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TRUMP ON BORDER PROTECTION Cronkite News https //cronkitenews Detroit News (2019/04/11) Trump admin lawsuits border killings https //www detroitnews com/story/news/nation/2019/04/11/trump-administration-lawsuits-border- killings/39333343/ Fox News (2017/12/05) Dramatic spike in violent attacks against us border agents provokes outrage https //www foxnews com/us/dramatic-spike-in-violent-attacks-against-us-border-agents-provokes-outrage The Intercept (2018/04/23) How the border patrol faked statistics showing a 73 percent rise in assaults against agents. By Debbie Nathan https //theintercept com/2018/04/23/border-patrol-agents-assaulted-cbp-fbi/ New York Times (2019/01/10) Trump along the border of Texas https //www nytimes com/2019/01/10/us/politics/trump-wall-texas-border html Rolling Stone 2018/04/18 How the cartels work. Mexican drug lords have transformed the narcotics trade in America — and the DEA appears powerless to stop them. By Guy Lawson https //www rollingstone com/politics/politics-news/how-the-cartels-work-245912/ This article appeared in the September 17, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is available in the online archive. Excerpt: As the violence in Mexico has escalated, federal officials have stepped up major busts against the cartels in the U.S. Earlier this year, in Operation Xcellerator, the Drug Enforcement Administration made 750 arrests from California to Maryland, seizing $59 million in cash and 23 tons of narcotics — including 12,000 kilos of coke, 1,200 pounds of meth and 1.3 million hits of Ecstasy. The operations employ the same law- enforcement tactics used to disrupt the Mafia in the 1980s, busting low-level flunkies and turning them into informants. So far, though, the DEA’s widely publicized campaign has been a total bust when it comes to nailing top narcos. The target of Operation Xcellerator — a drug lord from the Sinaloan cartels — remains a fugitive, as do four Mexican drug traffickers designated as “narcotics kingpins” in July. According to the DEA, the men operate out of Mexico, overseeing a sophisticated organization in the U.S. that sets prices, tracks shipments, manages employment and handles payoffs. The group has divided the border into “plazas,” each under the control of a specific manager. The name of the outfit, appropriately enough, is the Company. https //www rollingstone com/politics/politics-news/how-the-cartels-work-245912/ Tucson 2019/08/24 Work on Trump border wall starts in Arizona, New Mexico. By Cedar Attanasio and Astrid Galvan The Associated Press https //tucson com/news/state-and-regional/work-on-trump-border-wall-starts-in-arizona-new- mexico/article_0548c5f3-c165-5dac-9353-87f00a8fcea4 html USA Today (2019/05/11) Trump wants a border wall: The Pentagon announced $1.5B for border barriers Friday. What's the status of the wall? https //www usatoday com/story/news/politics/2019/05/10/trump-wants-border-wall-what-status-its- construction/1145825001/ Washington Post (2019/01/10) Amid shutdown, Trump visits McAllen Texas in effort to boost argument for border wall https //www washingtonpost com/politics/trump-to-travel-to-texas-in-effort-to-boost-argument-for-border- wall/2019/01/10/88b39ed6-14e5-11e9-803c-4ef28312c8b9_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.1c3119387686 EARLIER Here is what happened when Trump entered the picture, according to this writer: “In candidate Trump, the opposition saw a threat to the "politically correct" enforcement narratives they've meticulously laid in over the past few decades. In President Trump, they see a latent threat to continue that effort to ruinous effect and their retaliatory response reflects this fear. “ (Author’s comments) He adds more about how Trump is being vilified and why: “Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative, those that benefit recognize the threat he poses and seek his destruction. For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed. Far from politics as usual, this is a political warfare effort that seeks the destruction of a sitting president. Since Trump took office, the situation has intensified to crisis level proportions. For those engaged in the effort, especially those from within the "deep state" or permanent government apparatus, this raises clear Title 18 (legal) concerns. --POTUS Higgins Memo Summary of Website Links of Trump On This Page clinton-president/21609476 story/3c757458abcd842d3a4011d8fb3c54a3 bond.html impeaching-trump want-you-to-know-about/ presidential-election 956080? ani/ trump-officials/ BBDYc04?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp trump.html?rref=collection%2Fnewseventcollection%2FPresidential%20Election%202016&action=click&contentColle ction=The%20Upshot&module=Collection&region=Marginalia&src=me&version=newsevent&pgtype=article border-patrol-nominee/ house/2017/12/01/36962e9a-d6b4-11e7-b62d-d9345ced896d_story.html?utm_term=.8f081bcf7d63 adviser/2017/10/31/dc737a42-be5f-11e7-8444-a0d4f04b89eb_story.html?tid=a_inl&utm_term=.008322967a3d cases/2016/11/18/8dc047c0-ada0-11e6-a31b-4b6397e625d0_story.html?utm_term=.458323a6b356 so-why-is-clinton-supposedly-the-corrupt-one/?utm_term=.c3dfae10bc9a https //en wikipedia org/wiki/Robert_Mueller movements-a-lot-is-at-stake-in-this-election ON TRUMP moved from rivergold dot net 2021/01/11 July 28, 2019 Sunday 11:42 am mst After reading Horowitz and Geller, and watching two white presidents go through hell from the fake news bashers, hecklers and unbalanced, unfair news coverage, I have removed the Impeach Trump banner. I did not vote for Trump and don’t like him as a president, but he has at least made an effort or given lip service to things I do care about. In addition, I have become more concerned about border protections and safeguards against cartels since putting up the impeachment material. I have also read about how the left has had a plan and likely prevented American success in Vietnam and the Iraq invasion. I didn’t like Trump because of his Trump towers, what he said about women and his overall approach regarding them, his Russian connection and shallow big business show boy glamor image, loose and crude tongue and overall courseness, trophy wives and inadequate governmental and military experience, but I am not interested in being part of the left-wing hecklers turning our country and its president into a circus show. added note on 2021/01/11: Biden and Harris are trying to take control before the actual presidential transition period, someone seems to have jumped the White house, “Trump Supporters” are being blamed - was it someone else? Notice this: Book: Fatwa: Hunted in America. By Pamela Geller. (2017) Freedom of Speech in the Age of Jihad Chapter 2 The Workshop p. 12 The Bush Derangement Syndrome as a strategy clearly worked: Bush’s name became synonymous with mud. The insane hatred of Trump is merely BDS 2.0. It worked then, so why not ratchet it up? They have. Chapter 11 page 223 …Trump supporters have been beaten at rallies and demos in support of the President. From Berkeley to Brooklyn, college campuses have become nothing short of war zones…. page 228: President Trump was elected by Americans who oppose the left-wing coup and are fed up with living under the left’s oppressive boot. Trump is our proxy. We fought back the non-violent way - through the ballot box. Trump is our proxy. From the moment he was elected the left refused to accept the will of the people.. Freedom lovers are beaten at rallies against jihad and sharia by left-wing fascists who mockingly call themselves antifa short for “antifascists” or “anti-fascist action. More on Navajos: Feb 6, 2021 …and if you get a “white” it might be a deliberate racial mix, like a Navajo-white as defiance to complaints by whites asking for more balanced ads -Navajos tell themselves they own everything around Farmington, and need to be in control of Farmington, New Mexico because they say itis their ancient homeland (forget about the ancient Anasazi who used to live there); Navajos say whites were mean to Navajos and now it is Navajo’s turn to control everything (forget about American Equal Employment Opportunity laws which were only tools to help get Navajos in the job door; Navajos tell themselves they do not have to apply that to white people looking for jobs - blatant reverse-discrimination in hiring) -Mormons and Hopis can be in Mormon cliques while fighting for leftist-style minority power -Male mechanics across town will weasel out of doing a job right for a woman as part of a gig It is also my opinion that Navajos and certain other Native American tribes have been in on this whole thing at least since 9/11 - although there are a few honorable Navajos, 2021/02/08 Just called Transunion Credit Reporting Agency: 100 percent thick-accented Hispanics answering all customer service call centers. Experian has showed “calling card” black-first ads - see BLM/Media later today. Fort Lewis College and San Juan College front news headlines Durango Herald minority preference grant Hispanics and blacks transfer students, less emphasis on “just students” in early years like first and second years. . The Durango Herald showed itself a player in the Black Lives Matter protests - blatant minority and LGBT preference - I cancelled a trial subscription once I realized what was happening and what they were doing. Sue the companies over minority preference that shows 100 percent squeeze-outs of whites, folks. Mexico call centers should not be answering America’s business calls, illegal aliens in America should not be getting jobs at the expense of American citizens who need jobs. 2021/02/06-07 Later Feb. 7 A lot of people feel Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason. I agree. I also agree that Biden, Harris, Obama and Brannon should also be tried for treason. However, as I tried to explain below, I feel that Hillary Clinton was likely “in a zone of influence” which, short of a hidden takeover and overt pressure by the enemy, might have been a space of tricky influences by radical Muslims around her. This is not apologetics for either Clinton, and Bill Clinton himself might have been doing some things, a quiet influence after the Lewinsky ordeal. It would also be a good idea to fact check and investigate Hillary’s alleged early leftist influences to see if a trail of that was still with her during her most scandalous moments in the State Department. It is possible she was caught up in something that was over her head for whatever reason. Frank Gaffney has done a good job of indicating that radical Muslims were around Hillary Clinton in his Muslim Brotherhood video series. We need to itemize all Islamic influences directly and indirectly around Hillary Clinton and decide if they were the primary movers in the Benghazi related corruption and bin Laden killing. My feeling that there are primary movers other than Hillary, but that this does not get her off the hook if she has been able to come out with the truth and not done so. A lot of people have been ready to hang Hillary when I am not so sure she is as core level rotten as perhaps not sure of herself enough to stand up for America and what is right. My sense about Hillary is that she does not have a strong enough sense of identity and purpose; her husband Bill said she stepped up to the plate during 9/11 - he felt she showed gumption then. Whatever the case might be about Hillary, something has been terribly off with the Democrat Party for a long time. There is something about Hillary that gets to some people; I have that same reaction over Kamala Harris. Whatever the case might be, we need real facts, not rumors of facts, and not personal biases against someone alone. If someone asked me to be involved in a court case against Kamala Harris, I would have to say, “You know, I am so biased against this woman, I had better take myself off the case.” Similarly, some of you out there are so biased against Hillary Clinton, perhaps you need to stand back a bit and allow other ideas - like a possible White House and State Department takeover or influencing inform your investigations. If our primary leaders are being quietly attacked from behind, we need to know about it. On another note, I had mentioned continued feelings of waterborne military higher ups linked to treasonous acts still - I need to clarify I feel there are less people now, and maybe some involved are second in commands or ffurther down . I sense attrition, and perhaps some of it was from the Fat Leonard Case turn-out, as well as deaths like Stearney’s … maybe COVID-19…and some other issues, all of which could have removed some of the American players … I still sense a possible “Nordic” link - but it could also include Middle Eastern petro powerhouses like Saudi Arabia and Aramco…American leaders need to understand they work for America, not Petro. There is a run-down of the history of Aramco, Saudis and America, OPEC and more on this website, all of which will continue to be fleshed out. ONe of the questions we should be asking ourselves is: are Muslims influencing Americans using subliminal means, and if so, how do we protect ourselves against that? How do American politicians wake up to the signs of such activity in their midst? Feb. 7 In looking over the video for this date in Notes-News about the alleged CIA agent (guy with a long white beard and turban-like thing on his head) the first thing many will feel watching this video is “kooky.” After we watch that and read Daily Mail’s Q’Anon conspiracy theory material, we don’t have trouble seeing why there is such a theory. One thing that came up for me watching the video is the possibility the bearded guy is an Irish radical Islamic terrorist type; something that alerted me to this possibility is the way he points his finger when he talks about spiritual matters - I have seen that kind of thing before in watching an Irish convert to Islam. Along these lines, I have had reoccurring vibes about American military collusion with oil and gas companies in things like 9/11 and other anti-American attacks; this has a money vibe, they are doing it for the money. This feels like treason. The men might be in higher up positions in the Navy, as I feel I waterborne connection to this, but there are likely other military branches involved as well. Not all American military is involved. The groups behind this are trying to treat petro like its own world power separate from any country’s government. Part of the reason the AAmerican military higher ups are doing it is cynicism as well as money. Feb. 6 The White House takeover has also been a heist in my opinion; I have been feeling the vibe of heist Something big (worth a lot) has been stolen from the United States as linked to the White House. Something serious and worth a lot of money had been taken almost right away. 9/11 was also a combination heist and disaster. I am glad to see some others think Biden needs to be impeached and tried with treason, Harris needs to also be tried for criminality and treason, and gotten out of the White House immediately. She is very smart aleck, always defiant. Her energy just does not feel American to me, her mix of other countries should be taken seriously. Updates 2021/11/15 added border protection material - moved from Borders section08/12/2017 mother jones saudis/trump/sizzle; 07/20/2017 rawstory/article on Trump nominee AZ border patrol corruption dated 03/2017; 07/08/2017