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IN THIS SECTION 2019/09/25 EARLY BORDER PATROL HISTORY Early Air Mixed in With Cavalry (see photo of early planes with horseback cavalry at top of this section in Current Notes-News) United States Army Border Air Patrol: With the end of World War I in 1918, the Air Service, United States Army was largely demobilized. During the demobilization period of 1919, the Regular Army and its air arm answered a call to defend the southern border against raids from Mexico, and to halt smuggling of illegal aliens and narcotics into the United States and weapons from the United States into Mexico. PANCHO VILLA Excerpt: Pancho Villa and United States Army and early Air Patrol 1916: how things developed to the point of the heightened American presence at the border - it more or less started with Villa attacking Columbus, New Mexico in 1916….Outraged, Villa turned against the United States. In January 1916, he kidnapped 18 Americans from a Mexican train and slaughtered them. A few weeks later, on this day in 1916, Villa led an army of about 1,500 guerillas across the border to stage a brutal raid against the small American town of Columbus, New Mexico…. First Aero Squadron or First Recon Squadron of the Second Army Division, started 1913: The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is the United States military's oldest flying unit, first established on 5 March 1913. The squadron has maintained an unbroken heritage of over a century from its founding. Originally organized in anticipation of a potential breach in security along the border between the United States and Mexico, General John J. Pershing directed the 1st Aero Squadron to become the first tactical aviation unit to participate in American military action.[1] The 1st RS has flown 47 different aircraft while being stationed worldwide at 52 locations, including 4 stints at sea.[2] 12th Aero Squadron Dayton-Wright DH-4 flying liaison with US Cavalry on United States/Mexico border patrol Why this history on border patrol comes up now: By understanding we have been dealing with this for over a hundred years, how and with whom, we gain a perspective and key insights. Understanding Pancho Villa and the mythos still with us today also helps. Mexican Cession - the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848 after the Mexican–American War. The Mexican Cession (529,000 sq. miles; 1 370 104 km2) was the third-largest acquisition of territory in US history. The Mexican Cession (529,000 sq. miles; 1 370 104 km2) was the third-largest acquisition of territory in US history. Area Mexico ceded to the United States in 1848, minus Texan claims. The Mexican Cession consisted of present-day U.S. states of California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, the western half of New Mexico, the western quarter of Colorado, and the southwest corner of Wyoming.,the%20southwest%20co rner%20of%20Wyoming. Communism History Soviet Union Emerges From October Revolution • February 21, 1848: German economist and philosopher Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels publish The Communist Manifesto, calling for a working-class revolt against capitalism. Its motto, “Workers of the world, unite!” quickly became a rallying cry. • November 7, 1917: With Vladimir Lenin at the helm, the Bolsheviks, ascribing to Marxism, seize power during Russia’s October Revolution and become the first communist government. Later that month, the leftist Socialist Revolutionaries defeat the Bolsheviks in an election, but, despite his promises of “bread, land and peace,” Lenin uses military force to take power. It’s during this period the Red Terror (executions of the Czar’s officials), prisoner-of-war labor camps and other police state tactics are established. Communism Takes Hold in China and Beyond • July 1, 1921: Inspired by the Russian Revolution, the Communist Party of China is formed. • January 21, 1924: Lenin dies at age 54 of a stroke, and Joseph Stalin, who had served as Lenin’s general secretary, eventually takes over official rule of the Soviet Union until his death in 1953 from a brain hemorrhage. He industrialized the country through a state-controlled economy, but it led to famine. Under his regime, detractors were deported or imprisoned in labor camps, and, as part of the Great Purge, 1 million people were executed under Stalin’s orders. • 1940 to 1979: Communism is established by force or otherwise in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Yugoslavia, Poland, North Korea, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, China, Tibet, North Vietnam, Guinea, Cuba, Yemen, Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Burma, Angola, Benin, Cape Verde, Laos, Kampuchea, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Vietnam, Somalia, Seychelles, Afghanistan, Grenada, Nicaragua and others. https //www history com/topics/russia/communism-timeline 2020/06/12 Las Cruces Sun 2020/06/08 Las Cruces police officer who put Valenzuela in neck restraint remains free ahead of trial. By Algernon D'Ammassa, LCPD Sgt. testifies Smelser had clean professional record, earned commendations for work christopher-smelser-neck-restraint-released-ahead-trial/5323451002/ 2020/06/11 2017 Career Professional Speaks Up on Border Patrol Corruption and Corresponding Legislation (this article is in Borders/Legislation-Brief) The Hill 2017/05/16 Why Is Congress proposing to increase Customs and Border Protection corruption? By James Tomsheck increase-customs-and Excerpt: During my 40-year career in law enforcement I served as a police officer, U.S. Secret Service Special Agent, and Assistant Commissioner at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), heading the Office of Internal Affairs. In these positions, I was guided by one principle: law enforcement’s vital mission must be accomplished with integrity. From those decades of experience, the cases that most disturb me are people who applied to work at CBP - the country’s largest law enforcement agency - and admitted in the screening process to committing serious criminal offenses, including drug smuggling, rape, and infanticide, or confessed to seeking employment as infiltrators paid by transnational criminal organizations or cartels…Based on my experience, I have an urgent obligation to speak out against a law Congress is close to enacting that would weaken CBP hiring standards imposed by the Anti-Border Corruption Act of 2010. The House Anti-Border Corruption Reauthorization Act (H.R.2213), scheduled for a floor vote on Wednesday, and the Senate Boots on the Border Act (S. 595), scheduled to be considered that morning by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, would exempt certain law enforcement and military applicants for CBP positions from the polygraph examination only recently mandated by Congress. Mandatory polygraphs for all CBP law enforcement applicants, which are standard at the FBI, DEA, ATF, and Secret Service, were a congressional response to widespread corruption and other policing abuses at CBP that followed a rushed hiring surge last decade. Damaging compromises of CBP integrity ensued, including cartel infiltration achieved by hired applicants who did harm to the United States. I know from first-hand experience that the bills moving in Congress, backed by current CBP leadership desperate to hire more agents, would exacerbate corruption and abusive misconduct by adding unsuitable personnel who conceal criminal pasts - and/or have future intent to compromise CBP's mission - so as to threaten our national security. Indeed, a random sample of 1,000 polygraphs conducted after applicants were cleared by CBP's background screening concluded that 65 percent of these applicants failed the polygraph, with many providing detailed descriptions of their involvement in criminal activity. increase-customs-and 2020/06/09 ARIZONA See Veterans/Military/Fat Leonard p. 1 Fat Leonard Revisited “Bribery laws for government officials have a powerful ethical principle at their core: If you work for the government, your actions in office are meant to serve the public interest – not your own.” -- Marcus Hedahl, US Naval Academy (see below) Navy Times 2020/01/17 Op-ed: A Navy bribery scandal and the limits of free speech. By Marcus Hedahl, United States Naval Academy of-free-speech/ Excerpt: I am an ethicist who teaches leadership, ethics and law, and I believe a recent bribery case in the U.S. military offers an interesting and distinctive perspective through which to consider these issues. Unfortunately, due to current restrictions on what federal employees can and can’t say about political matters, I can’t discuss all the ways that case might apply to a broader debate. Nonetheless, there is one thing I can say without caveat or equivocation. Bribery laws for government officials have a powerful ethical principle at their core: If you work for the government, your actions in office are meant to serve the public interest – not your own. Singapore 2020 Black Lives Matter - Singapore The Independent 2020/06/07 Singaporean in US: Please don’t criticise Black Lives Matter movement. Anna Maria Romero People here may not understand nuances underneath current widespread protests movement/ 2019 2019/09/24 Singapore renews military bases pact with US amid deepening defence ties with China Washington renews pact granting US forces access to Lion City’s bases until 2035, underlining the city state’s i mportance to America’s Asia strategy Late leader Lee Kuan Yew once said he had no objections to both the US and China one day having logistics bases in his country bases Note From PF: Be Leery of Terrorist, Anti-American Sentiments in Singapore linked to Black Lives Matter; National Security Objective: Watch For Antics/Follow the Strings back to US Military, including but not limited to Fat Leonard Case - Watch for Sublimation of American 2018 CNBC 2018/06/08 White House explains why it chose Singapore to host summit with North KoreaBy Yen Nee Lee KEY POINTS The planned meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place on June 12 in Singapore. Singapore was asked to be the host of the historic meeting because it’s one of the few countries with diplomatic relations with both the United States and North Korea, a White House official told CNBC. 2020/06/07-08b Cartels/Gangs (p.5)- Tunnels - Smuggling section added this week. Notice the Paraguay/Brazil connection to a large number of prisoners who built a tunnel to escape or to create an illusion about how they escaped, but who might have been sponsored in a prison guard payoff that allowed them to walk out through front entrance. 2020/06/07-08a Fair on Immigration Policy Fair US dot org About: As concerned Americans, we all share a responsibility to look to the future and envision where current policies may lead. Immigration is no different. Immigration policies can determine what kind of America future generations will inherit – livable or overcrowded, successful or overburdened. While we see our obligations to help the less fortunate around the world, we also know that irresponsible border policies can undermine our own nation’s ability to be a successful change agent for the human race. FAIR engages in community outreach to inform affected communities of how national immigration policies affect their own situation, and invites them to engage in a meaningful dialogue on how to shape immigration policies for the 21st Century and beyond. As a non-partisan, public interest organization with a support base comprising nearly 50 private foundations and over 1.9 million diverse members and supporters, FAIR is free of party loyalties and special interest connections. FAIR evaluates policies, seeking out solutions that help reduce the negative impact of uncontrolled immigration on the nation’s security, economy, workforce, education, healthcare and environment. Our Objectives: FAIR seeks to reduce overall immigration to a more normal level; FAIR does not endorse political candidates or parties. Difficulty in Estimating the Illegal Alien Population Estimating the size, distribution, and characteristics of the illegal alien population is an inexact science. The methods used by those claiming to have calculated a definitive figure should be closely scrutinized because there is no reliable source of information on illegal aliens. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) only counts foreign nationals who enter and leave the United States in a lawful manner. The fact is, we do not know how many people cross the border unlawfully and evade immigration authorities. After all, the primary aim of illegal aliens is to avoid detection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and ICE. Most current estimates of the total number of illegal aliens are based on U.S. Census Bureau data or survey data collected by private research organizations. All of these studies presume that nearly all unlawful migrants respond to demographic questionnaires and that they provide accurate information. As people whose very presence in the United States is an ongoing violation of law, many illegal aliens believe that revealing any information about their situation may lead to their arrest by immigration authorities. Therefore, when asked about how, when and why they entered the United States, illegal aliens have a strong motive to either lie or refuse to respond at all. Demographic surveys typically accept respondents’ answers at face value. They do not verify that respondents are answering demographic questions honestly. For example, the Census Bureau’s weighted results from the American Community Survey (ACS) can vary by millions, depending on what information is requested and how questions are phrased.[iii] 2020/06/06 2020/06/05 George Floyd/CNN-2020/06/05; Justice dot gov-2020/05/31-Riots and Domestic Terrorism Justice dot gov 2020/05/31 Attorney General William P. Barr's Statement on Riots and Domestic Terrorism terrorism CNN 2020/06/05 Minneapolis Officers 2020/05/30 New Mexico Nikki Bascom Case also found in NM Victims - this case deserves more review-See also Mark Contreras in New Mexico Police Names 2017 Las Cruces Sun 2017/11/17 Lawsuit: Silver City hired violent cop who later killed ex. By Russell Contreras department/876309001/ SC Daily Press 2017/01/14 Family Seeks Justice in cop murder. By Christine Steele. Bascom, Nikki killed on 2016/10/21 in Silver City. Excerpt from SC Daily Press Christine Steele on 01/14/2017: Ex- girlfriend abused, stalked and killed by Silver City Police Capt. Mark Contreras, 41, who then shot and killed himself. Family has sought legal action. On Oct. 21, 2016, Bascom’s mother, Karri Dalton — who has taken Bascom’s children to live out of state — filed a lawsuit against the town of Silver City, the Silver City Police Department, Grant County, and the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, through the Albuquerque civil rights law firm Kennedy, Kennedy & Ives.The lawsuit alleges that the Silver City Police Department hired Contreras despite a known history of violence, including domestic violence, and after his hire, did nothing to address reports of abuse of Bascom at Contreras’ hands, and in fact, promoted him to the rank of captain after he allegedly threatened Bascom’s boss, Dr. Darrick Nelson, with a gun at Walgreens. “The Silver City Police Department retained, promoted and protected Contreras despite an ongoing pattern of domestic violence and sexual assault allegations,” the lawsuit states….According to Schauer Ives and police reports, Nikki went to Contreras’s boss Silver City Police Chief Ed Reynolds to report Contreras’s behavior and to ask for help. Reports indicate he referred her to a shelter for battered women, but Nikki didn’t feel comfortable going there because she knew that as a police officer, Contreras knew the shelter’s location. suicide/ 2020/05/29 Navy Times 2019/05/19 Male sailors created ‘rape lists’ of female shipmates on Georgia-based submarine. Mark D. Faram shipmates-on-georgia-based-submarine/ Excerpt: The guided-missile submarine Florida’s “Gold Crew” was already troubled with a bad command climate when Capt. Gregory R. Kercher took the helm on Sept. 25, 2017.vvleven months later, Kercher was fired for not only failing to fix the nagging work-related issues on board the Kings Bay, Georgia-based submarine, but also for failing to fully investigate multiple “rape lists” — sexually explicit documents that lewdly rated the enlisted women in his crew. The news was first reported May 17 by after obtaining an Inspector General’s report through the Freedom of Information Act. The lists came to light in June 2018, roughly a year after women first started reporting to the boat, the second submarine to integrate enlisted women into its crews. Female officers have served on board submarines since 2011. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the Navy first called for enlisted females to volunteer for “silent service” duty. The guided-missile submarine Michigan’s two crews were the first to integrate in fiscal year 2016, followed by the Florida’s crews in 2018. shipmates-on-georgia-based-submarine/ 2020/05/23 KOAT 2020/02/25 New Mexico ranked 7th for most rape and sexual assault cases, FBI crime data says. APD is using DNA technology to quickly combat the rape kit backlog in the city. Justin Matthews. crime-data-says/31087986 2020/05/10 Also see personal notes for this day connected to the article below: Psychology Today 2015/11/19 Fundamentalist Christianity and Child Abuse: A Taboo Topic. A former fundamentalist minister speaks out. By David N. Elkins Ph.D. taboo-topic 2020/05/08 Sasha Krause Case Sasha Krause went missing Jan. 18, 2020 from Farmington, New Mexico, found near Flagstaff (Sunset Crater area) on Feb. 21, 2010, and police knabbing and disclosure of killer occurred by the third week of April 2020 . Coconino County deputies arrested an airman, 21-year-old Mark Gooch at his home on Luke Air Force Base outside Phoenix Note from PF: The reason this crime case is included here is the military-criminal connection. There is also another reason - kind of an inner feeling of connection. Also see PF/Notes-2-Personal-2020/05/08 for this day. See Police Factor/Veterans/Active and Beyond/Criminals for a growing listing of crimes by active duty people. There is also a section on crimes by veterans. KRQE 2020/04/22 New details released in murder of Mennonite woman. By Rebecca Atkins 2020/05/01 Buck House Rep. Buck and Sen. Blackburn Lead Effort to Stop Green-Light Sanctuary Laws February 12, 2020 sanctuary-laws 2020/04/30 Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. A new book out by Tyler William O’Neil. Excerpt from informative piece on book: Corporate America, big tech, government and the media all cite the Southern Poverty Law Center as an arbiter of hate, sometimes with serious financial and reputational consequences to the SPLC’s targets. Hotels, web platforms, and credit card companies have blacklisted those unlucky enough to land on the “hate list” -- often due to their political opinions. Yet the SPLC is far from credible. Roiled by a racism and sexism scandal, the SPLC forced out its co-founder and key fundraiser. Frusrated by having been “part of the con,” former employees came clean about the group’s unscrupulous fundraising strategies - which include the much vaunted list of “hate groups.” Some victims are fighting back, and the SPLC has had to pay out millions with more lawsuits on the way. Making Hate Pay explores the deep roots of the SPLC’s scandals, its enigmatic co-founder, the weaponization of its hate labeling, and why it matters for the future of free speech in America. 2020/04/29 NHO News 2020/01 China Phase One Trade Agreement opens new economic opportunities for the Navajo Nation WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, Navajo Nation Vice President Myron Lizer attended the signing ceremony for the Phase One Trade Agreement with China at the White House in Washington D.C., where President Trump signed off on the agreement that requires structural reforms to China’s economic and trade regime in the areas of intellectual property, technology transfer, agriculture, financial services, and currency and foreign exchange. The agreement also includes a commitment by China to future purchases of U.S. goods and services in the coming years. “The reopening of the Chinese agricultural market is a win, not only for the economies of the United States and the Navajo Nation, but for the global economy. Currently, the Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, an enterprise of the Navajo Nation, has more than 8,200 acres of crop production specifically designated for export to Asian markets,” said Vice President Lizer. Vice President Lizer joined President Trump as well as Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, Beijing’s chief negotiator for the agreement, and business leaders for the ceremony held in the East Room of the White House. On Dec. 13, 2019, China announced the agreement “based on the principle of equality and mutual respect.” “This historic agreement has the potential to allow the Navajo Nation to capitalize on our economic potential through increased agricultural production. The trade agreement will expand the Navajo Nation’s ability to court investments in Navajo products. This trade agreement goes a long way in strengthening our economy, government, and ultimately it benefits the members of the Navajo Nation. The signing of the United States and China Phase 1 trade agreement ensures that the United States of America continues to be a forward-thinking Nation and remains a global economic leader,” Vice President Lizer added. According to the White House, the agreement will begin rebalancing our trade relationship with China and provide new opportunity for American businesses and farmers. The agreement also addresses intellectual property related to numerous longstanding concerns in the areas of trade Arizona Daily Independent 2020/01/16 agreement/ Links between Chinese immigrants and Navajo education thru grants Helping Them to Help Themselves, Volume 36 By United States. Economic Development China Problem In General Telegraph on BBC 3-Part Overview 2019/08/29 China New World Order Review Worrying Portrait formidable/ China: A New World Order (BBC Two) began its superb three-part overview of a six-year reign with a chilling summation of both China’s human rights abuses, and the deafening silence in response to them. Xi’s administration started promisingly, with a canny and overdue initiative to crack down on endemic corruption, although double standards soon emerged and “corruption” started to sound like a euphemism for political opposition when human-rights lawyers and booksellers were jailed. The personal testimonies underscored the point, from the anti-corruption campaigner imprisoned merely for BBC 2020/03/13 Canada faces danger from China and Russia 2020/02/20; 28 ACT Brigitte Gabriel - Made in USA - Another discussion about the threat of China - video Some Made In USA Companies that ACT lists Clothing: All American Clothing, All USA Clothing, American Giant, American Trench, Authentically American, Boswell, Black Halo, BLDWN, Buck Mason, Columbiaknit, Ebbets Field Flannels, Emerson Fry, Epaulet, FairEnds, Flynn Skye, Gitman Bros, Goodwear USA, Grown & Sewn, Hackwith Design House, Hanky Panky, Hart Schaffner Marx, Hickey Freeman, Imogene and Willie, Karen Kane Left Field, Loggerhead Apparel, Michael Stars, Nanette Lepore, Oxxford Clothes, Pendleton Woolen Mills, Pointer Brand, Raleigh Denim, Schott NYC, SportPort Active, Taylor Stitch, Todd Shelton, Unis, Welcome Stranger, Westerlind, WildFox ACT Our past leaders, going all the way up to the office of the President, have failed to check China’s brutish rise. By Brigitte Gabriel https //www actforamerica org/article/uschina “There clearly exists a sinister bond between U.S. political elites and China...” “In times like this, we are told to trust the global community and its process, but how can we? After all, it’s World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who’s leading the WHO’s charge to provide cover for the CCP as it continues to skirt responsibility for this pandemic. The new details emerging about China’s pivotal role in getting Tedros elected to his WHO position should come as shock to no one. China’s attempts to use corruption to further its legitimacy has been a focus of Trump’s administration from the outset.” “Senators Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) understand how the Chinese coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the problem with depending on China’s supply chain. Haw ley has introduced the Medical Supply Chain Security Act and Cotton the Protecting our Pharmaceutical Supply Chain from China Act. Each bill takes necessary action to end o ur reliance on China’s medical supply chain but what are we going to do in the short-term?” Excerpt: With the mounting number of lies from the People’s Republic of China about them being ground zero for the current pandemic, those failures and how to correct them is the biggest question facing our country when we rebound from this outbreak. What makes this situation complicated is grappling with how our leaders weren’t merely silent during China’s emergence, they actually rubber-stamped it. It all started with normalizing relations with China in 1979. … In the aftermath of the Vietnam War and during a time when China was putting counter-revolutionists and protesters into mental asylums as a means to indoctrinate them into communism, Nixon was lobbying for Beijing. But Nixon, who once wrote “we simply cannot afford to leave China forever outside the family of nations,” is not the one paying the price for his errors. Luckily, we have a President who’s had a hardline approach on China from the outset. … When then- presidential candidate Donald Trump said at a 2015 campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina, that “you can win against China if you’re smart, but our people don’t have a clue,” he was talking not only about Nixon, Clinton, and others who ushered China’s rise, but he was talking about his future opponent in Joe Biden. Biden is a career politician who was the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the country’s decision to embolden geopolitical China’s rise. Biden was also one of the first prominent members of the American left to criticize President Trump’s decision to restrict travel to China as “xenophobic” amid the coronavirus outbreak.Unfortunately, Biden’s questionable rhetoric and dealings surrounding China don’t stop there. In 2019, Joe Biden’s son Hunter was forced to resign from a billion- dollar investment fund with ties to Chinese state-owned entities. In a 2011 speech on economic dialogue, then Vice-President Biden said that “a rising China is a … positive ­development not only for China, but for America.” 2020/04/14 Geoffrey Berman - see also Notes Personal 2020/04/14 Wikipedia dot org Geoffrey Berman http colon //en dot wikipedia dot org/wiki/Geoffrey_Berman 2020/04/13 See more on Venezuela Narco-Terrorism in Cartels/Gangs - How to Stop Justice dot gov 2020/03/26 Attorney General Barr and DOJ Officials Announce Significant Law Enforcement Actions Relating to International Narco-Terrorism enforcement-actions Nicolás Maduro Moros and 14 current and former Venezuelan officials charged with narco-terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking and other criminal charges. 2020/04/12 Jihad Watch dot org 2020/04/11 “We will never Live as Dhimmis”: The Stealth Cultural Jihad in America. By Darrell Pack Long Excerpt: In December, 2019, the Muslim American Society (MAS)-Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) held a convention in Chicago–the largest in the nation. At the convention, guest speaker Dalia Moghahed, gave a speech titled “Muslims that Shaped America,” captured on video. She began by responding to a plaintive cry from a Muslim American mother who asked, “What can we do to help our children who face constant verbal attacks, name-calling, insults and micro aggressions at their schools against their identity; only because they are Muslims?’” Ms. Mogahed said that Muslims need to be given the intellectual tools to confront “the flawed and crooked framework that make up the ideas of Islamophobia.” They are to teach that “their roots as Muslims in this country run deep” and “This is their country, and no one has the right to tell them otherwise” and “no one should be waiting for a welcome to their own house.” Ms. Mogahed also said, “So if someone has a problem with our children being here, then they can go back to where they came from … This is not mere rhetoric, but historical fact.” She then made her case for this point of view. She stated, “There were Muslims with Christopher Columbus when he landed in the Americas” and “It is important to note that the first country to recognize the United States as an independent nation was Morocco.” She also said, “This is just to lay a framework to challenge the myth that there is an inherent and inevitable conflict between the values of the United States and the values of Muslim societies, civilizations or communities. It is simply not supported by logic or history.” Furthermore she said, “Estimates range from 10 % to 30% of enslaved Africans brought to the United States were Muslims.” Ms. Mogahed’s efforts are not sophisticated, but exemplify, at the popular level, the clash between Western open society and Muslim ideology today. More eloquent and polished Islamist apologists and speakers are preparing their own versions of this Islamic claim. We cannot only worry about violent Jihad, we must recognize and confront the academic effort to lay claim to the United States as a legitimate possession of the House of Islam that is now temporarily controlled by the Kuffar (infidels). Social and political theorist and philosopher Isaiah Berlin said in his lectures, “the German poet Heine warned the French not to underestimate the power of ideas: philosophical concepts nurtured in the stillness of a professor’s study could destroy a civilization.” (“Two Concepts of Liberty,” “Four Essays on Liberty,” Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1969, p. 120) To this thought about a professor’s power we must add “or an imam”. Distorting history by inserting Muslim memes into the nation’s historical ethos and shoving pre-Islamic society aside has worked before in Islamic history. Now, they are applying this ideological approach as an initial blow for the Islamization of our society and to supplant our open society ideals. 2020/04/11 See also personal notes 2020/04/11 Excerpt: Rakesh B. Kitturmath, who worked as a team leader at Emrill Services, an integrated facilities management (FM) headquartered in Dubai, was sacked on Thursday, the company’s chief executive officer told Gulf News….“Kitturmath’s employment stands terminated with immediate effect. He will be handed over to Dubai Police. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards such hate crimes,” said Stuart Harrison, CEO of Emrill Services. Kitturmath sparked outrage on social media after he ridiculed Muslim worshippers in response to a Facebook post on coronavirus. From: Jihad Watch 2020/04/10 UAE: Non-Muslim fired, faces prison for insulting Islam on social media. By Robert Spencer https colon //www dot media?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the_2020_04_11_jihad_watch_daily_digest&utm_term=2020 -04-11 See also: https colon //timesofindia dot indiatimes dot com/world/middle-east/indian-expat-faces-jail-for- insulting-islam-in-uaereport/articleshow/75080050 dot cms 2020/02/27a Navajo Paranormal Police Mysterious Universe 2019/11/09 Navajo Police Encounters W/Paranormal. By Brett Swancer. Excerpt: Perhaps one of the most interesting cases of reservation law enforcement dealing with the paranormal is a whole department devoted to such phenomena….The team is called the Navajo Nation Rangers, consisting of a group of specially trained federal officers that are typically in charge of a variety of tasks, such as managing national parks, archaeological sites, and fish and wildlife services. In this case, they expanded their operations to include the investigation of reports of the paranormal, and although such reports accounted for less than 1% of their total cases, they were taken very seriously by the department ! 2020/06/20-21-22 Recently I put out one of my rare Facebook messages through the comments area of the Farmington, New Mexico police department, but I removed myself from Facebook after a few days because I do not trust it. It was a temporary expediency. I also ran a brief message through The Durango Herald’s article section regarding a front page article about BLM (Black Lives Matter). Both of these blog sites require one sign into Facebook, so a Facebook account is needed. Other blog sites let you sign in with other types of accounts, including Google, but Facebook is the only choice for some. My intuition was telling me I needed to tell white cops to hang in there. I do not like Facebook. I was suspicious of it from the beginning. I suspected from the time Facebook started being popular years ago that something was off with it. Pamela Geller (See Media - Alternative Views) years later only confirmed those suspicions. She has sued Facebook for blocking her; the blocking seemed connected to Muslim preference inside Facebook. I still recommend staying off Facebook as long as it is largely or entirely a Muslim operation or Muslim preference one. Facebook should not block people with Israeli sympathies nor those who warn about Islamic extremist terrorism the way Pamela Geller has done. I don’t back Israel 100 percent myself, but to block people with Israeli sympathies is in itself a form of terrorism. If Facebook wanted to block Hamas or Hezbollah, this would be a correct approach. The word on the two messages is: NO to BLM (Black Lives Matter) NO to Police Defunding The most recent added content to the Farmington Police Department (Farmington, New Mexico) was If you are a white police officer reading this, do not put your tail between your legs. Maintain your dignity and sense of self-worth. The antics against you are extraordinary, requiring a new set of lenses to identify, and a new approach to respond. What is happening is unusually bad. It will require attention to detail and organization to respond effectively. It will also require looking outside the box and maintaining flexible thinking styles. It will also require anticipating the playbook. I also indicated what we are dealing with is extremely dangerous. It is important white cops not be abused physically or sexually into placation or submission. White cops need not take secondary roles or enslaved positions during mob mentalities, or at any other time. It is important all evidence and testimonials against white cops by minorities bringing the cases into high profile public limelight are real and not contrived. The evidence should not be exaggerated nor with vital pieces of information left out. We need to be smart about how evidence can be changed or mishandled, even if it seems to come from various different sources. We need to watch for Inquisitions, mafia or organized crime charades and shadow governments running strings in the cases being built against white cops. Added Notes Beyond the Facebook message This in no way instantly overlooks or absolves the white cops of any or all crimes, but we do need to watch for antics. For example, Boston had Whitey, the blue-eyed, white-skinned thug whose syndicate infiltrated the police and government there. These white criminals were killing people in cold blood. We do understand that white cops can be linked to dangerous criminal organizations running strings against the public. Low self-esteem in white cops (or anyone) can encourage the use of brain/mind, mood and biochemical altering substances, including steroids, as well as the the misuse of alcohol. Drug usage can be a crutch, but sooner or later needs medical detox as well as counseling to pull out effectively. It likely started out as an experiment or from low self- esteem, but became a medical issue. We should all be on the same page that longterm alcohol abuse is a medical condition as well as a psychological one. Many drug addictions, including addictions that happen fast, are also like this. In addition, too may people make light of steroids. After reading up on the subject after I caught a man renting from me using anabolic steroids as part of his muscle building regime, I have firmly concluded officers need not be using these. Mood swings and negative side-effects are two very good reasons to not use steroids. Beyond this, it’s the downhill climb as well as the things we don’t know about steroids that tells anyone with common sense to stay clear of these unpredictable substances. Male police officers who use them often want to build muscle to be stronger against people with bigger muscle mass and also to look bigger, more intimidating and less vulnerable. Some officers might think it’s common sense to use steroids for these reasons. We need to take the line of thinking to better level. Going around looking like a suspiciously fake hunk is in fact one other reason, but ultimately it is about health and psychological balance; why take chances with these? Low self-esteem might not say NO when no needs to be said when others are pushing them to traffic drugs or do other crimes by saying, “Let’s go do this and that, and make a ton of money on the side” or… “Fuck the public, we have to look out for ourselves.” It might start out by saying to one’s self, “I am just doing this job for the money.” From there, it might become easier and easier to let things in and let things slide. There might be the attitude the public is on drugs and easily pacified, or is kind of stupid, so doing things on the side without getting caught might seem possible. It can be about peer pressure, including a fairly charismatic or forceful leader. Bad ideas and cynicism feed into each other. At the core, some police officers didn’t really buy into doing police work legitimately from the start. Others might have little background in life to prepare for temptations from a certain clique. They get sucked in through ignorance and immaturity (for example, very young cops with relatively protected religious backgrounds). Some might have seen it in the military and feel this is more of the same. When people suggest to a cop he or she gets involved with ongoing or new illegal drug operations on the police force, there has to be a Self looking back saying, “You know, I really do not want to get involved with this.” Low self-esteem without a sense of center will follow along with the crowd. It can be like soft butter, easy to conform to mundane ideas. Maybe tendencies started in high school or other places before becoming a cop. It’s easier to scratch the itch when it’s been done before. Drug ops to make money at the public’s expense are low grade ways to live out or express one’s life. When you know yourself and like yourself, you say that NO or you walk away, or you become a whistleblower. You seek rainbows, not mud. White cops have been hammered in a way that is more like an inquisition than an honest search for answers. Many blacks, other minorities and their allies are often demanding reactions, swift responses, instantaneous changes. They do this at the expense of carefully thought out investigations and truth. Many blacks are often prepared to believe the worst than the best about a white cop. Many are not prepared to search deeper, to consider what else might be going on. We members of the public are not asked to stay rational, but are being channeled as mass emotionalism toward preset notions. Since ganging up on white cops is being made to look cool and worthy, and since Black Lives Matter is starting to look and feel like a brand label, it is best to stand back and not be drawn into the crowd. Since there are several indications BLM is linked to both subversive and overtly hostile groups, an honest media would not play into the one-sided emotionalism against white cops. An honest media would not act as apologists for BLM at the expense of other forms of revelations and insights. Watch For: National Security: Terrorism and Cartel activity Black, Red and Brown Power movements That we are dealing with emotionally driven Mob Mentalities with one-sided views Reverse Discrimination against Whites in such a way cases might be skewed in one way or another. Things to look for are falsified evidence, including tampered with/changed high tech camera filming from multiple sources, including those that seem to come from “just folk” nearby or building security cameras. If an organized crime group is involved with access to a large amount of funds, anything is possible. I live in a largely minority run and operated state, but the minorities still are rehashing old grievances against whites and want more power. One of the most obvious attacks to civil rights is reverse discrimination in hiring practices across the board, particularly in communications, mail delivery systems and government jobs. S Several minorities in New Mexico have used civil rights legalities to get in the door, but drop the protocols for whites in return. They do not acknowledge reverse discrimination as discrimination, for one thing. If they do acknowledge it, they say whites deserve it and owe minorities. By feeling theirs is the arena of deeper historical suffering, they can give themselves permission to do unfair things to white people, and to be mean to them. One way they do this is to make caustic comments in public places like “I hate whites.” The second thing is to label or name call whites, like to say “whitey” on public buses. There might be public school bullying when whites are a minority. They might purposely keep whites out of job positions the whites would normally have had. Areas might feel turfed, like there is a thick and heavy undercurrent and you see mostly or only minorities everywhere in stores, malls and government offices. You feel the area is heavily watched, there are eyes everywhere. It feels controlled, like something sinister is afoot or that there are secrets. You feel maybe the security in the area is part of the dishonest matrix that permeates the area, and that security cameras are being misused to the advantage of the corrupt elements. There is likely more than one corrupt group in the matrix, different kinds of strings being run. The best thing to do is where possible, take your money elsewhere if a Home Depot, large shopping mall or other company seems to have minority groups turfing the location. When governments are only hiring Navajos and Hispanics (the tendency is to prefer brown first, black second and white racial mixes last) in the Four Corners Area and New Mexico in general, and seem to be ignoring applications from fair-skinned persons of the pink-cheeked, blue-eyed sort or other fair-skinned sort, it is best to have an organized investigative team on hand with a strong list of evidence before attempting a reverse discrimination lawsuit. Just keep firmly in mind New Mexico is not getting better with the insular, anti-white approaches; it is becoming more and more like a shadow government operation run by people who excel at running strings.