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They did accept the online report and gave the vandalism of vehicle/theft of vehicle contents a case number. Over a year later, two collection bills came to my address in Farmington, New Mexico. First was from certain major cell phone carrier, and then several months later, from Century Link. They both showed collections for unpaid services for addresses in Portland. I have never lived in Portland. I contacted the companies and told them the bills were not mine, and at their suggestion, filed fraud reports. I felt the bills were likely the result of identity theft from the car vandalism at the Portland Airport area Super 8 from the year before. I called PPD and was told to make the reports to the police department of the area in which I lived. I therefore contacted the the Farmington, New Mexico Police Department (FPD) two times, one for the certain major cell phone carrier incident and one for the Century Link one. As a result, two different officers took my report. The officers were both courteous, patient and professional, but on both occasions, I felt something might be off. I was provided a case number for each case. This meant at this point, I had a total of three police case numbers, all likely related to the same incident: the Portland, Oregon one for the car vandalism/theft of contents, and the two internet/phone/cable companies (certain major cell phone carrier and Century Link) where someone pretending to be me opened accounts in my name and racked up large bills. Both certain major cell phone carrier and Century Link dismissed the charges as fraudulent. I was no longer held responsible for the bills. The issues were taken off my credit report. However, I would have liked to press charges against the criminal(s) who did it. I have been left with a bad ongoing fear that the crooks might try something again, or already have. In addition, I miss the things they stole from me. I did not hear back for a long time on either case. FPD nor PPD never got back with me. After calling, I finally was referred to an FPD detective in an upstairs office area near the courthouse on Airport Drive. She contacted Portland and was told the case(s) had been dropped a long time ago because of lack of evidence. When the minorities tell a white person who pushes back against reverse discrimination that he or she is racist, lacks kindness and is using hate, tell them you like the original United States and do not see New Mexico as above the law of the land. The broader United States went through many years of evolution to increasingly respond to discrimination issues, but started out with an excellent core group of mandates to protect the inalienable rights of the individual. That original set of constructs was designed to protect people from King George types. Unfortunately, certain minority- centered forums in the United States are often going backward, not forward, with these original and modernized, evolved precepts. By carrying competition and hate of whites to the nth degree, they are letting cartelmania rule the places they habituate. They are also letting a jungle mentality take over which includes a pro-minority vigilante system that steps on and squashes reasonable laws meant to protect as many people as possible. These vigilante systems run a longside gangs and ethno-religious cliques taking over public squares. Even if people are employed, they can still be running ties with gang members to create an employed/unemployed matrix of people putting a stranglehold on an area. Muslim Sharia Law is closely connected to Hispanic and Native American approaches of shutting whites up. New Mexico is not offering civil rights, freedoms and fair play to all of its citizens. In particular, whites who go against the grain of the minority-driven system can be and often are targeted. Although on the surface it seems the ACLU, the Attorney General Balderas and Navajo Nation have won civil rights cases protecting victims, upon closer review, these were likely won in a biased forum. That is, the cases have been nestled with players who have power-pressured certain answers in court. Anything from falsified or misleading evidence and testimonials can have this terrible impact on authenticity and truth. The people wanted to win more than they wanted truth. New Mexico needs to pull out of its third world orientation by becoming a state that wants truth more than to win an argument over race. In the process of evolving, it will assist the national security of the entire country. In addition, many of the most negative cop cases in the state involve minority cops who are Hispanic, but there are also African American, Asian and Native American cases. We must ask if the cases involving white male cops have strange zones of influence in such a way we need to watch for antics. It’s a space if minorities running strings wanted to skew evidence or accomplish voting arena fraud, they could do it, given the connections between communications, government positions and more. The dishonest activities can impact case outcomes of anyone, regardless of race or gender. New Mexico seems to be trying to run the state as a country unto itself. The final result is a space that is like a third world country. As shadow governments have a stranglehold on it, ethical practices, fair play, truth and truly all- encompassing civil rights go by the wayside. Old-time New Mexican Hispanics with nostalgia for a pre-American 1800s Mexican border 1800s still vie for power. They do not see the war as over. Italians who have their own quiet tendencies with a subsequent history of mixing with various groups might have their own mafia-like ways, particularly as it is associated with gambling, cocaine or other drug usage and horse racing. Native Americans are running their own power grabs, but Navajos, being the largest tribal group, are particularly threatening when their activities link up with anti-American agents and corrupt organized crime groups. It is best to break up the tribal-American government connection. The racial and religious intermarriages make the overall picture more complex. I am seeing more and more white men marrying Hispanics and Native Americans in the state of New Mexico. There are complex associations between large extended white Mormon or Catholic families and large extended Navajo, Hopi and other Native American families. Some Mormon families have a large number of children - the largest I have heard is seven between a Navajo female and white father. In addition, sadly there is quite a bit of incest on the various tribal reservations and also among certain white groups. Rather than targeting all whites, Navajos and other Native Americans in the Four Corners Area and throughout New Mexico need to differentiate between different types of whites. For example, if most of the white perpetrators have been Mormon and Catholic, that needs to be addressed. In addition, the types of perpetration needs to be itemized in such a way it makes clear who did it. For example, we usually refer to perpetration as a sexual misdeed, but the term actually applies to any form of abuse. In this regard, if white Mormon males have been bullying their mixed race children behind closed doors and keeping the kids isolated, this person needs to be addressed by the Navajos as one specific type of white perpetrator. If Italian white or German white Catholic priests have been sexually abusing Navajo and Hispanic children, we need to identify the source of the whiteness into New Mexico. 2020/06/19 In terms of study connections between Hispania (Latinos, Hispanics, black-Hispanic connections, Spain-Portugal historic connections, neo-Spain pride) Islamic Extremists and Black Power movements: Black Power Movements: Listen not just to what they say, but how they say it. South Africa - learn everything that went down before, during and after ousting of whites there; identify ongoing violence against whites there; make the connections between tendencies, including quirks, between S. Africa and USA. Correlate certain terrorist groups between the two areas. Also watch for Somalia, Sudan and any other African country with terrorist tendencies that are either Islamic or black power. Certain quirks in each country’s groups, yet certain common tendencies where they work together on an international level. Identify certain motifs aligned with dance, storytelling, music, theater and morality themes. The ethno-cultural elements often are ignored in police investigations but the non-verbal is often part of the approach. Cuba, Haiti and other black/Hispanic areas - power movements; at least one New Mexican police leader has indicated problems with Haitians - not sure of the background on this. Identify how many known legal and and suspected l illegal immigrants in New Mexico; break it down to where they come from - ie, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, etc. Identify the connections between Mexican and other areas of Latin America using the communist/socialist, revolution platform against white America and how they interact with black power movements. Watch for shadow government activities in the state of New Mexico. Identify commonalities between Native American and Hispanic goals and mutual cooperation but also recognize each group’s separate power agendas. Then again, identify how they cooperate with blacks as “minority” concepts. By getting a grip on New Mexico, you have deeply helped out the rest of the country. Identify the differences and similarities of Hispania between New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Understand the “surround sound”, “strands of interconnection” and “running strings” concepts found on this website. In addition, keep in mind ZOI (Zones of Influence) and “Making the Other Guy Look Bad” concepts. It is my suspicion they have operatives around town and link up with cell phones and possibly short message beepers. You should also watch for walki-talkie types of devices and their ilk - communication not running on mainstream cell phone services. I have intuitively picked up hot spots around mechanics shops, Starbucks and Craigslist in the Four Corners Area, even including Durango. Some of it is the use of the Starbucks card as it relates to regional or other upper management. I feel this is one way they run strings. It is likely either management or a dirty cop makes contact with operatives or watchers at these places. The dirty cop might be a Hispanic retaliating against a white woman like myself because she “pissed him off.” But it can be anyone on their radar. He might be telling people she is dangerous or suspected of illegal activity; he asks unsuspecting members of the public to “help him in his investigation.” He is bad-mouthing her by discrediting her and making people wonder about her. But there can be other ways someone is targeted by dirty cops using members of the public or working with an underground system of operatives awaiting the day of full revolution. Some tendencies are: on’t tell me what to do; don’t make bad remarks about my race; if you cause trouble with one of my relatives I will come after you; I live in the USA, maybe have citizenship, but I am not of the USA; I await the day of revolution and freedom from white America, because we are the real heart people, we connect with the essence of life. D To fight terrorists and cartels, in other words, you need to understand some of the people have an ethnic-morality play on hand; these ones will have a certain rhythm and dance in their responses and antics. Sometimes the drug connection is narcoterrorism in the sense of warfare. Feeding drugs to one’s enemies is a type of warfare in this case. Some of the defiance is “Don’t tell me I cannot walk over the American border as I please.” It can become an obsessive/compulsive drive. That obsessive/compulsive aspect is a modus operandi unto itself, it carries a certain vibe and whips through various lines of thinking and physical manifestations. To fight these people you need to catch the spirit of the intent and will of the individuals and groups involved. 5) Identify and collect together the most “with it” and high energy, authentic and sincere police leaders, FBI, Homeland Security, DEA and others on board. Identify Hispanic police officers who have had a bad attitude toward white members of the public and separate them out. These officers will be known for behind-the-scenes bad-mouthing, covert retaliations and feet-dragging on calls or cases. Feet-dragging means they put up road blocks or did not do their best in handling public requests for assistance. Separate the anti-American policing persons from the rest. No matter rtheir ace or religion, the authentic Americans do not want terrorists and Hispanic or black cartels running the USA. Latino and other Hispanic groups abound throughout the Four Corners and New Mexico. We have to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of who will step up to the plate in these matters. A significant number of Native Americans are involved with Black Lives Matter. Some are so willing to get rid of white America they will pay the devil if they have to and take the consequences later; to them, it’s a matter of blood heritage and principle. They want to be the guys on top and in charge, but if they cannot get that, they want at least the satisfaction of getting rid of white America and white America’s history. The remaining ones will use common sense against terrorists and cartels, and will step up to the plate and support the United States. It is possible our emails and mail are being especially tampered with during this time period as the desire to control activists and whites increases. Watch for extra-ordinary antics like telepathic and voice-to-skull psychotronics. Also bio- energy influencing as well as “wave” (psychotronic) influencing. Like people are put on a group channel of influence at the same time. 2020/06/13 (late june 12th) Post Office Corruption also see #1 Notes News History etc Postal Corruption section added RGI’s (Race Grievance Industry); corrupt Postal Inspectors and other personnel; Corrupt State and local police chief operations Postal Inspectors carry policing powers. Postal Masters and Clerks around the country have been found stealing and performing other criminal acts. Postal Inspectors along with DEA, FBI and local police have worthy aims at preventing drugs and other dangerous things from going through the mail, but they can overreach their powers. Gangstalking types of activities which include cartels, special interest groups or misguided cops can follow a target into the mail system. Illegal searches of a target might have been happening for a long time - and can enter other arenas including the mail system. The police will usually say “We think this is a drug user or trafficker. we suspect this person is dangerous.”In some cases the Postmaster and related policing systems might be right but in other cases they are wrong. It’s possible a city and a state does not want you to leave the area because they have done something to you behind the scenes and don’t want people to find out. Religious groups, minorities and cartels might be in on something like this in the state of New Mexico in something. New Mexico might be one of those states which does not want its inhabitants to leave because it has lost a lot of money through corruption cases and sees its residents as “food” - some kind of resource. It also could be because dirty police chiefs from other areas with big city ways have come into less modern cities in New Mexico and started a crime gig. the crime gig can include targeting you because you spoke out against police abuses, but it also can be because you spoke out against the minority, LGBT and leftist Race Grievance Industry (RGI). If you check out the local police chief who came from another state later in his life and who is likely not too far from retirement, he might be one of those white Indians. That is, perhaps he was a “half breed” back in his home town, and as such leans more toward helping to empower Native Americans than to offer fair policing to all peoples. It is possible he has gotten dirty long ago and has been mixing with the RGI to further certain agendas and to keep his job. It is also possible he is very poker faced, he keeps what he thinks and is doing well below the surface. This local police chief could be in on some of the attacks against a person’s mail which follows the target to other areas. Postmasters in each region could be keeping tabs on the person and acting like controlling agents behind the scenes. They might act like they own the person and his or her mail in a way many of us would not expect from an American government. If linked to dishonest religionists and/or the RGI, the targeted individual is in trouble, but so is everyone else. This is another example of corrupt groups “running strings.” To combat gangstalking involving policing personnel, we will to use trial and error to find the most honest investigators who will be open and willing to take a look at how someone’s mail is being mishandled in the postal system. Not all investigators at first will think and operate right. We might have to keep trying until we find a good match. Corruption can also range into the other mail carriers, not just the post office. If minorities linked to a RGI are part of it, we need to know. If religionists are playing vigilante, we need to know. The mail gets lost or is delayed. It’s happened more than once. You complain. Perhaps you get on a black list because you complain. It could be dishonest activity in the post office has people getting inside your mail. Stamps can be taken unused off your envelopes and used by postal workers. Here is one source about corrupt Postal Inspectors - the top dog policing types - this is who you complain to when you feel your mail is being mishandled - if they are also corrupt, it’s a problem Postal Employee Network 2019/05/19 Former Postal Inspector files lawsuit credibly alleging current and retired Federal Postal Inspector supervisors, managers and executives of the service violated numerous civil and criminal laws. By Rick Owens and-retired-federal-postal-inspector-supervisors-managers-and-executives-of-the-service-violated-numerous- civil-and-criminal- 2020/05/29-30 Summary of what was in a longer earlier draft for this week: Drug tests likely needed regularly of local police chiefs and officers - also needed are tests for steroids; be on alert to reverse discrimination in New Mexico and other places in the Southwest; a New Mexico shadow government might be stalking across state lines some people who try to permanently leave New Mexico - in can include New Mexicans and related allies in other states - part of it can be a Hispanic Catholic component; have a contextual understanding of the challenges secular white women - as well as others - have around religionists and minorities in New Mexico (people likely have been given “treatment” even by Catholic and fundamentalis Hispanic and Native American bus drivers - the male bus driver had an added machismo issue); gain an understanding of gangstalking or similar network-driven “ganging up”, knowing it can be about religion, race, gender and more; understand gaslighting used by minorities when whites spark their buttons, becoming familiar with the various arguments and manipulations used; be prepared to investigate abusive officers and agents; Understand that people linked to gangstalking with evidence could wind up gone before their information gets out properly. This is likely mostly a Hispanic/Italian/Native American issue in New Mexico. Do not forget the Italian aspect in this kind of crime, whether from Catholicism, racetracks or drugs like cocaine/heroine. Let police staff - including white officers - know standing by and doing nothing when they know of a rogue officer - including Hispanics or other minorities - will not save them in the end; there are outside agencies that can conduct investigations into corrupt FBI, DEA, Homeland Security and other agents, it might mean reaching out of state. Be prepared to seek assistance from out of state if the problem seems to be inside New Mexico, but this alone might not resolve the issue; sometimes it is a network problem involving other areas. Military people might have run into some of these problems overseas by learning to deal with problems like rapes and bullying inside the ranks. This sensitivity to how things can go wrong includes awareness of corrupt Iraqi, Afghan, NATO and other allies while on joint task assignments overseas. It includes military leaders and others dealing with ignorant members of the public and anti-military groups in the media. When it is an internal problem, military persons reaching out for help have found success in reporting, but they often had to try different approaches to get a proper response. This means that sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and seek investigations from different kinds of departments until you get the right one. Military people might be able to help spur investigations into corrupt local police or FBI officials because of their experiences overseas and because of who they know. On the other hand, corrupt military networks in an area might be part of the problem associated with gangstalking against women or others (things like rape lists and shared lewd photos of women are known), at which point the police and FBI might be able to help if they too are not in on it. Secular counselors or social service types in the area might be able to shed light on abuses in homes involving religious fundamentalism - things like excess strictness, beatings, shaming, fear tactics, isolating, ostracizing and more. In other words, people who are not inside the problem might have certain insights into a group’s corruption. Slowly outside people might put two and two together from little bits and pieces gleaned from different people and over the years. Certain people handling domestic violence cases might not adequately address verbal abuse as abuse. Navy and military rapes. I added a 2019 article to the 1 News/History Highlights Etc. section. Bring in experts in pathological crimes to study Islamic extremist counter-terrorism ideas. That is, acknowledge the pathological, murderous sides of Islamic killers by outlining all known cases of both military and civilian persons. Use the pathological aspects to profile and offer counter-measures. Inherent in these things will be some MO’s. For those of you who are police persons, detectives, narcotics officers, etc, please read the following book if you had not already: Understanding and Preventing Violence: The Psychology of Human Destructiveness, by Leighton C. Whitaker (2000). Leighton Whitaker, the founder and for 25 years, editor of the Journal of College Student Psychotherapy, a man who helped define our field, died on May 10, 2018, in Media, Pennsylvania. He was 86. Lee's psychologist career was packed with achievements. 2020/05/30 #2 More goosebumps This was on wrestler Dave Schultz, came up while adding brief material to TV Image on the Peer Pressure/TV Image section. As is typical of my goosebump connections in general, the goosebumps come up immediately on reading the name while doing research on something else; in addition, once that first link is made, I can then just think about the person and the goosebumps start up. I was not familiar with this man’s story until today, as far as I consciously am aware. I am not a wrestling aficionado. The goosebumps are with me as I write this. There is a slightly different feeling about each person each time. 19 True Crime Shows https //www questioning-everything-2440068 Excerpt: Team Foxcatcher explores the true story of wrestler Dave Schultz, an Olympian who was killed by millionaire John du Pont after joining the private wrestling facility, Team Foxcatcher. The story was adapted into a major motion picture, Foxcatcher, in 2014. 2020/05/30 Bascom case added to 1 News/History Highlights. 2020/05/25 Honors and Tributes Today, American Memorial Day Excerpt: Originally Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, meant to honor the Union and the Confederate soldiers who died during the American Civil War. By the 1900s it had become a day to celebrate all American soldiers who died while serving in the military. It wasn't until 1967 that it was legally named Memorial Day. Memorial Day is sometimes confused with Veterans Day. However, Veterans Day honors all United States military veterans, while Memorial Day honors the soldiers who died while serving. 2020/05/23 #3 No Honor No Country Revisited Any form of extremism that goes off and shoots or bombs public areas is immoral and tragic. It wastes human life and sends out the wrong messages. If done out of personal vendettas, no one wins in the end. Innocents get caught in the process. There are more powerful ways to make one’s point that do not use violence. People can talk it out, write it out, complain to senators and other politicians; voice concerns to local franchises and other companies, voting arenas, equal employment opportunity hot-lines; put up billboards; write the media; take legal action; invite public mutual responsive non-violent action, and more. Where the perpetrators are messing with our legal system, jobs and media, we must find legal collective ways to fight back. We need our fighters alive and kicking. If they lose their calm and shoot themselves and others, we lose potential or actual people from our team. Suicided people in these matters die dishonorably, they create horrific harm to several or many as they go out, and we lose people who would otherwise have been helpful. Crazed out public violence takes people nowhere fast. It solves no problems. It creates bigger problems. It is a gruesome way to die. People who did nothing wrong get caught in the blast. They were just there at the wrong time. This type of violence is completely unacceptable and barbaric. We need to be on alert to two types of public mass shootings or violence: 1. As it seems As it seems is self-explanatory; the perpetrators are as they appear to be; the police, FBI and/or Homeland Security accurately and honestly identify the mass murderer 2. Not as it seems a. Not as it seems could be something like Making The Other Guy Look Bad discussed on River Gold. An example would be influencing a white guy to go into a public area and do public violence. On the surface it looks like a radicalized white extremist. Proper and thorough investigations that consider paranormal or paramilitary tech might discover he was wired by Iraqi Extremists, Russians, Chinese or something else. b. Not as it seems also could be about someone being set up or framed. c. The third problem possible with not as it seems is that the media most definitely could be lying. They could say it is a white extremist when it was actually and Islamic Extremist. They could be switching names or photos. The reverse is also true; white extremists could try to make it look like an Islamic extremist. CRGs could be involved in deception. I am not a psy tech expert, but I suspect people can be entrained, hypnotized, drugged and mind controlled, or device implanted to act like Manchurian Candidates. Drugging and psychological driving might be possible. Triggers might be possible. I suspect mind influencing culprits can include video gaming and certain internet or TV programs. There might be subliminal lights, flashes, signals, sounds and other electronic ways of messing with people’s heads. I have noticed some videos cause or influence emotion at exact certain spots in the video as if from a subliminal aspect of some kind. 2020/05/23 #2 More goosebumps This time around: Christopher J Van Der Horn Died in Iraq in January 2006 from an IED blast to his Humvee at side of road in As Sinia, Iraq. Born June 14, 1968 Tacoma WA, Died January 1, 2006 Sinia Iraq Excerpt: “Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Van Der Horn, assigned to the Army's 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Ky., was killed Sunday in As Sinia, Iraq, becoming the first U.S. serviceman the Defense Department identified as being killed in Iraq in 2006. Stationed at Camp Summerall in Bayji, north of Baghdad, Van Der Horn was on his way to another assignment when a bomb exploded near the truck he was riding in.” The goosebumps came up while reading today from the book entitled Surging South of Baghdad: The 3D infantry Division and Task Force Marne in Iraq, 2007-2008. By Dale Andrade “Named Vanderhorn in honor of a First Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, soldider killed in an IED attack in 2006, building began in early March. Patrol Base Vanderhorn was located six kilometers east-south of Meade, in Sayafiyah on the est bank of Trigris…” (p. 346) The goosebumps came up spontaneously. I had no previous recalled reading or other connection with Vanderhorn. These goosebumps are with me now as I write this. I feel the man has a strong soulful aspect, quite bright and sensitive. This one might be more awake as a spirit in his contact with me. I hope he wasn’t double-played by Iraqis in and around his troops in terms of the IED planted; although not clear, it comes up as a slight possibility . 2020/05/23-24-26 Voting Security Cameras Various groups with strong opinions could try to cheat the voting system. One way to protect ourselves is through multi-layered camera surveillance. 1. New Mexico has a history of corruption in general. 2. Minority groups can try to squash Republican votes. 3. White religionists might try to squash Democrat votes. In both arenas, religionists might try to switch votes to their favorite candidates, possibly along religious lines or along extended family networking. Religionists might discriminate against women by trying to use church doctrine or approaches by trying to control a female’s vote. 4. LGBT could try interfere. 5. Anti-wall people 6. Pro-narcotics people .An example would be a dirty cop using surveillance on a target sharing information on her with a dirt post office worker and in turn sharing information with a dirty voting location worker. Everyone could be in on the gig to suppress a target's vote. This is a fictional example, but it could happen in the real world either in this way or in other ways. 2020/05/19-20 Two main points between May 19th and 20th: 1. The old litany holds: Who is Answering the Phone? Minding the Front Desk? Handling the Paperwork in the Back Rooms? Added to this is: Is someone turfing or “playing host” to an area? 2. We need to make sure small voter ballot handling/count offices are secure and fair. Security cameras and several layers of checks and balances are likely necessary. We need to consider both machinated and non-machinated processing within a voting area. In smaller communities, how voting ballots are handled might be comparatively lax with certain windows of opportunity available for deception and fraud. Vote Related Fraud - How to reduce ACT for America suggests NO to mail-in ballots. Here is what ACT indicates: Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic sweeping the globe, Members of Congress have been clamoring for Mail-In-Voting policies this November 2020. In order to protect the integrity of our elections, the United States cannot have national Mail-In-Voting -- it's a recipe for ballot harvesting and voter fraud! It's our job as active and engaged American citizens to let our elected officials know we DO NOT support the idea of national mail- in voting. If we can practice social distancing at the grocery store, we can practice social distancing at the polls. I personally walked in my own primary voting ballot, due to making a mistake and being told to come in for a replacement ballot ticket, but I already had been concerned over absentee ballot mail-ins for the same reasons ACT brings up. Serious suspicions came up over hands-on, in person ballot delivery to a local voting office. I will try to offer advice below based on what came up for me as some possible ways on-site personnel could compromise a ballot. Try to get the feeling if any one racial or special interest group is in charge at a ballot handling/count location, like turfing or playing host. In other words, are they trying to act like the voting space is under their particular auspices in a way that is separate from the broader, mainstream United States? Try to identify which personnel has more authority and thus possibly more personal contact time with a ballot during a replacement ballot issuance period. This is one place someone can see how you are voting. Some groups whose special interests might incite vote fraud if given a chance in a voting control location are: Minority only; minority plus “players”; fundamental religionist; LGBT; illegal substance legality preference; and anti-wall people - those who want to allow unrestricted movement across US borders as part of a Hispanic historical and/or substance trafficking issue. If you are in a state or region with known sectarian tendencies, people should be especially alert to the potential their biases are operating within a voting control location. On River Gold during a previous election, I put a section on voting fraud and problems with the electoral college. At that time, some of the concerns covered electronic or computerized voting machines. In this discussion, we will discuss the possibility of non-machinated “Mom and Pop” voting locations in less populated regions. Even if the actual counts are later machinated, there are other ways people can personally see a voting ballot, like during issuance of a replacement ballot. The people in charge at the location might be biased to the point they do not weed out their own improper protocols, so outside intervention is likely required. For example, if managers who handle issuing replacement ballots or counts are sitting alone in separate enclosed offices, and if there is no one else around nor security cameras, this is an open invitation for fraud. For example, once someone sees the ballot contents during a replacement, that ballot might be targeted later since the person knows what is in it. Use common sense in these matters: if it could happen, use prevention to make sure it does not happen; and if it does happen, make sure you have a way of catching them on camera doing it. Anyone handling voting ballot tickets needs to be on security cameras at all times. Also there probably need to be additional backup security cameras handled by an entirely separate tier of security, as well. Proper, thorough handling of votes is a national security issue. For example, certain Hispanics and Native Americans in both New Mexico and Arizona can have hidden shadow government aspects; New Mexico does it one way, Arizona another. New Mexico has a long history of government connected corruption across various departments. The Navajo Nation, which sprawls across both states, has started acting like both a large corporation and cartel entity, complete with the suspicious looking money-grabbing lawsuits that are seen across the board with other leftist/minority driven enterprises; the language and media surrounding the lawsuits all look, sound and feel the same as if part of a larger corruption issue. In addition to the suspicious lawsuits, the Navajo Nation has a long history of corruption in general. Many of the Navajos have become increasingly aggressive about takeovers, push-outs and Dineh-First (Buy Dineh, Sell Dineh). These attitudes and approaches that have creeped up on a largely unsuspecting general public. Some of the antics are very similar to what Blacks and Hispanics in far left CRGs (civil rights groups) have used since the 1960s, but the aggression and volume has gotten more extreme in later years. Before voting for any minority running for public office, ask yourselves: is this person for the general good of the American public or just for certain groups, ie, his or her tribe? Is he/she going to misuse power? Is this person tied to CRGs with proven negativity toward the United States? Is the person part of a corporate or cartel group? Does the person have a criminal background? Is the person a national security risk? If any politician is going to serve the interests of a select few, no matter their race or religion, we Americans do not need that person in public office. If that individual wants to serve specifically Navajos and Hispanics, fine, but do so from another platform. Public office positions should be used for the common good of all Americans in the state or region being served. We are seeing too many special interest candidates with strong racial overtones about wanting to support non-white communities as part of a never-ending, non-forgiving cycle of pro-minority interests. If the candidates are that biased, they will not support the broad interests of the common good, and should not be voted for if at all possible. 2020/05/19 Watch for FARC (See Far Left/Communist-Socialist/Latina American and other communist groups spanning various Latin countries. 2020/05/15-16 Another goosebumps connection: Was reading this article as part of other research, and started getting intense goosebumps. She was murdered, possibly by her husband, through a severe beating. Then shortly after reading of her sad plight, I discovered that of her son’s demise last month. He died alone of COVID-19 and had experienced a number of serious health problems throughout his young life. Recently another goosebumps connection occurred with the Sasha Krause story. In the past, the goosebump connections were further apart. I am starting to make more conscious attempts at noting such occurrences. Again, my take on it is that I am possibly connecting with the spirit of the departed. I also feel I might be meeting them at a moment in time and space, like during the time leading up to their death. There also can be stuck zones, spaces where spirits could use some healing for closure and thus to move on, or perhaps for holistic purposes, more wholeness. I also feel some healing is mutual, with learning and growth for both. Another reason the goosebumps can come up is a spiritual connection to something deeper. Goosebumps can alert us that something more important is going on with this issue, to pay attention. RGJ 2020/02/10 Reno-Sparks remembers slain Navy vet: [Jana McElhaney] She was 'a fighter' for all veterans Excerpt: McElhaney, of Virginia City Highlands, died from critical head injuries at a hospital on Jan. 26. Her husband, 47-year-old William Collier, is now facing a murder charge in connection to her death, according to the Storey County Sheriff’s Office. “She was so passionate about veterans in the last 10 years of her life,” said Holliday, who serves in the U.S. Army…“She was always proud of being the first woman in the '80s to work on an aircraft carrier in the (U.S.) Navy.” McElhaney, 54, an electrical engineer for the Navy, volunteered most of her time to military organizations and veteran groups, including the Nevada Department of Veterans Services. I just realized her son died shortly after her death - just a few days ago, and I am getting intense goosebumps on that, as well: Our Midland 2020/05/10 Excerpt: Diagnosed with diabetes when he was 9, Ian struggled. He was in a coma for week a few years ago after his blood sugar dropped too low. He also had seizures. “But he always bounced back. Always,” Charles said. Ian insisted he was fine. Three days later, Ian’s lungs would be taken over by the coronavirus. When paramedics arrived at his house, he wasn’t breathing. He went into cardiac arrest. At the hospital he tested positive for COVID- 19. Ian was pulled off life support on April 23 after doctors said he was brain dead.