PSY SECTION PSY-1		Psychological Operations (Psyops) PSY-2 		The Zone of Influence  Psy-3		Info Wars (here) Psy-4		Making the Other Guy Look Bad Psy-5  		Softening Psy-6  		Running Strings Psy-7 		Turfing Psy-8 		Watch for Antics Psy-9		Arabian Nights Effect Psy-10	Deep State Psy-11     	Strands of Interconnection Psy-12 	Wall of Silence Psy-13 	Misery Loves Company Psy-14 	Switching Psy-15 	Invisible Fingers Psy-16  	Two Horns Psy-17 	Like Cutting the Grass Psy-18 	Against the Wall Psy-19	Fixation of Points Psy-20	Trophyism Psy-21		Co-Opting    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Forbes dot com 2015/10/13  Chinese Information Warfare: Leveraging The Power of Perception.  By Paul Coyer [also seen on index home page under Recommended Readings]       Updates:  2021/05/07 Diplomat-204/06 and Forbes-2015/10/13 added;  2021/04/29 PAGE STARTED-Info Wars;
PSY-3 Info Wars
INFO WARS (here) “If we are to truly understand the threat we face from the Global Islamic Movement and the Marxist/Socialist movement, we must know their primary battlefield is in the media, not on a piece of open ground on which tanks and troops engage each other…This is warfare in the information domain. 2016/08/07 Information Dominance: A Snapshot of the War dominance-a-snapshot-of-the-war/ [also seen on Index home page under Recommended Readings] The Diplomat dot com 2014/06 China’s Information Warfare Campaign and the South China Sea: Bring It On! As its dispute Vietnam continues, China is trying to have it both ways at the United Nations. By Carl Thayer campaign-and-the-south-china-sea-bring-it-on/