seems they become mind-controlled check for Catholic strands across several troublesome Democrats, looking for odd linking problems child sexual abuse, including male-on-male sexual vulnerabilities ties to immigrant issues mystical or paranormal, use of the psychic Football - I sense for McDonough there might be something up with his past with college football or its ilk At first I suggested a sexual connection between Obama and McDonough with Obama as perpetrator upon reflection, I feel we should instead consider any sexual link between the two, in general o then identify if aggression, manipulation and taking advantage of the other is by either of them o in general, whether applicable here or not, I have had concerns about black-on-white sexual abuses within certain “Circle of Black”contexts, which could include cartels, cults, militant blacks possible drug abuse and abuse with mind control a Muslim context possible We could also consider the opposite: white-on-black hidden controls of Obama, incl. sexual abuse o For example, maybe something coming in from the Irish and Catholic constituency There are hints Obama might have had at least one white male who came onto him It might be listed as abuse Obama has indicated homosexual thoughts, if article is true McDonough seems to have a poker face and to cover emotions. Is he intimidated and abused? Is he hiding something? Is he in over his head? In a real investigation, would he open up and tell us what is going on? o if extorted, he might open if he admitted his deceit; in return, he might be protected in return for truth o 2021/09/03-original loose notes, material from the McDonough section possible old tie to Vietnam through his family - look into this. Several children or relatives of compromised and/or targeted Vietnam vets could be tied to something anti-American from the Chinese-Vietnamese platform. Possible homosexual link to Barack Obama. Possible sexual abuse victim through the Catholic Church. Georgetown connections should be checked out. Some blacks might be abusing white males to have a head trip over them. It could include drugging them. I am not saying McDonough was abused in this manner by Obama, but am suggesting that if McDonough already had a pst with male-to-male sexual abuse through the Catholic church, there might be something that made him more vulnerable, receptive, or prone to further victimization in this regard. I am picking up an energy that suggests such things could be possible, but we need to realize this is a just a whiff or hint of possibilities. It’s possible he would come out with the truth if his inner child is connected with. He might have a lot of information. In terms of Anti-Muslim Brotherhood material, it can be a “Both” situation, both Israeli/Jewish influences in the discussion, along with some additional hidden agendas, as well as accurate information about real problems with this group. The “Play it Safe” approach to the MB is best. Material from the McDonough section: Note from PF 2021/09/03: It is the strong opinion here at Police Factor that putting McDonough in as Secretary of Veterans Affairs is an insult to veterans. If he is as much the Muslim-conspiring operative John Guandolo thinks he is (PF suspects Guandolo is likely right), then this is also an act of warfare against both combat veterans and the United States. It is felt strongly McDonough should be removed from office as soon as possible, as he is likely dangerous. Anything from abuse to a weak character and old baggage could be keeping McDonough from doing his job right or speaking out with the truth. John Guandolo (a former FBI agent and decorated combat veteran of website/action group Understanding the Threat) suggests McDonough has been supporting the Muslim Brotherhood 2021/09/02 Regarding mass migrations: Sooner or later, several of the Islamic refugees make demands in their new countries, no longer acting like visitors but expectant citizens. Some women refugees are not immune to extremism and aggression in one form or another. Some learned bad habits in their home countries, and could be tied to male terrorists. Be prepared to rescind or revoke refugee status and to send people home to their own countries, preferably to UN protected spaces. Crises create refugees in general, but some groups could be using planned immigrations. We are put in a position of possibly refusing immigrants, ignoring compassion and humanitarianism. The remaining free world needs to cooperate in extinguishing groups like ISIS-K and the Taliban so that people do not have to evacuate in large numbers in order to avoid their brutality and authoritarianism. Every new terrorist takeover creates another wave of refugees, so it is best to cooperate to stop the terrorists. If people were really smart about it, we all could put these terrorists to an end. The problem is that Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran fuel these terrorists, as do the enemies of the US like China (China likely has many secretive operations across the world) and Russia. Even our supposed allies have been seen to sell weapons on and off over the years to countries like Iraq. We are seeing signs of agreement between the Taliban, China and Iran after the American pullout from Afghanistan. 2021/09/01 Review: o Islamic terrorist activities and psyops across various physical and communication platforms; Use of mass waves of immigrants as refugees as a form of warfare terrorists and criminals come in with the refugees swamping the enemy with large numbers of foreigners dilutes or weakens western countries more voters for the perpetrators and their allies (like Democrats) overcomes, supersedes and replaces the original citizenry (ie, schools, human services funds, etc.) hidden agendas beyond the above considerations o driving toward police state or giving certain political groups more control (like Republicans) o driving toward giving certain corporations more funding to handle border/immig, o Collusion and intermixing of Latin World cartels, La Raza/Unidos, etc.; o histories of simultaneous attacks
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