(Black & White/Larger Print) MENU SKETCH OF OVERALL SECTION China-1 General China-2 Hong Kong China-3 Vietnam, Communism China-4 Wuhan Issues China-5 Articles Detail China-6 Links List See Also: China Censorship, Interference In/Of USA Media ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (China-1 cont.) Gordon Chang Harry Wu Media Wuhan Virus Biowarfare Leak or Intentional Surveillance and Espionage o Tik Tok TikTok videos often include close-ups of people's faces, allowing the company to gather biometric data on its users, according to the lawsuit. Once a user shoots a video and clicks the "next" button, the videos are transferred to various domains without their knowledge. This happens before users even save or post a video on the app, the lawsuit states.” See Cnet-2019 below o Other Surveillance Riots - China in USA Cut Ties -USA needs to with China DNA - China collecting in USA, world Body Parts Stolen by China Education - China’s interference USA o higher education Prisons, Re-Education Camps History o Cultural Revolution Commentary 62 China-2 Hong Kong Articles How to Help Hong Kong 63 China-3 Vietnam, Communism 64 China-4 Wuhan Issues 65 China-5 Articles Detail 66 China-6 Links List Links List of Articles thru-out China Section
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