TROPHYISM (here) Trophyism related to the idea that certain groups want to brag about and gloat over their warfare accomplishments. It includes using external symbols like flags, pictures of soldiers standing on destroyed military vehicles, drawings of fists or favorite leaders, photos of atrocities and more. It also entails putting a mosque over a destroyed major edifice, like the attempt to do that at Ground Zero. This has happened around the world over many years. Trophyism is also elationism, meant here to mean the trajectory of pulse, expectation, elation and gloating that runs from start to finish. This acts like an energy machine that keeps the person pumped up to do the foul deed and then brag about it to the world. Closely linked to trophyism is the media as the output for the depiction of success as it is sickly seen through the eyes of the opponents. Trophyism can be linked to Switching in the media in the sense they turn a bad deed by their own into a lied about “far right extremist” event that they use to their advantage as another kind of trophy. This trophy is based on “making the other guy look bad” and turns their own violence into a propaganda triumph against their opponent.