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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARTELS Sinaloa Top Documentary Films dot com Excerpt: Phoenix, Arizona is one of the extensive drug centers of America, and now it's under jurisdiction of one of Mexico's most dominant and brutal drug syndicates, the Sinaloa Cartel. With a formidable authority south of the border, the cartel uses Phoenix as a starting point for their North American activities. Drugs, Inc. - Cartel City, Arizona - Top Documentary Films Money Laundering 2021/07/12 Money Laundering, Mafia and Drug Cartel Accusations in Arizona’s Cattle Theft Scandal. By Rachel Alexander accusations-in-arizonas-cattle-theft-scandal-n2592365 Cattle Theft Scandal See Townhall-2021/07/12 under Money Laundering Cartels Controlling Parts of Arizona As Early as 2010 Human Events dot com 2010/06/18 Mexican Drug Cartels Control Parts of Arizona. By Roger Hedgecock Arizona is Corridor for Cartels Youtube Video DRUGS Fentanyl Sheriff Warning of Fentanyl Trafficking Fox News 2021/10/02 Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County tells of the havoc fentanyl trafficking is wreaking in his community Youtube VIdeo https //www youtube com/watch?v=7Jx7dOek-6g Excerpt: Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, spoke with Fox News to tell how, due to the problem of insecurity along the southern U.S. border, large quantities of drugs are being trafficked into local communities and wreaking havoc. Major Drug Bust - Fentanyl Phoenix dot gov 2020/01/23 Task Force Busts Major Fentanyl Supplier Excerpt: Nearly 170,000 fentanyl pills are off the streets of Phoenix. A Drug Enforcement Administration task force, lead by a sergeant with the Phoenix Police Department, made one of the largest fentanyl seizures in the state of Arizona. The total street value of the drugs is roughly 3 million dollars. Officers and agents were following drug trafficking activities of 24-year-old Marcelino Ontiveros Quintero. When DPS took him into custody, Quintero had approximately 165,000 of the blue “M-30" fentanyl pills in the car with him. Task Force members searched four other locations in Phoenix and Peoria, finding another 4,000 pills. Intelligence compiled by the DEA in Arizona first highlighted the fentanyl pill seizures in 2016, exposing a new trend in illicit fentanyl products. Previously, fentanyl was added to heroin to exponentially increase the potency of the opiate-based drug for the addict population. However, Mexican cartels began to manufacture the fentanyl into a pill form, with fentanyl as the primary opioid substance, marketing the pills as “Mexican oxy" to those seeking opiate-based pills on the street. In FY 2019, DEA and law enforcement agencies statewide are estimated to have seized over 1.4 million of the fentanyl pills. Marijuana Drug Busts Tonopah AZ Family arrested/article_8b71bf8a-ec77-11e9-9f97-5f95d9223f00.html Maricopa County 420 Magazine dot com VIOLENCE AGAINST LAW ENFORCEMENT NBC News 2021/10/04 DEA agent, suspect killed in Tucson Amtrak shooting: A federal agent was killed and two other officers were injured during an inspection of an Amtrak train in Tucson, Arizona. NBC News' Guad Venegas has the latest on the investigation. GANGSTALKING - Arizona Targeted Justice dot com [Note from PF-2021/10/06: Warning - this website is wanting to defund various national security agencies; this is a red flag that anti-American groups might have co-opted the gangstalking subject; ganstalking is a complex subject with no easy answers that easily and quickly pinpoint certain kinds of groups; there have been honest and well-meaning FBI and CIA agents over the years, as well as corrup ones; anytime you see a CIA conspiracy theory website, put up warning bells] %20Gangstalking.%20%E2%80%9CThere%20exists%20a%20shadowy%20government,law%20itself.%E 2%80%9D%20%E2%80%94%20Senator%20Daniel%20K.%20Inouye%20%281987%29 Senator Daniel K. Inouye - 1987 Arizona - Gangstalking. “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.” — Senator Daniel K. Inouye (1987) Arizona - Gangstalking - TARGETED JUSTICE Updates: 2021/10/06-Gangstalking, Drugs, Cartels, Violence against Law Enforcement added; 2021/09/24 PAGE STARTED--Arizona Crime
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