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FTC https //www ftc gov/tips-advice/business-center/advertising-and-marketing/made-in-usa Made in USA: Do you promote your products as “Made in the USA”? Under the law, some products must disclose U.S. content. For others, manufacturers and marketers who choose to make claims about the amount of U.S. content need to know about the FTC’s Enforcement Policy Statement on U.S. Origin Claims. Is your company up on what's required 2019/09/27 Born in the USA: Computer Hardware Made in America by Adam Lovinus https //www neweggbusiness com/smartbuyer/components/born-in-the-usa-computer-hardware-made-in- america/ Made In America https //www madeinamerica co/pages/thelist Clark https //clark com/shopping-retail/american-made-in-the-usa/ Blog Cheapism https //blog cheapism com/products-made-in-usa-16283/