BLM-6b Portland, Oregon Riots, cont.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021 Portland Riot Response Issues American Military News using-baton-during-riot/ Breitbart cop-hitting-activist-2020-blm-riots/ CNN 2021/06/18 Dozens of Portland police officers resign from team that responds to protests after member is indicted. By Cheri Mossburg, https //www cnn com/2021/06/18/us/portland-oregon-police-resign-team/index.html Fox News [Bias: Probably mostly conservative, stay objective] 2021/06/23 Portland police commander on 'Hannity': Riot squad resigning was a 'long time coming' Lt. Jacob Clark on officers quitting squad en masse after cop's indictment. By Joshua Q Nelson. https //www foxnews com/media/portland-police-commander-hannity-riot-squad-resignations Independent Sentinel 2021/06/18 Portland Commish is happy the riot squad quit and with 150+ days of protests (riots). By M. Dowling https//www independentsentinel com/portland-commish-is-happy-the-riot-squad-quit-and-with-150-days- of-protests-riots/ Liberty Nation 2021/06/19 Rapid Response: Portland Riot Control Squad Calls It Quits; Portland’s entire Rapid Response Team quit after an officer was charged with assault – how’s that for a rapid response? By Kelli Ballard https //www libertynation com/rapid-response-portland-riot-control-squad-calls-it-quits/ OPB 2021/06/15 Portland police officer charged for assaulting activist photographer at protest. BY Jonathan Levinson. photographer-at-protest/ Patriot Post Portland Police Protest the Left’s War on Cops Some 50 officers resigned from a riot response unit after a dubious indictment of one of their own. https //patriotpost us/articles/80750-portland-police-protest-the-lefts-war-on-cops-2021-06-21 Excerpt: Portland, Oregon, the unofficial headquarters of antifa, just lost 50 members of a voluntary police riot squad after they resigned en masse to protest leftist policies and violence in the city. While they all remain on the city’s police force, they will not serve in riot response. It turns out that when, as Portland Police Association Executive Director Daryl Turner argued, Democrats have “encouraged and enabled some of the violence” over more than 150 nights of riots in Portland, police no longer want to risk their lives to restore peace. But this is a national problem, and Democrats are reaping what they’ve sown. https //patriotpost us/articles/80750-portland-police-protest-the-lefts-war-on-cops-2021-06-21 PJ Media [Bias is conservative-religious] 2021/06/17 Portland Police's Entire Rapid Response Riot Team Resigns After Officer Charged, Antifa Released BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. response-riot-team-resigns-after-officer-charged-antifa-released-n1455406 PM: The Post Millennial [Bias is conservative] 2-21/06/22 Portland police union says violence encouraged and enabled by elected officials led to riot response team resignations "The residents and the business owners of the city of Portland have a hopeless feeling right now with what’s gone on." https //thepostmillennial com/portland-police-union-says-violence-encouraged-and-enabled-by-elected- officials-led-to-riot-response-team-resignations https //thepostmillennial com/breaking-portland-police-riot-squad-resigns-votes-to-disband-following- indictment-of-officer-budworth USA Today after-indictment/7743851002/ Washington Examiner [W. Exm bias is conservative, sometimes comes out more directly with religious views] 2021/06/22 Portland police union chief slams officials for encouraging and enabling riots. By Andrew Mark Miller, Deputy Social Media Editor Willamette Week https //www one-portland-riot-cop-may-be-just-the- start/ Protests 2021 In General The Guardian 2021/04/16 Protests 2018 Portland: Right Wing or Pro-American Stance? HuffPost [Note from PF: Huffpost bias is often liberal/leftist] Right-Wing Portland Rally Declared Riot Amid Clashes With Antifa Protesters Police canceled the Patriot Prayer’s rally permit as violence broke out in Portland’s downtown. By Carla Herreria Russo Updates: PAGE STARTED - BLM6b Portland Oregon Riots, cont.
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BLM-6b PORTLAND, OREGON RIOTS, cont. 2021 Portland Riot Response Team Issues 2021 Portland Protests In General 2018 Portland Protests, right wing or pro-American?
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