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CONSPIRACIES/Christians on Satanism
Freedom in Dissociative Identity Disorder Article http://didfree.net/satanism-is-it-real/ [extracted from Internet 2021/03/12] Type I, “cult-based ritualistic abuse,” involves an elaborate belief system and an attempt to create a particular spiritual or social system. The sexual abuse is not the ultimate goal of the perpetrator but rather is a vehicle for inducing a religious or mystical experience in the adult perpetrators. Satanic and other cultic groups that practice sexual abuse fall into this category. In Type II, “pseudo-ritualistic abuse,” the ritualistic practices are not part of a developed belief system. The primary motivation is not spiritual but rather the sexual exploitation of the child. Rituals, such as the use of costumes and the killing of animals, are used primarily to intimidate children and are not part of an elaborate ideology. Type III, “psychopathological ritualism,” includes ritualistic abuse of children as part of an obsessive or delusional system of an individual or small group, rather than a developed ideology. In such cases the abuse may simply involve sexual preoccupations or sexual compulsions. Most of the people who have survived and come out of SRA know that their torture was to produce Dissociative Identity Disorder, to program their alter parts to follow Satan’s agenda, and to even prepare specific individuals for formal government programming