(Black & White/Larger Print) TOPICS LISTS (Menus of topics by subject matter) 1-Overview 2-Overview 3-About/Website 4-Policing, Related 5-Borders 6-China 7-Crime 8-Stop BLM 9-Aviation World 10-9/11 11-New Mexico: Police, Crime 12-Military, Veterans 13-Islam 14-Various GO TO PAGES DIRECTLY page topic 12 Borders-1 General 13 Borders-2 2021 (by month) Issues/Articles 14 Borders-3 Agencies 15 Borders-4-Lawsuits 16 Borders-5 Links List 17 Human Trafficking 18 Smuggling, Tunnels 19 Ports (ie, Authority) Issues 20 La Raza/Unidos 21 Funding -1 Settlement Slush Fund 22 Funding -2 Donations 23 Funding -3 Terrorism 24 Funding-4 George Soros 25 Funding-5 Grants 26 Funding-6 Lawsuits ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MORE DETAIL MENU/TOPICS LIST-3: BORDERS 12 BORDERS-1 General, Miscellaneous p29 Menu/Topics List-5 Borders Start Here CJ Article-2005 Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats: It’s time for Mexican consulates to stop aiding and abetting illegal immigration. Still very timely today (as of March 2021) Comments Funding of Civil Rights Projects often linked to Border/Immigration - o See Funding Arena section at left Corruption Legislation-Brief WOLA Report 2017 Lessons From San Diego’s Border Wall Darien Gap Pipeline allegedly used for illegal immigration BORDER PATROL CHECK POINTS General STATES Arizona o Articles-Arizona o See Border and Native Americans - Tohono Oodham below California New Mexico o Articles-New Mexico Texas o antonio/?sh=43a14dcdab6d Migrant Deaths or Abuse Along Border Border Agent Incident (Lorenzo Hernandez) Border and Native Americans o The Tohono O'odham people and Baboquivari Peak in Arizona Guns - borders - USA sales to Mexico etc Trump Mexican Tricks: Games Being Played o See Comments - Who is Answering the Phone? Manning the Front Desk? Handling Paperwork in Back? How they get access to your private and personal info, family members, personal habits, plans, etc. o Mexicans Abusing, Ignoring, Thwarting American Border Protection System and other American laws Narco-Drones Articles by Month (on separate page on Borders-2) 13 BORDERS-2 2021 Start Here Lawsuits - Borders o Against Biden Montana and Arizona To get immigrants turned away Over DHS, ICE o Earlier Trump Admin - Lawsuits against Articles by Month 2021 o July o June o May o April o March 14 BORDERS-3 Agencies/Groups For/Against Border Protection Note: Although listed below as “against” for simplicity, often these groups are not entirely against all immigration, but want curbed responsible immigration AGAINST: AGENCIES/GROUPS FIGHTING IMMIGRATION PROBLEMS o Government DHS CBP ICE USCIS US Citizenship and Immigration Services INS Immigration and Naturalization Service Coast Guard o Private Volunteer Civilian Groups, Activism Alipac Arizona Border Defenders FAIR Law Enforcement Today - Platform for Backup Support Immigration Impact Minutemen Minutemen Militia Situational Aware, Contingency Prep Understanding the Threat - Freedom 25 Minuteman Project Articles or Websites on Private Activism against illegal immigration Related Agencies Acts, Programs, Executive Orders, etc. o DAPA o DACA FOR: GROUPS SUPPORTING IMMIGRATION - groups supporting immigration, mass immigration, mass amnesty, immigration rights, etc. o Haitian Bridge Alliance o International Organization For Migration o MALDEF o MEChA o National Border Patrol Council o The Heartland Alliance o Open Society Institute 15 BORDERS-4 Lawsuits linked to BP Lawsuits - Borders `6 BORDERS-5 Links List
TOPICS LIST-5 (here) BORDERS Sketch for Menu Details below In general, the Borders section includes border protection along the US/Mexico border across the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. It also includes various subjects related to border issues, including amnesty for illegal aliens, list of organizations supporting or fighting illegal aliens and laws or bills linked to these issues. It also includes criminal and national security problems. BRIEF MENU/TOPICS LIST-3 BORDERS (more detailed menu directly below): Borders-1 General o Introduction o Legislation and Reports o States Borders-2 2021 Issues/Articles o Lawsuits-Borders Borders-3 Agencies Borders-4 Lawsuits Borders-5 Links List Go directly to page section: o Comprehensive o Borders-Biden Issuess Scroll down if links are not active on a page’s given menu; true at any time across this website
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