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IN THIS SECTION p 34 9/11 Menu Topics List-9 9/11-1 General (here) 9/11-2a Saudi Arabia as Player 9/11-2b Saudi Arabia links 9/11-3 No Planes 9/11-4 Mossad Did It 9/11-5 Bosnia Connection 9/11-6 Big Oil 9/11-7 Southeast Asia Connections 9/11-8 Starter 9/11 Kristen Breitweiser/UAE See also: Port Authority LINKS LIST http //www islamiccouncilwa com au/ 2006/03/08--https //www sfgate com/politics/article/Bush-and-the-Ports-The-Honeymoon-Is-Over-2502613 php http //www huffingtonpost com/saadia-faruqi/ten-books-about-terrorism_b_10156828 html 2016--https //www htm https //www washingtonpost com/archive/opinions/1990/10/14/east-germanys-dirty-secret/09375b6f-2ae1- 4173-a0dc-77a9c276aa4b/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d8a1c3ce2893 http //www whitewolfpack com/2012/09/the-mohawks-who-built-manhattan-photos html https //www 911review com/articles/ryan/carlyle_kissinger_saic_halliburton htm https[colon]//www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=emYWUtNvXvE VIDEO Youtube - emYWUtNvXvE Flight 11, not Flight 175 https[colon]//www[dot]youtube[dot]com/watch?v=emYWUtNvXvE Excerpt: 9/11 Flight 11 Plane Engine IDENTIFIED 2016 - NOT Flight 175! The FBI and the Newseum exhibit are wrong. For the first time, proof an engine from Flight 11 (at least an American Airlines 767, since no serial numbers were confirmed). 2nd Plane Hit: Fade to Black or Blackout? Excerpt: At the exact moment the alleged United Flight 175 entered the World Trade Center South Tower, lights flickered across the street and certain TV broadcasts shortly blacked out. This flicker happened before the explosion was seen– the instant the plane disappeared into the building. The television issues happened at almost exactly the same time… except for WNYW FOX5 a half second later. Why did this happen, exactly? [Note from PF: this person’s approach to analysis is compelling, again the website is:] Full article with source info:​ Full airplane parts PDF, 84 pages, 48 MB: [Extracted on 2021/02/17] BOOKS Huffington Post 2016/05/27 Books About Terrorism That Aren’t Stereotypes. By Saadia Faruqi Contributor. http //www huffingtonpost com/saadia-faruqi/ten-books-about-terrorism_b_10156828 html http //www huffingtonpost com/saadia-faruqi/ten-books-about-terrorism_b_10156828 html 2021/01/30 link checked, still active as of this date: Note from PF--look over the author, who goes by “Author, interfaith activist, and law enforcement trainer” -- this type of thing is a red flag for possible or likely covert intrusions of sharia law-wielding Islamic radicals intruding themselves into the American system. Look over the list with an eye on possible co-conspirators.] Global Terrorism: Potentials of world terrorism (2003) Ramesh Chandra Inside Terrorism (2006) Bruce Hoffman How Terrorism Ends (2009) Audrey Kurth Cronin STEELWORKERS AND 9/11 The main narrative is that the Mohawks helped with the aftermath of 9/11. That very well might be true. However, consider the following: Some Mohawks might have been complicit in the 9/11 attacks, others might have been innocent. A help session afterward among enemies might also be a disposal team or applying other subversive activities. Consider an old Canada - British - French connection that was oppositional to the United States. This Canadian link can have both tribal and UK links. Very few knew the steel structure and perhaps overall layout of the WTCs better than the Mohawks who worked on them. Mohawks are saying they had personnel at the WTC’s at the time of 9/11 and saw the terrorist controlled planes coming so close they could read the call signs or other images on the planes. This seems possibly fishy. Consider whether Mohawks were working with other steelworkers in the area, including Muslim ones. Consider a civil rights connection to various groups in the New Jersey and New York areas. Consider whether they helped move things across the Canadian border into Canada from the New York crash sites. Identify whether there is or was any link between steelworkers and trash people, as in metal recycling. http //www whitewolfpack com/2012/09/the-mohawks-who-built-manhattan-photos html PARTIAL TAKEOVER - CONSPIRACY THEORY Partial hidden and non-disclosed takeover of White House and Pentago during 9/11; hidden influences on President, Rumsfeld, Rice behind post-9/11 global maneuvers, “deck of cards”, etc. - someone in the oil and gas world was yanking their chains Note from PF on 2020/02/17Some people who might have been impacted: George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld Cheney might have escaped it; Whoever did it, might have actually orchestrated the fake-seeming “Deck of Cards” and actually wanted the US to attack Afghanistan and Iraq for them, putting our people in harm’s way for some kind of oil and gas related takeover operation. Rumsfeld might be pinched and worried about grandkids, Rice might have been attacked in her office, Bush Jr either survived or was killed an almost lookalike dummy put in his place, one with kind of Middle Eastern nose; it is felt here that some Native Americans and Hispanics in New Mexico had something to do with 9/11, as New Mexico Tech has come up in other places - it is suggested it needs to be seen as part of an old civil rights, anti-American Vietnam Era issue, what we are seeing in the Black Lives Matter movement today in 2021 likely has connections to this decades old trajectory of hidden warfare against the United States. Also remember that Venezuela has been one of the “Hispania” countries linked to Middle Eastern Petro. Puerto Rico has come up around Alaska cartels and Army National Guard/Anchorage PD. Khalilzad might have suspected or been part of what was going on. The big honchos are likely linked to petro and more than one military, including the US Navy and perhaps some Army. Which country is originating this, or which main oil conglomerate, should be a primary question. Saudi Arabia has come up with Aramco. Also there has been a suggestion of a heist in the WTC material. Rumsfeld might have been under duress which was why he was acting pinched and strangely. Mexico has shown billionare activity and could have been part of the takeover and over up, likely an ongoing antagonist against the United States, including in the recent White House ordeal involving Trump, it is likely the egos of Mexicans are involved in various displays in the media and the impeachment attempt. Watch the news for signs of “America, you had it coming” and follow those hints to their source. Earlier Pre-9/11 and UAE: Dubai Ports World and UAE (United Arab Emirates Sfgate dot com 2006/03/08 Bush and the Ports: The Honeymoon Is Over Cinnamon Stillwell Excerpt: When the story broke that the Bush administration had approved a British-owned company's sale of U.S. port operations to one headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, all hell broke loose. The company at hand, Dubai Ports World, is owned by the United Arab Emirates, so not only would we be handing over operations of our ports to yet another foreign company, but also to a foreign government. The fact that the deal was approved without the legally authorized 45-day investigation normally required when acquisition by a foreign government and security concerns are involved, certainly doesn't help. Then there was President Bush's claim that he knew nothing about the deal until after it had been approved, which wasn't terribly reassuring. On top of it all, the original report that only six ports were affected by the deal turned out to be misleading. It is in fact terminal operations at 21 ports that are at stake, which would give the United Arab Emirates control over almost every major shipping terminal on the Eastern Seaboard. For some reason, much of the media continues to report the lower figure. The firestorm over the ports deal has exposed a rift on the right and a political opportunity for the left. On the one hand, you have the Bush administration and loyalists in the Republican Party and conservative media defending the ports deal. On the other, you have Democrats, Republicans, conservatives and liberals all justifiably concerned about a Muslim country, ally or not, having control of 21 U.S. ports in a time of war. Earlier Pre-9/11 Environment (Singapore-USA) Singapore Window: Lee's memoirs reveal covert aid to Khmer Rouge (10/02/2000) Excerpt: South China Morning Post AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE in Phnom Penh: CAMBODIA'S genocidal Khmer Rouge and allied non-communist insurgents received massive sums of largely covert aid from China, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the 1980s, according to Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew.As much as US$1.3 billion was spent supporting rebel groups fighting Vietnamese and allied Cambodian forces after Hanoi's invasion of Cambodia, which toppled the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979. "Our representative on the Thai- Malaysian-Singaporean-US group that met in Bangkok to co-ordinate our programme estimated that the United States dispensed a total of about US$150 million in covert aid to the non-communist groups," the former Singapore leader said in his recently published memoirs. http://www.singapore- 1988: Hendrickson Affair 2006 (est) - Current: Fat Leonard Case 2015: Asian Summit/Obama Wikipedia 2015 Asian Summit - Obama Bilateral relations Hendrickson Affair (1988) Free Trade Agreement (2003) Visa Waiver Country Military Relations: Singapore has long standing military relations with the United States. The United States sells arms to Singapore and provides access to its bases to train the Singaporean armed services outside of their small city-state.[14] Under the US-Singapore Strategic Framework Agreement, some US Navy littoral combat ships are to rotationally deployed to Singapore.[15 Some sources listed on this wikipedia page: Crossette, Barbara. (1988-05-08), "Singapore Asks Removal of U.S. Envoy", The New York Times, retrieved 2010-03- 03 Brabenec, James. (2010-11-24), "Singaporeans get HIMARS qualified.",, retrieved 2011-03-17 Tomkins, Damien. (8 June 2011), "US Reaffirms Asia Role", The Diplomat, retrieved 2011-09-05 "Singaporean student numbers at US varsities hit 10-year high". Retrieved 11 February 2012. "Channel Newsasia". Retrieved 11 February 2012. Ambassador CHAN Heng Chee, Washington, D.C.: Singapore Embassy, retrieved 2010-03-12 Kirk Wagar. retrieved 2016-12-16 Bittersweet farewell for US ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar, hours before Trump's inauguration. MSN. 2017- 01- McFarland reportedly offered Singapore ambassador post. The Hill. 2017-04-01. Retrieved 2014-04-10. Straits Times: The hidden journey of a Singapore JI detainee. By Shefali Rekhi, Assistant Foreign Editor (04/07/2013) Excerpt: What is it that turns an individual to terrorism? And how difficult is it to get them to return to a life of normalcy? The life stories of those who take this journey and return offers insights…The training was to prepare JI members to be operationally ready to overthrow the regional governments and establish a Daulah Islamiyah based on Syariah. Related Navy Corruption Robert C. Martinage, acting undersecretary of the Navy….and others Stripes: Navy civilian’s affair uncovered during contracting probe Washington Post: Navy’s second ranking civilian resigns amid criminal investigation. By Craig Whitlock. (2014) Excerpt: In that case, three senior Navy intelligence officials who reported to Martinage are under investigation for an alleged contracting scheme that charged the military $1.6 million for homemade silencers that cost only $8,000 to manufacture, court records show. Involves Mark S. Landersman mechanic (brother of one of the Navy intelligence officials under scrutiny) and others. criminal-investigation/2014/01/15/9305ece2-7df8-11e3-93c1- 0e888170b723_story.html?utm_term=.a7aad05e9f64 Tailhook Wikipedia: Tailhook Scandal: Macho culture which belittles women New York Times: Revisiting the Military’s Tailhook Scandal. Michael Winerip. (05/13/2013) Related Issues: Old Vietnam material, Cambodia - Khmer Rouge; Corporation Corruption Other Parts of Military Other Corporations - Military contractors (supplies, technology, ships and human intervention/protection services) General Dynamics Corp Watch: General Dynamics Corporation Updates: 2021/03/10 editing; 2021/03/01 Steelworker section added, along with Mohawk link to 9/11
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