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--menu continued from above right Interference/Infiltration into US Affairs o Political Interference It’s a Small World After All: Chinese Influence in America. Left-wing power centers double as back doors for Chinese interests. Spectator-2020/12/26 o Education - China’s interference USA Higher education See Spectator-2020/12/26 (also mentioned in Political Interference) o Related Topics to Interference/Infiltration See Data Stealing See Companies Foreign Agent Registration Act - See Americans Speaking Out-Barr, William Data Stealing o China used stolen data to expose CIA operatives in Africa and Europe fueled data war. Foreign Policy- 2020/12/21 o Cheap Chinese Products Spy Tools Companies-China and US o Companies Impacted by China in terms of US interests, influence of Americans, etc. Former AG William Barr warned about China Companies - See Americans Speaking Out-Barr o Companies Making Money from China o Corporate Connections Bloomberg, Comcast (parent of NBC Universal, CNBC, MSNC, and NBC), Amazon (parent of the Washington Post), and Disney (parent of ABC). See Spectator-2020/12/26 Comcast Xfinity Money Laundering o Mexico-Often linked to drug sales, Mexico or other drug countries o Colorado 21 Chinese Nationals indicted Land and Agriculture (Chinese ownership of American land, meat processing or agriculture) o Agriculture o Hawaii o China buying up Hawaii Land this could have implications to anti-American Hawaii Nationalism and links to Black Lives Matter or other civil rts grps; there could be also be links to drug sales- Money laundering - land sales Prisons, Re-Education Camps Taliban - China Military Aggression o High Tech Weaponry some hilited topics nuclear-capable hypersonic missile Mike Pompeo issues stark warning after China fires nuclear-capable hypersonic missile China is an 'adversary,' not a 'competitor,' said Pompeo-Fox-2021/10/22 Surveillance o Huawei United Front History-China o Cultural Revolution Activists o Chang, Gordon o Wu, Harry Americans Speaking out, warning against China o Barr, William On Companies On Foreign Agent Registration Act o Pompeo, Mike (Michael Richard) Commentary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- START HERE United States Department of State 2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: China (Includes Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet) https //www state gov/reports/2019-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/china/ Executive Summary The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is an authoritarian state in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the paramount authority. CCP members hold almost all top government and security apparatus positions. Ultimate authority rests with the CCP Central Committee’s 25-member Political Bureau (Politburo) and its seven-member Standing Committee. Xi Jinping continued to hold the three most powerful positions as CCP general secretary, state president, and chairman of the Central Military Commission. Fox 11 Angeles Youtube Video 2019/05/21 Undercover video reveals brutal treatment of Falun Gong prisoners inside Chinese labor camps https //www youtube com/watch?v=CedVnJOgwg4 A California family is taking their fight to the Chinese government after they say their loved one was tortured and killed inside of a Chinese labor camp nearly 20 years ago, simply for supporting the spiritual meditation practice known as Falun Gong. Now, never before seen undercover video given to FOX 11 is revealing what life is like for political prisoners inside of those Chinese labor camps https //www youtube com/watch?v=CedVnJOgwg4 Note: is this video fake? see: BBC-2020/06/09 The hidden signs that can reveal a fake photo. By Tiffanie Wen https //www bbc com/future/article/20170629-the-hidden-signs-that-can-reveal-if-a-photo-is-fake INTERFERENCE Political Interference - China in USA Spectator dot org 2020/12/26 It’s a Small World After All: Chinese Influence in America. Left-wing power centers double as back doors for Chinese interests. By Chad Bayse https //spectator org/chinese-influence-america/ [also listed under Education Interference-China] Education Interference China in USA (in US Colleges and other Schools) Spectator dot org 2020/12/26 It’s a Small World After All: Chinese Influence in America. Left-wing power centers double as back doors for Chinese interests. By Chad Bayse https //spectator org/chinese-influence-america/ Excerpt: The desperation for Chinese tuition dollars has allowed Chinese exchange students to be placed in a friendly environment, form spy rings, and steal vast amounts of America’s scientific and technological knowledge, valuable both commercially and militarily. Since the Department of Justice led a crackdown on Chinese espionage at universities, over 1,000 Chinese “students” have fled America. As a collateral benefit to China, these students are subsidizing anti-American ideology propagated by overwhelming left-wing professors. University courses can be found in “Classic and Contemporary Marxism,” “Feminist Economics,” “Race and Capitalism,” “The Power of Whiteness,” and others. These serve to weaken and divide Americans by pointing to each other and our history as the problem, which, as the George Floyd media coverage demonstrated, is exactly what China wants. https //spectator org/chinese-influence-america/ The College Post 2019 https //thecollegepost com/american-higher-education-2019/ CIS 2021 Joe BIden Just Condemned… For nearly two years now, the FBI has nabbed dozens of Chinese Communist Party spies who, while posing as graduate students and research scholars at top academic institutions, siphoned out America’s most cutting- edge national defense material for untold years. The spies, many secretly members of China’s military services, had to get in close to do damage this grave and found an unguarded path through America’s largely self-babysitting cultural exchange and student visa programs. American Thinker 2014/05/31 Chinese Communist Propaganda.. By Thomas Lifson https //www americanthinker com/blog/2014/05/chinese_communist_propaganda_in_american_public_schools html COMPANIES - China and US Companies Impacted by China in terms of US interests, influence of Americans, etc. New York Post 2020/12/13 US companies riddled with members of Chinese Communist Party. By Miranda Devine 2020/12/08 Top Chinese professor boasts of operatives in top of US ‘core inner circle’ By Emily Jacobs https // Companies (US) making money from China Insider Monkey 2020/08/02 10 US Companies With Highest Revenue Exposure To China. By Value Walk Wynn Resorts, Qualcomm and Micron Technology are among those mentioned MEDIA - CHINA IN USA communist-party WUHAN VIRUS BIOWARFARE LAB LEAK OR INTENTIONAL Real Clear Politics 2021/06/22 Gordon Chang: Chinese Nationals Believe Coronavirus Was An Intentional Release. By Tim Hains https //www realclearpolitics com/video/2021/06/22/gordon_chang_chinese_nationals_believe_coronavirus_was_an_intentional_release html#! Washington Examiner 2021/07/22 White House condemns China’s ‘dangerous’ rejection of investigation into Wuhan lab 2021/07/22--https //www investigation-wuhan-lab RIOTS - CHINA LINKS IN USA Heritage dot org Beijing funding riots America it is time to investigate Fox News China mocks US cannot breathe Spectator has a review of the Heritage article Foreign Policy 2020/06/05 US Injustice Protests China Condemnation Cynical https //foreignpolicy com/2020/06/05/us-injustice-protests-china-condemnation-cynical/ CIVIL RIGHTS GROUPS - CHINESE INFLUENCE ACLU Possible ACLU link to China 2020/08/03-- CUT TIES - China Needs to Cut Ties with China Financial Sense dot com The US Needs to Cut Ties With China, Says Gordon Chang https //www financialsense com/blog/19604/us-needs-cut-ties-china-says-gordon-chang Excerpt What are some of the steps that you believe Trump, or the U.S., should be taking in order to combat this threat? So, no one really wants to do this, but I think we have to cut our ties with China. Chinese communism is not reformable, which means that we are going to remain vulnerable as long as we have contacts with it. That means we've got to cut commerce, because with commerce, even in items which are not considered to be especially sensitive, China is using the proceeds of trade to engage in all sorts of activities which are anathema to us. Of course, they're using proceeds of trade to develop their military, which is configured to kill Americans. So unfortunately, I think we've got to cut trade. We certainly have to stop investment to China's financial markets; we have to force disinvestment. We have DNA COLLECTING - CHINA IN USA OR WORD Fox News 2020/12/04 China collecting worlds DNA sinister 2020/12/04-- BODY PARTS STOLEN BY CHINA Washington Examiner 2008/11/24 China's Gruesome Organ Harvest. by Ethan Gutmann 2008/11/24-- DRUGS Mexico-Chinese connection - drugs See more variously under Fentanl and Drug Houses/Farms Fox News 2020/11/12 Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis The next US administration will have to counter the growing operation, which is claiming a growing number of American lives annually. By Hollie McKay. https //www foxnews com/world/chinese-cartels-mexico-us-drug-crisis Excerpt: From nondescript buildings in the industrial nucleus of Wuhan, across wavy seas to dusty tented super laboratories in the heart of Mexico, and then across the jagged southwest border and dispersing like a wild bomb ripping through every crevice of the United States, the growing presence of Chinese drug lords and cartels below the southern border is one that is killing an unprecedented amount of Americans. According to multiple Mexico-based security and intelligence professionals, the bulk of the deadly work is carried out by the "Los Zheng" wing, identified as having "the largest presence in Mexico for the trafficking of fentanyl and methamphetamine." As per intelligence findings by security firm Fortress Risk Management, obtained exclusively by Fox News, the Zhengs operate through seemingly legitimate shell companies that offer veterinary services, clothing sales, clinical laboratories and maintenance of computer systems in Mexico. They use the ports of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Manzanillo Colima in Mexico and Ensenada Baja, Calif., for the commercialization of their products in the country. https //www foxnews com/world/chinese-cartels-mexico-us-drug-crisis Fentanyl AMAC 2019/09/05 China Is Using Fentanyl as ‘Chemical Warfare,’ Experts Say. By Outside Contributor. https //amac us/china-is-using-fentanyl-as-chemical-warfare-experts-say/ Excerpt: Behind the deadly opioid epidemic ravaging communities across the United States lies a carefully planned strategy by a hostile foreign power that experts describe as a “form of chemical warfare.” It involves the production and trafficking of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that caused the deaths of more than 32,000 Americans in 2018 alone, and fentanyl-related substances. China is the “largest source” of illicit fentanyl in the United States, a November 2018 report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission stated. That same commission said that since its 2017 report, they found no “substantive curtailment” of fentanyl flows from China to the United States. They also noted that in “large part, these flows persist due to weak regulations governing pharmaceutical and chemical production in China.” https //amac us/china-is-using-fentanyl-as-chemical-warfare-experts-say/ Fox News Chinese 'cartels' quietly operating in Mexico, aiding US drug crisis The next US administration will have to counter the growing operation, which is claiming a growing number of American lives annually. By Hollie McKay. Heritage 2019/03/05 China Is Poisoning America With Fentanyl. Hans A. von Spakovsky 2019/03/05-- Immigration Reform 2021/07/14 com/ Yahoo finance China’s role in the US fentanyl epidemic How China flooded the U.S. with lethal fentanyl, fueling ... Drugs-Drug Houses See Marijuana Farms and Drug Houses Drugs-Farms-Chinese See Marijuana Farms and Drug Houses MILITARY AGGRESSION High Tech Weaponry Already Asserted Threats Nuclear-capable hypersonic missile Fox 2021/10/20 Mike Pompeo issues stark warning after China fires nuclear-capable hypersonic missile China is an 'adversary,' not a 'competitor,' said Pompeo. By Fox News Staff BANKS Individual Example of a Chinese with Red Chinese ties in an American bank that could be targeting conservatives by closing their accounts for reasons other than credit history: notice the following: Beijing University-finance teacher China Bank Regulatory Commission (CBRC) she says this is supervising agency for all of China “standing for China” Industrial and Commerical Bank of China Standard Charter Bank China’s control in world market CNN 2015/08/04 China now runs 4 of the world's 5 biggest banks. by Ananya Bhattacharya New York Times 2015/07/26 China’s Global Ambitions, Cash and Strings Attached. By Clifford Krauss and Keith Bradsher strings-attached.html MONEY LAUNDERING Reuters 2020/12/03 Factbox: Step by step - How Chinese 'money brokers' launder cash for Mexican drug cartels By Drazen Jorgic https //www reuters com/article/us-mexico-china-cartels-factbox-idUSKBN28D1LW Colorado The Denver Channel dot com 21 Chinese nationals indicted in Colorado following investigation into large money laundering 2021/06/10-- following-investigation-into-large-money-laundering-c LAND Agriculture Politico 2021/07/19 China is buying up American farms. Washington wants to crack down. Bipartisan pressure is building to stop foreign nationals from purchasing American farm operations and receiving taxpayer subsidies. By Ryan McCrimmon https //www Excerpt: PF has reorganized content into categories here: Political Leaders Involved (Mentioned in this article) Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.) former Vice President Mike Pence to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). Tom Vilsack ( Agriculture Secretary) Committees Involved Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee (chair is Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) Foreign-owned agricultural operations receiving taxpayer subsidies Companies or Corporations Mentioned in Article large meat processing companies: greater scrutiny of large meat processing companies as well as plans to tighten the requirements for meat to be labeled a “Product of the USA.” Brazilian-owned JBS Smithfield How much land is controlled 2020 By the start of 2020, Chinese owners controlled about 192,000 agricultural acres in the U.S., worth $1.9 billion, including land used for farming, ranching and forestry, according to the Agriculture Department. 2019-by end of more than 35 million acres owned by foreign investors in general NEWHOUSE The current trend in the U.S. is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly,” Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-Wash.) warned during a recent House Appropriations hearing. The committee unexpectedly adopted Newhouse’s amendment to the Agriculture-FDA spending bill (H.R. 4356 (117)) that would block any new agricultural purchases by companies that are wholly or partly controlled by the Chinese government and bar Chinese-owned farms from tapping federal support programs. PENCE “America cannot allow China to control our food supply,” Pence said Wednesday during a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation, urging President Joe Biden and Congress to “end all farm subsidies for land owned by foreign nationals.” MENG “It would perpetuate already rising anti-Asian hate,” Meng warned at the markup https //www politico com/news/2021/07/19/china-buying-us-farms-foreign-purchase-499893 LEGISLATION OR RELATED H.R. 4356 (117) Agriculture-FDA Spending Bill The committee unexpectedly adopted Newhouse’s amendment to the Agriculture-FDA spending bill (H.R. 4356 (117)) that would block any new agricultural purchases by companies that are wholly or partly controlled by the Chinese government and bar Chinese-owned farms from tapping federal support programs. Trump administration’s trade bailout starting in 2018 - meatpacking conglomerates like the U.S. subsidiary of Brazilian- owned JBS received millions of dollars CORPORATE CONNECTIONS -USA AND BEYOND Spectator dot org 2020/12/26 It’s a Small World After All: Chinese Influence in America. Left-wing power centers double as back doors for Chinese interests. By Chad Bayse https //spectator org/chinese-influence-america/ In a recently released viral video, Chinese Professor Di Dongsheng of Remnin University of China explains in vivid detail how the communist regime bends Americans to their will. The Chinese communists, he says, “have people at the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence. We have our old friends.” TALIBAN - CHINA Chinese-Taliban Connection Gandhara dot rferl dot org 2021/07/20 Explainer: Why Is China Talking To The Taliban? By Reid Standish [8/27/21 extracted from internet] London's Royal United Services Institute is a resource German Marshall Fund George Washington University’s Sean R. Roberts writes in his book, The War On The Uyghur Terms, Key concepts, etc Aynak copper mine (massive) Amu Darya oil field (exploration considered by China) Belt and Road Initiative Beyond security, Beijing also has some longer-term economic hopes for the country, with Chinese firms involved in the massive Aynak copper mine and exploration in the Amu Darya oil field. Uyghur militants one of China's biggest enemies, specifically ETIM; said to be a million in captivity inside China; others are in Afghanistan and elsewhere [Note from PF: the thing about the Uyghurs is that at least someone has dared to counter China]; ETIM has perhaps evolved into Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP)-TIP said it was a successor to ETIM, although Beijing still refers to it by the older name. Taliban representatives have said China is a “welcome friend”; China-Taliban connection is product of a complicated, decades-old relationship that experts say is defined by pragmatism and an underlying distrust Beijing is particularly focused on Uyghur militants that have their sights set on China and could cross the country's 76- kilometer border with Afghanistan. Stability is important to China. Ensuring that fighting or chaos from a potential power vacuum won’t spill over is paramount to Chinese policymakers. [Note from PF-As as of July 2021 (or before), people figured Kabul might go down]: The Taliban’s recent gains indicate it could well be part of Afghanistan’s political equation or perhaps topple the government in Kabul. With this in mind, Beijing has moved to engage the Taliban to ensure that its security interests will be protected. [Taliban is afraid of China and sees it as a bigger threat than the USA; they might also feel a racial minority connection; many Asians are Muslims;]The militant group has taken Chinese concerns to heart and tried to show goodwill, calling for talks on reconstruction and drawing in Chinese investment to begin as soon as possible. Following the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, the Taliban’s top leadership relocated to Pakistan. According to Small, Islamabad -- the group’s chief patron and a close Beijing ally -- helped facilitate Chinese-Taliban ties over the following years. Starting in 2014, Taliban delegations began to publicly and regularly visit China, culminating in secret talks that China facilitated between Kabul and the Taliban in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. “The Taliban have been dealing with the Chinese for decades now and [the militants understand] their concerns,” said Small. “It’s an unusual relationship, but it's been one of the Taliban’s most consistent since it's been in exile in Pakistan.” News Max 2021/07/05 Gordon Chang to Newsmax: China Will Push to Resume Ties With Taliban. By Sandy Fitzgerald. https //www newsmax com/politics/gordon-chang-afghanistan-taliban-china/2021/07/05/id/1027517/ Excerpt: People forget that before the 9/11 attacks, China was supporting the Taliban, and now, with the United States and NATO pulling their troops out of Afghanistan, China has an incentive to stretch into the country, but it won't succeed in its efforts, China expert Gordon Chang said Monday on Newsmax. "China believes that first of all, it can extend its Belt and Road Initiative through Afghanistan," Chang said on Newsmax's "National Report." "The primary project is in Pakistan, the China-Pakistan economic corridor. They want to extend it up to Kabul. There's a copper mine that China really wants, and they just believe that they can develop relations with the Taliban." Over the years, he added, there have been "many disturbing links between Beijing and terrorist groups." https //www newsmax com/politics/gordon-chang-afghanistan-taliban-china/2021/07/05/id/1027517/ HAWAII China buying up Hawaii Land Note from PF: could it have implications to Hawaii Nationalism, Black Lives Mattter or other civil rights? Biz Journals dot com 2017/03/06 lands.html China’s fleet and illegal fishing in Hawaii waters - national security threat, pressure on Hawaii-USA fish supply Civil Beat dot org 2021/05/17 Hawaii’s Fishermen Are Worried About China’s Fleet. So Is The Military 2021/05/17-- The U.S. military increasingly sees illegal fishing as a national security threat and has China’s vast government-subsidized fleet in its sights. By Kevin Knodell HISTORY Cultural Revolution La Times 1994/11/20 Scholars Continue to Reveal Mao’s Monstrosities : Asia: Exiled Chinese historians emerge with evidence of cannibalism and up to 80 million deaths under the Communist leader’s regime. BY BETH DUFF-BROWN https //www latimes com/archives/la-xpm-1994-11-20-mn-64853-story html COMMENTARY The sheer tragedy of Chinese Communist Tyranny is that it has been going on so long. Generations of people have suffered. It is suspected that one thing to watch for are LOANS in America connected to China, in which individual people, not just government and big business, might have hidden Chinese watchers and controllers over their lans. Also, it is suspected WALMART might be linked to Chinese surveillance and antics. Not proven, but student loans in America might be linked to these problems. Some people have suggested America should just back off of loans to China and start fresh. Given Chinese human rights abuses, possible dishonesty over COVID-19 dissolving the relationship entirely is probably the best way to go, including stopping imports and ceasing payments of loans. Keep at top of mind awareness Hong Kong and Taiwan, Hong Kong the latest victim of suppression and spread. Hong Kong was more westernized and progressive. We understand the Chinese people are not the government of China, they are human like the rest of us, they cry, they feel pain, they often are capable of great heroic acts in the name of personal and group liberty. China government likes to use civil rights in America to further its agenda, but brown people oppress brown people in China. They want America to forget that part. Native Americans and the Black Power Movement in their wisest sanity will stay clear of China, particularly its bribes and shallow offers of business enterprises. Be mindful of media groups who boast of China’s leaders, showing photos with various wealthy people and government leaders around the world embarking on this or that huge business venture. Be mindful of two-facedness among news groups, one time celebrating China’s prowess and the next talking about its human rights abuses. The sadness of China has been with us a long time. What do you think could help tip the scales and send this country into a Soviet Union and East German type of breakup and ungluing? One that stays unglued, unlike the subsequent Russian Oligarchy which formed shortly after the Soviet dissolution. So many heroes have tried to fight the huge monster that is China. Ethical groups among the Hawaiians, Alaskan indigenous and American continental Native Americans will stay clear of China. They will also encourage other minorities to do the same. This is the only sane and humanitarian tactic to take. Anyone worth their salt about civil rights as human rights for all people will be a straight shooter when it comes to China. They will not have forked tongues. They will say one thing and mean one thing. They also will not look the other way. Side Discussion on Hawaii 2020/11/28 This will be put in Personal Notes later I know Hawaii seems a far cry from China. However, it’s about doorways. The warning about Hawaii on this website and River Gold dot net shows up repeatedly. Here it is again. I know it is off the subject, but Hawaii needs to come into our discussion here. In my opinion, Hawaii is under the thumb of an Asian control group, with China, Japan and wealthy mostly native Hawaiians primary leaders. Russians are also a strong presence. There are also Portuguese, Koreans, Vietnamese and several others on the island, as well as many racial mixes. The non-white political leaders on the island use civil rights against white America as part of their game tactics, but ultimately it is about money, power and prestige, having largely replaced the old white power group with a newer set of actors. These new leaders are actually potentially much more sinister than the first because they are often globally connected and all-encompassing. Feeling and being negative toward whites is very much a part of the overall Hawaii ethos, keeping whites down and out and low in power. Although you will find individual Hawaiians saying they don’t play that game, they often do it from a feeling of subconscious elitism, like they are stepping down to do whites a favor. Some Hawaiians feed on whites feeling ostracized and isolated in one of several ways: sex, drugs, getting them into cults, or subtle forms of head trips. I have heard some Asian men brag they find white women easy sex for this reason. Once you had lived on Hawaii and looked past the veneer, you would not be surprised over Black Lives Matter protests and riots on the mainland - they are all part of the same issue. The island of Hawaii is one big Black Lives Matter movement made up of mostly browns and some dark browns and blacks. Some blacks have found Hawaiians to be discriminatory toward them. Others have had a better time in Hawaii. There are whites who flow with the Hawaii system and like it. I feel many of these are willing to let others lead and they are the types who feel most comfortable with conformity. I also feel they often don’t have a strong sense of personal identity. For people who stand up for themselves and can sense what is going on around them, they can tend to butt heads with the Hawaiians. As such, a person might get on a target list that is not so far removed from a Chinese Communist type of black list. It will have both an Asian aspect, a Hawaiian gang or mafia one, as well as a civil rights one if directed against a white person. The Portland Airport area might have been one area of control for a form of gangstalking or running strings, but I feel it is systemic, running across the state. It’s just there might be more players around Portland. I had the feeling of being watched and followed from the coast to Portland, had a sense of an upcoming car break-in or theft, and felt it might be linked to an upcoming flight to Hawaii in such a way Hawaiian thugs might have been part of the issue. Four years later, seeing the Portland area riots, it seems likely I had been targeted by a similar entrenched network. A possible Hawaii connection to a black and Native American one in Oregon should not escape our investigative awareness. I also experienced papers likely gotten into and identity theft shortly after that and in the year afterward. I had felt rushed making a plane I had already missed once, could not get into a monthly storage facility at the last minute and ended up parking the car in longterm parking at the hotel I was staying, requiring I come back early from Hawaii to deal with the car. Rather than miss the flight again, I opted for this route. As a result, my car and its belongings were nowhere near as secure and the car was broken into immediately. This happened at the Super 8 in the Fall of 2015. I had a bad feeling over my car before during and after and came back in a few days, not the week I had planned originally and sure enough, the car had indeed been vandalized, so my psychic hunch was 100 percent right. The suggests that other feelings - like being followed and watched from the coast and around the Portland metro and Airport areas were likely right, too. This same civil rights connected behavior is seen in New Mexico, another minority stronghold, but Hawaii’s global connections to tyrants is currently far more severe because of its international tourism and business tendencies. We have seen some of the uglies come out during COVID-19 in which Hawaii has presented itself as a true police state in several cases. Because the public is fearful of the disease spreading they either are relieved to have someone take the bull by the horn or they feel manipulated into saying nothing or going along. In my opinion, Hawaii is suffocated with an underlayer of Asian control that destroys the true nature and intent of the United States, and stomps on the rights of various people, including fair-skinned Caucasians. Hawaii is getting both the cherry and the cake - the big bucks dollars and the best of its USA connections, while speaking ill of America and carrying the rebellion spirit against it. Hawaii is another China in the making and has both equal rights Chinese and the government conforming type in its population and infrastructure. A certain kind of Asian mindset is ever-watchful. There is a complex Greenwich Village type of intellectual Asians on the island, but somehow there is a pervasive government control undercurrent behind everything. COVID-19 has helped to bring some of that out into the open. Minorities speak openly they like to see that whites are not in charge in Hawaii, but these people don’t pay attention to that often hidden undercurrent of China-like control that pervades everything in the state. There is kind of a mind trip against whites in the state that is its own tyranny. If you are sensitive enough to pick up those vibes, or if you have seen actual physical violence or name-calling/slurs directed at whites, you won’t have any illusions. Hawaii could be a doorway letting China as Dracula in. Hawaii became the minority elitist college wanting to keep the white riff raff out, complete with hazing and ostracizing. I believe there are Hawaiian operatives, spies and thieves on the mainland directly connected to one of several movements afloat on Hawaii. You can get on someone’s black list and be targeted. Hawaii and New Mexico do have some connections, as does Oregon and Washington, in this regard, through the Native American and native Hawaiian populations. There might be a hidden planned agenda to infiltrate white families connected with Hawaii with native peoples, not only in Hawaii but in other non-white groups. You have Hawaii Nationalism on one hand and the big bucks Japan-China thing on the other. Native Hawaiians are often racially mixed with Japanese, no or few pure bloods left. I believe I have heard none are left. Back to China, there are a growing number of Muslims who are using the media to speak out against abuses to fellow adherents in that country. It is interesting to watch the difference in tone when running up against China as contrasted with how similar groups contest the United States. You will see certain similarities but also a shift. This shift can enlighten us on countering terrorism in the United States because it gives us a window into their world not usually visible inside the US. We sympathize with anyone dealing with atrocities in China, Muslim or otherwise. Its all human and everyone suffers the same. The human rights violations are just atrocious. No one should have to suffer that just for being religiously different from the Communist regime. Excerpt: I Updates 2021/10/22 editing, additions-added a broader “Interference” section to include various forms of interference beyond the political one already started here, with some articles; 2021/08/15 Land: section started and Politico article-2021/07/19 abd re-organized PF summary added to it; some menu editing; 2021/08/09 Banks added, Truist possible link, global banks; 2021/08/09 more added to Pot Farms-Colorado, Oklahoma, Washington, etc.; 2021/07/25 editing; 2021/07/23 additions, editing; 2021/07/09 added Tik Tok; 2021/07/07; 2020/11/28 2020/11/21 China Tyranny page started
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