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AVIATION 208 Aviation-1 Overall Corruption Aviation-1 Links List MERGER: 1997 Boeing-McDonnell Douglas AIRBUS BOMBARDIER (Canada) FAA CORRUPTION Federal Aviation Administration TSA CORRUPTION Transportation Security Administration (Department of Homeland Security) ATC CORRUPTION Air Traffic Control FCC-BOEING ISSUES MILITARY TO CONTRACTOR Possible Corruption, Cronyism, Negligence STATESIDE AIRPORTS International Airport corruption (a few examples) o Newark Liberty International Airport o Historical focus - O’Hare Airport Chicago One personal account: history from prairie field to major airport Background of O’Hare name See Historical Focus: 1979 Flight 191 O’Hare Airport o John F. Kennedy Airport Corruption, Events, Issues NON-AMERICAN Airport/Aviation Corruption(a few examples) MAFIA- Aviation 209 Aviation-2 Corporation Corruption Links List Aviation-2 Links List (found in Aviation-8) Discussion Involving Multiple Companies as a Group General Dynamics o History Ducommun Lockheed Martin Northrup Grumman y Raytheon 210 Aviation-3 Airlines Corruption LINKS LIST Aviation-3 Links List American/US Airways o Merger Related Information o Articles United Airlines Southwest Airlines 213 Aviation-4 Boeing Corruption LINKS LIST Aviation-4 Links List China and Boeing Iran and Boeing American-Turkey Council (ATC) Connections Saudi and Boeing Sales of Boeing, 9/11 Entanglements, etc. Old Corruption Issues Before 9/11 (perhaps building up or connected to it) Boeing 737 Max 214 Aviation-5 Parts-Linked Issues: Crashes involving known parts, parts Manufacturer Corruption, Negligence or Cover-ups Aviation-5 Parts Corruption Links List Engines o List of Aircraft Engine Manufacturers; Top Engine Manufacturers o Electric Plane Engines o Rolls Royce o GE (GEAE) See 1979 AA Flt 191 crash involving a GE engine repair and subsequent attachment related failure in Aviation-6b o Pratt & Whitney Crashes/Engines/Airbus Crashes/Engines/Boeing Companies: Manufacturers/Engines Corruption, Issues Section Top 3 Article Summary Rudders Rudder issues Crashes/Boeing 737 rudder issues Parker Hannifin issues (rudders and other) Lap Joints Lap Joints/Boeing 215 Aviation-6a Crashes Please understand this is only a small sampling; some websites with more complete data are listed at bottom Aviation-6a (Links List for Crashess Boeing crashes Boeing incidents Non-Boeing crashes McDonnell Douglas History of American Airlines Websites with crashes Boeing craft - crashes o Pacific Western Airlines 314/Boeing 737-200 (02/11/1978) o Far Easter Air Transport/Boeing 737-200 (08/22/1981) o Cameroon Airlines/Boeing 737-200 (08/30/1984) o JAL 123/Boeing 747SR (08/12/1985) o United Airlines 585/Boeing 737-291 (03/03/1991) o US AIR 427/Boeing 737-300 (09/08/1994) o Sudan Airways/Boeing 737-200c series (07/09/2003) o Flash Airlines 604/Boeing 737-300 (01/03/2004) o Helios 522/Boeing 737-300 (08/14/2005) Boeing Other Flight Issues (ie, repair issues with almost-crashes) o Pacific Western Airlines Flight 501/Boeing 737-275 (03/22/1984) o American Airlines 383/Boeing 767 (right engine uncontained failure with severe fire, aborted takeoff, 20 injured(10/2016) o Singapore Airlines 368/Boeing 777-312ER (engine oil leak, in flight turned back, on landing, right engine caught fire, all passengers evacuated with no injuries) (06/27/2016) o Korean Air 2708/Boeing 777-300 (left engine “uncontained failure with substantial fire” aborted takeoff) (05/27/2016) o Southwest Airlines 812/Boeing 737-300 (lap joint/fuselage issue, emergency landing) (04/01/2011) o Southwest Airlines 2294/Boeing 737-3HR (lap joint/fuselage issue, emergency landing) (07/13/2009) o Boeing 787 list of engine related incidents (2013 to 2017) o Boeing 777 list of engine related incidents o Boeing 767s and 9/11: United Airlines 175/Boeing 767-200 Boston (Logan International Airport) to Los Angeles (Lost Angeles International Airport) reported as crashed into South Tower; and American Airlines/Boeing 767 223ER Boston to Los Angeles, reported as crashed into North Tower Non-Boeing crashes (a few mentioned here if they seem applicable in some way): o American Airlines 587/Airbus A300-600 (11/12/2001) o American Airlines 191/McDonnell Douglas DC10 (05/25/1979) 1979 Flight 191 O’Hare Airport-See Aviation-6b o United Airlines 232/DC-10 crash landed, catastrophic failure of tail-mounted engine causing loss of all flight controls;planed landed w/o conventional control; 111/296 died. (07/19/1989) Websites with lists of aircraft crashes and incidents: o https //www aeroinside com o http //www airsafe com o https //en wikipedia org/wiki/List_of_accidents_and_incidents_involving_commercial_aircraft 216 Aviation-6b Crashes/1979 AA Flight 191 HISTORICAL AND ACCIDENT FOCUS 1979 AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 191 Aviation-6b Links List for Crashes/1979 AA Flight 191 Start Here Comments CONTEMPORARY ISSUES o US Airways was having a strike at the time o Continental AIrlines had a similar unauthorized engine-pylong-forklift repair with nearly identical results - it was known somewhere in the industry this could cause catastrophic plane failure Memorial Wall with names on bricks created later PERSONS ON BOARD o Crew Captain/Pilot Last Minute Switch Female equal rights stewardess just got job back after maternity layoff Male steward who wanted to be a AA steward/stewardess recruiter o Passengers Several Writers bound for Writer’s Conference in LA Some American military veterans Group of connected people Some unidentified bodies per dental forensics, etc. One took AA by default always preferring/using United Airways which was on strike then o Some people chose not to go on Flt 191 Playboy writer Gonzalez Bionic Woman actress Lindsay Wagner and mother Yet another or others Fellow pilot who last-minute switched with Captain HISTORICAL OVERVIEW o American Airlines Notice that Cheap Fares had started up o Era Historical Perspective - 1970s decade and shortly beyond o Background: 1970s Aviation Era o McDonnell DC-10 o O’Hare Airport WHAT HAPPENED - ENGINEERING FAILURE o FAA report - December 1979 o NASA-2010 review - Forklift: NASA overview of what happened 1979 to AA Flt 191 (good run- down) o Continental Airlines had done same wrongful repair using forklift instead of crane with nearly identical effects, did not report to FAA o Cranes in general: Engineering, Repair, Maintenance - Cranes GHOSTS/paranormal activity Notes 2019 and 2021 217 Aviation-7 Unions (Mostly Aviation unions in focus, but other kinds of unions are also covered) Aviation-7 Union LInks List 218 Aviation-8 Links List 219 Labs See Also: 190 TWA 800 (also found under Conspiracies)