PSY SECTION PSY-1 Psychological Operations (Psyops) PSY-2 The Zone of Influence Psy-3 Info Wars Psy-4 Making the Other Guy Look Bad Psy-5 Softening Psy-6 Running Strings Psy-7 Turfing Psy-8 Watch for Antics Psy-9 Arabian Nights Effect Psy-10 Deep State Psy-11 Strands of Interconnection Psy-12 Wall of Silence Psy-13 Misery Loves Company Psy-14 Switching Psy-15 Invisible Fingers Psy-16 Two Horns Psy-17 Like Cutting the Grass Psy-18 Against the Wall Psy-19 Fixation of Points (here) Psy-20 Trophyism Psy-21 Co-Opting See also: System Abuse/Firefighter Arson Point to Point Point Behind a Point or Fixation of a Point In the zone of influence, see a web of distractions, including keeping th body and emotions unbalanced and unable to focus right. The perpetrators feed the masses fast food with low nutritional value, high levels of salt and sugar and with the meat pumped with hormones; dope, beer and anti-depressants to keep them down; and coffee or high energy drinks to keep then spazzed. They downgrade cities with gambling, drug dealers and hard conditions for basic survival. In the midst of this low energy framework, the masses are more pliable for ready- made, quickly digestible solutions that resemble real religion: they promote the Jesus Saves myth and anti- abortion signs as the first point; behind that point, however, the fake manipulators control the ensemble of Christian sign makers, high cost churches, Christian booksellers, and many forms of Christian propaganda. If you look carefully with sincerity in your heart, you will find the buzz behind the business in religion. In other words, the same people who make the business products in other operations like also control what Christians buy - and more importantly, what they think about buying. As they manipulate a fixation on the first level point of a buzz- trapped Jesus image, they send energy to the point behind that visible point - to an energy and money-absorbing bull’s eye. For sincere Christians, this is an irritating and insulting example. But stay clear in your mind. What we are getting at here is not the Jesus issue per se; we are trying to awaken you to the idea that crafty people can use any image and idea on the planet, even the most spiritual and sacred seeming ones, to create artificial first level visual or idea-based points to gather energy toward a second level hidden receptor. People can control other people’s religious icons to draw the energy toward obedience to a leader and the state. It can shift deferment to a religious authority from the first point to the second point, the second point being a totalitarian government or a corporate-religious entity. This might be called tenderizing the meat, or softening the dough. It helps make people malleable for apparent good reasons, but when the screen is pulled, what lies behind is The Wizard. It ripens people for obedience to a false object. They use people’s fear, sadness or desire for some kind of magic pill for better economics - religion can seem like a way to push off the Devil or to gain God’s favor - in this format. The people in the wizard’s box are playing on people’s emotions to compartmentalize religion into packaged steps that seem to promise “The Way.” Watch carefully where the money goes and how it is manipulated, and this is one way to find the shadow box, but there are other ways. Canned ideas and channeling people’s thoughts in certain directions are other ways. There is also a kind of buzz or plastic feeling about the whole thing that people inside don’t seem to recognize; when you are outside of it looking in, it is easier to sense such things. People already trapped might not have that objectivity because they have learned to ignore the warning signs and now are immune to certain forms of self-evaluation. Point to Pitch Controlled Focus Points: Bringing an idea or emotion to a certain tonal level This is in connection with a point behind a point but refers to taking the gathered, focused or collected point to a certain energetic and/or total pitch (comparable to a tonal quality) which can include a concept, like The Crown or Russia the Motherland. So taking the idea and feeling of Jesus, say, to the feeling of loyalty to The Crown which can include tithes, taxes and purchases of products. Everything is to connect with a royalty/loyalty/religious unity. It can go back to a time when political leaders were seen as endowed with godly characteristics or midway men between God and subjects. There are antecedents that go back to the times of Babylon and before. It is a way to not only draw in attention but to keep it contained within a certain frequency of feeling and thought. Updates: 2021/05/07 PAGE STARTED-FIXATION OF POINTS, copied from River Gold dot net
Psy-19/Fixation of Points
FIXATION OF POINTS (here) In general, this concept relates to attention, distractions and energy. It is how our thoughts are drawn to a subject. What we think about, we become, but more than this, where our attention is drawn, that thing grows and manifests. It also gets bigger compared to other things, so as it grows, other things shrink in contrast. There can be a psychic component to the subject. The idea is that a remote influencing perpetrator with advanced psychic and energy knowledge will manipulate a person’s attention and energy toward a point behind a more obvious object. In other words, the illusion is in the first point which acts like a trap for the hidden second point. The perpetrator has a clear ideas of what the goal is. In some cases the goal is to be the boss. So let’s say as an example we use the first point as Jesus. The second point behind Jesus, which in this case is a distraction and a placard, is a bull’s eye which collects the person’s attention and energy. Look at the bull’s eye as a collection site for the energy. Now let’s use the example that the people using the Jesus mirage are Muslims. It could just as well be Zionists, or a certain ancient strain of East Indian adepts, , the British Crown, Catholics, Black/Hispanic Occultists or Satanists.