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IN THE CULTS SECTION Cults-1 - Introduction Cults-2 Soka Gakkai Cults-3 Subud Cults-4 Hare Krishna Cults-5a Other Religious Cults Cults-5b Catholic Sexual Abuse, Offshoots Cults-6 Monarch, MK-ULTRA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORMON CULTS, CULTIST ELEMENTS, OR SIDESHOOTS (Mormon offshoots, as well as certain tendencies in mainstream Mormonism) Books - Mormon Sexual Abuse Paperdolls: A True Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods (1993) April Daniels, Carol Scott The Sins of Brother Curtis: A Story of Betrayal, Conviction, and the Mormon Church Lisa Davis When Men Become Gods: Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, His Cult of Fear, and the Women Who Fought Back (2009) Stephen Singular A Little Mormon Girl (2013) Eva Hunter Lost Boy: The True Story of One Man's Exile from a Polygamist Cult and His Brave Journey to Reclaim His Life (2010) Brent W. Jeffs and Maia Szalavitz Church of Lies (2009) Flora Jessop and Paul T. Brown The Witness Wore Red: The 19th Wife Who Brought Polygamous Cult Leaders to Justice (2014) Rebecca Musser and M. Bridget Cook Chainbreakers: a True Story of Healing from Abuse (1993) Michele R. Sorensen Vice: Polygamist Mormon sect asccused of using local police to bully non-members. By Colleen Curry (01/22/2016) members Sexual Abuse Resources: Links, Books, etc. Comments As an extension of cultism, sexual abuse is included here. Ex-Mormon Org Recovery from Mormonism: Excerpt: A site for those who are questioning their faith in the Mormon Church and for those who need support as they transition their lives to a normal life. We are not affiliated with any religion and we do not advocate any religion. LDS Sex Child Abuse Blogspot Attorneys with input on Mormon Sex Abuse Mormon Curtain - Social Service Revelations on the Mormons Mormon Curtain For Ex-Mormons and Others Brief Commentary Note: discrimination of any kind is not acceptable; targeting Mormons with discrimination is not what is intended here by sharing abuse topics. We have to look at each individual in any group, whether it is Mormon or otherwise, as unique individuals worthy of our respect and care. On the other hand, the Mormon Church (Latter-Day Saints) has truly had a significant number of problems associated with child abuse, domestic violence and cultish activities. It also has been suggested that hidden governmental programs have been associated with a number of organized religious groups, including the Mormons. Some of this is a form of brainwashing associated with trauma-driven abuse. It is very complex, insidious and may run the gambit across various parts of society - not just the Mormons. The Four Corners Area has a large number of Mormons; many in the area maintain close ties with Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah; most people realize Utah is heavily Mormon. It has been suggested that many business in the area are run by Mormons who tend to hire Mormons, keeping others out of the loop. There are certain companies in the area well known to be “Mormon.” Some are considered “Jack Mormon” - not as conventional or conservative. It also should be suggested that ties like this may run through various part of the city, county and state governments. Consider the possibility that Mormon culture running through a city government, with its possible background of abuse and hidden problems may keep the government from certain progressive approaches in the way of health/environment/social services/animal rights. Also be aware that many Mormons have already experienced discrimination and are leery and self-protective, which may create a type of secrecy and desire to stay out of direct view. If a person works in one department under scrutiny and belongs to any of the organized religions in the area with a particularly strong group identity, pay attention to the various links and channels that may be connected when you do any form of investigation or effort at making big changes, especially if you are from out of the area. Some of the best help can come from outside of the area, but these people may be out of touch with the subtle layers of interconnectivity in the area to be able to adequately break through the cultural barriers to get at the facts of misconduct, negligence and abuse. This applies to any of the strongly linked groups in the area coordinated through family ties, religion, language and culture. Whether you are investigating problems with the environment or sexual abuse, or anything else, be aware of these subtle undercurrents running throughout not only this area, but any area. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------- QUIVERFULL MOVEMENT Fundamental Christian Abuses It Happened to me: I Escaped The "Quiverfull" Fundamentalist Christian Cult The end of my life as a "Bride of Christ" came when I visited a domestic violence shelter. Author: Vyckie Garrison (October 2014) Excerpt: Based on a literalist interpretation of Psalm 127, Quiverfull families eschew all forms of birth control. They have a high regard for the patriarchal family structure found in the Old Testament which emphasizes hierarchy, authority and strict gender roles for men, women, boys and girls Excerpt: Some Quiverfull kids are making the break, too. Growing up in a Quiverfull home means being raised by a narcissistic father and having a mother with a huge martyr complex. Excerpt: I have also created my own blog, No Longer Quivering, which I began as a way to process my Quiverfull life and try to understand how I’d come to embrace such a fanatical lifestyle. The response was surprisingly phenomenal and over time, NLQ has grown to into something like a movement of women escaping and healing from spiritual abuse. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------- DOMINIONISM LINKS LIST dangerous-religious-bond.html secularists-part-1/ american-theocracy/ everything/ EXCERPTED SUMMARIES The Daily Beast: Dominionism: Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry’s Dangerous Religious Bond. By Michelle Goldberg (2011/08/14) dangerous-religious-bond.html Excerpt: Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry aren't just devout—both have deep ties to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which says Christians should rule the world….Put simply, Dominionism means that Christians have a God-given right to rule all earthly institutions. Originating among some of America’s most radical theocrats, it’s long had an influence on religious-right education and political organizing. But because it seems so outré, getting ordinary people to take it seriously can be difficult. Most writers, myself included, who explore it have been called paranoid….Its members “believe Christians—certain Christians—are destined to not just take ‘dominion’ over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the ‘Seven Mountains’ of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world.” dangerous-religious-bond.html Huffington Post: Five Facts About Dominionism. By Daniel Burke (2011/09/01) Excerpt: The term “Dominionism” was popularized in the 1990s by scholars and journalists, who applied it to conservative Christians seeking political power. It derives from the Book of Genesis, in which God tells Adam and Eve to have “dominion” over the Earth and its animals. “Dominionism” generally describes the belief that Christians are biblically mandated to control all earthly institutions until the second coming of Jesus. Experts identify two main schools of Dominionism: Christian Reconstructionists, who believe biblical law, including stoning as punishment for adultery and other transgressions, should replace secular law; and the New Apostolic Reformation, which advocates for Christians to “reclaim the seven mountains of culture”: government, religion, media, family, business, education, and arts and entertainment. Patheos: Dominionist Theology: A Guide to Theocracy for Secularists-Part 1 part-1/ Christian Reconstructionism: The Template for Modern American Theocracy-Part 2. By Steve Barry (2011) american-theocracy/ Excerpt: As I mentioned in Part 1, many religious and secular critics on the subject have conflated Dominionism with Christian Reconstructionism as if they are the same thing. While incorrect, this is understandable. Christian Reconstructionism is a type of Dominionism. Dominionism in America 3, Satan Gets Blamed for Everything. By Jack Matirko(2018/07/30) Theocracy Watch: Dominionism and other topics on the Religious Right Mentions: Karl Rove, Tim LaHaye, Paul Weyrich Excerpt of Section on this site’s topic: In this section: War on Secular Society Dominion Mandate Who is the Theocratic Right Estimate of political strength Why We Should Care BOOKS Dominionism Goldberg, Michelle. Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism Excerpt on Michelle Goldberg:Michelle Goldberg was formerly a senior contributing writer at The Nation. She is the author of three books: Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism, a finalist for the NYPL’s Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism; The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World, which won the J. Anthony Lukas Work-In-Progress Award and the Ernesta Dinker Ballard Book Prize; and The Goddess Pose: The Audacious Life of Indra Devi, the Woman Who Helped Bring Yoga to the West. Her work has also appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post and many other publications. From Phillips, Kevin. American Theocracy --------------------------- JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES Cultism, Issues Awake! Magazine, Watchtower cult: Independent: putin-british-government-alarmed-criticism-a7696621.html what-is-it-like-a7214966.html Guardian: inquiry Pew Research Jehovahs Witnesses Facts: Fear and Mind Control Reveal News - articles on Jehovahs Witnesses child sex abuse Jehovah’s Witnesses Use First Amendment to Hide Child Sex Abuse Claims Jehovah’s Witnesses Cover U Child Sex Abuse and Oust a Victim She Spoke About Jehovah’s Witness Abuse and Her Home Was Vandalized JWV (Jehohav’s Witness Victims) dot org: properties-are-they-on-the-run-from-the-charity-commission/ Telegraph: Pew Research: ABQ Journal: KOAT: Jehovahs Witness Report: gets-only-six-months-6450280 coercion-forms-of-mental-torture-to-force-its-members-not-to-leave -------------------------- MSN: (2019/02/12) Southern Baptist Churches hired dozens of leaders previously accused of sex offenses sex-offenses/ar-BBTu459?li=BBnbfcL&OCID=AVRES000 Excerpt: Second of three parts Doug Myers was suspected of preying on children at a church in Alabama — but he went on to work at Southern Baptist churches in Florida before police arrested him. Timothy Reddin was convicted of possessing child pornography, yet he was still able to serve as pastor of a Baptist church in Arkansas. Charles Adcock faced 29 counts of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in Alabama. Then he volunteered as a worship pastor at a Baptist church in Texas. The sordid backgrounds of these Southern Baptist ministers didn't stop them from finding new jobs at churches and working in positions of trust. They're among at least 35 Southern Baptist pastors, youth ministers and volunteers who were convicted of sex crimes or accused of sexual misconduct but still were allowed to work at churches during the past two decades, an investigation by the San Antonio Express-News and the Houston Chronicle reveals. Some were suspected of misconduct but were allowed to leave quietly and work elsewhere. Others had been arrested, had criminal records or even had to register as sex offenders but later found jobs at Baptist churches. All the men worked at times for churches in the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest coalition of Baptist churches in the United States. The SBC has rejected efforts to establish a registry to track sexual abuse cases and prevent churches from hiring predatory pastors. In some cases, churches knew of a pastor's past and allowed him to work anyway. In others, the SBC's inaction might have allowed offenders to move from community to community, ruining lives as they slipped through background checks and found jobs at unsuspecting churches. "There's no other group that does pass the buck better," said Dee Ann Miller, a longtime victims' rights activist in Kansas who speaks out against sexual abuse by Baptist ministers and clergy in other faiths. sex-offenses/ar-BBTu459?li=BBnbfcL&OCID=AVRES000 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS Seventh Day Adventist Corruption and Related Issues for-52-million/ Patheos Friendly Atheist 2020/11/18 Ex-students at Seventh-Day-Adventist school settle abuse claims for $52 million ignoring-sexual-abuse-allegations-against-teacher-and-pastor/ WWeek 2018/03/30 Woman sues Portland area Seventh Day Adventist church for ignoring abuse allegations against teacher and pastor b6508714344c7fcc4b921a66129fafbd AP News Three Abuse victims file lawsuit against Loma Linda University and Seventh Day Adventist Church alleging ab.... Abuse Guardian Seventh-Day Adventist child abuse lawsuit Updates: 2021/02/06 seventh day adventists section was finally added; 2020/01/04 several other topics added from rivergold dot net; 2021/01/03 Mormon sexual abuse moved from River Gold to Cult-5; Previous updates on River Gold dot net: 11/18/2017 Vice/police as bullies; 02/08/2017_updated 06/16/2016 ; Quiverful Movement updates from rivergold dot net: Quiverfull Movement section updated 06/16/2016; Dominionism updates from rivergold dot net: --: 2018/11/19 Dominionism Page shifted from Religious issues as a group of topics to this single page as part of overall re-org of section and dominionism_religious issues_humanissues_thegoldenrivernet_ updates_02/07/2017_ 06/16/2016
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