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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS cont. June 9, 2021, cont. Watch the language for sympathies for Mexican nationals which could lead up to lawsuits against Pelosi and hidden forms of pressure, including extortion - The Coyote Contractor of Slave Labor negotiates a set price for the work to be performed and then pays the illegal migrants approximately $20.00 a day for a 12 hour day, most of which is backbreaking work. These types of workers are the hard working people that pick those grapes at Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard! This is one of the main reason’s why Nancy Pelosi is fighting against ‘The Wall’. This will cut-off labor to her vineyards, therefore increasing the cost of her labor, therefore decreasing her bottom dollar profit on ‘grapes’. Nancy Pelosi and several more Democratic Politicians engage in this form of Slave Labor and Maxine Waters is one of them. As the article suggests, the Pelosis might like cheap labor for the vineyard and might have been using illegal immigrants. But the whole thing is likely a can of worms that could be exploited in one way or another by groups wanting an edge over Americans and the USA. In addition to any Pelosi guilt, also look into the groups making a big deal out of this, their tone, language, insinuations and possible motives. For border protection loyalists, this could be yet another source of a leak in the system - how politicians who are also into big business could be interacting with these groups and experiencing certain forms of extortion which in turn wind up impacting American politics. Following the various threads of this issue would likely help clean up and shore up various problems involving border protection and illegal immigration amnesty. As an added note, notice Trump originallly supported Pelosi, then changed his tune. She showed herself to be one of his main detractors and opponents over the White House riots. Perhaps for awhile he felt Pelosi was one of the club, kind of like him, she dcoing her mafia thing, he doing his, or something like that. There is one photo of Pelosi and Trump, if not fake, which comes across as almost sexual, as if he is being “the guy” while she looks up at him in almost coyish feminine demureness. That’s one take of the photo, which might have come around the same time he was showing support for her to become speaker of the House. The Alaska tie to Qanon has a strange energy. Remember the Alaska scandal involving Alaska Police Department and Army National Guard with a now deceased reitred Navy Seal who was working around the Army National Guard apparently in the middle of that indicating a possible far right Nazi thing. The problem with that story and source might be a Native American tie that could have influenced the story or the Navy Seal himself. This material is covered through the New Mexico Police section on Police Chief Hebbe who transferred from there and who had very real ties to both APD and ANG and might have been more involved with the mess than has been indicated to the public given the duration of his time with both. In other words, the alleged Qanon White House rioter from Alaska might be connected to these things. June 8, 2021 Put Pelosi under criminal investigation with criminal/legal/treason responses by American system with teeth before it is too late (aging, retirement, natural death, assassination, etc). Although “rising stars” are seeming to pass her, she does need to face consequences for her crimes against the United States before she slips off into the horizon. June 7 2021 Are there any signs Pelosi was one of the 1960s Americans who spent time in Mexico or Latin American doing drugs? Could she have gotten hooked into the culture that way? In addition to any voluntary, willing aiding and abetting of internationalists over Americans, Has she been intimidated by cartels in any way? It seems she supports migrants more than American citizens. June 6, 2021 Comments from Notes-Personal- Pelosi - Jews Bergson Activists Jpost [note from PF: This author speaks favorably of Pelosi and seems to have a bias] 2007/04/11 Pelosi's father and the Holocaust When she addressed the Knesset, she also addressed a country whose creation her own father championed. By RAFAEL MEDOFF https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Op-Ed-Contributors/Pelosis-father-and-the-Holocaust Excerpted in Notes-News for this date under PELOSI Watch for Pelosi’s ties to the following: Israel, Mexican,Latin American and European Jews; Italian Mafai; Strains of Occult in Family; Certain attitudes toward letting immigrants in that ran through the family. As mentioned repeatedly on this website: Jews are a diverse group. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories tend to sound whacky and to undermine all Jews. Closet Jews can exist among Catholics (is Pelosi one?). The Holocaust horror can encourage reluctance to question or critique Jews. Many Islamic groups promote hatred and violence toward Jews as a whole, which is not acceptable. WHen we critique certain Jews (or Jewish affiliations like Pelosi’s), it is not to cricize all Jews, but to try to get to the bottom of things. PF suspects Pelosi is quite corrupt and through the Democrats is linked to some of the most dangerous groups on earth, including those trying to undermine the United States by dissolving border protections and restrains on amnesty for illegal aliens. There might be a link between Bergson Activists, mysticism, Italian, Hispanic and Jewish cartels, complicity with certain Hebrew speaking sects, hidden vengeance over the Holocaust, forced immigration, complex and convoluted Jewish psychologies, and Pelosi. Pelosi should not still be in office, should not be any kind of congressional speakedr, ever, has been far too privileged for her mediocrity. Updates: 2021/06/12--Washington Times Opinion-2021/04 added; The Horn-2019/07/3 article added; Commonsense-2019 added; 2021/06/09 LA Times-2015/11/06 article was added; 2021/06/08 added material here from other parts of the website that had been added earlier here and there on Pelosi; 2021/06/06--PAGE STARTED - Pelosi, Nancy - Notes material moved here ,
COMMENTS - PELOSI See Quirks on Pelosi-1/General June 12, 2021 Pelosi father; Jesuit Priest Father Drinan There are extreme oppositional views about Pelosi’s father; in one view, he was the protector of the Jews trying to escape the Holocaust; in another, he showed support for the Confederate South’s leaders like Lee. Bad feeling about Father Drinan; saw his photos, hit in my gut with feeling of nausea and yuck; I suspect he was into some bad stuff. Closely tied to Nancy Pelosi; look insto his anti-Vietnam stance. June 13: still getting a yank in my gut when I look at various of his photos. Digging into his past a bit I see early liberal stuff: ties to NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, People for the American Way, Americans for Democratic Action, impeachment of Nixon for secret Cambodia bombing - See WIkipedia-Robert Drinan June 9, 2021 Good idea to check for Pelosi activity through time into modern era in southern Italy, including any ties to vineyards and old royalty or historical leaders including mafia On article in mfamemedia-2019: in this could be some hints of how and why Pelosi has been aiding illegal immigrants and fighting the wall: the writers of the article themselves could be a link to the problem, but they also some additional ideas. All together, here are some things that come up: (cont…)