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Monroy was arrested this morning in Chaparral. Note: Chaparral is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Doña Ana and Otero counties, New Mexico, United States. Chimayo conviction Cimarron drug-trafficking Clovis Cordova Excerpt: Rio Arriba County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested multiple people Friday who were allegedly selling drugs and bootleg liquor – often using a 7-year-old girl to deliver the liquor to the buyers in the area, according to a spokesman.The latest in a string of Española-area drug busts left the six adults facing drug trafficking, liquor law violations, child abuse and drug possession charges, according to spokesman Jake Arnold…in Cordova – where they found traffickable amounts of heroin and cocaine, as well as a bootleg alcohol operation Note: Cordova is a small community east of Española Deming charges-deming-nm/4765335002/ Espanola mexico surrounding-area/5667321 cfad756fd065.html drug/article_e4bac0b3-b339-5247-8a7c-28590a58c9de.html Farmington - also see San Juan County san-juan-county-region-ii-drug-force/1838084001/ trafficking-cases/2576110001/ charges survey-target-id Fruitland - also see San Juan County Gallup on-drug-trafficking-charge&catid=175:public-safety-&Itemid=602 Grants offenses Hatch undocumented-migrants/1461311001/ charged-federal-drug Jemez Springs Jemez Valley (in mountains near Albuquerque) Kirtland - also see San Juan County charges/2097993001/ conviction trafficking Laguna Pueblo Las Cruces investigation/553854002/ organization organizations Las Vegas northern-new-mexico Hobbs laws La Luz bust/4454451002/ INFO -Wikipedia: La Luz is a census-designated place in Otero County, New Mexico, United States. The population was 1,615 at the 2000 census. It is located immediately north of Alamogordo and lies in the eastern edge of the Tularosa Basin and on the western flank of the Sacramento Mountains. Until 1848, La Luz was a part of Mexico… Los Lunas 88e4-fb83950e79b0.html Medanales mexico 60125e139e6f.html Moriarty Otero County and Southern New Mexico in General southern-new-mexico/689402002/ Portales Raton Raton woman/Bernalillo County area of crime; months-federal-drug-trafficking-conviction Rio Rancho Roswell Ruidoso trafficking/4722810002/ charges-stemming-traffic-stop/3859434002/ 2017/12/22-- cocaine/978154001/ 1989/10/25-- San Juan County 2019/11/12-- two-drug-trafficking-cases/2576110001/ 2019/11/09-- police-resisting-arrest/2535831001/ 2019/07/26-- traffickers-san-juan-county-region-ii-drug-force/1838084001/ 2018/07/08-- 2018/07/02-- trafficking-charges 2018/04/06-- firearms-charges 2017/10/30-- charge.html 2017/08/10-- trafficking-conviction 2017/02/09-- conviction 2016/05/12-- conspiracy/84281400/ 2014/02/27-- [as of 2020/05/14 link seems gone] 2017/02/09-- conviction 2016/05/12-- conspiracy/84281400/ Santa Fe 2020/03/19-- fe/article_4dc56a76-67a9-11ea-8340-6346a0bfa945.html 2019/08/05-- 2019/07/18-- 2018/12/07-- high-basketball-game/article_34c8f3ba-2c8c-5750-bef4-75eb7f7ba4e1.html 2018/01/09-- Santa Rosa Silver City Socorro e75051edf69e.html 4f281a6f41b7.html conviction Taos ring-pleads-guilty Tijeras and-money Truth or Consequences Tucumcari trafficking-ring Tularosa Alamagordo News 2019/11/06 White Mountain Task Force makes drug bust in Tularosa › story › news › 2019/11/06/The White Mountain Drug Task Force arrested three people in connection with a drug bust in Tularosa TRIBAL Apache-Jicarilla drug-trafficking-charges Apache-Mescalero convictio conviction Navajo Reservation conspiracy/84281400// overdose-audit/1794592001/ use 5c82-8e68-6e4ade45a590.html San Juan Pueblo mexico Zuni MULTI-STATE spanning more than just border shared states charged-federal-drug Updates: 2020/05/04 Cordova, Chaparral added to list; 2020/05/02 Artesia, Hatch, Jemez Springs, Los Lunas, Moriarty, Taos, Jemez Valley added to list; 2020/04/27 added articles: Deming Headlight-2020/02/14 Alamagordo News- 2020/01/13; Alb. Jrnl-2013/04/04; NewsChannel 10- 2019/12/03 and 2019/04/04; DEA-2019/09/20; info on DEA/Task Force; Structural/organizational corrections and additions made; 2020/03/27- ICE 2014/02/27; Daily Times-2019/07/26; 2020/02/22 two drug pages merged-policefactor nm drugs and rivergold nm drugs; 10/07/2017 Justice dot gov 29 San Juan Co; police factor page started 2016/06/04
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