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BORDERS-2 2021 Border Issues
IN THIS SECTION BORDERS-1 General BORDERS-2 2021 Border Issues (here) BORDERS-3 Agencies linked to BP BORDERS-4-Lawsuits linked to BP BORDERS-5 Links List La Raza Tunnels-Smuggling Human Trafficking Ports (like Port Authority) Funding Arena-1 Slush Funding Arena-2 Donations Funding Arena-3 Terrorism Funding Arena-4 George Soros Funding Arena-5 Grants Funding Arena-6 Lawsuits ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- START HERE Articles Washington Examiner Opinion Editorials Joe Biden’s Border Crisis Videos The Hill 2021 April Republican senators released video that "uncovered the truth" behind the border crisis The Hill-2021-04 In this video, we see some border patrol experts discussing their experiences with immigrants crossing the border. "They were mocking us, telling us there was nothing we could do about it." LAWSUITS - BORDER ISSUES Comments from PF: : Watch for Trends in various ways. For example, MPM lawsuits can lead to a shift in demographics, hiring practices, increased black or minority ads at the company or site, etc.; the company can become intimidated, there might be hidden extortion at the locus; so watch the before and after VIDEOS The Hill 2021 April Republican senators released video that "uncovered the truth" behind the border crisis https //www youtube com/watch?v=F-15gehaOJY In this video, we see some border patrol experts discussing their experiences with immigrants crossing the border. "They were mocking us, telling us there was nothing we could do about it." ARTICLES BY MONTH - 2021 June American Military News 2021/06/11 2021/06/11-- compared-to-last-year/ The Blaze dot com 2021/06/07 New Mexico rancher says property is 'under siege,' details how illegal immigration is poisoning livestock and driving cattle away from food. By Chris Field. 2021/06/07--https //www Forbes 2016/06/17 Mexican nationals are transforming San Antonio https //www forbes com/sites/scottbeyer/2016/06/17/mexican-nationals-are-transforming-san- antonio/?sh=43a14dcdab6d Fox News Radio 2021/06/25 Arizona AG Mark Brnovich: Biden & Harris “Broke The Border So They Own This https //radio foxnews com/2021/06/25/arizona-ad-mark-brnovich-biden-harris-broke-the-border-so-they- own-this/ Fronteras 2021/06/23 Plan To Bring Police To Arizona's Border Is Welcome But Nebulous. By Michel Marizco 2021/06/23--https //fronterasdesk org/content/1693866/plan-bring-police-arizonas-border-welcome- nebulous Immigration Reform 2021/06/23 Governors help Texas Border. By Madison McQueen https // Western Journal 2021/06/11 Texas and Arizona Governors Ask Other States to Send Police to Border as Crisis Rages. By Kipp Jones https //www westernjournal com/texas-arizona-governors-ask-states-send-police-border-crisis-rages/ WFSU 2021/06/18 DeSantis Pledges To Send Officers To Mexico Borders In Texas, Arizona. By Blaise Gainey arizona May Law Enforcement Today 2021/05/28 What’s really happening at the border: Texas ranchers struggle as encounters with illegal immigrants increase. By Scott A. Davis. https //www lawenforcementtoday com/border-crisis-texas-ranchers-struggle-as-encounters-with-illegal- immigrants-increase/ Front Page Mag dot com 2021/05/14 DHS created operation sentinel combat. By Michael Cutler https //www frontpagemag com/fpm/2021/05/dhs-created-operation-sentinel-combat-human-michael- cutler/ Minuteman Militia 2021/05/18 Coast Guard Rescues 23 Illegal Immigrants From Smuggling Boat Stuck off California Coast. By Tom Ozimek stuck-off-california-coast/ VI Free Press 2021/05/19 COAST GUARD DIRECTS 66 ILLEGAL DOMINICAN MIGRANTS BACK TO HISPANIOLA. By VI Free Press 2021/05/19-- hispaniola/ April DHS dot gov 2021/04/27 DHS announces operation target criminal smuggling organizations https //www dhs gov/news/2021/04/27/dhs-announces-operation-target-criminal-smuggling-organizations March East Bay Times 2021/03/04 13 people were killed in horrific crash after entering California through hole in Mexico border fence https //www eastbaytimes com/2021/03/04/13-people-were-killed-in-horrific-crash-after-entering-california- through-hole-in-mexico-border-fence-officials-say/ El Paso Times dot com 2021/03/12 CBP arrests 22 fugitives El Paso West Texas New Mexico ports entry. By Aaron Martinez https //www elpasotimes com/story/news/crime/2021/03/12/cbp-arrests-22-fugitives-el-paso-west-texas-new- mexico-ports-entry/4673565001/ Fox News 2021/03/15 Texas members of Congress demand lawsuit against Biden for border 'crisis'. By Marisa Schultz. Lawmakers want AG Ken Paxton to sue to ensure people caught crossing illegally during the pandemic are turned away https //www foxnews com/politics/texas-members-of-congress-demand-lawsuit-against-biden-for-border- crisis NBC San Diego 2021/03/03 Federal authorities launch human smuggling investigation after deadly California crash Ten of the 13 people who were killed were Mexican nationals, officials said. By Wilson Wong https //www nbcnews com/news/us-news/federal-authorities-launch-human-smuggling-investigation- deadly-california-crash-n1259436 San Diego Union Tribune 2021/03/10 Mexican migrants in the U.S. sent more money home in 2020 to keep families afloat.By Wendy Fry. https //www sandiegouniontribune com/news/border-baja-california/story/2021-03-10/mexican-migrants- remittances February Times of San Diego 2021/02/22 16 arrested during brazen smuggling attempt high speed chase 2021/02/12 posted on az borders in april; http //azborderdefenders org/as-amnesty-talk-continues-and-enforcement-loosens-illegal-border-crossings- are-on-the-rise/ Updates: 2021/06/28 Front Page Mag dot com-2021/05/14; and DHS dot gov-2021/04/27; 2021/06/27 editing, added the 2021 months; 2021/04/24 Lawsuit section moved to its own Borders section “Lawsuits”; 2021/04/11 Borders-Articles-2021 section started, expanded from single former original Borders page.
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