Notes Personal Backlog-43 2021 OCTOBER
IN THIS SECTION Backlog-42 Index of Notes for October 2021 2021/10/31 Redwine Case comments from introduction in Dylan Redwine section 2021/10/28 complaint about Farmington Public Library; Dylon Redwine Case 2021/10/27 another personal complaint about FPL 2021/10/26 letter to evangelical group reiterating Church-State Separationism 2021/10/20 On Jan 6 conspirators 2021/10/17, 10/20 Oct. 2oth: Summary of what was written on Oct. 17 2021/10/15 American military troop contact with Afghan sexual abuse (and others might have lead to radical transgenderism Stop the stigma of Mental Health for Military Veterans! 2021/10/09 letter with bumper stickers 2021/10/08 Warning about how US military bases handle refugees 2021/10/04-05-06 Warnings about Afghan Refugees 2021/10/02 ------------------------------------------------ SECTION PERSONAL NOTES BY DATE 2021/10/28 Reverse-Racism at Farmington, NM Public Library - public complaint; Redwine Case Reverse-racism in hiring practices here. Library mostly hiring Navajo and brown. Libraries are for everyone. An ugly tendency has started both at this library and around the city of Farmington to mostly hire Navajos and browns as part of a cliquish, gang-type mentality. The intention is to push and squeeze out whites; often there might be a few whites hired at a given location, but they are deliberately hidden in the back offices. The problem usually does not have to do with how individual library workers treat members of the public; it has to do with the fact only Navajos are handling your needs at the library. That is, the issue is an unmistakable lack of white personnel dealing with the public. This concern is from the viewpoint of a library user and general member of the public, not from someone wanting a job at the library. The library needs to stop racially turfing along Navajo and brown lines. I have been seeing for some time, what appears to be overt reverse-racism at your library, which is mostly why I also canceled the cancelled the card before, although I also thought I was moving. When I visited a few days ago to re-open a library card (I had had one over most of a lifetime in Farmington), I saw only Native American women (probably Navajo) working at the front main (roundish) center desk. I also saw mostly brown staff around the room. This problem of showing Navajo preference in hiring at this library has been going on for awhile, and they don't respond effectively to complaints about reverse-racism; they just keep doing it, and it seems to get worse - there seemed to be even more Navajos and browns this time in late October 2021. After getting the card and thinking about it a few hours, I returned the card with a note telling the library I don't like the reverse-racism. I left the note through their drive-through stationary box at the back of the building. I asked for it to be given to managers. I did not want an ugly scene if I tried to bring the complaint inside in person, as they have Navajo, Navajo-Hispanic and white enabler buddies among the police force. White enablers help Navajos win race-related arguments over other white people, especially by showing they themselves are not racist, so these whites hire showing Navajo hiring preference; sometimes the whites think the Navajos are the only game in town, or that it will give a Southwest touristy feeling, or that other Navajos will show up more if they see mostly Navajos working somewhere. We see white enablers all over town. White enablers feel they are proving they are not racist, and that they are helping "poor Navajos" who have experienced so much discrimination at the hands of other whites. Or they have Navajo family or church members, some of which can have large extended connections all over town which can encourage nepotism and cronyism. They stand up more for Navajos than other whites, in other words, and feed into the reverse-racism problems. I feel the security systems might target whites around town, but particularly in connection to certain locations, who have spoken out against Navajo reverse-racism. I visited this same library earlier about ten years ago, and it did not used to hire mostly Navajos. A truly diverse work force includes whites. This behavior does not belong at a library. I have asked before, and will continue to insist, we need to see a fair number of whites hired again and visible in the public areas of your library. Cliquish behaviors around showing preference for browns is racism. Dylon Redwine Case: this has been added to Case Studies and can be found here: Case Studies/ Redwine, Dylan 2021/10/27 Repeated complaint against FPL - the city government public library of Farmington, New Mexico. I feel the Navajos and a few of their past or current white enablers are turfing the library. The turfing involves brown-first hiring, mostly Native American (probably Navajo). It includes likely Navajo or Navajo-Hispanic counterparts in the FPD (Farmington Police Department) or other areas policing and/or national security groups (like FBI) Letter to Heritage dot org today I feel your most recent leader, Kay C. James is a two-faced individual, and that her presence at Heritage has weakened its integrity. I feel James is mostly a black power movement player, not the wide-ranging pro-American that she pretends to be. It is important that blacks who seek power in what has previously been mostly white conservative organizations, like Heritage used to be and perhaps still is in some ways, be fully on board for the American first program. This means they should not be participants of black-first or black empowerment groups which likely service and promote black leadership roles first and foremost. James has been serving two masters, but the real priority in her life is obviously that of empowering blacks. I really cannot see this woman sincerely trying to promote poor and middle-class white folk to the same degree of excitement and interest as she has for blacks of all types. It is vital that the new black leaders are sincerely working for the common good of all Americans by dropping the race- driven cliques, social organizations and power movements that tend to divide whites from blacks, and to out-compete blacks over whites. A resume of future blacks in the conservative movement needs to show they have truly worked in groups that cooperate and empower all peoples, not just blacks or minorities. Ms. James has a long history of working for and with black empowerment movements. Although her outer form and many of her public expressions might seem pro-American, she is mostly a crafty, calculating game player. I feel she is another "sleeper black activist" who is not that unapparent once you start doing even a residual online background check into her various activities, group participations and public expressions apart from white conservative or mainstream platforms. I have not supported Heritage because of doubts about James' sincerity. 2021/10/26 A letter sent recently to an evangelical group who sent me an email: I am a church and state separationist. I don't support far left or far right agendas. My primary focus is on national security, police honesty, fair play and professionalism, and border protection. I do not have an evangelical approach, but do wave American flags and have a strong pro-American approach. I did not vote for Trump, but did get off the Trump-bashing train. I feel it is important that religious groups of all kinds take responsibility for wide-scale child sexual abuse found in their ranks. Various religious groups have had this problem. It is more important that churches mind their own fences than worry about others, when their own fields need plowing and tending. Many religious groups distract themselves on dotting i's and crossing t's while horrific child sexual abuses go on year after year without anything getting done. I am not saying your group is part of that problem, but I am saying more religious groups need to spend more time on key issues that impact society on all levels, and less time spent telling other people what to do and think. Too many children suffered for too long. It often took secular society to get the churches to finally do something, not the religious people inside their ranks. It is vital religious groups of all kinds focus on ethical approaches and deep-seated compassionate spirituality which encompasses all humanity. Being mindful of biblical words while not tending to key issues in human life will not get the job done. In playing the devil with the devil, some Christians seem to go off on a tangent. I realize some of the best things happening in our government today relate to Christians who are applying spirituality derived from their particular religious values. This is why I began to support Republicans, as I see several Republicans actually rolling up their sleeves and doing something about the problems. But I do not support forcing religion on people, no matter the religion. My approach is to support the far-reaching Republicans first and foremost, and to support the biblical ones up to a point. I do not want to see the Ten Commandments put up in front of American government buildings, do not want evangelical, bible-centered teachings in the public schools, and do not like to see Christians lie and steal in the name of their religion, or as an excuse they are fighting a tricky devil, so anything goes. I also do not like to see paranoia among Christians in a way they see Satan in other people, giving them an excuse to be mean and controlling of that person. I feel spirituality is a personal choice and cannot be forced on people, but I also believe people can make mistakes in their choices and go off on dangerous tangents. These diversionary excursions can be cult-like or individual psychoses. Either way, people can feel they are right and doing things according to certain precepts, but they are in fact off-base in some way or another and just don't know it, or refuse to admit it. The ego can get involved, preventing even-handing questioning or admitting when one is wrong. 2021/10/25 This recent and very brief entry on the front page has been removed: Leaders For USA Standing up for USA on Borders, China, Finances Warnings, Protective Legislation, etc. The reason is concern for the safety of the legislators and other leaders involved; realization several of the leaders can be a mixed bag with old baggage in their histories; something might be questionable in their proximity during January 6 riots; etc. It was meant to provide a flip perspective the “problem or questionable” leaders section. Currently a representatives leader section is in the legislation section. I am in the process of moving that section to this Leaders for USA one, but with the qualifier that some of the people on the list do in fact have their own “questionable or problem” issues in their record. In addition, it is a matter of perspective. The bias on this website runs toward the conservative-central position with a strong emphasis on “church and state separation.” The emphasis is also on national security, borders, and so on. 2021/10/20 Suspicious Span of Deaths - January 6 Riots and Aftermath o Circle of Blacks: several blacks involved in White House related policing and national security, political leaders and Lloyd Austin and Kamala Harris, involved in an anti-white and anti-American conspiracy. This conspiracy could relate to how things were not done right o Harris (see more in Leadership Issues/Harris) Austin and Harris seem to be possibly working together - undercurrent of complicity. Harris seems to be an angry black person with an old militant agenda. Harris and other California blacks likely linked to organized crime Harris and non-blacks like Pelosi and Newsom intertwined - create suffocating vine Harris has a white Jewish husband which might bring in the other side of Jews (liberal) Black criminal politicians helped get her started in CA leadership positions Organized crime and corrupt or ignorant voters kept them in office n that for long periods of time. o Pelosi Pelosi might have Italian mafia connections and Old World Italy ancestry pride Italian nationalism might be more her loyalty than USA Possible old ties with Mexico and Latin America Back to Jan 6: In addition, there seems to be at least two conspiracies afoot around the Jan 6 riots. One might be a drug-ridden crowd linked to the so-called QAnon types whose photos stand out almost like theatric relief against the backdrop of public commotion. The other is an undercurrent of Black Lives Matter types of persons present at the scene. In terms of why so many people have died suspiciously, we need to stay objective and consider either a far right conspiracy or a “Circle of Blacks/Democrat” one, or something yet again. Red flags would be gaslighting (downplaying concerns) concerns from either the red or blue position. If red is downplaying how someone died, why? Burr has said that far left and far right have switched places pretending to be each other at times. If certain members of the red groups are messing around, are they trying to funnel society toward an all-Christian fundamentalist approach in the nation? If blue transgender radicals are doing it, are they trying to steer everyone toward a non-biological dender, biological sex approach?Then again, if the radical transgenders are mostly black, are they trying to make everyone asexual as well as black or under th e thumb of blacks?How many of the antics in the media have actually been manipulated by radical transgenders? If far right types are trying to cover their tracks, we need to be looking for certain things with that in mind. Yet another possibility is the same group is working through both the republican and Democrat parties, something like China, Russia Hispania cartels, and/or Radical Islam. Other possible groups that might generally evade the public awareness are Jewish-linked groups, including the Mossad and old Eastern European groups with a feeling of anger over either the Holocaust or America’s backing away from helping Poland in the aftermath of WWII. Yet another such group might be the Irish groups mostly around New York, Boston and other northeastern areas, although there could be others around the nation and globe linked to them. might be or 2021/10/17,20 Update on Oct. 20 On Gangstalking, VTS, Male-on-Male Sexual Bullying, including by non-whites against whites Update 2021/10/20-Summary of what was written on October 17: l suspect I have been a gangstalking victim in San Juan County, New Mexico o it can include keeping a person from leaving the city and state by making it hard to function elsewhere o it can include gossip and character assassinations o a corrupt area police chief ight be involved atmosphere of corruption and low-grade responses might have brought bad habits and old criminal baggage with him might have made deals with the Navajos check for a substance abuse problem a vibe comes up as a possibility he has had a cocaine usage, drug/sex party issue, or similar in previous job area o involves local police and/or national security agents plus some members of public vibes include, but not limited to, male Navajo or Navajo-Hispanic - possibly somewhat short possible policing/gang unit target might have complained about him to police after he was called in to help o check for all calls target has made to FPD over years and who fielded calls as well as who was sent to respond possible Catholic authoritarian over gender roles (anger over women), religion possible racial anger toward whites vibes also include a more Navajo-Navajo - possibly taller sexual stalker in terms of creating funneling, gatekeeping scenarios o keeps help from getting to target, including medical o tries to reduce options so that all is left is the target has to turn to him vibes also include white males going along with or initiating targeting of a white or other female o a guy thing o religious or secular (see more under Types and reasons below watch for a military link watch for a homosexual network religious men might want women to stay in their place and behave a certain way study how Mormons have ganged up on women in small towns, like in parts of Arizona a vibe has come off one particular white soundin gmale that he might use a gun on a white female target if he felt she was being toomuch of a nuisance in a certain way like her putting up flack over a man using steroids or complaining about police responses o strands of interconnection between races o “Types” and Reasons - Might involve a combination of Hispania/Native Americans - New Mexico’s reverse-racism Hispanic shadow government thru-out New Mexico’s infrastructure o combination of Santa Fe-based old Hispano group pining for Old Mexico’s pre-USA borders o Italian-Hispanic mafia matrix linked to gambling, horse racing, drugs, porn o there might be a link to things like Sandia Labs and Los Alamos high tech o there might be old World War II era links to Spain and Italy fascism (Axis Power-US enemies) many diverse types came through New Mexico in the 1940s (various scientists) o Criminal/Predatory Priest dumping ground was also in close proximity to Los Alamos and high tech/scientists Native Americans o Navajos Several raised in psychic households witchcraft, psychic attack, pick up things about someone advantages over whites or others not raised with psychic awareness Extended family members - even distant tribal relations- could be in a target’s business o extended family members could have wanted whites to befriend them or take care of them o could try to authoritate or mete justice for a relative they feel was slighted example a Navajo female housekeeper who worked for a white family sons, ex-husbands and extended family alcoholics and drug addicts, criminal records for at least repeated DWI or DUI Male-First Males Religionists o Mormons o Catholics (mostly Hispanic) o Protestants - Far right Secular Hard Hearts have a beef with women (usually white, often in auto mechanics) Homosexuals (watch for networks around town) VTS (Voice to Skull) attacks suspected as included with gangstalking o Mean voices with repeated put-down messages, gaslighting reinforces notion of a person’s inadequacy, inability to cope without “real treatment” “you cannot do anything right, you keep flubbing up personal and national level similar tactics what the individual person hears thru VTS is what is seen and heard in the national media about how the USA flubbed up over Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Vietnam, etc. o RGI (Race Grievance Industry) and New Mexico’s Reverse-Racism problem primary reason they are trying to teach the white a lesson they are trying to apply strict religious views on a target by over-riding a more centrist family’s approach they are showing preference and giving advantages to others they feel were more in their corner or that they like better they say mean things and have human channels say mean things to the target someone on the internet suggested a device is inside the target him/herself causing this to happen others say a cell phone tower is used to broadcast hardly perceptable messages (VTK) Big Brother Corporations, a type of Mafia, Cartel, Organized Crime, Chinese extension, etc. o Local and National Level o Like Stasi or Chinese Operatives around town - Chain Stores family members who work at chain stores, etc Link between Private and Public o They are using local police like private extensions of their business needs ie, SWAT targeting people who do returns, particularly if hey feel it is excessive networks of watchers across town o Car insurance - DPS and others - keeping an eye on things o Locals are in your business if you don’t p;ay bill to one of their collective business fronts o suspected fronts Walmart (increased MPM activity, BLM donations, lingo) Home Depot Comcast, Xfinity Banks and Credit Unions only showing brown or black in public areas, a few whites might be in back, mostly corporate, some local banks have started it Male-on-Male Sexual Abuse o Navajo contexts Navajo on Navajo in the home, around the reservation, around extended families o incest o child sex abuse White on Navajo often a religious group link o ie, Mormons, Catholics Navajo on White why Navajos molest or rape white males o racial anger includes jealous and competition cultural contexts o there might be a tribal hierarchy thing going on “who’s who” among Navajo lineages a female hierarchy thing a male hierarchy thing like a shaman or elder o in some contexts, this is a male sexual predator preying on white males it could include making white males feel second rate, humble, demure, obligatory appreciative in awe of a certain older Navajo male’s power, mystical knowledge, knowledge of technical how-to in awe of the Navajo male’s elder placement in the tribe lineage there can be a bargaining aspect 2021/10/15 American military troop contact with Afghan sexual abuse (and others might have lead to radical transgenderism Warning about possibilities to look for: male-to-male rapes and other sexual abuse in military might be leading to radical/militant transgenderism; some of it might be coming from American troops victimized by Afghan allies and/or enemy forces. The abuse might include being drugged while raped and beaten, mind control including psychological driving. It might include prison time in American or enemy prisons, with American prisons in this case overcome by allied forces with sexually abusive cultural tendencies. There might be a cult of transgender persons whose biological birth body is male who are trying to displace and out-compete females Stop the stigma of Mental Health for Military Veterans! Petition through [still active as of 2021/10/15, encountered this website a little earlier by an email sent to my policefactor address] Content Warning: The following contains reference to suicide. Many of our veterans are facing a crisis as they struggle with the idea that their sacrifice in Afghanistan may have been for nothing. Appropriate mental healthcare will be crucial going forward. In 2017, Michelle’s husband, SFC Ron Pointer, was finally able to retire from the military and start a job in civil service. Less than four years later, he tragically took his own life. Many veterans risk losing their security clearance if they open up about their struggle—excluding them from either jobs or care. Sign Michelle’s petition so that regardless of circumstance, all veterans have access to mental healthcare. Stop the stigma of Mental Health for Military Veterans! This is my husband, retired SFC Ron Pointer. Ron was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather, with a personality that captured all around him. He was smart, funny, driven, and extremely intelligent. Ron had goals and looked forward to watching his children become the wonderful adults he raised them to be. Ron retired from the military in 2017 after 27 years of service, where he then took a civil service job on our local Military Installation as a Military Instructor. This year (2021) he received the Instructor of the Quarter award, and several awards leading up to this; he excelled at everything handed to him, no matter the cost. My husband however also suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Though he prospered in everything he did, receiving continuous accolades for his success, he was physically and emotionally drained at the end of each day. On the 27th of March, my amazing husband took his own life. The last words he said to me was he wish he would have listened to me and went to the Veteran’s Administration to claim his true percentage of disability. My husband needed to claim 100% psychological and emotional disability for his depression, anxiety, and PTSD, and as it stood, he claimed 30% disability for those issues. He was told this by professionals and I, as his wife, had begged him to do it for months; however, his fear was- if he could have been honest- he would lose his job. In a civil service job, and many Government contract jobs, you will lose your security clearance resulting in termination, if such a claim is made. This is what I’m trying to change. If my husband would have had options, he would have felt more comfortable being honest- eliminating one more soldier suicide. I am asking for everyone to sign this petition; a change needs to be made. Each person should not be put in the same category. Each person should be evaluated. Each person should be given a chance. As of today, when a Veteran takes a civil service job, they are given 100 hours the first year for medical appointments under the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015. This should be carried forward through the life span of their career; mental health and other health issues do not stop after the first year in the civilian world. To be more transparent, I am seeking to eliminate a loss of security clearance to people as a whole, and rather a case-by-case evaluation be conducted. I am seeking to carry the 100 hours of leave be carried throughout the life of the career, not just one year. I am asking for everyone to sign this petition; a change needs to be made. Too many veterans’ lives are lost each year due to an oversight with mental health. If we can’t take care of our troops, how can we expect them to take care of us? 2021/10/09 about a letter sent with bumper stickers Below is a letter similar (although not identical) to ones that have been sent out to various police departments and regional residents. What’s been added is a concern about known and suspected problems on bases inside the US. Summary of Points in letter: Consistency of loyalty to United States statewide and nationally among policing, border patrol and national security agencies Insufficient vetting of large numbers of evacuees Criminals and terrorists could have gotten in on secret planes and among bulk evacuees Bad habits brought in from overseas among both Afghans and Afghan-US military interrelationships Our stateside bases could be in trouble - housing large numbers of Afghan evacuees and other immigrants bases o suggestion is to send in SOF teams or others with proven track records for true loyalty to the United States backup support, recon, monitoring and training junior/experienced American staff o don’t put Afghans in charge at American bases o watch for losing security control of key centers on bases terrorists can move rapidly and could have had pre-planned specific goals for takeovers terrorists and cartels are masters of networking, co-opting and supplanting Regional Neighbor or Policing Professional, Enclosed is one or two free bumper stickers, Americans 1st and/or Remove Gangs/Cartels. We need to shore up in our individual states and across the country. Stop large numbers of immigrants from coming in. Return the ones who came in legally or illegally. Stop easy bulk amnesty and easy lines to delayed citizenship. Border security includes barriers and intelligent responses to modern ploys to get people and things across the border. Plan in advance for corruption and problems which involve housing and feeding large numbers of immigrants or others at a time. Problems include crime and abuse by fellow inhabitants as well as corrupt guards. Know that criminals and terrorists could have slipped through the Afghan evacuee vetting processes, or that vetting was never done or was incomplete. Make sure our bases are not being co-opted by dangerous groups with all of the confusion and placement of foreigners. This problem can include dishonest or negligent American military/Afghan allieds who got into some bad habits overseas. One example might be Afghan cultural tendencies for rapes by males of males. We have already seem some signs of this. Another less disclosed problem might be whether young American males were raped by foreigners (allied or otherwise) or by fellow Americans overseas and on bases to the point they themselves develop the criminal dysfunction. In addition, there could be a problem with having gotten into the opium-related drug sales, or taken on a second identity supportive of Afghan-American mixes with Afghan leanings. Whatever the case might be, we need to be alert to problems. In addition, we need to watch for portions of bases succumbing to Afghan or other immigrant authority, with takeovers of key areas possible if we are not careful. There could be vigilante forms of discipline here and there. I don't have direct proof, but intuition and common sense suggest these could become a problem if they have not already. I suggest sending in teams of SOFs with proven track records of loyalty to the United States to fan out around stateside American military bases holding large numbers of Afghan evacuees and other immigrants. I suggest they plan to back up and support key weak areas, assess, monitor and train inexperienced and uneducated junior personnel. They need to also assess blocked areas that the Biden administration and/or corrupt military people are keeping hidden from the public and other more legitimately performing parts of the military. There might be a collusion between American military and Afghan allied to overcome the United States. In addition, there might be terrorists and professional criminals who slipped in one way or another and who are now seeking to immediately take over key systems. The ones who slipped in might have come in on secret small planes or mixed in with the vetted/unvetted mass evacuees from Afghanistan. Let's work together to fight crime, terrorism and takeovers of our American system by foreigners, cartels and anti- American countries. Let's make sure our policing and national security departments are loyal to the United States and working for the American people. Plan on returning mass immigrants to their homelands. The United States cannot be the bread basket of the world. We need to shore up and take of our own, and to apply deferred maintenance to large cities taken over by foreigners and urban terrorists. The United States must stop giving so many people green cards or bulk easy amnesty. This approach is often linked to planned anti-American warfare. 2021/10/08 Possible infrastructure problem* at bases handling mass refugees. This can include Afghans handling their own inside US at these bases. See articles in Notes News regarding one aspect - vetting on this; more in Afghanistan Pull-Out. Additional issues include: not really knowing who is among the refugees on a base; refugees leaving on Uber and other forms of transp; criminal activities have already shown up. *Intuition suggests a morale problem among actual American military handling the refugees which could lead to ineffective responses against Afghan disorder and law-breaking; the corruption could include a US-Afghan set of bad habits brought over from Afghanistan - they brought their baggage with them. Some of it could include vigilante types of military justice in which people are punished off the books. It could include young Americans who are not very educated, trained or experienced up against something that is over their heads. The low morale could include, among other things, the feeling they are being lumped in with bad press and feelings over Afghanistan including the mass refugees. The feeling that they themselves don’t matter as much as the refugees or all the focus on them. 2021/10/04-05-06 Warnings about Afghan Refugees see Notes-News for this date-2021/10/04-05 “Rogue flights landed without manifests.” --from Daily Wire-2021/09/22 on unvetted Afghan refugees to the USA First, I want to thank all loyal Afghan persons who cooperated with Americans and various allied forces over the years to try to help liberate Afghanistan from tyrannical control by the Taliban and other terrorist organizations. I know there are diverse groups of Afghans and that it is impossible to lump them all together. Each individual Afghan, male or female, needs to be considered both in the context of their racial, tribal, cultural, linguistic and geographic home origins as well as their personal uniqueness. I also know some of our allied Afghan forces have worked under and with the very best military leaders and trainers that America has to offer (this can be a double-edged sword), and as such, are a type of educated and experienced extension of our armed services. In addition, I know various Afghans bring to the table their own unique wealth of wisdom and life experiences which can add to the depth and vitality of the overall American platform. Among the most in danger in Afghanistan are women, interpreters and people who worked directly with the Americans. The threat is the Taliban will brutally abuse and kill them. However, this threat used to promote a huge evacuation of excessive proportions reveals the fallacy in thinking behind both the pull-out and the evacuation itself. It is my opinion we should have held ground and stayed, and expanded the best and most likely sanctuary in Afghanistan to put the escapees from Taliban and other terrorist control, retaliation and potential or actual abuse there. We should have kept the people in Afghanistan, not brought them in huge numbers to the USA or other allied countries. In addition, I feel that we likely should have bombed our remaining supplies, equipment and weapons left behind in Afghanistan. There is precedence for this, like for downed helicopters or tanks. Leaving supplies in the hands of the enemy radical groups has happened before in Afghanistan history with the British and Americans. We need to learn from history and apply what we have learned in these matters. Among enemy groups who have gotten hold of that apparently is Iran. Part of the problem with past pullouts was that advance warnings gave the enemy time to prepare or respond in certain ways. One of the ways they responded was to hunker down and wait until the projected exit. It also encouraged a drift of Afghan allies over to the enemy groups. It also caused our military leaders to make truncated plans for the short- term which lacked follow-through or intensity. WARNINGS As such, I know some of my following words might seem harsh or discriminatory against all Afghans. However, I feel I need to put out some warnings about large Afghan displacements, referred to as evacuations for safety, to the United States as well as to various allied countries. First: I will get right to the point about one of the concerns. Violence stateside. Rapes and sexual abuse perpetrated by Afghan refugees have unfortunately showed up almost immediately inside the United States. We have already had some news come in that some Afghan refugees have raped, beaten and tried to kill people on American bases and such. This is entirely unacceptable. see Notes-News for this date-2021/10/04-05 Second, I want to warn about possible Afghan takeovers here in the United States or among allies receiving refugees. I am intuitively picking up that certain deceptive Afghans posturing as allies have a pre-planned goal to go very immediately after system controls on American military bases and such. I am picking up a possible Russian or Eastern European (like Russian) vibe to some of this. I am not getting a clear indication of what this could be, but sense electrical and/or computer could be part of it. Using common sense beyond intuition, based on readings of works by experts, I suggest locational control consoles might be at risk, like at an airport or on a military base. The Baghdad airport, for example, was taken over fairly early by hostile elements within a relatively short time period after the original American 2003 invasion. The other thing I am picking up are highly experienced criminals and some who are very likely sociopaths and/or psychopaths* so this is beyond most Americans’ awareness and most civilian police to handle. o *Bacha Bazi [Afghanistan-General Section/Sexual Abuse] Third, we need to consider collusion between now stateside Afghan refugee hostiles and certain American military persons. Time spent together, relationships developed, any opium drug business pacts, an old Vietnam War-China related conspiracy and payoffs by various anti-American enemies all could be possible. Red flags about such collusion would be certain kinds of wording in statements encouraging bringing in large numbers of refugees, among other things. The old Vietnam-China conspiracy is something I have identified as a possibility among certain American military veterans who fought in the Vietnam War and their descendants. It could be connected to ex-POWs who were tortured and mind-controlled by the Vietnamese or extorted in some way, disgruntled Americans and veteran drug dealers. I feel some of these military leaders, some who were retired but acting as advisers, might have been back- stabbing our regular American forces in Iraq and other Middle Eastern contexts. There is a suspicious whiff of a Soviet-Russian zone of influence linked to what has happened to the USA in Afghanistan; not only communist/socialist presence, but a staged, planned repeating of circumstances of the USSR experiences in the 1989 withdrawal in which they felt they lost face and lost the USSR so that now the USA experiences it. Russians had a tendency to leave Afghanistan overnight or in a hurry to avoid Afghan attacks. Possibility of growing number Kidnappings of American people by Afghan immigrants and the other immigrants inside the United States - have been picking up a vibe around this, it could include parking lots, cartel-ridden businesses. Women are also finding men walking up to them making direct flirtatious overtures and propositioning them. Historical repeated signs of Afghan cultural tendencies Duplicity (two-facedness). This had by the been a problem from the beginning of Anglo-Afghan contact. It presented itself as early as the late 1830s to early 1840s when England tried to contain Afghan groups during imperial contact. It likely showed up again during the long-term 1970s through 1980s* Soviet invasion, but the Soviets are more secretive of their failures, and also they were more totalitarian in their oppression. Americans rediscovered this cultural tendency over 20 years.** *Reminder of Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan: 24 December 1979 – 15 February 1989 ** See Dan Bolger’s book (2014) Why We Lost: A General’s Inside Account of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, Chapter on “Green on Blue” (paperback) 2021/10/02 The main point in putting up the various problem leaders is to express how our governmental leaders are not working for the American people nor cooperating with the United States system. Leaders cooperating with the MPM/Left are working for China, Mexican and Latino cartels, Iran and its terrorists, as well as Al Qaeda, ISIS and their variants. None of the political leaders actively supporting illegal immigration and bulk easy amnesty can be trusted in this regard. Politicians supporting foreigners over Americans have been victimizing our nation and its inhabitants for many years now. Minority politicians all too often serve anti-American masters, have narrow racial agendas and encourage treason in others. Many of the BLM groups are not even from the United States, or are cooperating with non-American groups and countries. Political leaders can be just as dictatorial over anti-abortion as those supporting militant transgenderism. The scary thing is the same groups might be involved behind both in terms of what shows up in whacky legislation. Watch for male-first types coming out of Hispanic and Latino populations; they also might have been cooperating with male-first Islamic groups in at least three contexts: 1) American combat military persons who met Muslims overseas and joined forces; 2) cartels working withthe Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc. and 3) civil rights groups in the USA which blend races into a melting pot, new world order type of anti-American militancy. . Another way Hispanic/Latino men could be dominating over abortion is from the sickness in the Catholic Church involving priests and homosexual abuses. The overall homosexual/abuse climate seeks to suppress women by seeing natural females as competition, and the ability to bear children a power that must be thwarted. Just as with transgenderism, there can be a combined racial power issue with a female subversion issue over anti- abortion Transgenders want to compete with natural women and subvert them. I am not arguing over abortion or anti-abortion, but am saying that men can have other agendas than just protecting unborn human life.
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