BLM-6 Oregon Riots 2020-2021
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They’re lying and cheating, over and over. They want attention - fight back constructively with gusto SEE: BLM INDEX 1-22 IN THIS SECTION BLM6 Oregon Riots 2020-2021 2021 Portland Riot Response Team Issues 2021 Portland Protests In General 2018 Portland Protests, right wing or pro-American? Islamic/Leftist Groups Mayor Governor Portland Police Chief People protecting Portland from riots injured or killed -rump Protester Killed in Portland BLM Riot; Police sergeant hand injured by fire bomb; Letter to Barr and Wolf from Mike Rogers/Alabama Areas With Protest or Riot Activity in Oregon Portland Corvallis Eugene Gresham Hood Klamath Falls La Grande Lebanon St. Helens Coastal Region Funding Protests Portland (and other cities) - Justice Department investigates Feb. 2020 Civil Rights Lawsuit against West Linn (Portland Area) PD: Black Oregon man wins racism suit - signs of softening event? Portland Riots, Oregon Protests, Portland Mosques o 2020 Riots o 2021 Riots incl. New Years Even Killings, Deaths, Suicides in Oregon during 2020 Riot Era and actually or possibly linked Jacob “Jake” Gardner/James Scurlock case 2020: Gardner died f rom apparent suicide in front of a medical facility in Portland, was dealing with a shooting death from Nebraska. Gardner was an Iraq Marine veteran, involved in the shooting of 21 year old James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska during protests and a brawl in front of Gardner’s bar. Scurlock was indicted and ordered to return to Nebraska shortly before his death. Two black attorneys on the prosecution side (see below) Oregon Indian Tribes Strongly Involved in BLM Protests Hotel/Motel Corruption in Oregon Bank Account Corruption: Debit Card Invasions through surveillance, monitoring and attempted or actual control Trump’s Tweets-Portland Riots See also: BLM1-23 List of Topics Notes Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes Jews/Israelis -possible biases (Also see Notes #1-News and #2/Personal) (Scroll Down if Above Links Not Active) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 Portland Riot Response Issues American Military News riot-squad-quits-after-cop-charged-for-using-baton-during-riot/ Breitbart squad-50-quits-protest-charges-against-cop-hitting-activist-2020- blm-riots/ CNN 2021/06/18 Dozens of Portland police officers resign from team that responds to protests after member is indicted. By Cheri Mossburg, https //www cnn com/2021/06/18/us/portland-oregon-police-resign- team/index.html Fox News [Bias: Probably mostly conservative, stay objective] 2021/06/23 Portland police commander on 'Hannity': Riot squad resigning was a 'long time coming' Lt. Jacob Clark on officers quitting squad en masse after cop's indictment. By Joshua Q Nelson. https //www foxnews com/media/portland-police-commander- hannity-riot-squad-resignations Independent Sentinel 2021/06/18 Portland Commish is happy the riot squad quit and with 150+ days of protests (riots). By M. Dowling https//www independentsentinel com/portland-commish-is-happy- the-riot-squad-quit-and-with-150-days-of-protests-riots/ Liberty Nation 2021/06/19 Rapid Response: Portland Riot Control Squad Calls It Quits; Portland’s entire Rapid Response Team quit after an officer was charged with assault – how’s that for a rapid response? By Kelli Ballard https //www libertynation com/rapid-response-portland-riot- control-squad-calls-it-quits/ OPB 2021/06/15 Portland police officer charged for assaulting activist photographer at protest. BY Jonathan Levinson. charged-for-assaulting-activist-photographer-at-protest/ Patriot Post Portland Police Protest the Left’s War on Cops Some 50 officers resigned from a riot response unit after a dubious indictment of one of their own. https //patriotpost us/articles/80750-portland-police-protest-the- lefts-war-on-cops-2021-06-21 Excerpt: Portland, Oregon, the unofficial headquarters of antifa, just lost 50 members of a voluntary police riot squad after they resigned en masse to protest leftist policies and violence in the city. While they all remain on the city’s police force, they will not serve in riot response. It turns out that when, as Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner argued, Democrats have “encouraged and enabled some of the violence” over more than 150 nights of riots in Portland, police no longer want to risk their lives to restore peace. But this is a national problem, and Democrats are reaping what they’ve sown. https //patriotpost us/articles/80750-portland-police-protest-the- lefts-war-on-cops-2021-06-21 PJ Media [Bias is conservative-religious] 2021/06/17 Portland Police's Entire Rapid Response Riot Team Resigns After Officer Charged, Antifa Released BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. politics/kevindowneyjr/2021/06/17/portland-polices-entire- rapid-response-riot-team-resigns-after-officer-charged- antifa-released-n1455406 PM: The Post Millennial [Bias is conservative] 2-21/06/22 Portland police union says violence encouraged and enabled by elected officials led to riot response team resignations "The residents and the business owners of the city of Portland have a hopeless feeling right now with what’s gone on." https //thepostmillennial com/portland-police-union-says-violence- encouraged-and-enabled-by-elected-officials-led-to-riot-response- team-resignations https //thepostmillennial com/breaking-portland-police-riot-squad- resigns-votes-to-disband-following-indictment-of-officer-budworth USA Today officers-resign-protest-response-unit-after-indictment/7743851002/ Washington Examiner [W. Exm bias is conservative, sometimes comes out more directly with religious views] 2021/06/22 Portland police union chief slams officials for encouraging and enabling riots. By Andrew Mark Miller, Deputy Social Media Editor slams-city-officials Willamette Week https //www one-portland-riot-cop-may-be-just-the- start/ Protests 2018 Portland: Right Wing or Pro-American Stance? HuffPost [Note from PF: Huffpost bias is often liberal/leftist] Right-Wing Portland Rally Declared Riot Amid Clashes With Antifa Protesters Police canceled the Patriot Prayer’s rally permit as violence broke out in Portland’s downtown. By Carla Herreria Russo Protests 2021 In General The Guardian 2021/04/16 Islamic and Leftist Groups Comment from PF: From Updates Notes on Aviation-Union Corruption: 2021/02/09 some editing; comments section fleshed out, including part on possible disgruntled ex-employees linked to anti-American civil rights groups. One place to check for this is in the Seattle and Portland areas where Black Lives Matter protests and riots were linked to civil rights groups attacking government both inside as infiltrations and outside it. There very well might be a link to current or former Boeing union members in all of that. This will be repeated in the BLM-Oregon section. Linked to Issues in Portland, Oregon: CAIR, Democratic Socialists of America, NextUP Action Fund, PopMob, JRC Willamette Week 2020/08/30 By Aaron Mesh shooting-amid-protests/ That context may explain why five progressive and civil rights groups called for the mayor's resignation on Sunday morning. (The groups included the Oregon chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, the Portland Democratic Socialists of America, NextUp Action Fund, Portland's Resistance, and PopMob, an anti-fascist organization.) https //www wweek com/news/city/2020/08/30/portland-mayor-blames-president-trump-for-fatal- shooting-amid-protests/ See also: CAIR https //www cair com/press_releases/cair-oregon-condemns-police-brutality-by-portland-police-bureau/ CAIR-Oregon Calls for Police Accountability After Rogue ... Feb 13, 2020 - (PORTLAND, OREGON, 2/13/20) — The Oregon chapte Newsbreak 2019/03 No group harasses police departments in America more than CAIR with its never-ending nuisance complaints By Bare Islam https //www newsbreak com/oregon/portland/news/1530180805258/no-group-harasses-police- departments-in-america-more-than-cair-with-its-never-ending-nuisance-complaints Mayor Ted Wheeler - Democrat - Note from PF: seems to be caught in the middle, more investigation and review needed; has had words with President Trump Willamette Week 2020/08/30 Portland Mayor Blames President Trump for Fatal Shooting Amid Protests. By Aaron Mesh “I ask the president either support us or stay the hell out of the way,” Ted Wheeler said. https //www wweek com/news/city/2020/08/30/portland-mayor-blames-president-trump-for-fatal- shooting-amid-protests/ 2020/08/24 Mayor Ted Wheeler Reacts to Saturday’s Violent Protests: White Nationalists Not Welcome Wheeler, who oversees the Portland Police Bureau, acknowledges criticism of PPB's inaction Saturday and pledges more information. By Nigel Jaquiss https //www wweek com/news/2020/08/24/mayor-ted-wheeler-reacts-to-saturdays-violent-protests-white- nationalists-not-welcome/ Governor Kate Brown - Note from PF: it looks like Brown is one of a series of corrupt far left governors in on the BLM gig She has had a link to Spain where she was born and Minnesota, as well as Colorado OPB dot org by Aaron Mesh 2018/07/31 Complaint Alleges Gov. Kate Brown's Ballot Deal Was Illegal. By Dirk VanderHart https //www opb org/news/article/complaint-kate-browns-ballot-illegal/ "For the last several years, and escalating in recent months, President Trump has encouraged division and stoked violence," Gov. Kate Brown said in a statement today. "It happened in Charlottesville. It happened in Kenosha. And now, unfortunately, it is happening in Portland, Oregon." OPB dot org 2020/05/29 Oregon Republicans Will Once Again Try To Recall Gov. Kate Brown. By Dirk VanderHart https //www opb org/news/article/oregon-republicans-try-to-recall-oregon-governor-kate-brown/ Portland Police Chief Oregon Live 2020/08 Portland Police Chief president Donald Trump react to killing of man near downtown protests Saturday He is Black, one of four black Portland police chiefs: please see BLM5 How to counter the BLM/anti- American Info Wars-the section on watching for before, during and after black police chiefs surrounding softening and/or BLM events. One suggested thing to look for is a general planned softening of an area in support of a Black Power movement; one thing to look for are black police chiefs somehow aiding and abetting such operations. If a particular black police chief is not directly involved in such a conspiracy, perhaps his or her presence is making a situation softer for BLM event in general. “Lovell becomes Portland's fourth African American chief, following Charles Moose, Derrick Foxworth and Danielle Outlaw, whom he served as executive assistant.” https //www oregonlive com/news/2020/08/portland-police-chief-president-donald-trump-react-to-killing- of-man-near-downtown-protests-saturday-night html Willamette Week 2020/06/10 Five Things to Know About Chief Charles “Chuck” Lovell. Five Things to Know About Chief Charles “Chuck” Lovell. By Nigel Jaquiss |By Latisha Jensen He led the Community Services Unit, which oversees police response to citizens with addictions and mental illness. https //www wweek com/news/2020/06/10/five-things-to-know-about-chief-charles-chuck-lovell/ 1. A native New Yorker, Lovell joined the Portland Police Bureau in 2002 after serving in the U.S. Air Force, including three tours overseas. 2. Among his bureau assignments, Lovell served as a school resource officer at Jefferson High, served on the crisis negotiation team, led the Human Trafficking Detail and, most recently, led the Community Services Unit, which oversees police response to citizens with addictions and mental illness. 3. Lovell becomes Portland's fourth African American chief, following Charles Moose, Derrick Foxworth and Danielle Outlaw, whom he served as executive assistant. 4. Like many Portland police officers, Lovell does not live in Portland. He lives in Washington County. He is not a member of any political party and has rarely voted except in general elections. 5. Lovell is a longtime volunteer and current board member at Lines for Life, a Portland nonprofit that works on substance abuse an Portland Tribune pamplinmedia dot com 2020/06/08 Portland has new African-American police chief. Chief Jamie Resch steps aside and allows Lt. Chuck Lovell to be named new chief. By Jim Redden https //pamplinmedia com/pt/9-news/469489-380075-portland-has-new-african-american-police- chief?wallit_nosession=1 Excerpt: After just six months on the job, Portland Police Bureau Chief Jami Resch* has stepped aside, allowing Lt. Chuck Lovell, an African-American man, to be appointed to the top position on the force as the city faces ongoing protests over police brutality. "I have asked Chuck Lovell to step into the role as chief of the Police Bureau. He's the exact right person at the exact right moment,'' Resch said. Resch was appointed to replace Chief Danielle Outlaw, the bureau's first female African-American chief, who unexpectedly resigned to become the Philadelphia police chief in December 2019. Resch's announcement came during Mayor Ted Wheeler's noon Monday press conference, which happened following 10 straight nights of protests spurred by the death of George Floyd and a weekend that saw nearly 100 arrests near the Justice Center. "When your boss comes to you and says the community needs you, I felt like if I in some small way, could be the start for some community healing, it was my duty to do that," Lovell said. * Jami L. Resch is the former chief of police of the police bureau of Portland, Oregon, United States. She served in that role from December 31, 2019 until June 8, 2020. (Wikipedia-Jami Resch) https //pamplinmedia com/pt/9-news/469489-380075-portland-has-new-african-american-police- chief?wallit_nosession=1 People Protecting Portland/USA from BLM Riots Injured or Killed, including police and Trump Protester Willamette Week by Aaron Mesh 2020/08/30 Portland Mayor Blames President Trump for Fatal Shooting Amid Protests The strange dialogue came amid shock and rage following the shooting death of a conservative protester who came to Portland to provide security for a truck caravan supporting President Trump. Shortly before 9 pm Saturday night, a man was killed by a gunshot to the chest outside a parking garage on Southwest 3rd Avenue. Photos of the scene showed he was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a protest group that marches in support of Trump. This morning, Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson confirmed the slain man was a "friend and supporter" of the conservative protest group, which for three years has visited Portland for marches and brawls with anti-fascists. https //www wweek com/news/city/2020/08/30/portland-mayor-blames-president-trump-for-fatal- shooting-amid-protests/ people-arrested/article_b933037c-effd-11ea-8c50-57afb45526d4.html PPB stated that a sergeant was hit with a commercial grade firework, which burned through his glove and hand. Several officers and troopers were hit by rocks, and an Oregon State Police vehicle was damaged by rocks, Barr/Wolf Letter Republicans Homeland House dot gov dated 08/06/2020 signed1268.pdf Dear Attorney General Barr and Acting Secretary Wolf: For the past two months Portland, Oregon has experienced nightly violence from rioters who are targeting law enforcement and federal buildings, including the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse. As much of the violence occurred in the vicinity of the federal courthouse and damage to the facility was mounting, the Department of Homeland Security deployed additional personnel to bolster security to the courthouse and other federal buildings in the vicinity, which is consistent with the Department’s authority under 40 U.S.C. § 1315 and responsibilities prescribed by Congress. Rioters directly targeted law enforcement with violence, including improvised explosives, rocks, glass bottles, a sledgehammer, ball bearings and marbles launched from slingshots, and used lasers to temporarily, and potentially permanently, blind the eyes of officers. I support peaceful protests, but this is not that. It is my understanding that over 245 law enforcement officers have been injured, including several who have sustained serious injuries. Just as all use of force cases by federal officers are and should be reviewed, cases of violent attacks on law enforcement must also be investigated, and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. As former Vice President Joe Biden said, the “arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted.” The United States has a long history of law enforcement agencies supporting each other. This is particularly true in the post 9/11 environment. Acting Secretary Wolf has been clear that prior to surging federal resources to Portland, DHS requested assistance and coordination with state and local officials and law enforcement to address the violent rioters. Those requests were denied. Instead, Portland officials carried out a smear campaign against federal officials, dismissed calls to address the violence, and passed resolutions preventing local police from providing any assistance, coordination, or information with federal counterparts. This lack of cooperation made a difficult situation worse and may have further exposed federal personnel and facilities to violent attacks, putting politics over American lives. As of July 29, 2020, a joint security plan was reportedly finalized between DHS, the Department of Justice and the Oregon State Police, in which the state police agreed to deploy additional forces to Portland to assist with securing the area around the federal courthouse. Despite media reports that this action has ended the violent riots, it is my understanding that the violence has continued to occur around the federal courthouse, and federal officers have continued to be targeted with fireworks, lasers, and projectiles. As your departments review the violent rioting that has occurred in Portland, I am requesting you conduct a joint investigation into the breakdown of cooperation, mutual assistance and information sharing by state and local law enforcement with their federal counterparts in Portland, Oregon between May 29, 2020 and July 29, 2020. Furthermore, I request that you provide to Congress a full assessment of the injuries to federal personnel caused by violent rioters while on duty in Portland during this same time period, as well as an accounting of the damage done to federal facilities. It is vital that a thorough investigation be conducted into the violent actors that have disrupted a peaceful protest movement, caused significant damage to a federal courthouse, and caused injury to hundreds of law enforcement officers. As part of this investigation, I urge you to ensure that all security footage be maintained and nightly reports on violent incidents and the use of force be collected. To the greatest extent possible, while not endangering law enforcement operations, it is important that information be shared with the public. Thank you for your service and your continued commitment to carrying out the vital missions of your departments. I look forward to receiving a briefing on the results of your investigations into the violence in Portland and the problematic lack of state and local police support. Sincerely, Mike D. Rogers, Alabama Ranking Member Civil Rights Lawsuit against West Linn PD in February 2020 Lawsuit involves Black Oregon man wins racism suit - signs of softening event? Possible Softening Precursor Lawsuit before a planned BLM event? See please see BLM5 How to counter the BLM/anti-American Info Wars-the section on watching for before, during and after black police chiefs surrounding softening and/or BLM events him-amid-racism- complaints/utWbyJyeV61UxyskiQ8iYK/#:~:text=An%20Oregon%20man%20has%20won,Linn%20Police%20Depart ment%20for%20%24600%2C000. An Oregon man has won $1.15 million after his boss had a police chief friend manufacture a criminal case in a bid to halt a potential racial discrimination lawsuit against his towing business. Michael Fesser, 48, of Portland, last week settled his lawsuit against the West Linn Police Department for $600,000. The settlement is one of the largest wrongful arrest settlements in Oregon history. Fesser had previously settled his claim against his former boss, Eric Benson, for $415,000. Benson owns A&B Towing in Southeast Portland Portland Riots Oregon Protests Protests and RIots Around Oregon - Note from PF: The photos of white families holding BLM signs might be fake news Portland 2021 Portland Riots New Years Eve thru Jan 2021 ABC News 2021/01/21 Portland police arrest 8 after rioters damage Democratic Party office, ICE facility following Biden's inauguration. Protesters took to the streets of Portland after President Biden was sworn-in.ByMorgan Winsor CBS News 2021/01/21 Protesters damage Democratic Headquarters Portland CNN 2021/01/23 Here's why rioters say they're gathering in Portland. By Dan Simon, Jason Kravarik and Mallika Kallingal, Fox 2021/01/04 Portland's New Year's Eve riots cost city tens of thousands dollars in damage, mayor says. By Stepahne Pagones New York Post 2021/01/21 Biden won’t stop them, and neither will cops, until Portland is burned down. By Andy Ngo The planned political violence in Seattle and Portland on Wednesday should have generated front-page headlines. The state headquarters of a governing political party was severely vandalized in broad daylight — the second attack on a Democratic Party building in Portland since November. But because the attackers espoused the right politics from the left, they are conveniently ignored by mainstream media and politicians. Some believe Antifa would fade away after Biden’s electoral win. They’re wrong. With the convenient excuse of resisting “Donald Trump’s fascist regime” no longer applicable, Antifa are just getting started. Andy Ngo is author of the upcoming book “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” Twitter: @MrAndyNgo New York Times 2021/01/20 Scorning Biden, protesters in Portland, Ore., and Seattle called for more radical change. By Mike Baker and Hallie Golden 2020 Portland ABC News 2020/10/12 Portland protest that took down statues of former presidents declared a riot by police President Donald Trump tweeted, "Put these animals in jail, now." https //abcnews go com/US/portland-protest-statues-presidents-declared-riot-police/story?id=73562141 Excerpt: Tensions rise amid protests in Portland Protesters clashed with police and gasoline bombs were thrown at some officers on the 100th co...Read More Protesters clashed with police and gasoline bombs were thrown at some officers on the 100th consecutive night of protests in Portland. A demonstration in Portland, Oregon, that included people breaking windows and taking down statues of former Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln has been declared a riot by police. The protests were part of a "Day of Rage" declared over the celebration of Columbus Day on Monday. Organizers named the event "Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage" to shed light on Italian explorer Christopher Columbus' role in the genocide of the native populations in the Americas, according to The Associated Press. Fox 2020/10/13 Antifa rioters who targeted Portland cafe 'solidified' his Trump vote, military veteran says: 'When I first came here [Portland] about 10 years ago, it was one of the most accepting cities that I knew of,' the cafe owner said. Heroes American Cafe: Stupendous Food and Drinks. By Louis Casiano. https //www foxnews com/us/antifa-rioters-veteran-portland-cafe [Note from PF: This is a black military veteran who donates proceeds to honorable police and military persons and who had indicated non-support of dishonest, dishonorable ones. He served in two separate branches, Army and Marines. At least three of his business’s windows were shot at or struck, and there was much destruction. The rioters claimed they did it because he was not friendly to their movement or approach.] National Review 2020/09/14 Oregon Republican Lawmakers React to Arrest of Dem House Speaker’s Aide in Portland Riots By MAIREAD MCARDLE https //www nationalreview com/news/oregon-republican-lawmakers-react-to-arrest-of-dem-house- speakers-aide-in-portland-riots/ Excerpt: Narayan’s arrest came a week after pro-Trump demonstrator Aaron Danielson was fatally shot in the chest during clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and a caravan of pro-Trump demonstrators who drove through the streets of downtown Portland. Two days later, Portland Police declared a riot after about 200 demonstrators marched to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s residence to demand that he resign as violent demonstrations continue to rock the city. https //www nationalreview com/news/oregon-republican-lawmakers-react-to-arrest-of-dem-house- speakers-aide-in-portland-riots/ KTVZ 2020/08/25 Police declare riot yet again during fiery portland protest https //ktvz com/news/oregon-northwest/2020/08/25/police-declare-riot-yet-again-during-fiery-portland- protest/ Excerpt: One demonstrator climbed atop the building’s roof to unfurl a banner and the building’s walls were spray-painted, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported. Portland has been gripped by nightly protests for nearly three months since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Demonstrations, often violent, have targeted police buildings and federal buildings. Some protesters have called for reductions in police budgets while the city’s mayor and some people in the Black community have decried the violence, saying it is counterproductive. Before dawn Monday, police used tear gas to scatter demonstrators who hurled rocks, bottles and commercial-grade fireworks at officers and set fires in the streets as they marched on a precinct station. Twenty-three people were arrested. During that demonstration, a group of about 200 lit a dumpster on fire and used it as a shield as they approached the station, police said. They threw objects at officers, hitting some positioned on the roof, and lit an awning on fire. One officer suffered a wrist injury after he was hit with a piece of ceramic. The FBI said Monday that a threat last week that prompted the closure of a federal courthouse and other federal buildings did not appear to be credible. Among the buildings closed was the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse, which was a target of protesters who repeatedly clashed in July with federal agents. protest/ Fox 2020/09/04 Portland: At least 24 people arrested more than once in protests, riots KBTX 2020/08/08 Portland protests persist as some bring flashes of violence https //www kbtx com/2020/08/08/portland-protests-persist-as-some-bring-flashes-of-violence/ KPTV 2020/09/06 Police: Firebombs thrown at officers during riot in SE Portland; more than 50 people arrested FOX 12 Staff https //www kptv com/news/police-firebombs-thrown-at-officers-during-riot-in-se-portland-more- than-50-people-arrested/article_b933037c-effd-11ea-8c50-57afb45526d4 html Willamette Weekly 2020/06/01 Police Fence Off 16 Square Blocks in Downtown Portland as Protests Continue Into Fourth Night Police insist they support protesters’ First Amendment rights. By Tess Riski https //www wweek com/news/city/2020/06/01/police-fence-off-14-square-blocks-in-downtown- portland-as-protests-continue-into-fourth-night/ Portland and other Oregon Mosques Portland Muslim Community Center of Portland 5325 N Vancouver Ave Masjid As-Saber 10323 SW 43rd Ave Al Furqan Islamic Center 7410 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Eugene Abu-Bakr As-Siddiq Islamic Center/Eugene Islamic Center Articles 2019 Federal and Oregon Law Enforcement Officials Investigated a › news › courts › 2019/04/24 › feder... Apr 24, 2019 — The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force and local Oregon law enforcement ... to monitor a mosque in Portland until the threat had been resolved. https //www wweek com/news/courts/2019/04/24/federal-and-oregon-law-enforcement-officials-investigated-a- threat-against-portland-area-mosques/ 2015 The Nation Why Is the FBI Obsessed With This Portland Imam and His Mosque? Ever since 9/11, federal investigators have pursued Sheikh Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye. Yet he has never been charged with a terrorism-related crime. By Zoë Carpenter Why Is the FBI Obsessed With This Portland Imam and His › article › archive › why-is- the-fbi... Dec 15, 2015 — Yet he has never been charged with a terrorism-related crime. ... Why Is the FBI Obsessed With This Portland Imam and His Mosque? https //www thenation com/article/archive/why-is-the-fbi-obsessed-with-this-portland-imam-and-his- mosque/ 2012 Oregon Live FBI actions have left a Portland mosque and its imam feeling they're in the government's cross hairs. By Helen Jung Excerpt: February 2012: With the help of a lawyer and U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, both men are able to fly home separately. In the past two years, the FBI has placed at least five men with affiliations to the mosque, including its longtime religious leader, on the nation's no-fly list, a roster of suspected terrorists barred from flying in the United States. None has been charged with a terrorism-related offense, and federal officials haven't told them why they're on the list. The unexplained actions are aggravating the FBI's already poor relationship with the mosque and fueling fear and frustration among Muslims that their house of worship appears to be once again in the government's cross hairs. https //www oregonlive com/portland/2012/06/fbi_actions_have_left_a_portla html 2010 CBS Oregon Muslims Fear Reprisal after Mosque Fire - CBS › news › oregon-muslims- fear-repri... Nov 29, 2010 — Arson at Oregon Plot Suspect's Mosque ... FBI Sting Foils Portland Terror Plot https //www cbsnews com/news/oregon-muslims-fear-reprisal-after-mosque-fire/ Investigative Project https //www investigativeproject org/2360/tree-lighting-plot-not-portland-first-terrorism 2002 Kitsapsun dot com Portland mosque linked to suspect Islamic charities - Kitsap › archive › 350810_portland_mosq... Sep 14, 2002 — Portland mosque linked to suspect Islamic charities ... Foundation that it funneled money collected in America to al-Qaida terrorist cells abroad. [note from PF: the page seems gone per search 2020/10/16] Corvallis Gazette Times downtown-corvallis-in-peaceful-protest/article_7c17d0c3-f24e-5987-a7bc-d53e0f2f3fd6.html Klamath Falls NBC News 2020/06/06 In Klamath Falls, Oregon, victory declared over antifa, which never showed up. By Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins Towns from Washington state to Indiana have seen armed groups begin patrolling the streets after rumors spread on social media about an antifa invasion. Excerpt: Those protests — and some of the violence and looting that have accompanied them — have become the source of growing skepticism and paranoia in conservative circles. The most persistent rumors center on groups of antifa members being put on buses and sent to small towns to wreak havoc. The rumors are unfounded. But that hasn't stopped people in some communities, like Klamath Falls, from preparing for the worst. Towns from Washington state to Indiana have seen armed groups begin patrolling the streets after receiving warnings about an antifa invasion, often spurred by social media or passed along from friends. Those actions have yet to erupt in major violence but often bring heavily armed people in close contact with protesters, as it did in Klamath Falls. which-never-showed-n1226681 Gresham City KPTV dot com 2020/08/27 Dueling protests at Gresham City Hall's Black Lives Matter Flag mostly peaceful Kandra Kent https //www kptv com/news/dueling-protests-at-gresham-city-halls-black-lives-matter-flag-mostly- peaceful/article_c0388b0a-e856-11ea-ae77-b3f205f7ced9.html Hundreds gathered Wednesday evening in dueling demonstrations at Gresham City Hall, where protests have become popular after city councilors voted to fly a Black Lives Matter flag outside the building. One group of protesters chanted “All Lives Matter” and shared their support for police and President Trump and their opposition to the Black Lives Matter flag. Counter-protesters gathered at the flag’s base to defend it and the movement. They chanted “Black Lives Matter.” Hood, La Grande, St. Helens PDX Monthly dot com 2020/06/08 They’re Turning Up for Black Lives Matter in Rural and Small-Town Oregon, Too From Tillamook to St. Helens, the protest movement is spreading beyond the metro area. By Christen McCurdy 6/8/2020 at 10:00am in-rural-and-small-town-oregon-too Excerpt: In Hood River, 150 people blocked the overpass to an interstate highway. In La Grande, hundreds of people gathered outside of city hall. In St. Helens, organizers at first scrapped plans for a planned Black Lives Matter rally due to threats of violence, then decided to persist. Newport Newport News Times 2020/06/04 https //newportnewstimes com/article/protest-draws-hundreds Eugene and Springfield Register Guard 2020/08/23 Locals have organized against black lives matter leading street fights standoffs. Adam Duvernay https://www registerguard com/story/news/2020/08/23/locals-have-organized-against-black- lives-matter-leading-street-fights-standoffs/5601292002/ In Eugene and Springfield, Black Lives Matter protesters now are more frequently met with opposition beyond the police — police-supporting counterprotesters, often calling themselves patriots, who say their mission is keeping local neighborhoods safe. Some have group affiliation. Some are just sympathetic to organized opposition to Black Lives Matter or other groups they perceive as threats. Some come to rallies and protests armed. Some come from out of town. Some are more than willing to fight protesters. Many support President Trump and conspiracy theories about the federal government. Most see the Black Lives Matter movement as largely dangerous and misguided. Lebanon Gazette Times 2020/06/14 Hundreds gather in Lebanon for Black Lives Matter demonstration. Nia Tariq https //www gazettetimes com/news/local/hundreds-gather-in-lebanon-for-black-lives-matter- demonstration/article_628f9ded-ec00-5187-bfaf-9a8beac648a8.html Killings, Deaths Linked to Portland 2020 Riot Era Possible or Actual From Notes-News 2020/09/23 Gardner/Scurlock Case 2020: Jacob “Jake” Gardner/James Scurlock case: Gardner died from apparent suicide in front of a medical facility in Portland, was dealing with a shooting death from Nebraska. Gardner was an Iraq veteran, involved in the shooting of 21 year old James Scurlock in Omaha, Nebraska during protests and a brawl in front of Gardner’s bar. Scurlock was indicted and ordered to return to Nebraska shortly before his death. Two black attorneys on the prosecution side (see below) Connected Attorneys to this case Black Senator Justin Wayne - see article CNN-2020/06/02 and Star Herald 2020/07/23 below showing he was on the Gardner/Scurlock case and showed black anti-racism/BLM style of Nebraska legislature submissions Fredrick D. Franklin, Black Special Prosecutor see articl KETV-2020/09/22 below KETV 2020/09/22 Gardner, Jacob Marine Iraq veteran, black special prosecutor assigned to case Jake Gardner, man charged in Scurlock death, has died by suicide https //www dot ketv dot com/article/jake-gardner-man-charged-in-scurlock-death-has-died- by-suicide-sources-say/34089387# Excerpt: Special Prosecutor Fredrick D. Franklin made a statement Wednesday following the news that Jake Gardner, accused of manslaughter in the death of James Scurlock, died by suicide. Franklin spoke in the Legislative Chambers located on the second level of the Omaha/Douglas Civic Center. https //www dot ketv dot com/article/jake-gardner-man-charged-in-scurlock-death-has-died- by-suicide-sources-say/34089387# Washington Post 2020/09/21 Omaha reels as man accused of killing black lives matter protester found dead https //www washingtonpost com/national/omaha-reels-as-man-accused-of-killing-black-lives- matter-protester-found-dead/2020/09/21/c00ce7ea-fc4a-11ea-9ceb-061d646d9c67_story html CNN 2020/06/02 Omaha bar owner who shot a black protester will not be charged. By Konstantin Toropin and Phil Gast Excerpt: Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine on Monday told reporters that after viewing videos of the incident with police officials and homicide detectives, he decided not to charge Jake Gardner in Saturday night's death of James Scurlock. While Kleine called the death "senseless," he said he followed the law. "It can't be based on emotions. It can't be based on anger. It can't be based on any of those things." But attorney Justin Wayne, who represents the Scurlock family, said the 22-year-old should not have been shot during a scuffle involving Gardner and a few individuals on Saturday night in the Old Market entertainment district downtown. He said the case should go to a grand jury https //www cnn com/2020/06/02/us/omaha-bar-owner-black-protester-trnd/index.html Star Herald 2020/07/23 Sen. Wayne wins approval to allow Nebraska Legislature to debate police oversight board proposal By Paul Hammel legislature-to-debate-police-oversight-board-proposal/article_a238b565-335c-5952-9ea1- cb09d466db18.html Excerpt: [Nebraska] State Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha won approval Thursday to allow debate on his police oversight board proposal on a 32-4 vote. With only 14 days left in the 2020 session, Wayne said he understands he may not have enough time to get the proposal through a public hearing and three rounds of debate and be passed. But, the Black legislator said, the Legislature needs to respond now, not next year, to demonstrate that it "cares" about the pleas to do something about instances of racial injustice involving law enforcement. Book (2011) The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp [Note from PF: Any connection to any Iranian/Hamas black muslim material in the above case? (Iran-Contra material shows up in book)] In the face of opposition from local and state law enforcement, from the FBI, and from the powerful Omaha World-Herald newspaper, a special Franklin committee of the Nebraska Legislature launched its own probe. What looked like a financial swindle, soon exploded into a hideous tale of drugs, Iran- Contra money-laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee's chief investigator died - suddenly, and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case. Oregon Indians Involved With BLM Support Note From PF: What’s Wrong With This Picture? Answer: Tribes are not being responsible and ethical in acknowledging the dangerous groups associated with Black Lives Matter, including Hispanic/Latino cartels and Islamic terrorists. It’s a live for today, forget tomorrow attitude. We must hold the Native American tribes accountable. We are not seeing fact checks by tribes about what could happen if terrorists and cartels take over the USA after it is weakened by Umatilla, Navajo and other Indian support of BLM. In addition, the “one heart, one mind” approach, when fused with Islamic extremists, becomes “Big Brother” - a form of totalitarianism. We need to investigate the nexus between big-funding organizers and tribal leaders who accept their donations. Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation: protesters/article_2e32784a-baef-11ea-a61a-33c406e52da5.html in-pendleton/article_785f022e-d1c1-11ea-8975-8f05f8f87efa.html Hotel/Motel Corruption in Oregon Consider the possibility that the hotel/motel industry in Oregon is corrupted by organized crime. Certain hotels are likely worse than others. They very well might be linked Islamic, black power based organizations. The concept of “running strings” likely applies here. Bank Account Corruption Consider the possibility that people are monitoring out-of-state debit card or other card usage at mafia- controlled hotels, ATM machines and elsewhere around the state. This might include surveillance of cash providers like Western Union. Card, ATM, Using Debit Card at Hotel, ATM, etc: Invasions through surveillance, monitoring and attempted or actual control. ATM machines or bank information, so that a targeted person is somehow stalked and watched around banking transactions. It can include paying with the card at a Native American tribally owned and operated gas station center. Something might be coming up with this invovling transactions at McDonalds using the card. This is of course above and beyond normal proper policing operations designed to capture fraud or other illegality. Instead, this reflects criminal misuse of getting inside a person’s banking information through access at crime
The Magic of a Good Mix #7: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands The Universal Language of Music 22-Pistepirkko: Birdy Dec 16, 2009 (565,568 views as of 2020/12/02) https //www youtube com/watch?v=HWFtUbYiCMw 22-Pistepirkko, , is a Finnish popular music band formed in 1980. It was formed in a small rural village of Utajärvi in Northern Finland but moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in 1985. Eppu Normaali - Murheellisten laulujen maa Jul 16, 2009 (2,054,937 views as of 2020/12/2) https //www youtube com/watch?v=4BXSkigN45w Merja Soria Finnish Folk Musician Nuku Nuku - Ancient Finnish Lullaby Feb 15, 2015 (1,028,575 views as of 2020/12/2) https //www youtube com/watch?v=hFCixLn9qRw Isac Elliot New Way Home Apr 4, 2013 (557,071 views as of 2020/12/2) https //www youtube com/watch?v=H6Ykor-8MAM Isac Elliot Lundén (born 26 December 2000), professionally known as Isac Elliot, is a Finland-Swedish pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. He is best known for his song "New Way Home" and his debut album Wake Up World in 2013, both of which gained success in Finland and Norway Steve'n'Seagulls Thunderstruck (LIVE) Jul 31, 2014 (113,317,466 views as of 2020/12/02) Jukka Leppilampi & Marzi Nyman Trio Jan 15, 2016 https //www youtube com/watch?v=5Z0JhPTwrqs Norway Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra - Wayfaring Stranger| Sept 2019 Live at John Dee https //www youtube com/watch?v=4bvZ-WCkXGE We’re Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra from Oslo, Norway. The crew consists of fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, dobro and upright bass, and additionally we have the somewhat unconventional bluegrass instrument accordion with us. And of course lots of vocal harmonies Faroe Islands https //www youtube com/watch?v=9_23alXV1Cc and https //www youtube com/watch?v=NOsFQ- VUeMw Eivør Pálsdóttir (known professionally as Eivør, is a Faroese singer-songwriter with a distinctive voice and a wide range of interests in various music genres spanning rock, jazz, folk, pop, and European classical music. Her musical roots are in the Faroese ballads. Many of her songs are in Faroese, some are in Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, and the most recent are in English. Caro Emerald Live - A Night Like This @ Sziget Aug 11, 2012 (41,253,069 views as of 2020/2) Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw = Singer https \\ www youtube com/watch?v=Fc6izYdLhNE Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw (born 26 April 1981), better known by her stage name Caro Emerald, is a Dutch pop and jazz singer. Active since 2007, she rose to prominence in 2009 with "Back It Up". Follow-up single "A Night Like This" topped charts in the Netherlands. (Wikipedia) and https //www youtube com watch?v=jo1cyl0QbWo Mart Hoogkamer Can't help falling in love 10/29/2019 https //www youtube com/watch?v=OBRip8YseQs Naaz 2017 Words https //www youtube com/watch?v=KvQ- te2CBFM and Damage (Lyric Video) Sep 19, 2019 https //www youtube com/watch?v=fPzEhjcmZbI Naaz Mohammad is a Dutch singer- songwriter from Rotterdam. Kurdish- Dutch mix. Complex, unique themes and tones
2017 Family identifies Utah soldier killed in Afghanistan as Aaron Butler he family of a Utah soldier killed in Afghanistan this week has identified him as Aaron Butler, 27, from Monticello. Butler, a Special Forces soldier with the Utah National Guard, died Tuesday night when he entered a booby-trapped building with his twelve-member team. …In the statement, the Butler family wrote that Aaron graduated from Monticello High School in 2008. He later served an LDS Mission in Ghana. Butler was a four-time high school state wrestling champion, claiming state titles in 2005 through 2008, according to the family. Butler graduated with honors from the Army Green Beret Special Forces Qualifications Course in January 2016, the family told 2News. KUTV-2017/08/17 By Jeremy Harris mily-identifies-monticello-soldier- killed-in-afghanistan#/
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