(Black & White/Larger Print) TOPICS LISTS (Menus of topics by subject matter) 1-Overview 2-Overview 3-About/Website 4-Policing, Related 5-Borders 6-China OVERALL SECTION China-1 General China-2 Hong Kong China-3 Vietnam, Communism China-4 Wuhan Issues China-5 Articles Detail China-6 Links List See Also: China Censorship, Interference In/Of USA Media 7-Crime 8-Stop BLM 9-Aviation World 10-9/11 11-New Mexico: Police, Crime 12-Military, Veterans 13-Islam 14-Various ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (China-1 …Menu cont.) Wuhan Virus Biowarfare Leak or Intentional Surveillance and Espionage o Tik Tok TikTok videos often include close-ups of people's faces, allowing the company to gather biometric data on its users, according to the lawsuit. Once a user shoots a video and clicks the "next" button, the videos are transferred to various domains without their knowledge. This happens before users even save or post a video on the app, the lawsuit states.” See Cnet-2019 below o Other Surveillance Riots - China in USA Civil Rights Groups in USA o ACLU link to China Cut Ties -USA needs to with China DNA - China collecting in USA, world Body Parts Stolen by China Drugs- China into USA o China-Mexico link critical part of Chinese infiltration of drugs into USA o Fentanyl as Chemical Warfare against the USA by China o Pot Farms or Houses: See Chinese Linked Grow Houses Banks o Truist - with Chinese employees, could there be a China link to blocking conservatives o Chinese global banks Corporate Connections o Bloomberg, Comcast (parent of NBC Universal, CNBC, MSNC, and NBC), Amazon (parent of the Washington Post), and Disney (parent of ABC). See Spectator-2020/12/26 Comcast Xfinity Political Interference Money Laundering o Mexico-Often linked to drug sales, Mexico or other drug countries o Colorado 21 Chinese Nationals indicted Education - China’s interference USA Higher education Land and Agriculture (Chinese ownership of American land, meat processing or agriculture) o Agriculture o Hawaii o China buying up Hawaii Land this could have implications to anti-American Hawaii Nationalism and links to Black Lives Matter or other civil rts grps; there could be also be links to drug sales Money laundering - land sales Prisons, Re-Education Camps Taliban - China History-China o Cultural Revolution Commentary 62 China-2 Hong Kong Articles How to Help Hong Kong 63 China-3 Vietnam, Communism 64 China-4 Wuhan Issues 65 China-5 Articles Detail 66 China-6 Links List Links List of Articles thru-out China Section A B C D E F G H I J K (none) L M N O P Q R S T U V (none) WXYZ (none) Chinese Grow Houses and Farms Links
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