BLM-20a/ Governors Non-White Leftist, BLM Enablers
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They’re lying and cheating, over and over. They want attention - fight back constructively with gusto SEE: BLM INDEX 1-22 BLM-20a (here) BLM-20b IN THIS SECTION BLM Governors: Black, Minority as well as Leftist or BLM enablers/supporters Comments Summary of Links Articles Governors o General: China-alleged or real complicity o List of governor minorities o A Few Governors Highlighted: Select few by State based on major 2020 BLM riots and possible conspiracy connections Arizona California Governor Gavin Newsom-Democrat elected 2018 Colorado Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Michigan Whitmer - Democrat governor - Kidnapping attempt apparently thwarted Minnesota Walz - Democrat governor; Peggy Flanaga n- Lt. Governor- Native American-pay attention to her leftist/minority leanings and possible influence of the governor; (Add governor team to Black Police Chief in Minneapolis + Attorney General Ellis = surround sound?) New Mexico o Michelle Lujan-Grisham-Grisham Oregon: Brown - Democrat governor - Portland officials l0w cooperation w/Trump/feds-to Burr & Wolf/from Rogers letter Governor released inmates from prisons Bisexual Governor could be part of the LGBT/leftist.Minority-BLM? (scroll down if links are not active) Notes Notes - Personal - Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter input from bulk of #1 News/#2 Personal Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------- COMMENTS Dark Truths: The ugly, dangerous and treasonous facts behind various governors in our country The governors during BLM Riots 2020 are significant: pay attention to the players and what they have been doing. Their responses to the riots and Black Lives Matter tell you who they are and what they are about. Watch for calling cards, including the usage of certain kinds of words and lingo. Some like Kate Brown have helped to block federal operations against the rioters in Portland. There are some indications several governors, if not simply minority driven, could be leftists. Pompeo and others have suggested a Chinese connection among some. It is likely full investigations would reveal tyranny of levels worthy of removing the governors from office as well as more extensive legal responses. Others like Michelle Lujan-Grisham, along with Attorney General Hector Balderas, have both shown a narrow minority bias in New Mexico which does not serve the greater American public in that state or the country as a whole. New Mexico has become the bottom-of-the-barrel place for minority money grabs through lawsuits. It is one minority-based Lawsuit after another by Navajos, Hispanics or other minorities in New Mexico. [Minorities continue to pile it on across the nation, New Mexico among those hit the hardest-it’s one high ticket, big bucks lawsuit after another - they are collectively making billions]. Grisham’s attempt at dismissal of one of these lawsuits started during her predecessor’s term was denied, one over education: landmark-education-lawsuit Excerpt: he lawsuit filed by Hispanic and Navajo plaintiffs successfully argued that the state failed most schoolchildren, especially English-language learners and Indigenous and low-income children. It was filed in 2017 when Republican Susana Martinez was governor. Grisham shows her true colors for a minority-centered position - she is not working for the broader American public inside or beyond New Mexico): NPR dot org [New Mexico] 2020/08/18 New Mexico governor on DNC Latinx voters and the coronavirus coronavirus Being gay or bisexual does not instantly make you anti-American, of course. Some of our absolutely most astute and loyal Americans are gay. Some have been whistleblowers. Some have come away from Middle Eastern and other battle zones wounded and politically awake, determined to help make the American system stronger and better. However, if a political tendency hooks up with a sexual proclivity, and if that political tendency is something like the old Vietnam Era Civil Rights/Leftist anti-American one, well then. So we talk about that in this section on governors. How many governors who are gay males, lesbian females or bisexual are also serving the leftist/minority anti-American position? How many white LGBT are failing the broader American system because they are hooked up with pro-Minority Power groups bent on taking out the USA? Governors have shown their teeth and true colors during BLM 2020, so do pay attention to who they are and from which states they “govern” (should we say rule like lords and ladies of the manor?) A watch for antics note has been applied to the Michigan section in which a white terrorist attack on the governor occurred recently, because switching names and groups has been known to happen. This does not in any way deny white supremacy tendencies; it is possible the group is who we are told it is and that they did what we are told they did. But in the current political climate, we not only have a right to ask, we must ask, is the story as we are told, or is something else going on? The governor could be under some kind of pressure to put out a false story and to use rhetoric against Trump’s rhetoric. Perhaps the governor is under the thumb of a still-ongoing abduction that is being made to look like a post-kidnapping message to the public. Who knows? At first glance, Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz looks white and “of the people and land” with what might possibly seem like mostly a rural farm and agriculture connection - like the old Midwest white conservative thing. As you start reading the articles on him more carefully, this original idea quickly sluffs off to be replaced by “One Minnesota” and a tribal assistant governor who claims to have studied in “organizing” and even “trained Tim Walz.” In other words, it is more of the leftist and Minority Power thing - and this is the background to the black police chief run operation during the whole Black Lives Matter related spur and riots. Minnesota was ripe for a BLM-fed event. This is yet another reason we can question the data and information we have been fed around Derek Chauvin and the black man George Floyd we are told he killed unfairly through a vice grip around his neck. This is without question a potential or likely “surround sound” situation for white police officers in the state of Minnesota. “One Minnesota” sounds like it might be a totalitarian utopian approach - that is, a communist or socialist state concept - not just an attempt to seek unity across diversity - red flags should be waved. It also sounds very minority driven. LINKS (See more details in ARTICLES below) [California ABC10-Youtube] https //www youtube com/watch?v=IA2TuDHbxvA&list=PLdKhnwdZFa_pQUgOMfXXcAzpUlMa0dB4M&index=70 [Minnesota] https //www ag state mn us/Office/Communications/2019/12/04_JUUL.asp [New Mexico] https//www ag state mn us/Office/Communications/2019/12/04_JUUL asp [New Mexico] https //apnews com/article/michelle-Luján-grisham-health-lawsuits-coronavirus-pandemic-courts- b91a8df5f39fccc9ecd903f0941bc3ae [California] https //behindtheblack com/behind-the-black/essays-and-commentaries/the-idiocy-ignorance-and- corruption-of-californias-governor-newsom/ https //www cnn com/2020/10/09/politics/pompeo-clinton-emails/index.html [New Mexico] https //www cnn com/2020/12/02/politics/michelle-Luján-grisham-health-and-human-services/index html [Oregon] https //theconversation com/oregon-leads-the-way-with-nations-first-openly-bisexual-governor-37911 [General: China infiltration] https//www foxnews com/politics/pompeo-warns-governors-of-china-infiltration [New Mexico] https //www currentargus com/story/news/2020/05/08/eddy-county-board-commissioners-vote-sue- nm-governor/3095209001/ [Colorado] investment/article_89adca78-d3e5-11e8-b14a-df94940271d5.html [General: 10 govs shaping] https //thehill com/homenews/state-watch/374776-10-governors-shaping-the-future-of- politics [General] https // www huffpost com/entry/every-us-governor-from-mo_b_7896858 https //www krqe com/health/coronavirus-new-mexico/republican-party-of-new-mexico-backs-lawsuit-against- gov-Luján-grisham-and-administration/ [New Mexico] order-allows-businesses-to-reopen/5711810/ [New Mexico] governor-over-indoor-dining-restrictions/ [New Mexico] https //www krwg org/post/republican-party-new-mexico-announces-legal-action-against-governor [Minnesota] be-punishment-for-minneapolis-/5830939/ [New Mexico] https //www thelibertybeacon com/international-criminal-court-complaint-for-crimes-against- humanity-against-the-nm-governor/ [California] https //www mercurynews com/2020/11/14/james-gallagher-wins-lawsuit-against-gavin-newsom/ [Minnesota] outsiders-urge-twin-cities-residents-to-observe-saturday-night-curfew/ [Minnesota] speech/ar-BB1apq2b?ocid=uxbndlbing [Oregon] release-to-allow-social-distancing-gov-kate-brown-said-no [New Mexico] https //www nraila org/articles/20200410/nra-files-lawsuit-against-anti-gun-new-mexico-governor [New Mexico] https //nmsuroundup com/9636/showcase/new-mexico-governor-candidate-Luján-grisham-has- less-than-impressive-resume/ [New Mexico] coronavirus [Oregon] country-thanks-to-republicans-morning-consult-survey.html [Oregon] early-release-due-to-coronavirus.html [Minnesota] [General: China infiltration] https //pjmedia com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2020/02/09/busted-mike-pompeo- says-he-has-list-of-american-governors-compromised-by-communist-china-n381385 [California] https //www reuters com/article/us-usa-china-calpers/u-s-lawmaker-calls-for-ouster-of-calpers-cio- over-china-ties-letter-idUSKBN206310 [California] https //www sandiegonewsdesk com/2020/06/governor-newsoms-dubious-mask-deal-brings- corruption-concerns/ [New Mexico] https //www santafenewmexican com/news/coronavirus/albuquerque-tea-party-president-sues- Luján-grisham-over-coronavirus-lockdown/article_9ee22126-6eaa-11ea-a75d- cbdefda582d7.html#:~:text=The%20president%20of%20the%20Albuquerque%20Tea%20Party%20filed,emergency %20orders%20to%20prevent%20the%20spread%20of%20COVID-19. [Minnesota] https // equity/ [California] [New Mexico] https //www usatoday com/story/news/politics/2018/02/14/transgender-woman-accuses-rep- michelle-Luján-grishmans-office-discrimination-after-she-fired-interns/338148002/ [New Mexico] https //www hears-landmark-education-lawsuit [Oregon] demanding-president-trump-commit-to-peaceful-transfer-of-power/ https://en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_minority_governors_and_lieutenant_governors_in_the_United_States ARTICLES Ag State Minnesota dot us https //www ag state mn us/Office/Communications/2019/12/04_JUUL.asp Ballotpedia 2020/08/12 https //news ballotpedia org/2020/08/12/new-mexico-supreme-court-rules-governor-Luján-grisham-may-fine- businesses-for-violating-public-health-orders/ Current Argus 2020/08/07 19-health-orders/3292114001/ The Conversation https //theconversation com/oregon-leads-the-way-with-nations-first-openly-bisexual-governor-37911 Fox News 2020/02/08 Pompeo warns governors of Chinese infiltration into US: 'It's happening in your state'. By Nick Givas. https //www foxnews com/politics/pompeo-warns-governors-of-china-infiltration Gazette 2018/10/19 (updated 2020/06/17) Colorado Secretary of State dismisses complaint over Jared Polis' investment. By Joey Bunch https //gazette com/news/colorado-secretary-of-state-dismisses-complaint-over-jared-polis- investment/article_89adca78-d3e5-11e8-b14a-df94940271d5.html KOB 2020/04/27 Emotions run high as mayor of Grants defies governor's order, allows businesses to reopen allows-businesses-to-reopen/5711810/ KRQE 2020/07/17 New Mexico mayors send letter to governor over indoor dining restrictions indoor-dining-restrictions/ KRWG 2020/05/15 Republican Party of New Mexico Announces Legal Action Against The Governor [over COVID-19 restrictions on businesses] https //www The Hill list of ten as of 2018 2018/02/21 10 governors shaping the future of politics. Reid Wilson. https //thehill com/homenews/state-watch/374776-10-governors-shaping-the-future-of-politics Huffington Post List as of 2015 [General] 2015/07/29 Every U.S. Governor From Most Liberal to Most Conservative https://www huffpost com/entry/every-us-governor-from-mo_b_7896858 NPR dot org [New Mexico] 2020/08/18 New Mexico governor on DNC Latinx voters and the coronavirus PJ Media 2020/02/09 BUSTED: Mike Pompeo Says He Has List of American Governors Named as 'Friendly' by Communist China. By Megan Fox https //pjmedia com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2020/02/09/busted-mike-pompeo-says-he-has-list-of-american- governors-compromised-by-communist-china-n381385 Twin Cities dot com 2019/01/09 https // wwwtwincities com/2019/01/09/gov-tim-walz-one-minnesota-council-diversity-inclusion-equity/ USA Today [New Mexico] 2018/02/14 https //www usatoday com/story/news/politics/2018/02/14/transgender-woman-accuses-rep-michelle-Luján- grishmans-office-discrimination-after-she-fired-interns/338148002/ US News 2020/06/29 education-lawsuit Wikipedia List List of minority governors and lieutenant governors in the United States https //en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_minority_governors_and_lieutenant_governors_in_the_United_States Willamette Week 2020/09/30 Gov. Kate Brown Joins Coalition of Governors Demanding President Trump Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power. By Ariel McGee president-trump-commit-to-peaceful-transfer-of-power/ The governors adamantly dismissed rumors ignited last night by President Trump regarding mail-in voting. The coalition of 11 governors includes Brown, Jay Inslee (WA), Gavin Newsom (CA), Phil Murphy (NJ), Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Tony Evers (WI), Tim Walz (MN), Ralph Northam (VA), John Carney (DE), Steve Sisolak (NV) and Michelle Lujan-Grisham (NM), who have responded to fears associated with vote-by-mail ballots. All are Democrats. GOVERNORS GENERAL China complicity - alleged or real NOTE: Pompeo is under investigation 2020/10/26 MSN Pompeo being investigated for potentially breaking the law with RNC speech By Nicole Gaouette and Kylie Atwood, speech/ar-BB1apq2b?ocid=uxbndlbing PJ Media 2020/02/09 BUSTED: Mike Pompeo Says He Has List of American Governors Named as 'Friendly' by Communist China. By Megan Fox https //pjmedia com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2020/02/09/busted-mike-pompeo-says-he-has-list-of- american-governors-compromised-by-communist-china-n381385 Excerpt: In a shocking speech in front of the National Governors Association, Secretary Mike Pompeo revealed that he is in possession of a list of American governors who have been listed as “friendly” by Chinese Communist infiltrators…and then he dropped a huge bomb on the crowd. “These aren’t hypotheticals,” he continued. “Last year a Chinese government-backed think tank in Beijing produced a report that assessed all fifty of America’s governors on their attitudes toward China. They labeled each of you friendly, hardline, or ambiguous.” Pompeo continued, “I’ll let you decide where you think you belong, someone in China already has. Many of you, indeed, in that report, are referenced by name.” Blog: Seems to be from blog for this article/website: “I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to see that list. A quick perusal of the CPAFFC website identifies Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, as a friendly governor to the association with photographs of her and the association’s president.” https //pjmedia com/news-and-politics/megan-fox/2020/02/09/busted-mike-pompeo-says-he-has-list-of- american-governors-compromised-by-communist-china-n381385 More on Pompeo CNN 2020/10/9 Pompeo says he will release Clinton emails following Trump criticism Jennifer Hansler A FEW GOVERNORS HIGHLIGHTED ARIZONA Doug Ducey -Republican in 2020 Trump/Biden election year and COVID-19 event; Arizona Central seems left- biased in its reporting on Ducey in terms of his antagonism with Trump - be careful. AP News https //apnews com/article/pandemics-public-health-arizona-coronavirus-pandemic- c26ac03d9d78895a2da85d49d0ad3092 Phoenix New Times 2020/12/14 Ducey at Odds With White House Task Force, Medical Leaders on COVID-19. By Josh Keletey https //www phoenixnewtimes com/news/ducey-white-house-task-force-medical-leaders-covid-19-policy- 11519286 ABC 15 2020/12/02 Governor Ducey sued over election results. Nicole Valdes be-decertified CALIFORNIA Governor Gavin Newsom Democrat elected 2018 California’s Governor Gavin Newsom-D has applied extensive executive control over California over Christmas because of COVID-19. Let’s take a closer look at this individual. Also get a glimpse of some other China related activity deemed suspicious by persons like a Republican US Representative from Indiana. Not to be taken in isolation, the concept must be tied in with signs that several governors linked to questionable support of BLM during the protests and riots were also possibly working with China. We have to go deeper into any and all China-related activities to get a broader picture of what could be going on in connection with the pandemic. One of the pressures is larger numbers in over-packed emergency rooms; another is daily news media showing ever-growing numbers of sick and deceased. These pressures are inviting governors to issue executive-style lockdowns in individual states one by one. However, when you look at these governors, you find signs of problems indicating possible BLM/leftist and/or China complicity. You also see signs of people working with key companies -whether Chinese or not - to line their pockets over COVID-19. This material below correlates with the question about conspiracy: Does Governor Newsom have other (hidden) motives behind recent even more restrictive COVID-19 restrictions? To understand these California restrictions, read this: Washington Post 2020/12/07 What California’s new coronavirus restrictions mean for holiday travelers [Note from PF: WP might be in on the whole Black Lives Matter/COVID-19 pandemic conspiracy] Excerpt: As most of California’s residents are under new stay-at-home orders as the state continues breaking its coronavirus records, those planning on traveling there for the holidays may want to postpone or cancel their trips. The “emergency brake” order, announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) last week, applies to regions where the adult ICU bed capacity falls below 15 percent. Once implemented, the order will last for at least three weeks. To start considering possible California governor corruption linked to executive-style COVID-19 resrtictions, read this from June 2020 about a lawsuit against California governor: Mercury News 2020/11/14 James Gallagher wins lawsuit against Gavin Newsom https //www mercurynews com/2020/11/14/james-gallagher-wins-lawsuit-against-gavin-newsom/ Now this about ties between Governor Newsom and California Big Bucks over masks meant for USA people: San Diego News Desk 2020/06/04 Governor Newsom’s Dubious Mask Deal Brings Corruption Concerns. By Michael Palomba https //www sandiegonewsdesk com/2020/06/governor-newsoms-dubious-mask-deal-brings-corruption- concerns/ Excerpt: Gov. Gavin Newsom made a $1.4 billion deal with BYD, a Chinese company, to produce N-95 masks. What’s weird about this situation is that BYD is an electric bus maker with no history of making masks. What’s even weirder is that the masks never came to fruition because they failed to meet national safety and health standards. The story begins in March with a different company. A deal was made with Blue Frame Medical LLC, a recently formed company made up of political consultants looking to cash in on the pandemic. Newsom facilitated a $456.9 million transaction with the company, wiring the funds in exchange for millions of masks. However, shortly after the transfer was initiated, the State Controller’s office got a call from the bank, notifying them that the account they were transferring to was opened just one day before. The state immediately requested its money back and began its search for a new company to produce masks. In April, a deal was struck with BYD, but the contract was kept hidden from legislators and the media. The California Globe has found “a trail of well-connected players” involved in the $1.4 billion mask deal. These players include: Mark Weideman: a prominent lobbyist who represents BYD. BYD’s automotive division contributed $40,000 to Newsom’s campaign Mark Weideman’s wife, Jennifer Wada: their marriage is not common knowledge even to many Sacramento insiders. Wada currently owns a government relations business Anthony Williams: prior to that owning a government relations business, Wada and a man named Anthony Williams were partners in a law firm: Wada, Williams Law Group. Anthony Williams is now Gov. Newsom’s Legislative Affairs Secretary. There are also links to Tom Steyer, the failed presidential candidate who also happens to be Newsom’s Economic Recovery Committee Chairman. According to California Globe, a source said the governor was able to pivot so quickly from the bad Blue Flame Medical deal to BYD because of the connections between Weideman, Wada, and Williams. https //www sandiegonewsdesk com/2020/06/governor-newsoms-dubious-mask-deal-brings-corruption- concerns/ Reuters 2020/02 US lawmaker calls for ouster of CIO of Calper. China ties: letter. By Alexandra Alper https //www reuters com/article/us-usa-china-calpers/u-s-lawmaker-calls-for-ouster-of-calpers-cio-over- china-ties-letter-idUSKBN206310 ABC 10 2019/07/02 California Governor Gavin Newsom accepted money from a convicted felon | PG&E Investigation PG and E 6 felonies [Note from PF: There is a strong anti-Governor Newsom bias in this article; the reporter (perhaps named Brandon) is obviously vehemently opposed to alleged felon-campaign funding of Newsom for $208,000] https //www youtube com/watch?v=IA2TuDHbxvA&list=PLdKhnwdZFa_pQUgOMfXXcAzpUlMa0dB4M&index=70 [Accessed 2020/12/14] Behind the Black dot com https //behindtheblack com/behind-the-black/essays-and-commentaries/the-idiocy-ignorance-and- corruption-of-californias-governor-newsom/ Excerpt: Thus, when comparing the edicts of Democratic governor Gavin Newsom with the facts, we find that his edicts are completely divorced from those facts. Do you wonder why? The explanation is simple. Newsom isn’t interested in the facts or reducing the harm this epidemic is causing. No, all he is interested in is the wielding of power. Each edict, no matter how arbitrary, strengthens his political hold on every citizen in California, especially because he is succeeding in getting them enforced. The worst part of this tale is that Newsom is quite typical of too many of today’s political leaders. They have all hungrily used the COVID- 19 epidemic as a weapon to impose strict new rules on their citizens. They have also apparently been completely uninterested in the data that shows they have accomplished nothing to slow or stop the disease, while causing far greater economic and social harm. https //behindtheblack com/behind-the-black/essays-and-commentaries/the-idiocy-ignorance-and- corruption-of-californias-governor-newsom/ [Accessed from Internet 2020/12/14] COLORADO Jared Schutz Polis Democrat Colorado governor during BLM Riots COVID-19 in 2020, in since 2019. Polis’ ObamaCare and Health insurance connection [Note from PF: This should be a red flag to anyone who has noticed that Obama was trying to put medically related material into the hands of minorities (and LGBT supporters); The health care connection should be thoroughly investigated among all the Minority Power/LGBT groups, as it is hooked up with the overall sinister system designed for takeover. The complaint by the Republicans was dismissed shortly before Polis won the vote for governor in Colorado because they did not have enough ducks lined in a row, apparently. However, this does not mean we need to ignore or forget what they were complaining about. Not only Colorado should follow up with this; all astute and awake Americans should take this seriously. Gazette 2018/10/19 (updated 2020/06/17) Colorado Secretary of State dismisses complaint over Jared Polis' investment. By Joey Bunch investment/article_89adca78-d3e5-11e8-b14a-df94940271d5.html MICHIGAN Gretchen Whitmer Democrat governor kidnap thwarted by Feds Watch for Antics: Switching has been known in other events in which Islamic or Minority Power Movement extremists have attacked, but a conspiracy keeps the truth from getting out, and the surround sound of the groups “switches” the people, so as to make it look like so-called “white extremists” the guilty party - see for example Pamela Geller on this website in Alternative News. What looks like a white supremacy group - they are being referred to as terrorists - tried to kidnap Democrat governor in Michigan. Trump blamed for not speaking out clearly enough against far right groups and for using rhetoric that incites groups like this michigan-gov-gretchen-whitmer/5922301002/ MINNESOTA Tim Walz Democrat Governor, see article Willamette Week-2020/09/30 under Portland about list of governors Peggy Flanagan - Lt. Governor - pay attention to possible or likely leftist/Minority Power Movement leanings and any influence of Tim Walz - she looks like an “organizer” https //mn gov/governor/about/peggyflanagan/ Excerpt: She went on to work at Wellstone Action, the organization founded to carry on the work of the late Senator Paul Wellstone, for nearly a decade. As one of the original trainers of Wellstone Action’s signature program Camp Wellstone, she trained thousands of progressive activists, community organizers, elected officials, and candidates – including Governor Walz. https //mn gov/governor/about/peggyflanagan/ Calling Card Lawsuits …by Minnesota Governor Team and Minnesota Attorney General Ellis Style of Minority Power Movement Lawsuits Targeting Companies in the name of minorities being targeted - the Lawsuits make money for the MPM; New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas also has this same Calling Card Lawsuits in his portfolio - one against Walgreens, there have been others. The lawsuits try to make it look like minorities are victims. Ag dot state State sues JUUL for deceptive marketing targeting youth AG Ellison announces lawsuit with Gov. Walz as Minnesota loses 10 years of progress in fighting youth tobacco use: JUUL addicts youth by deceiving them about nicotine content, following Big Tobacco marketing playbook. https//www ag state mn us/Office/Communications/2019/12/04_JUUL asp Governor alleges White supremacists indicated behind fostering unrest Minn Post dot com Walz, mayors blame looting, violence on ‘outsiders’; urge Twin Cities residents to observe Saturday night curfew. Walz said he now believes that much of the violence is being fanned by well-organized groups trained in urban warfare, while his public safety commissioner says there’s evidence that right-wing extremists and white supremacists have organized efforts to foster unrest. By Peter Callaghan and Walker Orenstein urge-twin-cities-residents-to-observe-saturday-night-curfew/ Trump declines aid to Minnesota KSTP 2020/08/24 Trump one-on-one: President says denial of federal aid to state might be 'punishment' for Minneapolis. By Tom Hauser punishment-for-minneapolis-/5830939/ Politico dot com 2020/09/09 Minnesota’s myth-making met stark reality. Where does Gov. Tim Walz go from here? Gov. Tim Walz on leading the state where George Floyd’s killing set off a national reckoning on race and systemic inequity. John F. Harris Twin Cities dot com 2019/01/09 Gov. Tim Walz's first official action: creating a 'Diversity › 2019/01/09 › gov-tim-walz-one-... https //www twincities com/2019/01/09/gov-tim-walz-one-minnesota-council-diversity-inclusion- equity/ Updates 2020/12/08 2020/10/26 more updates, Colorado governor added along with ObamaCare red flag; 2020/10/25 Select Governors section added; 2020/10/24 Page Started BLM20-Minority Governors, etc.
2020 Remembering US troops who died in Iraq and Syria in 2020 Excerpt: Four U.S. service members were killed during hostilities and four others died in noncombat incidents in Iraq and Syria in 2020 as America wound down its role in the fight against the Islamic State group. The eight deaths last year bring to 99 the number of American troops who have died while taking part in the U.S.-led coalition battling ISIS since it began a little over six years ago. Twenty-one were killed in combat and more than 235 have been wounded in action. All four combat deaths happened in March, two during an operation against ISIS in northern Iraq and two in a rocket attack on Camp Taji, near Baghdad. A British soldier was also killed and 14 troops were wounded in the rocket attack, which the Pentagon has blamed on pro-Iran Shiite militias. The U.S. is expected to reduce troop numbers in Iraq to around 2,500 by mid-January. Hundreds of troops are expected to remain in eastern Syria. By CHAD GARLAND | STARS AND STRIPES Published: January 1, 2021 https //www stripes com/news/middle- east/remembering-us-troops-who-died-in-iraq- and-syria-in-2020-1.657100