AFGHANISTAN SECTION 249 Afghanistan General Information 349 Afghanistan Pullout 350 Opium Trade 249 Afghanistan Extortion 17 Military ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKS Afghanistan, Pakistan and Strategic Change: Adjusting Western Regional Policy edited by Joachim Krause, Charles King Mallory, IV Pakistan: Terrorism Ground Zero By Rohan Gunaratna, Khuram Iqbal BOMBING Non-Nuclear (Largest to date as of 2017) CNN First on CNN: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan Express US drops BIGGEST non-nuclear bomb in combat for first time as Trump BLITZES ISIS. By Zoie O’Brien. 04/14/2017 Afghanistan TALIBAN BBC 2016/05/26 Who are the Taliban? Operation Cyclone Osama Bin Laden Assassination [2021/07/23 Note by PF--some have suggested Bin Laden’s killing was suspicious with the subsequent burial at sea and mixed information on who killed him and how] FUNDING/AID US Aid to Taliban or in general, Feeding Corruption or Bad Leaders How US Taxpayers are funding the Taliban US Aid The Guardian US funds fed corruption in Afghanistan, eroding security fighting Taliban – report Two main causes of Afghanistan’s staggering levels of corruption are the sheer volume of aid and lack of oversight, new report by a US Congress watchdog says 2016 Afghanistan funds abusive militias as US military 'ignores' situation, officials say Foreign donor money goes to Afghan spy agency, which arms groups intended to fight Taliban – but some militia leaders instead target local officials CIA IN AFGHANISTAN CIA assistance to Osama Bin Laden - Allegations CIA activities in Afghanistan Reuters Millions in CIA "ghost money" paid to Afghanistan president's office: NYT. By Reuters staff (04/29/2013) http //www reuters com/article/us-afghanistan-money-cia-idUSBRE93S0AW20130429 http //www reuters com/article/us-usa-afghanistan-obama-cia-idUSKBN0E70JH20140527 http //www reuters com/article/us-afghanistan-alqaeda-cia-idUSKBN0MA0S620150314 Declassified U.S. document suggests Pakistani link to attack on CIA agents. By David Alexander (04/14/2016) http //www reuters com/article/us-usa-pakistan-cia-attack-idUSKCN0XB2VM CIA pays many in Karzai administration: report (2010) http //www reuters com/article/us-afghanistan-usa-cia-idUSTRE67Q0YG20100827 Alleged or Real American Excesses or Abuses: Torture [Note from PF: There are repeated signs civil rights or human rights groups could be aiding the enemy by exaggerating, drawing excess focus to or distracting with news about exessive bombings or torture; although some of the stories might be factual enough, the motives can be part of a strategy to diminish American effectiveness in a military campaign; ACLU one of the groups known to have done this; watch for Shiite or Sunni complicity, there can also be a hidden Jewish/Israeli issue with complex political and ideological undertones] Yahoo dot com 2016 Ex-detainees say CIA used makeshift electric chair in secret Afghan prison: rights group. By David Rohde and Jonathan Landay (10/03/2016) (Reuters) - Two Tunisian men who spent 12 years in U.S. custody in Afghanistan said CIA interrogators tortured them using previously unreported techniques that included threatening them with a makeshift electric chair and beating them with batons so brutally that they suffered broken bones, Human Rights Watch reported on Monday. The accounts, which could not be independently confirmed, raised new questions about how prisoners were treated in a former CIA prison in Afghanistan that remains shrouded in secrecy. Ryan Trapani, a CIA spokesman, said the "CIA reviewed its records and found nothing to support these new claims." But Daniel Jones, who led a Senate investigation into the CIA detention program, said the accounts given by the two men, Ridha al-Najjar, 51, and Lotfi al-Arabi El Gherissi, 52, were important because so little is known about the "Cobalt" black site, where an Afghan detainee froze to death in 2002. AFGHAN SEXUAL ABUSE The Guardian 2019/11/13 Afghanistan paedophile ring may be responsible for abuse of over 500 boys This article is more than 1 year old. Social workers claim teachers and local officials are implicated, and believe thousands more children may have been targeted. Stefanie Glinski in Kabul 500-boys HuffPost 2012/02/08 The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan</i> Examines Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan "Western soldiers will no longer be dying on a daily basis and, frankly, who will care any more about the deaths of Afghans after 2014? Can we honestly believe that, in this likely scenario, combating the abuse of poor children will be a priority?" Marcia G. Yerman https //www huffpost com/entry/the-dancing-boys-of-afghanistan_b_1260667 Dan Quinn New York Times 2015/09/21 U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys by Afghan Allies. By Joseph Goldstein Bacha Bazi Op India 2021/03/17 ‘Bacha Bazi’: The rampant sexual exploitation of minor boys in Afghanistan and Pakistan A practice that was said to have slowed down was revived when Afghan warlords started to purchase and own one or more boys to display power and wealth. The boys are either kidnapped or purchased from their families, often made to dress as females and wear makeup and made to dance at private parties and weddings. Akshita Bhadauria victims-exploitation/ Lance Corporal Gregg Buckley, Jr. North Florida Writer dot com Excerpt: Lance Corporal Gregg Buckley, Jr. became aware of a similar situation, reported it to his superiors and was also told to ignore it. He could actually hear the screams of a child and tried to take his complaint up the chain of command. Three days later the young Marine was found dead, murdered. Some say he was possibly killed by the young boy since his report made conditions worse while America did nothing but we really don't know what actually took place. And now the lance corporal's father has come out with the story, telling the press that his son had told him of the situation and just couldn't sleep knowing what he knew. Updates: 2021/10/07 Gregg Bluckley Jr was added; 2021/10/06 editing, updating, re-arranging, updates include Afghan Sexual Abuse section; 2021/07/23 editing and updates - 2021 Biden’s stance added; 2020/01/04 page Afghanistan News Sketches started, moved from River Gold dot net; 08/27/2017 Reuters-various articles; Wikipedia - various on CIA involvement; 05/03/2017
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