TOPICS-8/Stop Black Lives Matter
TOPICS LISTS (Menus of topics by subject matter) 1-Overview 2-Overview 3-About/Website 4-Policing, Related 5-Borders 6-China 7-Crime 8-Stop BLM 9-Aviation World 10-9/11 11-New Mexico: Police, Crime 12-Military, Veterans 13-Islam 14-Various 15-Psyops ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MENU DETAIL TOPICS LIST-5: STOP BLACK LIVES MATTER STOP BLACK LIVES MATTER & RELATED MINORITY POWER MOVEMENTS: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH page topic 135 BLM INDEX 136 BLM-1 Denouncement Music Selection #1: Choose to Love by J-Calvin of Durango, Colorado 137 BLM-2a Responsiveness: What to do about Back Lives Matter Music Selection #2: India 138 BLM2b Terminology 138 BLM-3a Groups of Concern, incl terrorists, funding Music Selection #3: Blues, Jazz 139 BLM-3b Groups of Concern, Terrorist funding, cont. Music Selection #4 Female Musicians: Violinists, Cellists, etc. 140 BLM-3c Funding Topic Links 141 BLM-4 Old Black Panthers Music Selection #5: South Korea 142 BLM-5 Nationwide Riots Music Selection #6 Jews 143 BLM-6 Oregon Riots 2020 Music Selection #7: Finland, Norway, Faroe Islands, Netherlands 144 BLM-7 Resources Music Selection #8: Kenya 138 BLM-8a Black-Centric Media Music Selection #9: USA BLM-8b Black Advertisers Black-Owned Marketing Companies Too Many Black Ads Media Companies - used by Walmart and Target Black Lawsuits against corporations which might spur more and more black ads 139 BLM-8c Black Centric Media cont. Photos Music Selection #9: Japan BLM-8d G to Z 140 BLM-9 Starkes Music Selection #10 Peru 141 BLM-10 CAIR complicity Music Selection #11 China 142 BLM-11 Radical Islam Music Selection #12: Dissident or Human Rights Oriented The Universal Language of Music 143 BLM-12 govt 144 BLM-13 Support 145 BLM-14 Case Study Iraq vs. USA: BLM Riots vs 2007-2009 Iraq War Zone Baghdad-Fadhil 146 BLM-15 Russia-History 147 BLM-16 Maps of BLM Riots 2020 148 BLM-17 Police Chiefs-Black Problems and Issues 149 BLM-18 Attorney Generals-Black 150 BLM-19 Mayors-Black 151 BLM-20a Governors 152 BLM-20b Governors-Minority, Leftist, Very Liberal or BLM enabling/supporting Arizona California o Governor Gavin Newsom-Democrat elected 2018 Colorado o Polis - Democrat governor is gay -could be part of the LGBT/Leftist/Minority-BLM conspiracy against the USA? (Colorado Attorney General is Democrat Philip J. Weiser) Michigan o Whitmer - Democrat governor - Kidnapping attempt apparently thwarted Minnesota o Walz - Democrat governor; Peggy Flanaga n- Lt. Governor-Native American-pay attention to her leftist/minority leanings and possible influence of the governor; (Add governor team to Black Police Chief in Minneapolis + Attorney General Ellis = surround sound?) New Mexico o Michelle Lujan-Grisham-Grisham 163 BLM-21 Lawsuits against BLM 164 BLM-22 Shedding White Guilt 165 Notes/Personal/Black Lives Matter RELATED TOPICS African Domain Witchcraft African Continent and African Diaspora Global Control Power Movements East African vs. West Africa Indian Country and National Security Ego for Power Excessive Lawsuits Regional Takeovers, Including Reverse Discrimination in Hiring Practices, Minority Preference La Raza/Unidos NATIONAL SECURITY Brief (more detail below): Joe Biden Kamala Harris Pelosi Cortez Omar Austin Barack Obama 204 Indian Country Problem for USA 205 Natle Sec-1 Joe Biden Biden: Several Corruption Indicators 206 Natl Sec-2 Kamala Harris What Is Wrong With Kamala Harris (previously in BLM section) LINKS LIST HARRIS LINKED TO BLACK LIVES MATTER o Harris Bails Out BLM HARRIS BACKGROUND o Summary of Names o Deja Vu or Odd Consequence? Recognize the similarity between older 2010 race for California attorney general and 2020 presidential election last minute Democrat wins after Republicans were winning o Willie Brown Connection-Corruption cases o Peter Schweizer’s 2020 book Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite VIEWS OF HARRIS o Corruption Views - More Critical of Harris o Alternative Views - Less Critical of Harris *The possible China connection through attorney husband Alt View from Politifact says Not True Dirty Priests Let Off - Alleged material from Profiles in Corruption Prostitutes Let Off - Alleged material from Profiles in Corruption Herbal Life Not Investigated in Harris’ Jurisdiction - Husband’s Law Firm clients RELATED CARIBBEAN ISSUES (HARRIS IS LINKED TO JAMAICA) o Black Caucus - Jamaica o Black Caucus - Haiti 213 Natl Sec-3 Obama: Unresolved Problems With Him (previously in BLM section)
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