IN THIS SECTION Leaders Leaders Problems Leaders Problems Other Leaders for USA Comments 2021/10/22: Leaders put here have - seem to have - over-arching communication and activities in support of the USA or at least strongly in support of certain key parts of it; like all humans, there might be vagaries, inconsistencies and partial problems, but the overall strengths seem to outweigh the weaknesses in terms of productivity for the country CONGRESSIONAL LEADERS BOEBERT: Lauren Boebert-Colorado-Representative-Republican Boebert assorted news complaint lawsuit/article_8af0ba46-d82c-11eb-b7fe-070ceca19394.html biden-phone-call-with-afghan-president/ Boebert Stand against Biden group Newsweek 2021/09/01 Lauren Boebert Says She Has Plan to Get Rid of Biden, Harris and Pelosi BY DARRAGH ROCHE ON 9/1/21 AT 8:02 AM EDT Excerpt: "I have legislation that will be introduced to impeach both Biden and Harris," Boebert said. "And Nancy Pelosi can follow them out the freaking door. She certainly needs to be held accountable for this as well and we have called—as the Freedom Caucus—we have called on Leader McCarthy to introduce a resolution to vacate the chair." CLYDE: Andrew Clyde - Georgia - Representative - Republican Clyde House dot gov 2021/08/16 Rep. Clyde joins 35 Freshman Colleagues on letter to President Biden on the current situation in Afghanistan current Youtube 2020/12/16 (pub. date for youtube video) Andrew Clyde got a bill passed into law before he even ran for Congress 20201/07/28 See GOP lawmaker's reaction when he's confronted over insurrection remarks Chairman Jamie Raskin Legislation against Andrew Clyde H. RES. 419 2021/05/20: Censuring Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia. Excerpt: Mr. Cicilline (for himself, Mr. Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania, Mr. Cooper, Ms. Chu, Mrs. Demings, Mr. DeSaulnier, Mr. Huffman, Ms. Jackson Lee, Mr. Johnson of Georgia, Mr. Kildee, Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. McEachin, Mr. Payne, Ms. Schakowsky, Ms. Tlaib, Mr. Jones, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, Mrs. Torres of California, Ms. Jayapal, and Mr. Espaillat) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on Ethics; Whereas on that date Representative Clyde also stated of the insurrectionists, “Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall showed people in an orderly fashion staying between the stanchions and ropes taking videos and pictures. You know, if you didn't know the TV footage was a video from January 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”; and; Whereas undermining the seriousness of the insurrection that occurred on January 6 against the United States Capitol and Members of Congress, and dangerously mischaracterizing the events of that day, disrespects the sacrifices made by law enforcement officers on that day and creates danger by emboldening and legitimizing future actors who would attack the United States Capitol in a similar manner: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That—(1) Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia be hereby censured;(2) Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia forthwith present himself in the well of the House of Representatives for the pronouncement of censure; and (3) Representative Andrew Clyde of Georgia be censured with the public reading of this resolution by the Speaker. On HR 3325 Gainesville Times dot com 2021/06/17 Rep. Andrew Clyde responds to controversy over medal vote, alleged officer snub. By Conner Evans alleged-officer-snub/ Excerpt: The 9th District representative has opposed this legislation because of its “partisan rhetoric and politicized language,” according to a March 19 statement posted on Facebook. In May, he stirred controversy when he refused to call the events of Jan. 6 an “insurrection,” and compared certain TV footage from the riots to a “normal tourist visit.” Instead of voting for HR 3325, Clyde co-sponsored Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s similar resolution, HR 1965, which would also award four medals to the same entities. But Gohmert’s resolution has no description of the Jan. 6 insurrection. Excerpt: Clyde voted with 20 other Republicans against a resolution Tuesday, June 15, that would award Capitol police officers with the medals for their service during the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. The resolution, HR 3325, passed the House with a vote of 406-21 and awards four medals: one to the U.S. Capitol Police, one to the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, one for display at the Smithsonian and one to the architect of the Capitol, “for display in a prominent location in the United States Capitol as appropriate and available for research.” Instead of voting for HR 3325, Clyde co-sponsored Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert’s similar resolution, HR 1965, which would also award four medals to the same entities. But Gohmert’s resolution has no description of the Jan. 6 insurrection. “I have worked with law enforcement for over 30 years, and even recently cosponsored two bills introduced by Rep. Louie Gohmert to award Congressional Gold Medals to all USCP officers who have given the last full measure in the line of duty,” Clyde said in a statement to The Times Thursday, June 18. The resolution aims to honor all Capitol police officers, mentioning those who have previously died during duty as far back as Sgt. Christopher S. Eney in 1984. It states, “Most recently, we mourn the losses of Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, and Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jeffrey Smith, who all passed in January 2021.” alleged-officer-snub/ Online Athens 2019/06/22 Federal bill bears Athens man’s name CRENSHAW: Dan Crenshaw - Texas 2nd District - Representative - Republican On Immigration Excerpt: State Border Security Reimbursement Act Introduced 2021/03/09 …to reimburse states like Texas who have spent significant resources on enforcing federal immigration laws, which is a responsibility of the federal government. The Border Security Reimbursement Act would reimburse states who have spent more than $2.5B on border security in the last 10 years. "Texans have paid billions in federal taxes for the government to do its job to secure the southern border. The Biden Administration seems hellbent on abdicating that responsibility, wasting taxpayer dollars and creating an unprecedented crisis on the border," said Crenshaw. "Meanwhile, Texans are also paying state taxes to bolster border security because we can't rely on the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws. My bipartisan bill simply reimburses states like Texas for doing the federal government's job." Articles-Crenshaw GALLAGHER - Mike Gallagher - Wisconsin - Representative - Republican On Immigration Gallagher dot house dot gov Excerpt: H.R. 1120: Empowering Immigration Courts Act This bill would give immigration judges the authority to impose criminal fines on anyone in contempt of their court. Existing law allows for the Attorney General to define regulations to impose fines, but none have been put in place since the law’s enactment 22 years ago. The Heritage Foundation published a study indicating that this lack of authority means those that come before the court “cannot be held accountable to the judge with respect to matters such as timelines, docketing dates, or even court orders.” On Cartels/TCO Gallagher dot house dot gov Excerpt: H.R. 1687: Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act The Significant Transnational Criminal Organization Designation Act enables the federal government to impose on the most significant Transnational Criminal Organizations the same sanctions that apply to Foreign Terrorist Organizations including: Barring organization members and their immediate families from admission to the United States. Freezing assets. Seeking civil and criminal penalties against Individuals providing material assistance or resources to the organization. GREEN-Mark Edward Green - Tennessee - Representative - Republican Wikipedia: Mark Edward Green is an American politician, physician, and retired U.S. Army Major who represents Tennessee's 7th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. A Republican, Green previously served in the Tennessee State Senate, representing the 22nd district….West Point…flight surgeon…serving tours of duty in the Afghanistan War and Iraq War. Mark Green, Tennessee Congressmen infrastructure-bills/article_adc23eea-1ca2-11ec-8519-af56438d4e94.html INHOFE-Jim Inhofe - Oklahoma - Senior Senator - Republican Youtube video GOP lawmaker drafts bill targeting undocumented immigrants-Mar 27, 2018 Sen. Inhofe on immigration reform: Surprised by pushback from Democrats-Feb 13, 2018 On the Issues dot org Inhofe on Immigration Voted NO on continuing federal funds for declared "sanctuary cities" Voted NO on comprehensive immigration reform. Protect the borders; prevent illegal entry Secure our porous borders & control illegal immigration See Articles JOHNSON: Ron Johnson - Wisconsin - Senator - Republican Bill Name Title Bill Date S.2030 Iran Nuclear Treaty Act 06/10/21 S.114 SOAR Permanent Authorization Act 01/28/21 S.628 Guidance Out Of Darkness Act 03/09/21 Articles Badger Herald 2019/10/03 US Sen. Ron Johnson says Democratic candidate proposals are ‘jaw-dropping’ Citizens should be knowledgeable, questions things in upcoming election Johnson said By Courtney Erdman are-jaw-dropping/ Bugle24 Ron Johnson Net Worth: The Senator Makes Claims on Election Fraud During the Hearing By madhumitha ravindran -December 24, 2020 https //bugle24 com/ron-johnson-net-worth-the-senator-makes-claims-on-election-fraud-during-the- hearing/ Fox News 2021/10/18 Sen. Ron Johnson presses Wray on validity of Hunter Biden laptop claim. By Ronn Blitzer Johnson said the FBI has refused to confirm or deny details regarding the laptop https //www foxnews com/politics/sen-johnson-presses-wray-on-validity-of-hunter-biden-laptop-claim HuffPost 2014/01/25 Ron Johnson Sues Obama Administration To Block His Own Health Care By Michael McAuliff and Shadee Ashtari https //www huffpost com/entry/ron-johnson-obamacare-lawsuit_n_4550398 National Review 2014/08/04 Senator Ron Johnson Appealing Decision that Dismissed His Lawsuit Against President Obama. By Ryan Lovelace https //wwwnationalreview com/corner/senator-ron-johnson-appealing-decision-dismissed-his-lawsuit- against-president-obama/ Wisconsin Politics 2021/09/15 U.S. Sen. Johnson: Follows up on unanswered questions from reporter’s lawsuit regarding Obama Administration’s DOJ https //www wispolitics com/2020/u-s-sen-johnson-follows-up-on-unanswered-questions-from-reporters- lawsuit-regarding-obama-administrations-doj/ Excerpt: The compromise of Ms. Attkisson’s electronic devices is troubling and occurred around the same time as the targeting of investigative journalists that occurred under the Obama administration.[7] Names Senator Tom Coburn Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Charles Grassley Attorney General Eric Holder U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens CBS News investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson Fox News Investigative Journalist James Rosen Attorney General Department of Justice The Honorable Christopher A. Wray Judge James Wynn, Jr. Agencies Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Dept of Justice - Attorney General's Office Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) Acts Discussed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [end Wispolitics article excerpt] https //www wispolitics com/2020/u-s-sen-johnson-follows-up-on-unanswered-questions-from-reporters- lawsuit-regarding-obama-administrations-doj/ TIFFANY, Tom Representative Wisconsin-7 Republican (also in Afghanistan Pullout-Refugees; Borders-Refugees) Acts, Bills, etc Rep. Tiffany Introduces the RAPID Act to more quickly to protect forest health, ie, emerald ash bore Government Related against-afghan General Articles Darien Gap Pouring Southern Border BB1frATj Afghan Refugees MIKE POMPEO Leadership Position Former Secretary of State, Start March 2018-2021; Trump appointed. Rex Tillerson preceded, dismissed. Note: This is not an attempt to attack Mike Pompeo, but an effort to hear both sides of the story about him by weighing in on various pieces of information and opinion, including his own words. Also, it is to take a look at what he has been involved in and his various approaches and responses. This individual is very bright, having graduated first in his class in military engineering from the US Military Academy (West Point), and has a law degree from Harvard. He served in the military five years and then was an attorney. (See and businessinsider-2020/05/20 below) Partial Career Background CIA 2017-2018 Director Trump appointed him in Jan. 2017 US Army officer 1986-91 o see House of Representatives 2011-2017 Kansas 4th Congressional District Republican National Committee Tea Party member (Republican) 2021 Hudson Institute - Washington, DC - joined after being Secretary of State o Distinguished Fellow (see Townhall-2021/06/11) Thayer Aerospace Koch connected: Venture funding for Thayer Aerospace (a private organization) included a nearly 20% investment from Koch Industries Sentry International Koch connected: After selling Thayer Aerospace, Pompeo then became president of Sentry International, an oilfield equipment manufacturer that was also a partner of Koch Industries. LINKS LIST-POMPEO Youtube 2021/02/25-- standing against China Beijing games 2020/08/13 pub Pompeo warns Russia against bounties on US 2020/01/27-- Chris Wallace finally loses it on Fox colleague ON AIR 2020/12/09-- Pompeo delivers remarks on China challenge to US National Security 2019/11/15-- 2019/10/11-- 2020/05/20-- that-he-frequently-speaks-to-trump-about-north-korea-saying-i-hardly-ever-escape-a-day-at-the-white-house- without-the-president-asking-me-about-north-korea-and-how-it-is-that-the-united-states-is-responding-to-that- threat-18 2021/06/15-- 2020/06/12-- pompeo/ 2020/03/05-- 2021/07/26-- he-returns-to-southern-california/ 2021/02/25-- who-america-is [Note from PF: this article seems likely biased from the minority/leftist point of view] 2020/01/27-- 2020/0820-- pompeo 2020/01/27-- dont-be-such-a-baby 2021/07/08-- reaction_n_60e69d84e4b0f28cac98a629 against-china-over-coronavirus-coverup/ 2021/01/11-- 2019/11/21-- lawyer-1473179 2020/01/25-- pompeo 2021/02/05-- 2021/06/15-- 2021/02/26-- 2019/11/20-- 2019/12/31-- in-iraq-attack/ 2020/09/27-- pompeo/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_5c5644ff81e252a7753aa4ce8dc506bc9c0d85a8-1628277662-0- gqNtZGzNAfijcnBszQh6 2020/12/08-- 2021/06/13-- that-trump-administration-didnt-do-enoug 2021/06/11-- waves-in-politics-n2590838 2020/12/23--https //townhall com/columnists/austinbay/2020/12/23/the-enemy-is-fragility-pompeos-new-strategy- n2582018 2021/05/19--https //ukranews com/en/news/703279-the-former-us-ambassador-yovanovitch-blocked-a-return-to- ukraine-of-money-stolen-during-the 2017-- 2021/06/15--https //www 2021/04/21--https //www washingtonexaminer com/news/campaigns/mike-pompeo-strategy-to-stay-relevant-for- 2024-takes-shape 2021/03/20--https //www washingtonexaminer com/news/mike-pompeo-interview-china-who-covid-wuhan-lab COMMENTS 2021/10/22 Pompeo was moved from the Leaders-Possible or Actual Problems list to this one, Leaders Standing up for USA. The reason for this is Pompeo has show repeated demonstrable efforts at speaking out against China. Earlier COmments on Pompeo: One thing we need to keep in mind is that the Democrats were out for blood on anything Trump. Pompeo was a strong Trump supporter and was and is a Republican conservative. Democrats were digging for anything and everything during Trump’s entire prsidency. They never let up for a minutes. It was a grueling, nasty four years. In addition, blacks, browns and the far left have been bashing whites - especially white politicians - and the more conservative portions of the United States. Mike Pompeo, because he is white and conservative, got caught in that. This digging at the other party’s members is something that happens between parties anyway all the time, but it was especially aggressive and sinister during the Trump administration. We need to look at both alleged and actual, as well as context in the attacks against Pompeo. It would be hard for anyone to concentrate, hold their ground, remain strong in self, in the midst of all those attacks and negativity. There are approaches and personal views Pompeo has that match such here at Police Factor. As such, there is no interest here in slamming him for being backwards,a racist, hugely corrupt or anything like that. Nonetheless, there are signs that Pompeo might have had a big business, elitist approach to doing politics, one that might have sided with certain old players like Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia connection is one that goes way back in time and should be a top-of-mind awareness and concern. He might have been too much under the influence of Trump to swerve clear of some pot holes, like the Ukraine mess. The Ukraine/USA situation involving either Biden/his son or Trump/Giuliani/Pompeo is still not entirely clear. But he might have had a strong pro-American, old Army core which wanted to play out while having that elitist business side. Sometimes getting used to dealing with big bucks can take you away from the man on the ground but parts of you remain rooted to that anyway. Perhaps this partly describes Pompeo, who is an Army veteran. In the Army, one gets certain kudos for having gone up through the chain of command; once reaching higher tiers, some might feel one deservse some respect and special privileges. Pompeo, like many other military veterans, stepped out of the lower grade pay statuses into the world of big business which takes a person somewhere far removed from the grunt work of the man on the ground. It also appears he was not a career man, not the 30 year veteran, he moved onto other things fairly early in life. Pompeo was in the middle of everything during the Trump administration. Like other major leaders, he is very intertwined with big business, including aerospace and petroleum. He seemed to have too strong of a leaning toward Saudi Arabia. There are signs of game-playing and deception over the Ukraine issues; he had close ties with President Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. He had major issues with the IG who questioned his activities and reported, and was later fired. Although Pompeo says it was not out of retaliation, one has to wonder. Pompeo has visited and shaken hands with many major country leaders, including that of North Korea. Wikipedia [extracted from Internet 2021/08/05] Pompeo's good points Warnings about China Pompeo's alleged or actual bad points . Under Pompeo's tenure, career State Department officials quit, were forced into retirement or fired, and were replaced by inexperienced political appointees. In Too partisan for Trump and allies Personal favors for self and wife on job Using office to campaign for Republicans Overly critical and dismissive of longterm staffers, incl. State Dept. inspector General IG had a report listing over 100 misconduct instances - personal errands Michael Richard Pompeo is an American politician, diplomat, businessman, and attorney who served under President Donald Trump as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 2017 to 2018 and as the 70th United States Secretary of State from 2018 to 2021. Pompeo is a former United States Army officer. He was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017, representing Kansas's 4th congressional district. He was a Kansas representative on the Republican National Committee. Pompeo is also a member of the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party. Once a critic of Donald Trump, whom he called an "authoritarian", Pompeo became one of his biggest supporters after Trump became the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election. President Donald Trump appointed Pompeo Director of the Central Intelligence Agency in January 2017. Trump promoted Pompeo to Secretary of State in March 2018, with Pompeo succeeding Rex Tillerson after his dismissal. Pompeo was confirmed by the Senate on April 26, 2018, in a 57–42 vote and was sworn in the same day. During his tenure as Secretary of State, Pompeo was described as among the staunchest Trump loyalists in the Cabinet. During his tenure, he routinely flouted norms and protocols followed by his predecessors. These included using his office to campaign for Trump's re-election officials, firing and criticizing State Department inspectors general, and standing on the sidelines while Trump and his allies harassed career diplomats. A State Department Inspector General report found more than 100 instances of misconduct where Pompeo requested that State Department staff perform personal errands for him and his wife. Under Pompeo's tenure, career State Department officials quit, were forced into retirement or fired, and were replaced by inexperienced political appointees. In January 2021, Pompeo joined the Hudson Institute. expenses_n_60abc950e4b09604b5256e49 whisky-gift/ TOPICS HUFFINGTON POST BIAS on Pompeo Highlighted here because it has an ongoingly unusually strong bias against Mike Pompeo. Here are some of Huff Post’s articles on Pompeo. Notice the repeated negative and sometimes downright hostile or sneering tone. Identify who has done some quality investigative journalism into HuffPost, and into the anti-Trump and anti- Pompeo writers. Apparent Position on Certain Forms of Torture US News 2017/01/12 10 Things You Didn't Know About Mike Pompeo. The Kansas representative is Donald Trump's nominee to run the Central Intelligence Agency. By Stephen Mays pompeo Excerpt: Pompeo has also supported the CIA resuming the use of waterboarding and other interrogation techniques condemned as torture. pompeo Apparent Take on Critical Race Theory and Responses reaction_n_60e69d84e4b0f28cac98a629 Donors Club, Fan Club Working at Fox News On Whiskey GIft question Updates 2021/10/26 part of Legislators More Info section moved here; 2021/10/22-PAGE STARTED-Leaders for USA; Pompeo was moved here; Previous section had Pompeo in Leaders Not OK for USA, with Pompeo’s editing material from that page shown here : 2021/08/08 Topics section added; Huffpost bias section added; 2021/08/03 PAGE STARTED-Leticia James;
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