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CHINA (LEG-3 CONGR-118 Jan-Apr 2023)
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Mar 2023 China Senate (S.) 591: South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act of 2023, Marc Rubio, FL 908: 3/22-Barrasso-WY S. 908: A bill to oppose the provision of assistance to the People’s Republic of China by the multilateral development banks. 1035: 03/01-Ending China’s Unfair Advantage 2023, John Barrasso, WY House (H.R.) 1714: 3/22-Mast-FL 1724: 3/22-Steel-R-CA-45 2372: 3/29-STAND with Taiwan Act of 2023, Mike Gallagher, R-WI-8 2381: 3/29-Larsen-D-WA Feb 2023 China Senate S. 308: Ending China’s Developing Nation Status Act, A bill to end the treatment of the People's Republic of China as a developing nation. Mitt Romney, UT; 02/09 House (H.R.) 1081: ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act, Mike Gallagher, R-WI-8; 02/14 1016: Stop China’s IP Theft Act, Debbie Lesko, R-AZ-8 1156: 2/24-Spanberger-D-VA-7 January 2023 China Senate (S.) 9: 01/23-Cruz-TX o Protect Strategic Petro Res fr. China o Rep. Ted Cruz, R-TX; Co 16 125: 1/26-Cotton-AR o Trade Restrictions on China, etc. o Sen. Tom Cotton, R-AR; Co 3 138: 1/30-Merkley-OR 144 2023/01/30 o Disclose Chinese filers in Sec. Exch. Com. o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 1 145 2023/01/30 o require disclosure by Fed contractors of contracts with Chinese, etc. o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL; Co 0 151: 1/30-Rubio-FL o amend Securities Exch. Act of 1934 to address Chinese corruption, etc o Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 0 152: 01/3 o Prohibit Security trading Chinese mil. o Sen.Marco Rubio, R-Fl; Co 2 153: 1/30-Rubio-FL o Safeguard tech, intel prop, industry o Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fl, Co 0 190: 1/31-Rubio-FL 510 2023/1/25 o Internatl Mon. Fund wt. Chinese currency o Rep. Warren Davidson, R-OH-8; Co 0 554 2023/01/26 o Deter China off Taiwan, finances, etc. o REp. J. French HIll, R-AR-2; Co 1 566 2023/01/26 o Halt US fed funds to China til COV. reimb. o Roy E. Nehls, R-TX-22; Co 1 638 2023/01/30 o Trade Restrictions On China, etc. o Rep. Christopher Smith, R-NJ-4; Co 1 H.Con.Res10 2023/01/25H.R. 499 2023/01/25 H.R. 401 2023/01/20 o Prohibit Dir of Natl Sci Found fr. awarding grants etc to Chinese communist military companies and affiliates, etc. o Rick W. Allen, R-GA-12; Co 0 H.Res. 39 2023/01/17 o Fentanyl weapon mass destruction o Neal Dunn, R-FL-2; Co 0 H.R.293 2023/01/12 o Banning Oil Exp to Foreign Adversar. o Chrissy Houlahan, D-PA-6; Co 64 H.R. 315 2023/01/12 o US Agency for Global Media - China o Rep. Joe Wilson, R-SC-2; Co 0 H.R.301 2023/01/11 o Unmasking Origins of COVID–19 Act o Rep. John W. Rose, R-TN-6; Co 3 H.R. 551 2023/01/26H. Res 9 2023/01/09 o China responsible for COVID-19 o Rep. Troy E Nehls, R-TX-22; Co 0 H. R. 229 2023/01/09 o World Deserves to Know Act o Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-VA-1; Co 0 H.R. 22 2023/01/09 o Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act o Cathy McMorr-Rodgers R-WA-5 Co 63 H.Res 11 2023/01/09 o Establishi Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the US and CCP. o Kevin McCarthy, R-CA-20; Co 0 H.R.59 2023/01/09 o SAVE ACT: (DOE) to prohibit the sale of petro fr. the SPR to some entities. o Rep. Stephanie I. Bice, R-OK-5; Co 13 H.R. 57 2023/01/09 o Protect Pers. Data fr. Foreign Advers. o Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI-1 H.R. 222 2023/01/09 o No Oil for CCP Act o Rep. Robert J. Wittman, R-VA-1 TikTok, ByteDance and Related H.R. 231 2023/01/10 o Terminate TikTok on Campus Act ‘23 o Brian Babin, R-TX-36; Co 19 S.85 o impose sanctions on TikTok, etc. o Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO; Co 0 H.R. 503 2023/01/25 o impose sanctions on TikTok, etc. o Rep. Ken Buck, R-CO-4 H.R. 57 2023/01/09 o Protecting Personal Data from Foreign Adversaries Act o Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI-1; Co 0 Older BIlls TikTok & Related H.R. 6837 2022 o No TikTok on Department of Homeland Security Devices Act o Michael Guest H.R. 8772 2022/9/6 H.R. 2566 2021/4/15 H.R. 3057 2021/05/07 o Anti-CCP Espionage via Social Media Act of 2021 or the ACES Act of 2021 o Lisa McClain, R-MO-10 H.R. 4793 2021/07/29 S. 1143 2021/4/15 o No TikTok on Govt Devices Act o Sen Josh Hawley, R-MO Updates: 2023/05/09
April Mar Feb Jan By Bill, titles abbreviated; Co=Cosponsor By Legislator see Measures for USA Source: or April 2023 China H.R. 2511: Defund China’s Allies, Andrew Ogles, R-TN-5 H.R. 2594: China Technology Transfer Control Act of 2023, Mark E Green, R-TN-7, 4/13/23
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BRIEF: Bill#/Date-Name-State (from Senate Bills 9: 01/23-Cruz-TX 125: 1/26-Cotton-AR 138: 1/30-Merkley-OR 151: 1/30-Rubio-FL 153: 1/30-Rubio-FL 190: 1/31-Rubio-FL -------------------------------------- 218: 2/1-Cruz-TX 308: 2/9-Romney-UT -------------------------------------- 591: 3/1-Rubio-FL 906: 3/21-Hawley-MO 908: 3/22-Barrasso-WY 939 968-3/23-Scott-FL 1035: 3/29-Barrasso-WY -------------------------------------- 1372-4/27-Rubio-FL Senate Resolutions 23: 2/1-Cruz-TX 75: 2/16-Merkley-OR H.R. 22: 1/9-Rodgers-WA 533: 1/26-McGovern-MA 566: 1/26-Nehls-TX 638: 1/30-Smith-NJ -------------------------------------- 809: 2/2-Newhouse-WA 839: 2/6-Meuser-PA 1016: 2/14-Lesko-R-AZ 1081-2/14-Gallagher-R-WI 1156: 2/24-Spanberger-D-VA-7 -------------------------------------- 1714: 3/22-Mast-FL 1724-3/22-Steel-CA 2372-3/29-Gallagher-R-WI 2381-3/29-Larsen-D-WA -------------------------------------- 2462-Donalds-FL 2511: 4/6-Ogles-TN 2594: 4/13-Green-TN 2993: 4/28-Banks-R-IN