Bryan Kohberger Arrest*(CASE STUDY-10b-Idaho Murders)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATES - ARREST, PROCESSES, INCOMING INFORMATION AFTER ARREST May 26, 2023 Fox 2023/05/25 Bryan Kohberger's parents called before grand jury in Pennsylvania woman's death: reports Local police say there is no connection between Kohberger and the disappearance of Dana Smithers. Michael Ruiz. death-reports Independent via Yahoo 2023/05/23 Bryan Kohberger’s sister feared [his involvement]in Idaho murders before arrest. Rachel Sharp 2023/05/26 Dana Smithers’ sister responds to strange link between her death and Bryan Kohberger sister-b2346433.html?src=rss Excerpt: Brian Entin, a senior correspondent at NewsNation, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that Stacey Smithers had said "she learned even before Kohberger's arrest that an investigative grand jury in Pennsylvania was meeting and looking into her sister's case." He continued: "After Kohberger was arrested, she says the grand jury began looking into whether Kohberger could be connected to her sister's disappearance. She says it became clear he was not connected, and there was evidence he was not in the area where her sister was last seen." May 22, 2023 Morning Call 2023/05/22 Judge enters not guilty plea for Bryan Kohberger in University of Idaho killings after he refuses to enter one University of Idaho quadruple stabbings suspect Bryan Kohberger to be arraigned today Published at 8:35 am, May 22, 2023 Dakin Andone, CNN be-arraigned-today/ Fox 2023/05/22 Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger arraignment: What to expect Arraignment comes after grand jury indictment negated his plans to fight the charges at a June hearing Michael Ruiz. By Michael Ruiz | Fox News May 20-21, 2023 Krem 5/21/23 Bryan Kohberger will be in court on Monday; here's what to expect The suspect in the murder of four University of Idaho college students has an arraignment at Latah County Court Monday morning. kohberger-court-appearance-latah-county-court/293-1d57775e-c01d-46f5-9b9a-c32aeabbfdbe NY Daily News NY Daily News 5/21/23 Brian Kohberger broke into female student’s home and installed security cameras months before Idaho murders: report By Evan Rosen zzcda7vf5neeljot73gtvitlga-story.html May 18-19, 2023 Kohberger indicted East Idaho News 2023/05/17 Bryan Kohberger secretly indicted by grand jury in Moscow stabbings case; hearing canceled. Sally Krutzig stabbings-case-hearing-canceled/ Idaho Statesman via yahoo 2023/05/18 Secrecy of Kohberger grand jury keeps community in the dark even longer | OpinionThe Editorial Board Newsweek via MSN 2023/05/18 Idaho Murder Update: Bryan Kohberger Indicted After Taking 'Big Gamble' Story by Anna Skinner gamble/ar-AA1bjGJG May 10, 2023 Fox News 2023/05/10 Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger hires new lawyer. Bryan Kohberger's new defense lawyer known for 'America's Most Wanted' case. Michael Ruiz Newsweek via MSN 2023/05/10 Bryan Kohberger's New Lawyer Got Man Serving Life Sentence Out of Jail Matthew Impelli of-jail/ar-AA1b1ifz May 9, 2023 Inside Edition 2023/05/08 Bryan Kohberger Demands Videos, DNA Evidence He Claims State Is Withholding and Could Prove His Innocence. Chris Spargo Newsweek via MSN 2023/05/09 Bryan Kohberger's Attorney Fights With Prosecutors Over Evidence Story by Matthew Impelli evidence/ar-AA1aXA0f May 5, 2023 Prayers and Support to the Moscow, Idaho Police Department persons involved in this case - the Chief, detectives - and all others involved in the investigation - what they have seen could cause nightmares, create a sense of despair, drive up alcohol or other substance abuse - watch for the well-being of each other in your department and related teams Independent 2023/05/05 Accused Idaho college killer Bryan Kohberger’s belongings test positive for blood Newly-released bodycam footage also shows officers executing a search warrant at his home on 30 December. Rachel Sharp b2333292.html East Idaho News 2023/05/05 Watch: WSU campus police traffic stop of Moscow homicide suspect Bryan Kohberger. Kevin Fixler. suspect-bryan-kohberger/ Excerpt: Moscow defendant Bryan Kohberger talked his way out of a traffic ticket for running a red light in Pullman, Wash., the month before the November killings, newly released police body-cam footage obtained by the Idaho Statesman shows. Krem dot com updated 2023/05/05 Motion hearing related to gag order in Kohberger case canceled While the May 25 hearing has been canceled, a scheduling conference has been scheduled for May 22 over Zoom. Celina Van Hyning hearing-may-25/293-1d6564bb-fae5-4fb6-8fd7-ad37b45fe4d4 April 2023 Fox 2023/04/23 Idaho student murders: Bryan Kohberger defense claims surviving roommate has 'exculpatory' evidence. Bryan Kohberger is accused of stabbing four University of Idaho students to death in a 4 am ambush. Michael Ruiz has-exculpatory-evidence KIVI TV 2023/04/25 Moscow Murders: Surviving roommate challenges subpoena to appear in June hearing as a witness for the defense preliminary-hearing-as-a-material-witness-for-the-defense Newsweek 2023/04/11 Smoking Gun Evidence Found in Bryan Kohberger's Home—Rep. Khaleda Rahman New York Post 2023/04/27 Surviving Idaho roommate Bethany Funke agrees to talk to Bryan Kohberger’s attorney: docs. By Olivia Land kohbergers-attorney-docs/ Mar 16, 2023 Inside Edition today has more detail on search warrants Inside Edition 2023/03/16 Bryan Kohberger Investigation: Is This the Murder Weapon Used to Kill University of Idaho Students? By Chris Spargo https //www insideedition com/bryan-kohberger-murder-weapon-knife Mar 12, 2023 Significant Developments: Numerous warrants served to various large companies- Amazon; American Express; Apple; AT&T; Bank of America; Door Dash…Banner Bank in Spokane, Washington, Block, Inc. (formerly Square, Inc.), Blue Ridge Knives in Marion, Virginia, Charter Communications, Coeur d'Alene Police Department Forensic Lab, Discover Bank, Ebay; Elan Financial Services; Idaho Central Credit Union; Idaho Department of Labor; Numerica Credit Union; Potlatch No 1 Financial Credit Union; Reddit; Umpqua Bank; Wells Fargo; Verizon Wireless; Washington State University; Reddit, Tinder Fox via MSN 2023/03/11Idaho murders: Kohberger court filings show where warrants were served, including Tinder, DoorDash, Reddit Story by Chris Eberhart • Yesterday 8:48 AM include-tinder-doordash-reddit were-served-including-tinder-doordash-reddit/ar-AA18v33Z Excerpt: A judge ordered the warrants to remain "sealed and redacted" in the criminal case against Bryan Kohberger, who's accused of fatally stabbing four college students, but the recipients of the warrants were included in recent court filings. The reasoning is the same in each of the judge's orders, which total about 750 pages. The documents "contain highly intimate facts or statements … which would be highly objectionable to a reasonable person," and the "documents contain facts or statements that might threaten the safety of or endanger the life or safety of individuals." Given the high-profile nature of the case and intense scrutiny across the country, there have been concerns that releasing details would poison a potential jury pool. Earlier Newsweek Bryan Kohberger's Lawyer Is Calling for Backup Story by Khaleda Rahman • Thursday Newsweek via MSN New Details Emerge About Bryan Kohberger's Behavior When Police Moved in Story by Khaleda Rahman • Tuesday police-moved-in/ar-AA18jszk Fox Bryan Kohberger's Pennsylvania warrants: Experts break down key evidence Police seized knives, masks, computers, phone from his parents' house, but some evidence stands out Michael Ruiz By Michael Ruiz | Fox News Mar 2, 2023 Buzz Feed News via MSN 2023/03/02 More Unsealed Search Warrants Reveal Authorities Found A Knife, A Gun, And Criminology Books At Bryan Kohberger's Parents' House When He Was Arrested. Story by Anna Betts • 3h ago pennsylvania-home-of-suspect-in-university-of-idaho-murders/ar-AA188K76 Law and Crime via MSN Unsealed warrants reveal what was found in car and Pennsylvania home of suspect in University of Idaho murders Story by Jerry Lambe • 4h ago. Unsealed warrants reveal what was found in car and Pennsylvania home of suspect in University of Idaho murders gun-and-criminology-books-at-bryan-kohbergers-parents-house-when-he-was-arrested/ar-AA188YuF Mar 1, 2023 CBS 2023/03/01 What authorities found at University of Idaho stabbings suspect Bryan Kohberger's home https //www cbsnews com/philadelphia/news/pennsylvania-unseals-search-warrant-for-university-of-idaho- stabbings-suspect-bryan-kohberger/ Today Yahoo Unsealed search warrant in Idaho murders shows what FBI found in Bryan Kohberger’s family home MSN Years Before Firing from University Job, Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger Was Problematic 'Fish Cutter' EmployeeStory by Tristan Balagtas, Thomas Volscho and Jennifer Coffindaffer • 2h ago kohberger-was-problematic-fish-cutter-employee/ar-AA186ECI Feb 27, 2023 News Nation Now 2023/02/27 Idaho killings suspect Kohberger could die by firing squad if convicted. Liz Jassin firing-squad-convicted/ Independent 2023/02/27 Bryan Kohberger Fights Bids to Lift Gag Order By Parties Seeking New Details About Murder Investigation. Chris Spargo Kohberger and his public defender will argue this week that the gag order in his case should not be changed and that the amended dissemination order filed by the judge overseeing the proceedings should remain in place, court documents reveal. This is now the second attempt by a party to overturn the amended nondissemination order in the case. Kohberger argues that lifting this order would make it harder for him to get a fair trial. WNEP 2023/02/27 Battle over gag order | Case of Interest: Kohberger Story by Stacy Lange • 10h ago Washington Examiner 2023/02/27 Idaho student murders: New bill introduced by Republican could mean Bryan Kohberger may face firing squad. by Rachel Schilke, Breaking News Reporter | Under a new bill introduced in the Idaho Legislature, the suspect in the quadruple homicide of four University of Idaho students could face a firing squad upon conviction if the prosecution seeks the death penalty. squad-kohberger Earlier Fox News via MSN 2023/02/25 Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger leaks 'huge issue' with 'potential to compromise' prosecution, lawyer warns. Michael Ruiz • Friday ABC News via MSN 2023/02/25 House where 4 Idaho students were killed will be demolished Green said a memorial, including a garden, will be designed on the university's campus in honor of the slain students. The exact location hasn't been decided, Green said. AA17U4Dz People 2023/02/22 Accused Idaho Killer Bryan Kohberger Allegedly Had Pictures of Victim on His Phone: Source "It was clear that he was paying attention to her," a source tells PEOPLE. By Steve Helling Feb 7, 2023 Newsweek via MSN 2023/02/07 How Bryan Kohberger's Cellphone Records Could Be Used Against Him Story by Khaleda Rahman him/ar-AA17cDK6 2023/02/06 Bryan Kohberger's Hyundai Elantra Could Prove Key to Deciding Idaho Verdict BY KHALEDA RAHMAN ON 2/6/23 Feb 5, 2023 Xana Kernodle had knife wounds on fingers; Gag order appealed by Goncalves lawyer Independent 2023/02/05 Idaho murders – update: Source reveals victim ‘grabbed knife’ as Kaylee Goncalves’ family appeals gag order. Rachel Sharp, Andrea Blanco sister-motive-b2276118.html Excerpt: One of the victims in the Idaho murders reportedly fought the attacker before she was killed. Sources close to the investigation told NewsNation that slain University of Idaho Xana Kernodle had suffered wounds to her fingers after “repeatedly grabbing” the knife from the killer during the 13 November attack. Fox 2023/02/03 Idaho murders update: Kaylee Goncalves' family lawyer appeals gag order in Bryan Kohberger case. Shanon Gray, the attorney for Kaylee Goncalves' family, is appealing the gag order. Michael Ruiz. -bryan-kohberger-case Jan 31, 2023 here are two sections: one on Kohberger Case; Below another Suspicious death Frat member found dead at accused Idaho killer’s former university - problem w/fraternity hazing ABC 13 2023/01/17 Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger wrote about 'delusions of grandeur' in online forum ByEmily Shapiro and Chris Loof Fox chapins-murder-one-month-later Independent 2023/01/31 Bryan Kohberger ‘vanished’ for hours while under surveillance in Idaho murders case. Rachel Sharp It is unclear exactly how long the accused mass killer’s movements were unknown but it is a roughly 15-hour drive from his apartment in Pullman, Washington, to Loma, Colorado, where search teams were back on his case b2272763.html Newsweek 2023/01/18 Bryan Kohberger's House Searched for Pictures of Idaho Murder Victims. BY NICK REYNOLDS New York Post (reminder) 2023/01/18 Search warrants for accused Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger’s home unsealed. By Patrick Reilly 2023/01/24 Accused Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger wrote gushing email to police chief in search of job By Yaron Steinbuch Another Suspicious Death at Accused Idaho Killer’s Former University New York Post 2023/01/30 Frat member found dead at accused Idaho killer’s former university - problem w/fraternity hazing By Yaron Steinbuch Excerpt: A freshman fraternity member at Washington State University — where accused mass killer Bryan Kohberger was a PhD student — has been found dead in a dorm room amid claims he suffered “inhumane and cruel” hazing. Police responded on Jan. 22 to Perham Hall on the Pullman campus, where they discovered Luke Morgan Tyler dead, the Spokesman-Review reported. WSU Assistant Police Chief Dawn Daniels told campus newspaper the Daily Evergreen that investigators were awaiting the Whitman County coroner’s autopsy to determine the cause of death but that there were no indications of foul play. Tyler was a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, his friend… foul-play/ dorm/ Jan 28, 2023 Jan 28 Daily Mail 2023/01/28 Defense attorney for Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger helped represent family of ANOTHER victim: Chief Public Defender oversaw Maddie Mogen's dad's drugs charge, as well as Xana Kernodle's mom on narcotics offense Bryan Kohberger's defense attorney has multiple ties to the victims' families His lawyer is Anne Taylor, the chief public defender for Kootenai County Taylor was linked to the cases of Xana Kenodle and Madison Mogen's parents Mogens-dad-drugs-charge.html Jan 26-27 Crime Wire via MSN 2023/01/27 Bryan Kohberger's Public Defender Might Have To Drop His Case case/ar-AA16OWaK In a shocking potential conflict of interest, it has been revealed that Kohberger's public defender, Anne Taylor, had represented Kernodle's mother, Cara Northington, up until early January. Northington was arrested on drug charges a few days after her daughter was murdered. …Newsweek is reporting that Cara Kernodle could "file a motion to disqualify Taylor from representing Kohberger. The prosecution can file that same motion, or the judge can raise the motion 'sua sponte' on its own accord," Neama Rahmani, an attorney and former federal prosecutor, told Newsweek. "Sua sponte" refers to actions taken by a court without the prompting of either party in a case."The judge will then decide whether Taylor has confidential information about Kernodle related to the case," Rahmani said. "If so, that would constitute an actual conflict and Taylor won't be permitted to represent Kohberger going forward." Fox News 2023/01/27 Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger defense receives hundreds of documents from prosecutors Idaho prosecutors have turned over hundreds of discovery documents to Bryan Kohberger's defense team Michael Ruiz By Michael Ruiz from-prosecutors Dog hair from Idaho murders crime scene could be ‘home run’ for the prosecution: Dr. Michael Baden Idaho murders: Xana Kernodle's mother says lawyer 'betrayed' her to defend Bryan Kohberger Cara Kernodle said she learned of the move on Reddit weeks later. By Michael Ruiz | kohberger Excerpt: The mother of one of four University of Idaho undergrads killed in an ambush stabbing attack in November says she felt "heartbroken" and "betrayed" by her former defense attorney, who withdrew from her case to defend the suspected killer, according to a new interview. Anne Taylor, the Kootenai County public defender representing Idaho student murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, had until recently represented Cara Kernodle, the mother of slain student Xana Kernodle, court records show. Inside Edition 2023/01/28 Bryan Kohberger Murder Case Prosecutors Turn Over Evidence, Including 1,865 Photos and 995 Pages of Documents. By Chris Spargo Newsweek via MSN 2023/01 Bryan Kohberger's Attorney Represented Three Parents of Idaho Victims. Story by Aleks Phillips victims/ar-AA16NKrk 2023/01/26 Bryan Kohberger's Lawyer Has Power of Attorney Over Xana Kernodle's Mom. Story by Khaleda Rahm kernodles-mom/ar-AA16Le0x The mother of one of the slain University of Idaho students says the lawyer representing the suspect has power of attorney over her affairs. Jan 19 also added to Jan 19 below thursday/index.html Jan 21, 2023 The Independent via MSN 2023/01/21 What forensic experts say about evidence seized from Bryan Kohberger’s home in the Idaho murders case. Andrea Blanco kohberger-s-home-in-the-idaho-murders-case/ar- AA16AUhA?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=0d05e5b8866349069d35c44c72c7b15f Authorities have lifted the lid on alleged evidence found in the home of Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger, marking the latest development in a horror case that has gripped the nation for two months. Jan 19, 2023 [added Jan 28, 2023] CNN 2023/01/19 This is the evidence investigators used to help their search for the suspect in the Idaho student killings By Aya Elamroussi thursday/index.html Jan 17, 2023 [this was added here on Jan 21] People via MSN 2023/01/17Accused Idaho Killer Bryan Kohberger Repeatedly Messaged One of the Victims on Instagram: Source Story by Steve Helling • of-the-victims-on-instagram-source/ar- AA16rNhE?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=a35b3b4d6aab404b9c8652aec91e71b3 Jan 12-13, 2023 Inside Edition 2023/01/13 Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger Requests Drug Testing Results From Prosecutors. Chris SPargo Kohberger is requesting that prosecutors turn over copies of search warrants and police reports, the names and credentials of any expert witnesses and a list of all individuals that might be called to testify at trial. He also wants prosecutors to turn over "exculpatory evidence" and "all documents pertaining to the existence and substance of any payments, promises of leniency, preferential treatment or other inducements or threats made to prospective witnesses." Boise State Public Radio 2023/01/12 Kohberger waives right to speedy trial; preliminary hearing set for June. Katie Kloppenburg preliminary-hearing-set-for-june Jan 11, 2023 ABC7NY Idaho murders: Maddie Mogen's father describes reading evidence against suspect, 'I just cried' New details emerge about Bryan Kohberger's actions before his arrest. Mola Lenghi Jan 10, 2023 [added here on 2023/01/21] Newsweek 2023/01/10 The 'Very Surprising' Precaution Bryan Kohberger Didn't Take: Dershowitz BY LAUREN GIELLA Jan 7, 2023 Meaww 2023/01/07 Idaho murders: Bryan Kohberger may demand trial to take ‘death penalty off the table’. By Divya Kishore table#:~:text=Bryan%20Kohberger%20has%20been%20accused%20of%20killing%2021-year- old,court%20for%20a%20status%20hearing%20on%20January%2012. Media Right News 2023/01/04 Judge Places Gag Order on Law Enforcement, Investigators and L…Kay Willia Excerpt: Tuesday night a judge issued a gag order prohibiting communication about the case. This order encompasses law enforcement, investigators, attorneys, agents of the prosecuting attorney as well as the defense attorney. “Moscow, Idaho Police say they will no longer be communicating with the public or the media about the Bryan Kohberger case. kohberger-is-on-his-way-to-idaho/ Jan 6, 2023 NY Post [this was added here on Jan 21, 2023] 2023/01/06 FBI denies it was the agency that asked cops to pull over Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger By Yaron Steinbuch US News 2023/01/06The White Sedan: How Police Found Suspect in Idaho Slayings Authorities say a key piece of evidence in the case of four University of Idaho students stabbed to death in November turned out to be surveillance footage showing a white sedan driving past the victims' home. By AP found-suspect-in-idaho-slayings CBS News via yahoo 2023/01/06 H.S. friends say accused Idaho killer Bryan Kohberger was bullied in high school. Judy Rybak Jan 5, 2023 Boston dot com 2023/01/05 Bryan Kohberger case: New details emerge as court documents unsealed in University of Idaho murders. By the AP Kohberger appeared in court Thursday to face four charges of first-degree murder. He was ordered held without bail. affidavit-unsealed-university-of-idaho-murders/ CNN 2023/01/05 Key takeaways from court documents in case against Bryan Kohberger and some questions that remain By Ray Sanchez, CNN Updated 5:50 PM EST East Idaho News 2023/01/05 WATCH: Bryan Kohberger, accused of killing four U of I students, hears murder charges read in court Idaho Statesman. Angela Palermo, Idaho Statesman hears-murder-charges-read-in-court/ Inside Edition 2023/01/05 Read: Full Bryan Kohberger Probable Cause Affidavit New York Post 2023/01/05 University of Idaho student Xana Kernodle got DoorDash delivery just minutes before her murder By Natalie O'Neill murder/ Excerpt: University of Idaho student Xana Kernodle received a DoorDash delivery less than 20 minutes before she was stabbed to death inside her home, according to an arrest affidavit released Thursday. The 20-year-old marketing major’s final meal — likely from Jack in the Box, as The Post’s pictures taken inside the house show — was dropped off by a driver at the house on King Road in Moscow at 4 a.m., according to the probable cause affidavit. Kernodle was active on her phone at 4:12 a.m. but had been slaughtered alongside her boyfriend Ethan Chapin, 20, in her bedroom by 4:25, investigators said in the report. Her roommates, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21, were murdered as they slept on a different floor. Newsweek 2023/01/05 Read Bryan Kohberger Affidavit: Details on Police Evidence in Idaho Murders. BY MATTHEW IMPELLI New Maps Reveal Where Bryan Kohberger Went Day of Idaho Murders. BY ZOE STROZEWSKI ON Jan 4-5, 2023 New York Times 2023/01/04 Idaho Killings Suspect Got New License Plate Days After Murders Records show the suspect’s Hyundai Elantra got a new registration in Washington State shortly after four students at the University of Idaho were murdered. By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Mike Baker Excerpt: MOSCOW, Idaho — The man accused of killing four University of Idaho college students received a new license plate for his car five days after the murders, according to records released Wednesday…The police in Moscow had said that a white Hyundai Elantra from between 2011 and 2013 had been seen near the scene of the crimes on the night of the killings in Moscow, Idaho, on Nov. 13. Mr. Kohberger’s car was a 2015 model and registered on Nov. 18, according to the licensing document. A vehicle history report shows the car had previously been registered in Pennsylvania, where Mr. Kohberger is from. Note from PF: This article also talks about the two Indiana police pull-overs with bodycam footage, and the 6:30 pm arrival at the Moscow-Pullman Airport WFMZ New information about Bryan Kohberger's time in Pa., what happens next in Idaho Priscilla Liguori Jan 4, 2023 happens-next-in-idaho/article_e5838c9e-8c86-11ed-9933-b33a599c8b96.html Jan 3, 2023 Fox indiana#spark_wn=1 Idaho Statesman 2022/01/03 Arrangements ... being made’ — but not shared — to transport homicide suspect to Idaho BY ALEX BRIZEE Read more at: American Thinker 2021/04/22 Media circus acts sacrifice truth for leftist agendas. By S. Christopher Michaels Ms. Rahman's advice is sound — if someone should ever come across any videos of the sort. The problem is, no such videos exist on TikTok, nor does it appear they ever did. Newsweek was not alone in their early reporting of the alleged trend. At least four national or international legacy media outlets ran stories without vetting the facts. The implicit question is, how did so many media outlets get fooled yet again? As with most media circus acts, it presents a handful of possibilities for how this sort of story gains traction. The polite way to frame the debacle is through willful ignorance. As a legal statute, the term generally applies to taking possession of stolen property or avoiding reasonably obvious facts to further one's interests. Ms. Rahman, Newsweek, and other legacy outlets are not in any legal danger due to their reporting on the TikTok hoax. At the same time, they continue to place themselves in positions fraught with moral hazard by ignoring reasonable standards for investigative journalism in a vain attempt to peddle their wares. Saras Veggie Kitchen [PF’s hi lite in red below] 2022/02/08 Can Vegetarians And Vegans Touch Meat (Quick Facts) meat/#:~:text=Many%20vegans%20may%20not%20want%20to%20touch%20meat,compared%20with%20veg etarians%20that%20will%20not%20touch%20meat. Can Vegans Cook Meat In Their Kitchens The majority of vegans will not allow meat to be cooked in their kitchens. A person who has adopted a fully vegan lifestyle would not want meat touching the same surfaces or cookware where they prepare their own foods. Cross-contamination is a bigger concern for vegans compared to many vegetarians. Veganism is a more passionate and strict lifestyle where being a vegetarian has quite a large range of rules and lifestyle choices. meat/#:~:text=Many%20vegans%20may%20not%20want%20to%20touch%20meat,compared%20with%20veg etarians%20that%20will%20not%20touch%20meat. The Independent via Yahoo Idaho murders suspect Bryan Kohberger appears in court to waive extradition in college student killings. Rachel Sharp Newsweek via MSN 2022/11/30 Idaho Students' Killer Was 'Comfortable' Using Knife—Former FBI Profiler Story by Khaleda Rahman • Nov 30, 2022 fbi-profiler/ar-AA14JmDr Newsweek 2023-1-3Bryan Kohberger Battled With 'Cannibalistic Urges'—Forensic Psychiatrist BY KHALEDA RAHMAN ON 1/3/23 AT 7:30 AM EST Note: please see my comments dated earlier today; I truly did just find this article right now around 5:16 pm mst and had been watching for today’s court related material Jan 2, 2023 Express 2023/01/02 Who is Bryan Kohberger? Everything you need to know about the Idaho murders suspect. By ADAM CHAPMAN Jordan Selrulneck, the owner of a brewery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - near where Kohberger was a student at DeSales University earlier in 2022 - said he had visited a few times that year and would sit at the bar by himself. He told NBC News that Kohberger would make comments under his breath and staff added warning notes that would pop up when his ID was scanned. "Staff put in there, 'Hey, this guy makes creepy comments, keep an eye on him. He'll have two or three beers and then just get a little too comfortable'," he told NBC. Fox 2023/01/02 Idaho murders suspect pulled over twice on cross-country race home with dad, lawyer claims Bryan Kohberger, an advanced criminology student, accused of four brutal coed murders in Idaho. Michael Ruiz lawyer-claims#spark_wn=1 NY Times/Morning Call Bryan Kohberger was a student of the criminal mind who had an interest in crime scenes and serial killers, classmates say.By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Rachel Sun, Mike Baker and Serge F. Kovaleski-NY Times 6lqr3nyagbbsnors2py2igazgy-story.html Excerpt: Kohberger struggled with a heroin addiction beginning in high school but seemed to have moved past it in recent years, friends from Pennsylvania said. 6lqr3nyagbbsnors2py2igazgy-story.html ABC News dot go 2022/01/02 Idaho murders: Suspect was identified through DNA using genealogy databases, police say. By Aaron Katersky, Luke Barr, Josh Margolin, and Mary Kekatos police/story?id=96088596 Jan 1, 2023 Attorney makes statement Newsweek Bryan Kohberger's Attorney Releases Statement CBS Idaho murders suspect willing to waive extradition hearing, attorney says Family Makes Statement Newsweek 2023/1/1 Idaho Murders Suspect Bryan Kohberger's Family Make Statement. BY ANNA COMMANDER Dec 31, 2022 New York Post 2022/12/31 Idaho student’s dad reportedly sees link between slain daughter, Bryan Kohberger ABC News 2022/12/31 No other arrests likely in Idaho murders, chief says: 'We believe we have our guy' A 28-year-old graduate student arrested in connection with the murders of four University of Idaho students is believed to be the only suspect in the high-profile case, authorities said. Fox News via yahoo 2022/12/31 Idaho murder suspect Kohberger's Pennsylvania classmates say he was 'bright,' awkward, bullied in school. Chris Eberhart Updates: 2023/01/28; 2023/01/21; 2023/01/13; 2023/01/09 New York Post-2023/01/05; Updates: 2023/01/06; 2023/01/04; 2023/01/03
Judge Megan Marshall granted a motion requesting the addition of a second death-qualified attorney to Kohberger's defense team. AA18oLXo
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