NOTES #1-News/History Notes Backlog 1 (here) Notes 2 Notes Backlog 2 Notes 4 (Personal Comments) Notes 5 (Changed to About/Disclosure of Orientation 2019/09/29) 2019/05/16 2019/05/10 2019/05/02 2019/04/20 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/05/16 See below Medical World Corruption and Gangstalking Several of the notes that have been added here are being transferred to the Notes section River GOLD ( It will take a short while to take effect. Health Care Corruption and Organized Crime, Gangstalking A Health Insurance and Medical Corruption section has been initiated on River GOLD (, but deserves more attention. Watch for health care and health insurance antics involving organized crime, with local players often largely belonging to Hispanic and Italian organized crime networks, although there will be other players. Some red flags seem to be excessive hospital charges for low return, as if they are looking for reasons to add to the bill surreptitiously; insurance won’t cover adequately but rapidly increases a member’s rates threefold shortly after making a partial final insurance coverage payment on the hospital bill. This seems to be mostly directed at private pay parties who are the most vulnerable, not employer or similar group based insurance. It also seems likely a victim has already been black-listed and targeted in the area before going to the medical facilities. As such, that individual is given “the treatment” which can include a variety of things, not just being over-billed for low-grade, inapplicable, excessive or unneeded, or downright non-existent medical services. This might possibly include being drugged, abducted and abused in another area before being returned without memories to the hospital, but with fleeting feelings that such a thing might have happened, along with a general sense of distrust about some of the attending medical staff and a sense of urgency while in the ER to leave early, to get out. In short, there is an overall sixth sense that something is off and cannot be trusted at the surface level. Higher Order of Investigation Needed Because the issues are complex, getting to the bottom of it will require a higher order of investigation, but up front awareness of the possibilities of system abuse involving organized crime networks will help. Realize these players often have psychic knowledge and abilities, might have access to psychotronics through the big bucks of drug dealers, and that they have an ethnic, anti-American religion ethnicism/nationalism which brings in quirks and antics that could be missed if you don’t know what to look for. There might be links to witchcraft through old ties to Mexico and other parts of Latin America, which adds to the quirks, but there can also be local tendencies built up over decades. One of the tendencies seems to be high drama lying or exaggeration of the facts, turning the situation around on the victim as if to say that person is all wrong, not the Hispanics involved. The tendency also can be about faked lawsuits and theft, trying to get all of the person’s remaining funds, including even family assets. They are after the person’s money, titles, property, assets and so on, but it’s also a power trip. There might be an organized plan to infiltrate a white family through marriage, both heterosexual and homosexual. This can go back to an old royalty tendency to intertwine royalty families through marriage. Regional Antics Example: Getting put on a black list might start back in Flagstaff, the larger city, but applied further in Cottonwood, a small town south of there about 45 miles away. Look for social services related arenas and Hispanic dominated employers, with mostly upper management Hispanic. An example is a very large food services corporation involved heavily in both Cottonwood and Flagstaff. If a person has worked through this corporation in Flagstaff years ago and then works again more recently in Cottonwood and has a run-in with Hispanic managers, then goes to the Urgent Care and hospital, watch for network-linked antics running across the various spheres of influence. By gaining an understanding of how the players are represented and networked across various companies and agencies, you can start tracing the dynamics back to the source, and also can start to cut off the supply lines. Local Players Across Various Platforms In summary, things to look for are the local players: family members, church connections (Hispanic and Italian Catholic likely), anti-American civil rights groups (ie, La Raza,) although this latter might not be the case, social services of private and government nature, and strong peer associations in a local area running through the hospital, Urgent Care and its related product supplier agencies. There always is likely a city bus related issue, with players in the drivers and in the managers behind the surveillance cameras on the buses. Investigate actual ownership of every single bus and taxi company in the USA; some people have suggested Islamic Extremists have gotten hold of them, but these in turn can be connected to La Raza and their ilk. City paid employees, with their comfort level of paychecks, might aid and abet this sort of thing. Some members of the local Native American tribes are likely always involved, with others not fully participating but aware of the antics, but saying little or nothing. The Old Royalty Component and Religious Ethnicism-Nationalism Inherent within the religious aspect of Hispanic and Italian organized crime is an old link to royalty. It is felt here the royalty link is critical to understanding some of the quirks in religious expression and exacting demands for conformity. It is also believed historical and current Spain and Roman Catholic Italy are important in terms of linking Catholicism to this. It is a particularly old strain with ties to colonialism, old Inquisitions, Spanish and Italian peninsula area ties to the old Ottoman Empire, and a likely ancient form of witchcraft. The people are likely running hidden courts like an old style Spanish Empire. They are also running phony loans and other funky financial operations through this shadow layer which might or might not show up on the black web. In addition, they are telling themselves something is done, over, for the USA and people who adhere to the American system. That parts of New Mexico and Arizona are already back in the hands of Mexico, for example, per a hidden Trump agreement. So both the USA and its loyal American people can find themselves being discussed as already over, treated as a sad moment in history, a once bright star that has since faded. This should be taken seriously by American national security forces, because it is likely part of the occult back layers of pre- manifestation. As mentioned elsewhere, if you have not already, apprise yourself of the Islamic Extremist Black Brotherhood material in Frank Gaffney’s video series. In addition, read books and websites by those who have written about the Muslim Mafia. The Islamic Extremist antics in some ways are similar to the Hispanic/Italian mafia and its hidden colonial era royalty courts. The Arabian Nights Effect and Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Unfortunately, we need to suspect far right material to be a likely supplanting and invasion via the Arabian Nights Effect. Even the best American security-awake and spiritual people can be invaded by the games and antics of those with mafia connections who will infiltrate in various ways. Any form of extremism is likely an infiltration of some kind. What happens is they start messing with things. Eventually you have false fronts and shallow shells of the previous activist, thinker, legitimate government agent and whistleblower. Just imagine someone coming in and with dark humor spraying graffiti on the original legitimate stuff. It’s that kind of rebellious thinking that is going on. They want to take it and rework it to make it theirs or to eliminate it and take over the material with their own message; this is another form of turfing. They also will send in false police, evacuate you from a turfed area if you complain and speak out and more. The best way to think about the thinking and ways is to see Alice in Wonderland’s dinner table of guests over the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. The Drift. The Dance of Language and National Security If you catch the drift of this, you are almost there. Obtaining an inner feeling for what is really going on with all this involves intonation, body language, a dance of energy, nuances and in some cases memes associated with language, culture, world view and early child raising. Many of the dance of energy nuances can be almost completely missing in the American English language. You can get a feeling for it in the French and Chinese languages with its curves and dips in intonation, various vowel intonations and so on. There is more than just sound to that, it is an expression of an inner psychic world of movement and play. We need people in American national security investigations and police work who have caught the drift; nothing else will do. Any type of quirky extremism, whether Christian or something else, should be seen as signs of a La Raza, Red China, Soviet or Hispanic ethnic/royalty/Communism/Socialst thing. On the Hispanic issue, suffice to call all that “religious ethnicism-nationalism.” Everywhere You Go, There They Be The blacklisted target can be discovering across various platforms the attitude is this is a troubled or suspicious character moving around town - keep an eye on him/her - but it is really gangstalking, a form of human network violence. Prison culture and people on the outside involved in social services arenas and elsewhere; this is a certain way of doing and thinking about things, can have a hierarchy domination/submission aspect. Counselors and managers in these arenas can be participating in control games and spying, and otherwise putting the wool over the social service recipients. Making You Dirty Until You Finally Give In What’s really going on is they want you to become a player or be eliminated. It’s a form of Communism to make everyone the same with the insistence on telling you what to believe about God, Jesus, the natural order of things, the relationship between men and women and more. They want to supplant your uniqueness and right to think things through and make decisions for yourself with their version of reality. They also want to make you dirty so you become like them and cannot judge them. In some cases they want you to commit crimes and want to kill someone until you finally do one way or another. Part of it is the game of taking and disappointments; to always offer the carrot or see it coming from someone else and to take it; in the wave of grief and disappointment that you feel, they feel a thrill and then want to use your down state to further emphasize their ways so you finally give up and let them take over. The Far Zone The Far Zone: Also watch for another layer of courts and legal cases beyond the public view - shadow government. This is where things might be happening in advance of a public incident which has already been planned and offered up as a drama and morality play to the public newspapers. This sort of thing can be off the charts both physically and in terms of paper trails. That is, some of it can be outside our normal scope of senses, like a parallel time/space area, but also not recorded properly in the police and news. It is suspected here that a killing of a suspect, perhaps someone who is a member of another gang, has inside information in the prison system, or was pulling out of their gangs in Farmington might have been preceded by a murder, trial and burial by mafia adherents the day before and earlier that day, before the actual incident was reported to have occurred in which a member the police shot and killed the person. That is, while the police and medical people were cleaning up the shooting mess, mafia people were already giving a burial ceremony for this supposedly just killed person, in another area of town. American Military Offshoots/Mexican Drug Dealing Some American Military-Drugs-Hispanic Networks in western Arizona/Valle possible. Whites in military might be American and northern Europeans. This might be one way some Hispanic people have become suspicious of and angry with whites. In this space, perhaps some Mexican nationals and others have been raped both in heterosexual and homosexual contexts, beaten, used as cheap labor in harsh conditions, lied to, cheated and kept in an underground world of crime filled with secrets, making it impossible to enter normal society. Likely Military Offshoots, not Mainstream American military, but it gives the whole American system a bad rep. Summary of Local Organized Crime Related Issues Involving Medical World In other words, there can be both a local and national/international link to this sort of thing, but with local players actively participating. One suspicious area is the nexus between Yavapai and Coconino Counties in northern Arizona with a main core of players locally in Cottonwood, with likely related issues in the Urgent Care (near the hospital) and the area’s hospital. That hospital is a sister to the main one in Flagstaff, and billing and other activities (like collections through the Urgent Care) also seem to be in Phoenix. Numerous consumer blog complaints about that Urgent Care, similar issues reported by more than one person. A Health Insurance and Medical Corruption section has been initiated on River GOLD (, but deserves more attention. 2019/05/10 level deeply embedded in the brain and body. There also might be an energy wavelength infusion that shifts brainwaves and biochemistry similar to taking a pill. There can also be a form of psychological operations using other forms of technology largely invisible to the average person. Keep such things in mind. If you feel you or someone you know is getting whacky with a proclivity for public violence or something like that encourage an immediate change of environment because some of the psychotronic attacks might be set up in the area. This might be a form of temporary first aid. You won’t accomplish anything if you kill yourself or others in a rampage of hate. But you can help watch for the signs of such things in yourself and others. Start to learn more about how people might be being used as staged public domain killers under the influence of hostile enemy psychotronic and energy wave attacks. One of the operations seems to be driving a person into acting out in socially unacceptable ways from a sense of emotional desperation and reaction. Please read up on proven Stasi tactics and come to understand how this might be applied secretly here in the USA, what the signs might be. Surely activists speaking out against such things would be likely targets, so watch for hidden warfare such as is listed here showing up in these people’s behaviors and lives. The more we all are tuned into antics and games played around and on us, the more we can fight back, but our best fight is an orderly and organized one, not a hapless enraged self-defeating frenzy. We can help each other stay calm and proceed with our best counter-measures by using knowledge and awareness as our best defense. As mentioned elsewhere, watch for the following: -United States Post Office and any other mail carrier reverse discrimination hiring practices. Watch for non- white groups enforcing civil rights for themselves, but not for others. This is a security risk. If they are not hiring whites, it is a red flag. Government departments should truly be following non-discriminatory guidelines in hiring so that anyone from the United States with an appropriate background for the job can receive equal hiring opportunities; if only one race is represented at the front counter of the US Post Office, for example, and if the hiring manager is the same race, this is a very clear indication the post office is discriminating in its hiring practices. Government jobs should be available to all races across the United States demographics, and need not reflect the demographics of the local areas. In addition, if there are mixed demographics in a local area and only one or two races are reflected at the US Post Office, this is a very real indication of discrimination in hiring practices. If there are absolutely no whites, they are almost certainly doing it on purpose, but if there are only one or two races from the local area represented, they are also leaving out other races in the area, as well. At post offices, take note on the different races represented at the front counters, in the carrier trucks that go around town and back behind the scenes in the packing rooms. Hostile groups with anti-American agendas can watch certain targeted whites and others in a given area in various ways, including who sends what to whom and where, how often and what; what the person orders online and from whom; they can secretly get into the mail and read it, including private mail between family members and others. The anti-American civil rights (often linked to Islamic and old Communist/Socialist groups) can also have links to civil rights connections at Amazon and other large corporations so that information is relayed in advance; this can also happen through the other carrier services like UPS and FED EX. -Banks. Reverse discrimination hiring practices. In certain areas, watch for only certain non-white groups being hired; if you have trouble finding the whites, this is a red flag because banks should be equal opportunity employers. The lack of whites can be the canary in the coal mine letting you know this once white or more white place is on its way out or already “gone” - See The Program below. If they don’t want the whites there, something else is going on in addition to obvious discrimination in hiring. This is a security risk. One risk is stalking by a bookkeeping department manager watching what a person is using his debit card for around town and online. Of course, in some cases this can be truly helpful in identifying fraud, but in the hands of dishonest people, it can be a major form of personal invasion. Stalking can include texting a friend or other associate, even someone in a security or policing position and informing them that the person has just used the debit card at a specific address in the area; the nearby friend can then go immediately to that site and commence spying or stealing. Banking employees in bookkeeping departments probably do not get enough attention from investigations operations into gangstalking, drug rings and other network related crimes. When a bookkeeping department at a bank has been invaded by a group working along focused racial lines there can be obvious signs something is afoot. This is often seen by the gradual decreasing and final fully “gone” state of whites in that department, business, franchise branch, organization or government agency. Once control is assured, the location can now be a major link to gangstalking and other network crime activities. Identify the managers at the banks who do the actual hiring. It show go without saying that your bank accounts can be a supreme zone of personal vulnerability. There is so much private information associated with them that any intrusion is dangerous, but in the hands of people who are not in your corner, it can be deadly. If you are white and your files are being handled by a group of non-white people whose hiring practices are discriminatory against whites, it is safe to conclude their biases and potential hostility will apply to you and all the many pieces of information they can glean from your bank accounts, as well. They have already proven they are not willing to play by the rules in terms of how they hire; you can bet they won’t play fair in other ways, as well. Just think a moment all of the things they can learn about you from your bank accounts. Community Colleges and Universities. Watch for a turfed zone and similar issues as related in the banking section, with a time of decreasing whites and then final “gone” ones, with hiring from that point on, especially in certain types of jobs, even government supported ones for students, being given to only one or two races in a given area. The fact whites are missing should be a red flag of other operations afoot. ”The Program” hypothetical at this point. Others likely have specific information about this or a comparable program. There are indications it exists. As a Stasi-like anti-American agenda against whites and others involving the civil rights types of groups mentioned above. These civil rights groups can be associated with Native American tribes, Hispanic and Latino groups and their Catholic heritage associations, African American movements with pseudo-Christian orientations, voo doo, Cuban-Latino witchcraft, etc; Asian including Hawaiian and Japanese, and more. They can be linked with Islamic extremists and Communist groups like those from North Korea and China, probably with old ties back to Vietnam. People are being taught to think worrying about Communists taking over the USA is silly, banal and stale, a wild-eyed and paranoid idea, but the fact is if you do your reading carefully, you will see for yourself how the system operates. It’s not silly to worry about Communists associated with Islamic extremists and their related civil rights groups, but it might take a little time to absorb the games being played. All police systems and their related federal agencies should be in tune with and concerned about these things. If they are not, they are not doing their jobs in protecting the United States. The groups are very sneaky, using the idea of so-called cool civil rights ideas for their own agendas, but with the plan of American take-overs. Once the take-overs would complete, a much more controlling and severe operation would come into place, comparable to the most controlled countries of the world. It is appropriate to use The Taliban as an example. -Chex Rite or a fraud watch program. Watch for excesses in surveillance not disclosed to public via debit card entry at cash registers at point of sale. It seems likely it is about getting on a list above and beyond any earlier check problems so that now even just using a debit card normally at someplace like Walmart can draw attention through their systems. Member of the public not aware their debit card just flashed a warning in system. High risk areas like the Navajo Reservation and its border towns have something going on along these lines. 2019/05/02 As added background to the preceding day and week’s notes, see Judith Miller (2009 Autumn) Mexicanization American Law Enforcement Excerpt: Beheadings and amputations. Iraqi-style brutality, bribery, extortion, kidnapping, and murder. More than 7,200 dead—almost double last year's tally—in shoot-outs between federales and often better-armed drug cartels. This is modern Mexico, whose president, Felipe Calderón, has been struggling since 2006 to wrest his country from the grip of four powerful cartels and their estimated 100,000 foot soldiers. But chillingly, there are signs that one of the worst features of Mexico's war on drugs—law enforcement officials on the take from drug lords—is becoming an American problem as well. Most press accounts focus on the drug-related violence that has migrated north into the United States. Far less widely reported is the infiltration and corruption of American law enforcement, according to Robert Killebrew, a retired U.S. Army colonel and senior fellow at the Washington-based Center for a New American Security. "This is a national security problem that does not yet have a name," he wrote last fall in The National Strategy Forum Review. The drug lords, he tells me, are seeking to "hollow out our institutions, just as they have in Mexico." Summary of recent notes: Prison Culture and Gang/Organized Crime Networks Watch for prison system culture and gang-style turfing in various places in which ex-prisoners or people on parole are found. One place to watch are large corporation stores in which employees and/or relatives and friends are linked to that. Negative effects possible in surveillance both inside and outside system. These places can be turfed in the following manner: network control of jobs, inventory source preferences (ie, factories and farms in Mexico), racial controls possible. Surveillance can include gangstalking, in-house or out-of-system theft. Some surveillance might be linked to China because of the large amount of merchandise imported from there to these various stores. Watch for networking between large corporate chain stores both within and outside police patrol systems. Corrupt police rings can misuse the anonymity of detective undercover work to target certain people on a blacklist, for theft and other reasons. There need to be several checks and balances on undercover operatives because things can get out of hand relatively quickly. They need to be monitored by ethical professionals in their departments and beyond. A lot of time surveillance meant for anti-theft and anti- crime measures can include many work hours away from supervision; at this point, things can go awry. Turfed Zones: It’s OK if you spend your money there (they’ll keep an eye on you) but they won’t hire your kind as much or at all - linked to organized crime and anti-American agendas There can be a militaristic undercurrent in certain employees as part of a La Raza or similar underlying agenda. This is one possible source of anti-American networking. Operatives can be “securing borders” by keeping a layer of oppression around the store. Managers can among races participating in these practices. Likely to be happening in certain parts of a racially divided city or certain small towns. Although racial demographics are probably the most likely way a store (or entire postal system) can be turfed, we need to consider religion and politics as well. Turfing can include reverse discrimination and unfair hiring practices with preference given to a particular racial group. Managers are not being checked for discriminatory hiring practices because the system designed to protect the public from such things are designed mostly for civil rights groups. Many non-whites do not think reverse discrimination is discrimination. So entire stores or store chains can be turfed in this way. Surveillance in these stores might be divided between turfing types and more legitimate operation. Turf-based surveillance can be both inside and outside the store’s normal monitoring systems. It can have racial connotations in which certain targets are watched more than others as they come in and out of the stores. Parking lot and in-store thefts might be related to this. More legitimate operatives not necessarily part of the store system but an external policing or federal agency might be there to supposedly put a dent in the turfing and might know there is an unusual tendency for a certain kind of subterfuge or violence in the store, with some days worse than others. What is likely that although they might offer a certain kind of relief from the turfing arena, they are likely not doing their jobs to full capacity, have a small crew, and are low budgeted. The various chain stores have become like military zones because of the wide-scale theft and turfing. Theft is so common from both employees and the public that stores have become military zones of surveillance and counterattack; everyone who works for and with the store is on high alert, very watchful. If you come into these places looking like a type, wear a baggy jacket, have a large bag, cuff your sleeves a certain way, tend to slouch or walk like a gang member, etc….you can wind up being a target of heightened surveillance in these places. Also if you are a repeat customer and the surveillance team just does not like the way you look or whatever, you can find yourself always under heightened watch. In some cases you have bored surveillance personnel who have nothing better to do than gain an understanding of your purchase habits because they are always watching you come in the store to buy certain things. Obviously, this is an invasion of privacy but most members of the public are completely unaware of the negativity lurking in the surveillance in these stores. Again, stores have become like military zones with a heightened sense of importance compared to the general public which they often see as enemy trolls out to get them. It has to do with all of the thefts, one after another day after day….but it also has to do with taking power away from the people by putting too much control into just a few corporations. Many people are left stranded on the beaches without adequate employment because they cannot get a job in these exacting corporations with limited criteria about who they will hire; this means you have desperate people who take the risks at stealing. But there are also other people who steal for fun or as a habit. Whatever the reason, high levels of theft create an “us against them” mentality between stores and the public, and it is a vicious cycle. Surveillance networks might become vigilante operations in which they illegally and surreptitiously go after people they feel have created some kind of offense in these stores. The vigilante operations might have more to do with who is turfing the stores rather than an honest commitment to the stores themselves. That is, if the stores have become like “family” then they take it personally what goes on. Such tribal-like turfing means that the store has become an extension of their gangs or cartels to the point that perceived or real theft or unfair returns might be met with behind-the-scenes retaliation. A strange world of interaction might be occurring between stores and certain members of the public in which the actual turfed state of operations is revealed. The main way to prevent this is to train area police departments about possible turfing and vigilante operations at these corporate chain stores, to look for problems in management back at the home offices, probably in the largest cities in the state or region. Hispanic Catholic culture quirks in widespread crime in the public domain -offshoot groups which reflect back to Catholicism, members moving between Catholic churches and subgroups -motifs, icons, etc. that can be found linked to criminalistic Modus Operandi and fetishism -unrealistic historic revisionism tied to old Spanish royalty: for example, the idea inquisitional, colonizing Spanish queen Isabella is a saint-based on a feeling, not facts, complete with motifs that liken her with Mother Mary -possible links to Islamic culture (for example, histories of Spain, Sicily) - paternalistic tendencies/links between royalty/religion -continued mafia connections despite pope public denial -possible links between Italy mainland/islands and Spanish culture peoples -Indian Country connections to various forms of Catholicism: Italian, Hispanic, Irish and other “white” Europeans, like German, Russian, French, and so on. -paternalism lending itself to machismo -sexual abuse, sexual quirkiness - quirky violence -quirky control games, public area turfing, masters of networking, attention to detail -link between race and religion for a sense of purpose and nationalism; ethnic pride -multigenerational violence and habits for secrecy -tendency to not self-identify problems at both the personal and group level, lack of proactive self- evaluation and adjustment of behavior, tendency to let problems continue unchecked for a long time 2019/04/20 Please consider reading the following books: Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, by David Horowitz (2004) Here are some excerpts:page 69. Far from instilling humility in progressives like Gerda Lerner, the collapse of socialism has revived their self-righteousness and reenergized their assault on the Democratic West. The disappearance of the Soviet bloc has had only one consequence of note. It has lifted the burden of having to defend--however critically--an indefensifble regime. Because the utopian vision is no longer anchored in the reality of an actuallly existing socialist sate, the Left can now indulge its nihilistic agendas without restraint. pages 52-53:One could also see theses elements present in the fact the anti-wa movement was created in the wake of 9/11, thereby defining itself as a movemennt to attack one’s country when one’s country was attacked.….In the 1990s Aptheker was given appointments as a visiting prOfessor at Bryn Mawr and at the University of California’s Boalt Hall, one of the nation’s most prestigious law schools. His historical writings have been praised by the leading figures of the historical profession in its leading professional journals, one can see the core elements of the Aptheker’s political perspective represent in the demonstrations against the war in Iraq…extreme slogans, such as “Bush is the Disease, Death is the Cure”, and “We support our troops when they shoot their officers:….. Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq, From George W. Bush to Obama. By Michael Gordon and General Bernard Trainor (2012). In it, recommended books: In the Line of Fire (Musharraf) and A Peace to End All Peace. Note on Horowitz: Unholy Alliance is dated. However it provides important background and was published not too long after 9/11. One reason to read Endgame is to discover the manner in which the Middle East battleground has entered Mexican, Latin American and American culture. You will see elements of Iraq and Afghanistan in cartel activity in Mexico, for example. There is a strong link between Hispanic organized crime and secretive Islamic extremist networking. Extreme violence, head chopping, vendettas, abductions, drug operations. Another reason to read the book is that many of our American military people are bringing aspects of their experiences and encounters back to the United States in one form or another. Some of it can be bad habits and a sense of dulled lines as to who is who. Working alongside Middle Eastern partners can change the core identity of who we are and where we stand. In the book, watch for depictions of the Iraqi police which supposedly allied with Americans, were working vendettas on the Iraqi public - dangerous, corrupt, cruel, things gone too far out of control. Their growing bad reputation reflected on the Americans over there. Yet another reason to read the book is to gain an understanding of thwarted battlegrounds torn apart by different factions and the struggle to figure out a way to gain and keep a safe democratic harbor that keeps getting undone over and over. Civil war, power players between Iran backed Shiites, diverse group of Sunnis, tribal interests, Kurdish interests, insurgencies from outside Iraq borders adding to the conflict and confusion. Iranian money. All of these things show up in the book and more make Endgame: well worth reading.
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