Personal Notes Backlog-13 July 2020
IN THIS SECTION BACKLOG 13 July 2020 Personal Notes 2020/07/28 Catholic, Mormon, etc. Top of Mind Issues 2020/07/19-21 warning for safety around BLM signs 2020/07/08 Black Panthers vs. BLM 2020/07/04, 07 Horowitz concerns 2020/07/03 Happy 4th 2020/07/01 Minority Photo Displacement of Whites in Ads - Infiltration of Schools; The Left; Smuggling Tunnels - Keep at Top-Of-Mind Awareness June: 2020/06/29 2020/06/27-28 Bank Mobile corruption; old 2015 Portland car break-in/vandalism and subsequent identity theft/fraud 2020/06/20-22 Scroll down if links are not active 2020/07/28 Catholic, Mormon and other churches - keep at top of mind three things 1. Child sexual abuse; controlling tendencies of the mindset of members; longterm lack of taking responsibility for wrongdoings (letting it go on too long). 2. How Islamic Extremists and competitors can try to undermine American religionists to put their own religion in place of theirs; Christianity, for example, can and often does act as a buffer against sharia law extremism 3. Cartels can mutate Catholicism and other religions toward their own motifs and agendas 2020/07/19-20-21 Warning for Safety around Black Lives Matter signs added 07/21: When countering BLM signs, you might consider at first a mark-over and messaging period before the final destruction of the sign. This does several things. First, it uses their existing materials and likely publicly visible spot. Second, it conveys not only disagreement, but why you disagree with BLM, through your own messages, rather than just leaving a broken or removed sign. Third, as they continue to remove your material and you continue to replace it one way or another, along with additional sign demarking, you are letting them know you mean it. Fourth, It gets their attention - you can have detectives or others watching the sign to identify adherents to BLM. Fifth, the final destruction of the sign - even though you expect they will replace it yet again with more signs - shows our intention with Black Lives Matter - we want the group to disband and we want them to find a more civil way to do civil rights rather than to stir up a hornet’s nest of anti-American thugs or to feed the egos of ongoing anti-American militants inside America’s borders. Again, there is a better way to do civil rights. Consider keeping the counter-message material sincerely and ethically focused on national security and anti- crime, not racial issues. You might also mark over “Black” in Black Lives Matter with “All” but then add your own safety-first messages like: 1. STOP GANGS 2. MANY MEXICAN, LATIN AMERICAN, AFRICAN, MIDDLE EASTERN AND OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE SUCCUMBED TO BRUTAL REGIMES, CARTELS AND STREET THUGS. MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED MISERABLY BY THESE TYRANTS. MANY OF THESE DANGEROUS GROUPS ARE LINKED TO BLM IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Here is something serious to watch for around Black Lives Matters signs: watchers - people who are around and notice, but do not necessarily do anything about what they see other than to maybe report on it later if something comes up supporters - direct and indirect supporters - taking note while in area; if they see you mess with a sign, these by-chance viewers could quickly come to the defense of the sign and in offense of you - they might not have directly put up the sign, but could be part of the “surround sound” going on around town and the nation - they are part of the overall gig (which is acting like a takeover) currently upon us - they know what they are doing and why. constantly re-fixing the sign after someone messes with it bullying and attacking if you mess with their sign - this can be a huge issue The general public might not realize how vicious BLM people get over their “Black Lives Matter” signs! - you might have to personally tmark out their sign or put up other signs with your own messages like “Stop Black Lives Matter” around their sign to find out - the thugs come out of the woodwork. My advice is have a buddy system - a set of allies who can watch each other’s backs - on anything having to do with pushing back at Black Lives Matter - signs or otherwise. Even the guys driving by on the streets can be BLM supporters ready to come after you for messing with a BLM sign - it can get nasty fast. That guy driving by can have a smart phone to take pictures of you to share with his ominous and violent friends who could come join him within minutes. They also could target you and your vehicle all over town. The other thing to watch for are very dirty cops supportive of BLM who could also try to retaliate against you for messing with a BLM sign. Be prepared! Someone else has brought to my attention that free speech taken too far which misapplies the Bill of Rights can create rifts. Although that person did not specifically relate this idea to BLM, I am making that analogy. Regarding the News on BLM, and how to think about and respond to this group: - much, but not all of it, is theater, show biz - posturing-lots of noise, distractions, verbal hammering, beating of chests, stomping of feet, bashing of signs, public monuments and stores - it’s part of a longterm overall scheme to put pressure against everything American - police departments, white police - riots are beating up on America for a handful of incidents, and the incidents, given the political climate, could be staged or changed; we cannot take the incidents on faith that what we are told and shown is true even if there seem to be multiple videos and witnesses - emotions stirred up by a dishonest media - mob mentalities - corporations are likely run or backed by Islamic extremists and Marxists - keep eyes on Russia and China: exactly who or what is behind making the news stories all sound alike? - long list of grievances over history; the Black Lives Matter groups are spurring Native Americans and Hispanics - people with separate histories and origins to help the black cause as if they are united as “persons of color” against European historic colonialism -group pathologies - they keep repeating the same things to themselves and each other inside their groups, it is obsessive- compulsive, then during another BLM movement event all the toxins pour out on the public again - it’s their problem, they are blaming loyal Americans for their anger. They say things like “See what you create.” Pathologies can be linked to cults. BLM can have cult aspects. This might include substance abuse, physical abuse, gang and cartel activity, insular activities (they keep things inside the group) and more. If you are dealing with a conglomerate, some of whom are cults, how do you isolate the variables to target each sub-group effectively? As many realize, Black Lives Matter is a conglomerate. Many people make excuses for BLM by saying other more malicious groups have sabotaged their operations. Whether or not this is true, and it probably has some validity, the fact is all of them together are pernicious. Instead of going through normal channels for dispute, BLM constantly makes it a huge public event. They must take responsibility for this. The fact is, we cannot trust the information given to us in any white-on-black police case - that is ones involving white cps who injure or kill blacks or other minorities. We cannot trust it. I did not start out this way. It took me awhile to get here. As I have explained before, I started out trying to get the truth out about white-on-black cases, as well as other police abuses and murders. What happened to change my mind? The pile-up of cases started to look too similar, corny, fishy, strange, unlikely, etc. Here are at least two things that could be going on: 1. dirty white cops are in on it 2. white cops are being victimized by a “surround sound” attack on their white maleness - surrounded by gangs, cartels, etc. We have got a real problem with our media. This is something else that took me awhile to understand. I used to scorn license area plates which read “I don’t trust the liberal media.” Well, guess what folks? Yep. I’ve joined that crowd. How long will it take for America to start going back over those white-on-black cases and re-investigate, and if necessary re-try the cases? It might require additional changes to make it possible to do so in each state, but it is likely it needs to be done. How many of you are prepared to re-try the cases? -attention - they want the limelight. The seeking of attention is a modus operandi which should not be ignored, but be careful about the kind of attention we give them. It might be best to come at them sometimes from the side, quietly, in such a way they did not know they actually had gotten your attention. I am speaking to law enforcement and national security agents who do not support Black Lives Matter and their affiliates. -softening - this means a plan to weak or destabilize pro-American areas and then put conspirators with anti- American agendas in as replacement. This is happening to white police officers and police departments deemed too white or too pro-American across the nation. It’s also happening to the American military and any place that the anti-American types feel are “too American.” Softening is a a step-by-step plan on the way to a total takeover of the country. They have been eating away at American institutions bit by bit using very similar tactics. 2020/07/08 Black Panthers Party vs. Black Lives Matter Please see excerpts in Notes News/History-2020/07/08-today for this section Horowitz indicates that The Black Panthers Party were murderers, extortionists and thugs. We should look for these things in Black Lives Matter and their affiliates, as well as people who perhaps hijacked the BLM movement. There apparently are signs which include photographic or video footage, that interlopers came in after some BLM protesters left and were the ones who did the serious rioting. Although it is likely some of this is true, and that many BLM protesters feel they are seeking justice, fairness and kindness, we need to address a growing body of evidence that parts of the BLM movement are criminalistic and linked to old black power movements which have basically been saying and doing the same things since the 1960s. Many are truly dangerous and have anti-American agendas. We need to look back at tendencies in older black power movements to see signs of direct continuity or similarities today. Many minorities, gays (LGBT) and drug users have helped feed this monster. They feel they are being nice and evolved to commiserate with unfairly treated blacks or any person of color; whites who support it are saying “See, we are not like that. We are better than that. We don’t do that old Southern bigotry thing. We stand together with blacks because all of humanity is one, skin color is only an outer shell. No one should be targeted by the police in an unfair and violent manner.” In the process, it is easy for anyone to get caught up in an emotional wave. In feeling they are being humanitarian and rising above crude forms of racial discrimination while swept up in that wave, they can leave stones unturned and details unattended to. Yet other minorities and LGBT persons have seen through the games. Many LGBT persons are intelligent, gifted and have common sense, and they are wisely self-protective. They do not support Black Lives Matter and its ilk, but might be uncertain where else to turn in the political enclave. Conservatives might be too hard for them to deal with. This is why conservatives and everyone with common sense need a cosmopolitan approach that says NO to calculated takeovers by hostiles trying to use civil rights to get in the door. They also need to recognize the ugly head of reverse discrimination. If some of what we are dealing with is akin to African War Dance, whites and others might need to reclaim and fire up their own ancient indigenous roots to fight the chest beating, stomping and chortling in a wave that matches in force - but a force transmuting earthy energy to smart energy. Most modern physics delegated to practical engineering is about changing one form of energy to another to do work. So too must we acknowledge our feet and guts, but we need to shift it out of the tits for tats into something that really stops the commotion this time. We need to transcend, not degenerate. If we wind up only blowing people up, we won’t have fixed the problem, we will only have stopped part of it for the time being. Some people refer to these antics as playbooks, but it is more sinister than that. As mentioned above and later below, a morality theme as global public theater with certain ethnic roots might be upon us. Its purpose is likely to punish and show, to applaud the underdog and vilify the rich and powerful. The idea seems to be to drive understanding. That is, to get the bad guy (real or perceived) to finally get it, to understand the plight of his victims from the inside, so he knows just exactly how the victims felt when they were oppressed. The mastermind is rolling toward a takeover operation (*see alternative views) that might wind up looking like a Holocaust, and he might be using various pawns on the stage. The Islamic contingency might be temporary predators used to eat away at the world before the final predator comes in to finish things off. Maybe China or George Soros types are the actual masterminds. Whoever is ultimately behind it, country after country in the Middle East has been taken over rapidly each time by Muslim Sunni and Shia extremists. They consistently used leftists, liberals and intellectuals on their way up, but once in charge, turned on them through wide-scale murders. Many young college students and college teachers have been easy to manipulate because they are more prone to sympathize with the real or perceived underdog - in the case of BLM, minorities. The idea is that liberals want to coax a more accepting and sensitive platform in a world filled with course, unevolved types. Whites are shown with BLM signs in news propaganda stories. There also might be an issue with drugs and sex which might distract and loosen people’s inhibitions and soften resolve, keeping things too laid-back to focus on real world threats. If people are actively using recreational drugs each day, or have other substance misuse problems, thinking can be cloudy, judgment misguided. In addition, for every bad guy white cop there is a bad guy Hispanic (or some other minority) cop. New Mexico truly abounds with sick Hispanic cop stories - rapes, child molestations, excessive force, murders, drug trafficking and usage, DUI’s, domestic violence, evidence mishandling, retailiation, recalcitrance in handling certain cases or public requests for police help, coverups and more. White cops are getting hammered unfairly because it feeds into what some minorities want to believe - that whites owe them (they want sympathy and retribution) - and also it feeds into the gains, including power, they want to have over whites. BLM gives them the sense that whites will be more malleable, responsive and sensitive after the latest and most aggressive Black Lives Matter fallout. Due diligence in witness and evidence handling: We need to take back our news. We need to stop feeding the lies. Each police case involving a white-on-minority abuse or killing situation needs to be thoroughly investigated against false testimony and misleading camera filming, even if it seems different members of the public are presenting separate views of the events in question. With modern technology anything is possible in terms of photography faking or mishandling. Even if the film seems real, we still need to be careful. Each so-called independent witness could be something else. As a final note, there are millions of tragic and unfair incidents across the USA and globe. We must ascertain that our news maintains a balance of what gets covered on the front page headlines of our media. Black Lives Matter and riotry are taking up too much of its share of the news. The public has a right to know of the riots, but news groups should list list them in a matter-of-fact manner on the back pages, leaving the interpretations to others; that is, removing the emotion and social steering for platforms involving Africanized church evangelists, civil rights groups with private agendas, socialists from the local community college and other colleges, drug users and traffickers, and illegal aliens wanting to derail American border protections. 2020/07/04-05, 07 Horowitz Concerns What I really think about David Horowitz: do not throw out the baby with the bathwater Referencing: The Black Book of the American Left, By David Horowitz. Publishing dates 2013, 2016 Before going further, I think he is absolutely right to warn Americans and others about the dangers of the left. I feel what he says about protecting western democracy/republicanism from totalitarian systems is vital. His insights into the old Black Panthers Party during his time with it in the 1970s are of value, as well as various bits and pieces on key figures and movements over the years. He seems to have been in the middle of various leftist movements and to have known several famous persons. His expressed horror over blood baths in South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos after the United States pulled out and North Vietnam subsequently swelled into those areas seems genuine. He shows us the before and after of leftist movements which divided the United States and its war efforts in Vietnam, telling us he made a mistake in supporting a Communist Vietnam. He also expresses outrage over other blood baths across the world. He shows how Communists in both Nicaragua and Cuba voiced approval of Soviet Communist enterprises around the globe, including in Ethiopia and Afghanistan. He indicates the public doesn’t know the full of it, what the Soviets did to the Afghan people. His concerns over a spreading Soviet Empire seem quite genuine, and for the right reasons. Having said that, I have had intuitive concerns come up ever since first reading Horowitz’s materials, namely two books at the library including The Black Book purchased for my own library and currently being reread more thoroughly. These intuitions are like psychic types of impressions. This means we cannot know for sure one way or another. I can be wrong. But I feel they need to be mentioned. I usually include this sort of hunch on the woo woo sections of River Gold, and might sooner or later move this material there. First, I feel he himself might have been the one to murder Betty Van Patter (Issue involving Van Patter’s death starts on page 52*; also see pp. 65-66 of the chapter 5 “Black Murder Inc”), a bookkeeper of 6 months duration from the 1970s who ran books for him at an educational center for black youth of the ghetto (under the auspices of The Black Panthers Party). In other words, perhaps it was not Black Panthers people who directly murdered her, although one of them might have been involved with him, like Elaine Brown. I think there were two main issues: 1. Money 2. Affair. I feel he might have wrung her neck with his hands in a temper over money because she found out something and subsequently threatening him that she would tell someone. I feel he might have been having a affair, perhaps with Elaine Brown (an attractive lighter skinned black woman) and that this was also something Van Patter might have confronted him with. I feel he and Elaine had a strange gig, at least for awhile, in that they agreed to act like good cop/bad cop, or otherwise like mutually bad-mouthing opponents; this might have changed later, although certain mutual secrets might have been retained between them. I sense he then might have thrown her body over a bridge into the water below with his car nearby on the road. By his own accounting, he felt Van Patter did not trust him; he had felt she had started to want to get closer to the Panthers black racial-self-protection objectives, and he wanted to warn her to be careful of the Panthers; he was glad Van Patter’s daughter later sought an outside investigation, albeit with a leftist private detective who had previously helped the Panthers in their own investigations. Van Patter and his daughter had both worked at his leftist magazine the Ramparts shared with writer and longterm friend Peter Collier. My feeling is Collier might not have known Horowitz had murdered Van Patter, if this did in fact happen. Apparently Van Patter was beaten because Horowitz indicates her waterlogged and battered body was found with a severe head injury. Horowitz also indicates he later learned she might have been tortured and sadistically raped by the Panthers, so I am not hearing anything from him in The Black Book about neck strangulation-related bruises or other neck injuries. He indicates the incident was the turning point in his views of the Panthers and of the left, that he withdrew from public politics for a decade, and that he was afraid to tell the public for a long time what he knew for the safety of his wife, four kids and himself and that this fear of possible violent reprisal followed him for years beyond his first written public disclosure. * Some excerpts from The Black Book of The Left: p. 54 “I was visited in my home by the Berkeley police. They told me they were convinced the Panthers had taken Betty hostage and had probably already killed her.” p. 54 “Betty was found on January 13, 1975, five weeks after she had disappeared, when her water-logged body washed on the western shore of San Francisco Bay. Her head had been bashed in by a blunt instrument and police estimated she had been in the water for seventeen days. She was 42 years old.” p. 56 “[I learned about the Panther Squad] and their involvement in Betty’s murder.” p. 66 From Elaine Brown’s book: “Immediately Betty began asking Norma, and every other Panther with whom she had contact, about the sources of our cash, or the exact nature of this or that expenditure. Her job was to order and balance our books and records, not to investigate them….” Psychic visual “noise” enters in, as I also possibly sense a murdered black woman who might have done office work. Perhaps this is the male tailor he writes of later. Maybe two different women, two different situations, or maybe something else is going on. Elaine Brown later wrote about Van Patter in a book; Horowitz goes into quite a bit of it (pp. 65-66). In addition I had a similar psychic feeling around another case possibly linked to a Farmington police chief in his ties to Alaska involving a woman who might have come to the house. It’s conceivable the images and feelings are bleeding into each other and that there is distortion. I have not yet read up on this murder case from other sources, but am only going by what he presents in this book. He indicates he left the Panthers out of horror and a wakeup call over what they did to her, showing him how dangerous and brutal they really were. Instead, the vibes I pick up are that he was afraid of getting caught and in trouble or linked to the crime, so he made large public demonstrations to distance himself from the Panthers from that point on. He also makes it clear he supported the daughter’s private investigations and how the investigator concluded Huey and his female associate were responsible. In summary, the vibes I pick up on Horowitz suggest to me he might be lying and that he himself is the murderer of that bookkeeper, someone who was apparently white. Secondly, I pick up he might have been involved in one plane bombing and that it might have an Eastern European or Russian connotation. There seems to be a money vibe associated with this. I feel he was on the plane when it happened and that people were killed. How he got off the plane I cannot say, but I feel the plane landed. This incident at first almost felt like a shoe bomber incident, that famous incident came to mind first for whatever reason. I do not necessarily sense a shoe bomb, but there is something that caused that particular bomber to come to mind. Thirdly, I feel Horowitz has been something of a mole and has been self-protective for survival in terms of keeping secrets. I also feel he is someone who keep secrets until death, with some things we might never know for sure about him. I feel he might be older than having been born in 1939, and could have had more lasting impressions of Hitler’s regime and that this in particular might have more bearing on his psychology than the Soviet connections. Horowitz’s life as a Communist Jew straddles both worlds - that of the Nazi takeovers during World War II and also the Stalinist regime. I think the Nazi connection to anti-Jewish brutality and the Holocaust made a lasting impression on his sense of anxiety and lack of trust to the point it would enter into certain heightened criminal acts. I feel part of him buried in a deeper layer still has old leftist ways despite all of his denunciations and warnings against it. I feel it is important to read at least some of Horowitz’s works, that he makes some good points, and we do get a feeling for problems associated with leftist orientations. His warnings against the Russians, Cuba and Nicaragua are apt; his warnings about how the United States was divided and weakened by the left is also vital. He also has warned that the left was weakening the USA during our wars with Iraq in a Vietnam sort of way. I have come away from Horowitz transformed and often using several of his arguments and approaches against the left and Islamic extremism, yet I feel leery of “bad vibes” and disturbing undercurrents I might be sensing from him. If I had any one thing to say to Horowitz, it would be this: “David, if you murdered and bombed, please disclose it before you die. People have a right to know the truth. Thank you.” 2016/11/07 New Mexico's undocumented immigrants make up 5.6 percent ... Venezuela - South America - immigration in the US 2020/04/10 Venezuelan Immigrants in the United States By Luis Hassan Gallardo and Jeanne Batalova 2020/07/03 Happy July 4th! 2020/07/01 Smuggling Tunnels - Keep at Top-Of-Mind Awareness Keep Smuggling Tunnels as a high priority One thing to consider are policing personnel who are in on the investigations of the smuggling tunnels but are members or allies to the gangs building the tunnels; they might “let” fellow investigators find some parts of the tunnel but keep silent about other extensions they know about. See mention of Jalisco on this subject here, but Sinaloa is mostly referred to: LA Times 2016/05/03 Tight squeeze: Economics make border drug tunnels narrower. By Tatiana Sanchez. https //www latimes com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-border-drug-tunnels-20160503-snap-htmlstory.html Void of El Chapo - Smuggling Tunnels continue: Mexico News Daily 2019/12/30 El Chapo’s tunnel-building legacy lives on; latest one found in Nogales The Sonora municipality is considered the cradle of drug tunnels Infiltration of Schools by Minority Top Dog Mentality - Photos as Turfing and Bullying As mentioned elsewhere, please watch for a shift from including photos of whites to ones of minorities. Whites (fair-skinned Caucasians) were previously seen in advertisements, but things ominously change so that mostly or completely minorities are pictured on front pages for the college, public school, or other education related, materials, or at banks, chain stores and elsewhere. Watch for an increase of this behavior in correlation with a Black Lives Matter (BLM) event. The photos come in a variety of ways, but the main intent is to either fully exclude whites, to include one while everyone else is a minority, or to put a white in the background. Some tactics include color or foregrounding; for example, a black woman in bright red clothing will be presented in a larger photo in the foreground, while a white is in a smaller muted photo in the background. When sufficient numbers of whites live in the area, the behavior should be seen as a form of turfing and bullying by minority power groups who have infiltrated the school’s media presenters, or the school has hired a private media company run by minorities. Look for leftist groups tied to the BLM movement, as well as Muslim Student Association affiliates. There needs to be a plan on how to push back this ugly reverse discriminatory behavior. Watch for police groups being paid off to play along with the game, including white police officers used in mercenary-types of roles. Some of the groups on campus doing it are Red, Black and Brown Power student organizations, certain LGBT groups and whites with leftist (socialist or communist) orientations. Do not confuse “liberal” with “leftist.” It is easy to do, because the words are often interchanged. The term leftist also means progressive. Left means a more formal communal approach in general; socialism on its way to communism often relates to crescendos as graduated applied Marxism. Horowitz indicates that leftist approaches take on a type of religious zealousness or fervor. There is an emotionalism rather than a factualism. Feelings replace facts as the known. The New Left thought it could correct the tyranny made obvious after the communist Soviet Union’s dissolution. David Horowitz and others suggest that no leftist approach will work; it all leads to despotic governments, because in order to try to get everyone the same and to force a distribution of power and goods, someone has to be in charge. That someone in charge is a dictator, because people do not naturally want to line up in an equitably distributed manner. It is natural to have the spark that drives initiative and competition. In that open market space, there is always the hope for true wealth. Communist countries always have a divide between a wealthier government and a very poor citizenry. Socialism and communism, then, go against the grain of natural tendencies in human nature. I would add that in addition to these problems, the more pragmatic members of each revolutionary movement have a certain cynicism and cutting realism. These are the people who lop off the idealists at then end of a revolutionary cycle. This is why so many students, college teachers, writers and intellectuals as well as others are killed during and after the revolution. People are killed on the way up and people are killed during the securing and leadership platform stage. Trying to force everyone to a civil rights mentality the way Black Lives Matter expresses it is an ongoing problem that reaches back to the earlier Black Panthers Party. The Panthers were using the same language. As Horowitz indicates, behind the Panthers rhetoric was a lethal operation that used extortion, bribes and murders to control members of the group, community members in the ghetto and beyond. Frequently the Panthers used guilt over race to manipulate people. Some people have romanticized the Panthers as a sort of modern day Robin Hood with black skin. Horowitz tells us firmly this is a mistake. By extension, do not allow guilt or politically correct notions to keep us from pushing back when a given space seems taken over by minority groups. The first and most necessary step is to be awake and aware. Here are a few places to watch: Highway billboard signs advertising colleges or public schools; I have also seen an education related census advertisement in Aztec, New Mexico directly in front of the county offices with only three minority children advertised - no whites - trying to get people to submit to the census for education financing purposes College campus semester class schedules, including online-only ones College related magazines for students, the community and others Where more fair-skinned people are photographed supporting BLM, please investigate whether they are Muslims or minority racial mixes; if they are paid off; if there is an illegal substance connection (ie, drug trafficking or addictions) ; if there is any form of bullying behind the scenes Watch for corrupt campus security and ties to the local police department, which includes misuse of surveillance sooner or later to target undesirables. They can use modern computerization to go back over older filming that goes back years using a type of face recognition to see how many times the person has been on campus; this is excellent and desirable when investigating a true terrorist suspect; it is bad when it is a form of reverse discrimination against whites who have spoken out against a minority takeover. Wise investigations of the “old school USA” sort will investigate campus security properly and its possible links to MSA, leftists and Red, Brown and Black power movements. See the infiltrated campus as a sort of cocoon or oyster shell needing to be broken into by Proud to Be American types who mean business. Get through the barriers and hurtles. One white group to watch for are certain Mormons in their relationships with minorities There needs to be a differentiation between “old school investigations” of MSA/affiliate-infiltrated colleges and handling gangs. See Notes-History/News-2020/07/01. For example, was the priest one of the “dumping ground” criminal rejects from other states in earlier years? If so, what was the racial and cultural arena he came from? How is this different from most other whites in the state of New Mexico, and how can we make sure non-whites don’t lump the two types of whites together? Stereotyping occurs from non-whites against whites, as well as the reverse. Whites who have been generally mellow and non- aggressive toward minorities are getting hit with the backlash. After awhile, these whites defer, meld into the melting pot of sexual liaisons, or says Enough is Enough and start to resist. A white person can lose their inner compass and personal power to another culture in a marriage. On the other hand, if abusive or criminalistic to his Navajo wife or mixed race children, he or she can worsen the already troubled situation between races by reinforcing the bad image. This means police cases can be more difficult to unravel as complex associations between non-whites and mixed race people range all over a city or region. A white person can be getting hit with a tribal vibe of resentment, secrecy, resistance or competition from those of mixed race ancestry. It comes down to what the people feel is their racial center. Recognize several, but not all, of the anti-American types are on drugs and have been repeating the same messages to themselves likely for a long time. It’s all they think and all they know. They don’t do dialogues, only monologues. In the Four Corners Area of New Mexico, several are likely Native American female gang members and others linked to leftist groups at colleges throughout New Mexico. Non-black female gang members linked to African anti-American types need a special study per region. Each region will have different racial tendencies while linked to national and international platforms. They are going at it in a slightly different way. One of the issues is they say “Use Kindness” when there is an iron hand behind the soft words. This iron hand is “If you say something we think is mean, we will retaliate through isolating, ostracizing or discrediting you or violence.” The messages might sound progressive, but there is a moody undercurrent behind them. The message really is: “If you don’t play it our way, we will get you.” Identify the number of ways they are ready to discipline - it can con from gang codes of conduct, bad experiences in the Catholic Church, a lifestyle of fight city, things immigrants brought in from war zones or cartelmania in other countries. How they see themselves as “correcting” others is part of the overall package - but it is important that we understand many of these groups see themselves as “correcting” bad behavior and erroneous thinking in the rest of us. They might try to run emotionally driven “strings” as so-called “law enforcement” in New Mexico. The errant police officers will “correct” a member of the public using Hispania - not Americana - as the justification. This is part of the shadow government tendencies. The question is, with public bullying of white American police officers - who will step up to the plate and stop Hispanic shadow government tendencies in New Mexico? Will other Hispanic cops do it? Will Native American, or Native American-Hispanic cops do it? Will better quality, old-time, strong-willed white cop leaders do it? In other words, in New Mexico, if Hispanic cops are messing with us around town, who among the police force will call them on it? How many white cops have stood by and let them do it, or have been in on it in some way? If the Hispanic cops say to themselves, I am in the USA but not of it, New Mexico is a country unto itself, I don’t have to treat white women well, who will back them off? The people who will back them off are the ones who say, “I am an American first, a New Mexican second.” At some point sooner or later, the dirty Hispanic cop(s) will be caught for retaliation and stalking, blocking cases, influencing other cops from doing their jobs thoroughly, evidence mishandling and more; there will be lawsuits and criminal action taken against him/them. White cops might quit and then later put out the word what they saw. Their lives might be at stake in that case. In some situations, the court cases will need to be taken outside of New Mexico for a better chance at a fair trial, although this is no guarantee. When Hispanics and Native Americans in New Mexico decide collectively they are Americans first, New Mexicans second, the state will rise above its third world country level and will become a state where truth and fair play are about everyone, no matter their race or gender, including male and female whites (fair-skinned Caucasians of the pink cheeks/blue eyes sort). Right now, New Mexico is a hazard zone for anyone white who goes against the system. As mentioned elsewhere, It is possible there has been a “program” of sorts against whites in the state for decades, maybe even since birth, something that keeps the person down and out, unable to leave the sate without retaliation, and unable to move around the state without being watched. Where these tendencies are a formal program or a loose tendency, I personally feel being white in New Mexico has been a hazard. I did not catch onto this problem until much later in life because I did not come from a family that looked for racial tensions or such. Looking back, there was always the undercurrents of edginess, secrets, hostility, sensitivities about what I said or how I carried myself, and more. It was there from both the Hispanics and the Native Americans. So something like this could have been linked to a hidden statewide “program” or a general tendency to not like or trust whites. Either way, it was not good. Later, I started noticing more and more Hispanics and Native Americans were squeezing whites out of the job market, including in government jobs. Do not let COVID-19 distract from national security. Hispanics and Latinos in New Mexico From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hispanic and Latino New Mexicans are residents of the state of New Mexico who are of Hispanic or Latino ancestry. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, Hispanics and Latinos of any race were 47% of the state's population.[1] The Hispanos of New Mexico are historically mestizo communities; some of its members descending from the Spanish colonists (many of whom were mestizos themselves), who with Native allies who settled the area of New Mexico and Southern Colorado. From 1598 to 1848, the Spanish settled in New Mexico in order to colonize the territory that was already inhabited by local Native American tribes. Mexico Immigrants in New Mexico In 2018, 198,522 immigrants (foreign-born individuals) comprised 9 percent of the population. New Mexico was home to 92,604 women, 95,014 men, and 10,904 children who were immigrants. Immigrants in New Mexico | American Immigration Council