TOPICS-4/Policing Issues
TOPICS LIST-4 Policing (here) MENU ITEMS (here - this page) Sketch for Menu Details below Select Topics Policing Positive Side of Policing Internal Issues Science Surveillance Weapons Police State Prison System Government Policing, National Security or Related to Policing Activities FBI CIA DPS DEA CBP (See Borders) ICE (See Borders) MVD T&R DOJ AGO Post Office
TOPICS LISTS (Menus of topics by subject matter) 1-Overview 2-Overview 3-About/Website 4 -Policing, Related 5-Borders 6-China 7-Crime 8-Stop BLM 9-Aviation World 10-9/11 11-New Mexico: Police, Crime 12-Military, Veterans 13-Islam 14-Various MENUS ITEMS, cont. States Covered Arizona Colorado New Mexico Go directly to page: New Mexico Police Names Corruption/Info Only A’s (first page-takes you to rest of section) Oregon Hawaii ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MENU DETAIL TOPICS LIST-4: POLICING AND RELATED ISSUES -------------------------------------------------------------------- Select Topics Policing (See on Home Page (Index) De-Escalating Use of Force - Agree with Chiefs? Police Ethics: Analytical Look Into It DHS Threat Assessment-Secretary Chad Wolf Human Trafficking: Understanding/Improving Law Enforcement Responses (2008) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Positive Side of Policing and Support of Police 44 Blue Lives Matter 46 Prayer for Police Persons 45 Police Positivity Summary of Links Start Here: When Police Persons Made a Vital Difference to National Security 1993 Sadowy New York-NYPD, WTC bombing 1995--Charlie Hanger, Trooper-McVeigh Arrest 1997--John Kowalchuk and Eric Huber, Long Island Railroad police officers, New York Subway terrorist bomb defusing 2015--Greg Stevens Garland, Texas police officers; Cartoon Contest ISIS attack prevented 2017--Ryan Nash, New York Police Department; Saipov Islamic terrorist stopped after he killed 8 with truck Police Make a Difference A Profession, Not Just a Job Discussion: Police Ethics Huff Medal of Honor 2015 Case of Valor Male Officer Saves A Female Officer High Intensity Situation in Which Officers Kept Cool, Saved Their Own Lives and Stopped Criminal Alive Colorado New Mexico Texas -------------------------------------------------------------------- Internal Issues - Policing 47 Peer Pressure on the Force 48 Steroids -------------------------------------------------------------------- Science Evidence, Biochemical. Human Development - Links to Crime Solving or Criminal Behavior 49 Psychological Biological Development Child’s Brain - Connects with Criminality, Depression, etc. 50 DNA Evidence Gathering -------------------------------------------------------------------- Legal Protocol 51 Miranda Rights --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Surveillance Good or Bad: Useful in saving lives, protecting national security and solving crimes if used appropriately, while potentially dangerous to the public if used otherwise 52 Search-Seizure, Confiscation, Forfeiture Home-Intrusive Radar Cell Phone Intrusions (See Cell Phone Corruption section) 53 Stingrays 54 Surveillance Tech Biometrics, Body Cameras 109 Snowden (also found under Whistleblowers) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weapons (Controversial)Used by Police to defend, halt or kill Also more elaborate weapons technology more likely to be used by military - few examples Can be in Local Police Inventory as Military Old Excess Handovers 55 Tasers Definition of Taser Links List Arizona Colorado New Mexico Tasers* *Taser Capabilities and Usage Greater distance How stun guns and tasers work From an ad showing capabilities Can low frequency usage quietly affect mood, ability to think, cause nervousness 56 Directed Energy Weapons, Frequency Weapons --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Police State 59 Police States in general - mostly in USA Links List Books The Enemy Within Some Reasons Behind Misplaced Policing Authority o Deferred Responsibility: I Am Just Doing My Job. I Am Just Following Orders. o Elation or Satisfaction Over Power: Support From Above, Running in System-Backed Packs o Paycheck Differential Compared to Poor or Unemployed in Society - Govt Steady Paychecks o Mindset o Shifting Times - Police’s Own Concerns o Regional Culture Might Be A Key Indicator of Police Behaviors, Approaches and Expectations o When A Police Officer Shows Up: How to Keep Things Low Key; What to Do to Protect Yourself o Police State: Strange Pattern o China or Radical Islam Getting Into Policing Systems United States: Alleged or Real Police Abuses Possibly Trending Toward Police State o SWAT - ACLU on SWAT o See also: Biometrics Body Cameras Directed Energy Weapons Frequency Weapons Stingrays Tasers 60 China-1 Police State in General 61 China-2 Police State Attacking Hong Kong 62 China-3 Links List (Covers China section) 63 Stasi 64 The Great Reset (The approach to get things to a great reset has also used police state tactics) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prison System 76 Prison System Issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Government Related Agencies, Departments LInked to Policing/National Security. See also Corporate Corruption FBI 66 FBI 67 FBI Links List CIA 68 CIA-1 Directors Brief History Order of Secession Directors o Names - Alpha by Last Name By Year Articles on CIA Directors - Select 69 CIA-2 Agents 70 CIA-3 Prisons 71 CIA-4 Links Lis and Book 65 Govt Agencies Various Summary of Links Comments DPS DPS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Arizona DPS/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues DEA DEA DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION Background General Corruption-General-National Arizona DEA Government Websites Arizona Issues Arizona Real or Alleged Corruption DEA/Colorado Colorado Corruption Issues New Mexico New Mexico Issues Focal Point - Enrique Camarena Salazar; McKesson Case AGO AGO ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE Arizona AGO/Colorado New Mexico New Mexico Issues (ie, AGO cases) T&R T & R TAXATION AND REVENUE Arizona Colorado New Mexico DOJ 72 DOJ (Department of Justice) POST OFFICE 73 Post Office Corruption 74 Post Office Some Other Issues MVD 75 Motor Vehicle Division --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STATES Arizona 268 Arizona Police Names - Real and Alleged Abuses, General Information Articles Detail Phoenix and vicinity Northern Arizona Arizona Border Patrol Corruption Nominee (Paul Babeau) Arizona under control of Mexican Drug Lords and Organized Crime? Some Arizona Police Corruption Cases Arizona Links List (separate page) 269 Arizona Links List: General Policing Colorado 270 Colorado Police Names - Real and Alleged Abuses, General Information 271 Colorado Crime Relating to Police Activity (Drugs, Gangs, Cartels, etc) 272 Colorado Links List - Police, Crime, General DEA DEA/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado DPS DPS/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Other Corruption Colorado Corruption Issues (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) AGO AGO/Colorado (seen under Government Agencies - Colorado) Governor Colorado Governor (seen under BLM20-Governors) Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Crime: Gangs, Cartels, Graffiti Links Summary Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) Gangs in Southern Colorado Mexican Restaurant/Food Service linked to Cartels… Articles (Summary of listings with a little more detail) AREAS: Southern Colorado Western Colorado Denver BOOKS WEBSITES/INFO (crime-fighting orgs, police groups, etc) Hawaii New Mexico (See separate Menus section for this state) Oregon Updates-Menus-Policing: 2021/07/12 Major Editing-most parts of the page were updated today.