IN THIS SECTION Branch Menu/List (below)* NAVY COAST GUARD MILITARY INSTITUTIONS p. 1 Air Force p. 2 Army p. 3 (here) Coast Guard, Navy, Military Schools p. 4 Marines/Active Duty, cont. p. 5 Veterans p. 6 Overall Crime, Books, Commentary p. 7 Summary of Internet Articles Comment: Although not necessarily a “Military Criminality” issue like those itemized here, the following is worth noting: Navy Related National Security Issues For an alternative view on the Navy and Marines, as well as apparent suicides of leading military figures and other well known persons, see Scarce News 2018-12-23 on Admiral Stearney’s Death. By David Martin (this might be someone negative about the United States, but watch for details which can be validated elsewhere; he seems to scrutinize and question the media while offering other insights, ideas and data input from a variety of sources. Ideas to Consider which jeopardize American safety: Fat Leonard Tailhook (some have suggested homosexual porn ring behind this) “When the scandal broke, it was painted as a call girl / sexual harassment story, but Griggs set the record straight by pointing out that it had everything to do with extensive homosexual activities and rites.” (See David Martin in Scarce News) Alleged suicide of Admiral Stearney 2018 Admiral Jeremy Michael Boorda (alleged self-shooting in chest False Flags meant to incite violence *BRANCH MENU/LIST OF TOPICS IN MILITARY BRANCH NAVY Drugs California-San Diego-Navy/GARZA, ADOLPH//Navy Commander - 23 yrs service/2018-Drugs Murder, High Crimes California-Navy/SULLIVAN, MATTHEW//2020 - Murder Trial Texas-Navy/ZAMORA, DIANE former Naval Academy Midshipman/1995-love triangle murder Sexual Crimes, Rapes Idaho-Lewiston-Nez Perce Co./THRASHER, KOBY/ 2019-article, 2018 rape/ California-San Diego/JACKSON, ISAIAH/Military Police/2017 article - Rape Minor (14 yr old girl) Califiornia-San Diego-Navy/NEUHART, JOHN M./Commander/2016 -rape, strange sex role games 1991 Tailhook Convention Georgia-Brunswick and Kings Bay/Submarine Base Kings Bay/ORTIZ, ANTHONY GABRIEL/Petty Officer/2020/05/22-Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography Texas Five Sailors/2019 article-Rape Washington/US Naval Academy/CALVANICO, MARK/midshipman/rape of fellow midshiupman in dorm room after drinking COAST GUARD Drugs Sexual Crimes. Rapes New York-West Point/WHISENHUNT, JACOB/West Point cadet/2017-sexual assault for raping a sleeping classmate, case overturned - reinstated to US Military Academy Washington-Ilwaco-Coast Guard/GUTIERREZ, GUILLERMO and ZAMORA, SALVADOR/2017-2019-rape, video rape Murder Tucker, Ethan W./California and Alaska/2018-2019/murder charge for leaving shipman in frigid waters MILITARY INSTITUTIONS Rapes ---------------------------------------------------------- NAVY also see Fat Leonard Case. Navy/Drugs Navy Times 2019/10/21 NCIS: Drug ring’s tentacles reached at least 48 service members. By Geoff Ziezulewicz https //www.navytimes com/news/your-navy/2019/10/21/report-drug-rings-tentacles-reached-at- least-48-service-members/ 2019/07/22 Internal report exposes cocaine abuse, lax testing, inside SEAL Team 10. By Geoff Ziezulewicz Navy Times 2019/07/22 https //www navytimes com/news/your-navy/2019/07/22/internal-report-exposes-cocaine-abuse- lax-testing-inside-seal-team-10/ California-San Diego/GARZA, ADOLPH//Navy Commander - 23 yrs service/2018-Drugs LA Times 2018/07/21 Navy officer pleads guilty, faces up to 20 years over drug charge https //www latimes com/local/lanow/la-me-navy-drug-charge-20180721-story html Navy/Murder, High Crimes NBC San Diego California/SULLIVAN, MATTHEW//2020 - Murder Trial NBC San Diego https //www nbcsandiego com/news/local/murder-weapon-shown-as-trial-starts-for-former-us- navy-man-accused-in-wifes-slaying/2268907/ Texas-Navy/ZAMORA, DIANE/Former female Naval Academy midshipman/1995-slaying of lover’s high school girlfriend Navy Times 2018/07/24 A former Naval Academy midshipman lost her appeal in a 1995 love triangle murder case https //www navytimes com/news/your-navy/2018/07/24/a-former-naval-academy-midshipman-lost- her-appeal-in-a-1995-love-triangle-murder/ Excerpt: Zamora, now 40, and former boyfriend David Graham were convicted and sentenced to life for the slaying of Adrianne Jones, a sophomore at Mansfield High School, southwest of Dallas, where Graham was an honor student. At the same time in 1995, Zamora was an honor student at nearby Crowley High School, south of Fort Worth. They were dating when Graham confessed to Zamora that he had sex with Jones, his teammate on the cross country team. Navy/Sexual Crimes, Rapes 2018 Review of Navy-Wide Sex Crimes 1.553658 2020 2020/05/22 Georgia-Brunswick and Kings Bay/Submarine Base Kings Bay/ORTIZ, ANTHONY GABRIEL/Petty Officer/2020/05/22-Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography Naval petty officer indicted for possession, distribution of child pornography pornography Excerpt: BRUNSWICK, GA: A U.S. Navy petty officer stationed at Submarine Base Kings Bay has been indicted on child pornography charges by a U.S. District Court grand jury meeting in virtual session due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anthony Gabriel Ortiz, 21, of Kings Bay, appeared in U.S. District Court on Friday before Magistrate Judge Benjamin W. Cheesbro, where he was denied bond and detained pending trial on charges of Distribution of Child Pornography and Possession of Child Pornography, said Bobby L. Christine, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia. The charges carry a penalty of up to 30 years in federal prison plus substantial financial penalties, followed by a period of supervised release and registration as a sex offender. There is no parole in the federal system. pornography 2019 Booted Out of Iraq The Navy reportedly booted SEAL Team 7 out of Iraq after a senior enlisted platoon member allegedly aped a female service member JARED KELLERJUL 26, 2019 enlisted-platoon-allegedly-raped-a-female-service-member Navy Seal and Platoon In Trouble Over Alleged Rape in Business Insider 2019/07/26 A Navy SEAL in the platoon being kicked out of Iraq for misconduct was reportedly accused of raping a fellow service member. By Ryan Pickrell Excerpt: A senior Navy SEAL with the platoon being kicked out of Iraq for misconduct has been accused of sexually assaulting a female service member working with the team, The New York Times reports… When the investigation began, the platoon did not cooperate, collectively invoking their right to remain silent. The US special operations commander in Iraq then made the decision to send the platoon home. The Navy reportedly booted SEAL Team 7 out of Iraq after a senior enlisted platoon member allegedly aped a female service member JARED KELLERJUL 26, 2019 enlisted-platoon-allegedly-raped-a-female-service-member Texas Texas Five Sailors/2019 article-Rape 2019/05/21-- aggravated-sexual-assault.html Navy Rape List Navy submarine sailors kept a so-called 'rape list' of female › national-security › 2019/05/19 May 19, 2019 - The lists — which characterizes as “rape lists” — were described as ... Kercher, who did not respond to The Washington Post's request for ... the state is doing better than predicted, and De Santis is feeling bold. 2018 4 navy sailors accused of group sex with underage girl 2018/10/03--http //abc7ny com/4-navy-sailors-accused-of-group-sex-with-underage-girl/4396206/ Idaho Idaho-Lewiston-Nez Perce Co./THRASHER, KOBY/2019-article, 2018 rape 2019/11/02--https //www military com/daily-news/2019/11/02/navy-sailor-faces-rape-charge-idaho.html California Califiornia-San Diego-Navy/NEUHART, JOHN M./Commander/2016-rape, strange sex role games Navy Times 2018/12/19 Attorney: Navy officer accused of rape was engaged in ‘bizarre role playing sexual game’ with junior officer. By Geoff Ziezulewic https //www navytimes com/news/your-navy/2018/12/19/attorney-navy-officer-accused-of-rape-was- engaged-in-bizarre-role-playing-sexual-game-with-junior-officer-accuser-2/ 2017 California-San Diego/Isaiah Jackson/Military Police/2017 article - Rape Minor (14 yr old girl) MP Stationed at Naval Base San Diego Suspected of Raping 14-Year-Old Girl 2017/09/22-- diego-suspected-of-raping-14-year-old-girl/ 2008 Washington/US Naval Academy/CALVANICO, MARK/midshipman/rape of fellow midshiupman in dorm room after drinking 2008/04/23 He raped me,' woman says of fellow Naval Academy midshipman. By Brian Witte midshipman/article_07c97e10-2510-53bc-9804-bc6010defa4e.html WASHINGTON — A female midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy testified Tuesday that a fellow midshipman raped her in her dorm room after he had been drinking. Mark Calvanico is accused of rape, making a false statement to investigators, conduct unbecoming an officer and unauthorized absence. 1996 MILITARY WOMEN CARRY BURDEN OF SEX ABUSE DOUGLAS PARDUE and DAVE MONIZ Knight-Ridder Newspapers 1990 1990/07/23 Sailor accused of raping enlisted woman on ship ship/128a8de4-9427-4a92-a1b3-af882b2c2ce7/ Coast Guard Cont. from P. 1 COAST GUARD - part of Department of Homeland Security Coast Guard/Rape CT Mirror 2019/06/14 House reacts to ‘a sexual assault crisis’ at Coast Guard Academy https //ctmirror org/2019/06/14/house-reacts-to-a-sexual-assault-crisis-at-u-s-military-academies/ Excerpt: Her Democratic colleagues on the House Armed Services Committee agreed, approving her amendment to a defense bill that would set up a four-year pilot program in which a special prosecutor would handle complaints of assault and abuse. Speier’s provision would require the independent prosecutor be a one-star general or admiral with “significant experience prosecuting sexual assault trials.” Adoption of her amendment in the National Defense Authorization Act, legislation approved by the House Armed Services Committee late Thursday, is the first time Speier has had a legislative victory on her long-time efforts to reform the military justice system when it comes to sexual assaults. Military Times 2020/01/09 Proposal would target sexual assault harassment in the coast guard https //www militarytimes com/news/pentagon-congress/2020/01/09/proposal-would-target- sexual-assault-harassment-in-the-coast-guard/ West Point Cadet/WHISENHUNT, JACOB/2017-sexual assault for raping a sleeping classmate, case overturned - reinstated to US Military Academy CT Mirror 2019/06/14 academies/ In 2017, Jacob Whisenhunt had been convicted of three counts of sexual assault. But he was recently released from confinement and reinstated at the U.S. Military Academy by a military appeals panel who had reviewed a written transcript of the cadet’s trial and concluded there was not enough evidence to convict him…Speier, D-Calif., said the handling of Whisenhunt’s case is just one reason why the way sexual assault allegations at the nation’s service academies must be reformed. https //ctmirror org/2019/06/14/house-reacts-to-a-sexual-assault-crisis-at-u-s-military- academies/ Army Times 2019/06/04 A West Point cadet just had his rape conviction overturned, leaving him free to return to the school https //www armytimes com/news/your-army/2019/06/04/a-west-point-cadet-just-had-his- rape-conviction-overturned-leaving-him-free-to-return-to-the-school/ Two years ago, U.S. Military Academy Cadet Jacob Whisenhunt was sentenced to 21 years in prison for raping a sleeping classmate. On Monday, an appeals court threw out his conviction, citing lack of evidence to prove that the sex wasn’t consensual, given how many people were around at the time. Washington-Ilwaco-Coast Guard/GUTIERREZ, GUILLERMO and ZAMORA, SALVADOR/2017-2019-Rape, videotaping rape Chinook Observer 2019’08/12 Guardsmen charged in rape case receive sentences. By Alyssa Evans. https //www chinookobserver com/news/guardsmen-charged-in-rape-case-receive- sentences/article_09b8b908-bd60-11e9-8440-1b69586bcb05.html 2019/01/7 Coasting along: Still no penalties for guardsmen suspected of rape By Natalie St. John. https //www chinookobserver com/news/coasting-along-still-no-penalties-for-guardsmen- suspected-of-rape/article_af3aeb7c-12c4-11e9-9605-1fcf06227f87.html Excerpt: Fifteen months after they allegedly raped an unconscious woman in Ilwaco and shared a video of her assault, two Coast Guard members remain on active duty. Their civilian legal cases have yet to be resolved and the Coast Guard has not taken any disciplinary action, aside from reassigning the men to different areas. To the victim’s dismay, Guillermo Gutierrez, 27, pleaded guilty to a Class C felony in fall 2018. However, he won’t be sentenced until the other guardsman, Salvador Zamora, 25, stands trial Gutierrez and Zamora were arrested in December 2017 after the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation. Investigators say the guardsmen and their alleged victim drank heavily and may have used drugs at a house party. Gutierrez allegedly had sex with the woman, then invited Zamora to have sex with her. Gutierrez allegedly recorded the rape on his phone, then shared it with other members of the Coast Guard through the Snapchat app….Zamora’s wife discovered a text conversation on his phone, in which Gutierrez assured him the victim wouldn’t accuse him of rape because she wouldn’t remember what happened. The wife reported the suspected crime to Coast Guard authorities. Gutierrez claims the sex was consensual, but police say the video shows them assaulting a woman who was clearly passed out. suspected-of-rape/article_af3aeb7c-12c4-11e9-9605-1fcf06227f87.html Coast Guard/Murder California and Alaska/TUCKER, ETHAN W. /2018-2019-murder for leaving shipman to drown in frigid waters Navy Times 2019/12/27 Accused of murder, Coast Guard seaman headed back to court-martial. By Carl Prine https //www navytimes com/news/your-navy/2019/12/28/accused-of-murder-coast-guard-seaman-headed-back- to-court-martial/ In another twist to a homicide case that began 11 months ago, Coast Guard Seaman Ethan W. Tucker has been ordered to court-martial in California for allegedly leaving a shipmate to drown in frigid Alaskan waters MILITARY INSTITUTIONS Some Military Schools in USA - Not Complete US Military Academy = West Point - West Point, New York US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland Great Lakes Military Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado New Mexico Military Institute, Junior College, Roswell, New Mexico United States Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut Military Academy Sexual Assault Reports - 2020 article USA Today 2020/01/30 Sexual assault reports by cadets, midshipmen at military academies surge by 32%. By Tom Vanden Brook 2020/01/30--https //www usatoday com/story/news/politics/2020/01/30/sexual-assault-reports-surge-32-military- academies-pentagon-says/4589368002/ Excerpt: WASHINGTON – Reports of sexual assault by cadets and midshipmen at the nation's military academies jumped 32% during the past school year, reflecting increases in those crimes and a greater willingness to report them, according to a Pentagon report obtained by USA TODAY. There were 122 reports of sexual assault during the 2018-19 school year, compared to 92 in 2017-18. "We are encouraged that more cadets and midshipmen made reports of sexual assault this year," said Nate Galbreath, acting director of the Pentagon's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program. "Our program empowers those who experience sexual assault to connect with restorative care." Last year, a more detailed report of sexual assault at the academies showed there were 747 incidents of unwanted sexual contact – ranging from groping to rape – in the 2017-18 academic year. That was an increase of nearly 50% from the 507 incidents in 2015-16. 2020/01/30--https //www usatoday com/story/news/politics/2020/01/30/sexual-assault-reports-surge-32-military- academies-pentagon-says/4589368002/ West Point Stripes 2018/02/07 Sexual assault reports doubled at West Point. By Lolita C Baldor. 2018/02/07-- Excerpt: WASHINGTON — The number of sexual assaults reported at the U.S. Military Academy roughly doubled during the last school year, according to data reviewed by The Associated Press, in the latest example of the armed forces' persistent struggle to root out such misconduct. It's the fourth year in a row that sexual assault reports increased at the school in West Point, New York. There were 50 cases in the school year that ended last summer, compared with 26 made during the 2015-2016 school year. By comparison, the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, saw only slight increases. 2018/02/07--https //www stripes com/news/us/sexual-assault-reports-doubled-at-west-point-1.510580 West Point Army Times 2019--A West Point cadet [Jacob Whisenhunt] just had his rape conviction overturned, leaving him free to return to the school Meghann Myers 2019/06/04--https //www armytimes com/news/your-army/2019/06/04/a-west-point-cadet-just-had-his-rape- conviction-overturned-leaving-him-free-to-return-to-the-school/ New Mexico Military Institute KOB 2 New Mexico Military Institute cadets accused of raping 15-year-old. By Faith Egbuonu. 2019/09/17--https //www 15-year-old/5496180/ Air Force Academy Air Force Times 2019/05/21 Academy major accused of rape, molestation faces Article 32 hearing. Stephen Losey 2019/05/21 https //www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2019/05/21/academy-major-accused-of-rape- molestation-faces-article-32-hearing/ Excerpt: The Air Force Academy on Monday held an Article 32 hearing for a major accused of raping an adult woman and sexually assaulting a young girl. Maj. Travis J. Burns has been charged with one specification of violating Article 120 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for allegedly raping the woman, and four specifications of violating Article 120b of the UCMJ for allegedly assaulting the girl. 2019/05/21 https //www airforcetimes com/news/your-air-force/2019/05/21/academy-major-accused-of-rape- molestation-faces-article-32-hearing/ Naval Academy 2019/10/23 Naval Academy midshipman charged with sexually assaulting three students, breaking into sleeping quarters. By Seline San Felice. 2019/10/23--https //www.capitalgazette com/education/naval-academy/ac-cn-keago-sex-assault-1024-20191023- rksqwlopazbnhnbhpjiz56jrim-story.html Excerpt: A Naval Academy midshipman is charged with breaking into the sleeping quarters of three female midshipmen and sexually assaulting or attempting to sexually assault them on four occasions, according to charging documents. Third Class Midshipman Nixon Keago has been charged with sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, burglary and obstruction of justice for incidents at the Annapolis military school in February, September and October 2018 and in New York in May, according to charging documents provided by the Naval Academy. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating. 2019/10/23--https //www capitalgazette com/education/naval-academy/ac-cn-keago-sex-assault-1024-20191023- rksqwlopazbnhnbhpjiz56jrim-story html Great Lakes Naval Center 2001/04/28 Great Lakes Center petty officer is charged in rape of a recruit 2001/04/28--https //www chicagotribune com/news/ct-xpm-2001-04-28-0104280200-story.html 2011 Raped At Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois. Anonymous, United States Navy This happened at a party in which there was drinking, although the victim says she had not been drinking; a making out session allegedly became a rape in which the guy would not respond to NO 2011--https //mydutytospeak com/2011/11/23/raped-at-naval-training-command-great-lakes-illinois/ 2013 2013-- https //www latimes com/nation/la-xpm-2013-apr-06-la-na-adv-illinois-barracks-death-20130407-story html 1998 1998/10/07--https //www chicagotribune com/news/ct-xpm-1998-10-07-9810070129-story html Coast Guard Academy Navy Times 2019/07/03 Reports of unwanted sexual contact up at Coast Guard Academy. Jennifer McDermott 2019/07/0--https //www navytimes com/news/your-navy/2019/07/03/reports-of-unwanted-sexual-contact-up-at-coast- guard-academy/ Updates: 2020/05/24 2018 article review of Navy-wide sex crimes added; Navy Seals rape 2019 added; Ortiz of Georgia added to Navy/Sex/Rapes list; 2020/05/21 Navy/Coastal/Schools page started; Schools section started; 2017 Jackson, Isaiah rape case added; various military school rapes by military school name added; 2020/05/17 additions pages 1-2; 2020/05/15 page 2 started- active duty continued; 2020/05/14 Army section added, with Gould and Royer added to it; San Diego Trib-2019/02/26 article-Dominguez added; 2020/05/07 Page Started Section Veteran Criminality moved from River Gold to Police Factor; 2019/11/10; 2019/01/07
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