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IN THIS SECTION Backlog-36 2021/06/30 More on the pain in problem communication between liberals and conservatives in the home 2021/06/28 Communication gaps over racism between Democrats and Republicans are often painful 2021/06/18 Kamala Harris a guy/transgender? Soros/Obama 2021/06/06 Watch for Psyops Two Horns; Pelosi-Jewish link 2021/06/04-05 Input on Keystoe XL Pipeline ------------------------------------------------ SECTION NOTES BY DATE NEWS 2021/06/30 Regarding Notes-News-2021/06/30 It is my opinion that the contest was obviously warped by far left judges; biological men should not be competing in a woman’scontes t. Whether or not you can tell he is a guy is irrelevant, but it is obvious in the photo it is a male. This is enough to make you want to run from the state of Nevada. As a side note, watch for psychic and/or psychotronic activity from transgender aggressors. The same things that made them divide from their gender can impact psychic functioning -- namely, abuse and whacky human environments. There also might be mystery school types of cults involved that pass down psychic information. Because they are obsessive at winning over the mainstream population, it is conceivable that if they got hold of mind altering tech, they would use it to channel messages through unsuspecting victims. I recently suspected it coming from the Portland and Beaverton metro areas, maybe from parts of the policing departments taken over by the radical left and aggressive minority-first positions. Recent letters to City Manager of Farmington, New Mexico and to Beaverton, Oregon Police Departments for different reasons, but both mention problems involving race-related topics; New Mexico might have a program targeting whites in the state that correlates with groups around the country when the target tries to leave the state. Activity seemed to pick up after a letter sent to the Beaverton Police group about my support for a street banner memorial for deceased combat veterans. I added the idea that indicated a divide between Republicans and Democrats in the home and that sometimes you need to find a new family with similar beliefs when your original family turns on you; however, I had not fully given up on my family yet, but felt that a person might be forced into it because of the incompatability and different mindsets and approaches. People in support of the “Democrats” inside your own family might try to turn the tables and have those family members turn on you by initiating a heightened assault on your beliefs and approaches, and to be the ones to cut the strings with you first. That is, possible channeled messages through two family members seemed to magnify in content and intensity after the letters to the Farmington city manager and the Beaverton PD, and I suspect a correlation, if one is already on some kind of targeting program from the home state and get added to the Portland-area riot country anti-American warfare problem. I continue to suspect cell phones and the internet, but now add maybe we are put on a program with a channel with a frequency that finds us no matter where we are in the areas, not sure if we have been implanted with some kind of device or if it is targeting us thru our drivers license or credit card RFIDs. I truly do sense activity in the air waves that suggests something like this. Here is what I heard from family members shortly after the letter to Beaverton PD: “You are crazy.” “You are a fucking bitch.” (this kind of verbal attack using cuss words was repeated several times with greatly elevated emotion) “You are a racist.” “You are a bigot.” “This is so stupid.” “You are a far right white supremacist.” “Poor _ie, John Doe__.” (The minority in question) “I am going to hang up on you. I am going to block your phone number. Leave me alone.” One is left feeling we are talking to a recording put out by the far left, minority-first groups and that the family member is not able to dialogue, and that nuanced rational discussions are not possible. Also warnings about the other family member being in a possible dangerous, abusive or otherwise troubled space are rejected as stupidity, mental illness and racism. I am not kidding: although their are pieces of the personalities that go way back in time findable in the diatribes, there seems to be a heightened extraordinary problem in the tone and the malice. The responses come from what they feel are evil attacks on minorities in general and on the minority in question in the family. 2021/06/28 There are several excellent articles coming from astute writers in the conservative sector describing the pain and hardship many Republicans face from groups largely associated with the now largely compromised Democrat party. I have come to realize many of their feelings and experiences are like mine. One of the frustrations is the communication gap over racism. Included in this is the labeling and slurring that is frequently gushed in response to someone even voicing a concern about reverse-racism or undesirable behavior linked to someone who is not white. There are several concerns a white person might have with behavior from a non-white or someone with an ethnically grouped culture (like multi-skin colored Hispanics or Latinos). In trying to voice these concerns, emotional monologues often result from the other party. The concerns cover anti-American warfare, turfing, gainsaying, gaslighting and manipulation. They cover border violations and unfair or illegal amnesty for migrants who do not belong here, along with funding, goods, services and special treatment given to them at the expense of many poor or otherwise deserving; for every hotel room, shelter stay, food bill and counseling service given to an illegal alien, another American citizen is deprived of these things. They also cover legalistic and financial issues, like race grievance lawsuits that draw attention in the media usually in favor of the non-white person,and settlements that go to the non- white persons time and again in huge lump sums. Also are to be considered outright violence against whites.* The issues also involve flat one-sided diatribes of the argument at hand. By being labeled racist, bigot or far right white supremacist Trump supporter in a sneering and condescending tone, Republicans and others feel short-shifted, with the argument quickly escalated from blue to red and redirected from the original value of nuanced meaning to a cheap dime store variety that looks nothing like what was first intended. When you have this sort of dynamic inside your own family - not just out in the media - it can be particularly upsetting. Part of the communication gap can be age-related, with younger generation persons having gone through a massive socio/political/educational campaign very much intended to get them to look at race relations through a certain set of lenses. The frustrations of the older generation can include a sense of before and after which include major demographic shifts in a particular area, as well as cultural, religious or ideological ones. Additional concerns can include worries over planned, manipulated or forced miscegenation in which a radicalized version wants to stamp out so-called systemic racism by blurring the lines of white and non-white with focused intent. The idea is to stop having white people, with the goal mixed race persons who can’t fall back on their white looks or heritage. We should ask ourselves if zealots of this type have hidden programs targeting certain white members of the population, not unlike earlier or extant genetic programs against non-whites and mentally or physically handicapped ones. Genetic engineering programs by blacks putting out all of those black and white ads should not be ruled out as a possibility. Included with this concern is that white males might feel pressured to obtain non-white mates for several reasons that go beyond just mutual attraction, compatability or love. There might be subconscious or conscious decisions to seek out or decide on a non-white mate that include: “it’s cool (chique) and done”; safety ; and monetary gain; paternalistic male dominant/female supporting role. Monetary gain can be sought from the mate or the mate’s group, if either is deemed to have certain financial advantages; the example here is white male Mormons might seek Navajo female partners for several of the above listed reasons, as well as the religiously driven idea that Mormons and Native American peoples are fulfilling a Mormon prophecy that the two would come together. People can seek mates for their job income or tribal affiliations, looking for an in within the area’s power networks. (like if a white male is seen cohorting with a minority, maybe the gangs in the area will leave him alone, or as protection against a feared upcoming minority -driven holocaust against whites). White males in the military have long been known to choose Asian or Hispanic Catholic female mates (or other non-white mates from paternalistic societies) because these have traditionally deferred to male hiearchy structures. Some of the behaviors that create strong physically and action driven males also might create a need to be the guy with a more deferential type of female. If white American females are too egalitarian or assertive, this might be seen as a threat to male masculinity, whereas non-white women from other culture might represent the more traditional type of female that caters to these men’s egos or psychological needs. If white males have additional ego egos, like being short by American standareds, a small petite Asian or Hispanic might help with this - his height won’t be an issue with a person whose family or village were all small-sized people. In addition, since many military men (like in the Navy) have mates from other nationalities or races, it can be seen as done. There will be other types of military men who marry within their race, whites among these, and pride in America can include the American bibilical religion and small town swing on the porch and apple pie scenarios. Miscegenation can be self-willed, not manipulated or teased into operation. However, similar issues can show up in the families as racially or culturally driven power struggles and children loyalties. Extended family and friendship networks can be a force to contend with as outside players try to control the dynamics of the household and its members. There can be hidden influencers through these outlying relationships - people can be trying to bring their politics and religion into your home without your fulloy realizing it. But more sinister is the possibility that non-white people are sent into a white person’s life through a hidden miscegenation program. Or once a connection is made more or less arbitrarily, there might be extended family members or groups quietly trying to help that relationship along for miscegenation and/or group power reasons. Maybe that Cuban, Hawaiian or Puerto Rican who showed up in your family’s relationships was not an accident or was scooted along. In addition, once the children are born, which culture wants to dominate? Could their be a non-white nationalistic power movement behind that, along with changing your family member’s personality, behavior, word choices, body language, emotional mindset and ideation? Example At one point is “I want to raise my children Hawaiian” (says the male Hawaiian to the white mother in front of him, as if his white female mate is not in the room, nor the mother or other family members)- the emphasis is on “my” -- along with names linked only to Hawaiian family members or culture aided and abetted by the half-Hawaiian as well as your own child who says “I chose the Hawaiian middle name, not him” almost cult-like? How many white Americans have been in similar situations, feeling their children and grandchildren are lost to some other non-white or culturally different world? The match to the dry twig and paper is Mother dares to ask her child, “And where is my daughter in all this Hawaiian naming of the grandchild?” And the flame bursts open, a mix of old family baggage as dissatisfaction and despair before the man showed up in her life, fueled by some years of the mother’s growing Republican “it is OK to be white in America” (ie, shsedding white guilt) approach which included voiced concerns about being a white minority in New Mexico and Hawaii, as well as in a few departments or with business services from large corporations here and there (it all got lumped together as mere racism), personality differences, 2016 and 2021 Black Lives Matter riots with media attention against “systemic racism” and there we have it. The real or symbolic divide between Democrat and Republican, liberal/progressive and conservative, younger generation and older, flares rapidly into a point of no return. The question is seen as a slur against the boyfriend’s race and his character. Added to this some vocalizations of intuitive impressions that something might be off otherwise - things that come up as a possibility, but not latched onto as fact - and the whole thing galls apart. Years of a teetering relationship turn to ashes within moments. The daughter calls the mother a bigot and racist, as does the daughter’s grandmother, who adds far right white supremacist Trump supporter. Close to the issues at hand are being a mainlander (born and bred on the continental United States) knowing something of Hawaii’s ways with whites in general. It includes knowing what happens to many whites who come to Hawaii to find themselves while in a vulnerable and lost state. You know some of these people can be sexually exploited because of what you have heard from the natives about “easy white mainlanderwomen ripe for the picking.” You know of the perspective of Hawaiian history classes given to thedaughter as a required class for graduation - the classic European and white American colonization of victimized native inhabitants theme, encouraging white guilt and self- effacement through heightened awarenss and empathy. And you have seen the hallways of counseling centers lined with lost looking whites awaiting drug and.or counsesling therapy by suspicious white and non-white counselors, people you would not trust in any setting. And you have seen and heard how haoles* are treated all across the islands - some of it cuts through the reverse-racism, much of it does not. Generally, they try to knead the haole dough into a compliant, demure and self-effacing Hawaiian-centered bread, leaving little room for self-identity. White enablers are those who suppress their own personality and culture for another race/culture combination. It is a type of self-denial and although constructive blending likely does occur, there is something more sinister to the process than simply adapting another culture. They are often rejecting something in their own families and not coming to terms with something in themselves. They can either disappear in the woodwork or take on super-white non-white qualities, held up as something special. White enablers often turn on whites and American culture while being favored for being white within the anti-white sector, precisely because they are whites fighting whites. White enablers will show minority preference in hiring practices, vote Democrat, will show hatred for parents who show support for whites and America in the context of this discussion (suprting whites against turfing or the deliberate ostracizing of, or squeezing out of whites, is not racist, it is self-protective). White enablers will act above it all, telling you they have moved on and are above such emotional messy outbreaks of hate toward non-whites. By staying aloof and superior to the concerns being voices, they align themselves with minorities and people they think are liberal and are more than willing to cut off ties with anyone who contests their views. Although ultimately neither party see themselves as universal Democrats or Republicans, families can divide up over these issues along similar political positions. You then will see a Republican and Democrat line about “this is who I am and what I believe” which can become inrreconcilable. You can lose your children and grandchildren over things like this to an ideology and whole set of approaches to life, and if you are Republican, you can feel these family members are in the hands of people who don’t like America very much. You look back, and it could have started by leaving a child too much in the care of minorities (like Native Americans) who had a power and competition issue with the white American families they worked for. The issues go beyond race, but are interpreted as racism, not because they are not intelligent or college educated. Everyone in this example has the minimum of a 4 year degree, with other forms of education on top of that. Part of the issue is how are emotions are hooked, ideas fixated and thoughts moved along certain habitual channels. It also can include motivation, like how much one is willing to try or go deeper. There can be mutual habits of feelings of victimization or unfairness that piled up in the family over the years. It can be looking at things from different sets of lenses. But whatever brought people to this point, the eruption and subsequent burn and ashes leave feelings of pain and grief that are very real. * * - 2021/06/18 See Notes-News for this date Something that has kept catching my attention is that Kamala Harris has facial features in certain photos that look masculine, or actually like a man. This could be explained away as a racial or genetic issue, or an individual quirk, but one has to wonder. Also the long boned face reminds one of Zalmay Khalilzad, like one type ofAfghan, he is from northern Afghanistan. This is not a petty criticism of Kamala Harris’s looks; if you look closely, and imagine taking off her eye makeup and lipstick, pull back the hair, the jaw line, cheek bones, forehead and long thick head could pass for male. If she were a he, it might explain the strong support for transgender issues, including her bad behavior in our American military training centers, and her insistance on wanting to take a more pronounced place as Vice President than most in American history. If an original Kamala Harris has been replaced by a double, that is one thing; if it is the same Harris we can question the gender back through time. A few people might be playing up the “Kamala is a man” idea to distract and back off questioners, hence fake sites and photos with silly material. `for old real or alleged Black Panthers ties, Catholic schooling, and identify that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi also have strong Catholic ties. But when looking for info about this possibility on the internet, I found a website that had already thought of this, but with what looks like the typical fake photos that have started to have a calling card look to me. On an energy level she (or he) seems to have a strong gut, like from tao tien and martial arts training, and in that gut, I could imagine a trained terrorist, like in an anti-American overseas African-Islamic military, or one with South Asian ties. Whether she is a strong woman or a hidden man, I think it is a good idea to keep our sights open to possibilities. Here is an example of such a thing: Is This Barack Obama Laughing with George Soros? And just what do they find so amusing? Snopes - Obama and Soros photo together laughing I found it while reading up on Verizon and separately Net Neutrality and thought it likely a fake photo; Snopes agrees. It has that calling card fake photo And on another note, read this: Washington Times - July 18, 2018 - Soros: Obama a disappointment Washington Times https //www washingtontimes com/news/2018/jul/18/george-soros-obama-was-my-greatest-disappointment/ 2021/06/09 More Comments in Pelosi Nancy Pelosi 2021/06/06 See more in Psyops Section Pelosi comes up again and old material is covered again, along with new Watch for Psyops-Two Horns leading to Funneling toward a planned outcome: Good Cop/Bad Cop, like matador- controlled contrivances in a bull fight ring, Media voices Democrats/Republicans, Nihilism or Religionism; ie, nihilists could try to prove the hopelessness; Religionists could be trying tooff-ramp the other choices to get you to see the impossibility of any other way but their version of God by showing no view works; Fixation of Points is linked to Funneling via directing one’s gaze and using opposites and shades of gray, taking people to a precipice or to a point of view, there could be an old alchemist/witchcrat “mystery school” like a link between old royalty and priests which could mean we are dealing with metaphysical antics on top of everything else whose fixation of points include getting people lost in the trivia of various religions biblical works. Funneling is linked to Gatekeeping, in that once funneled, people get a yay or nay on what to think about or ingress and egress - a controlled kingdom. In this context, even Trump* could be a Soros controlled project, and in turn Soros could be a Jewish/mixed-race network controlled project. The core issue there could be anger and retaliation over the Holocaust. There could be Jew-denial while trying to artificially reclaim power and loss of face over supposedly having been duped by the Nazis (ie, trains to “vacations.”) If this brains-behind-SOros web exists, proclivity with Soviet Era anti-population stuff possible, being lost in the anti-Jew zones with Nazis like SOros and his father, transgender issues and sexual abuse; issues over immigrants trying to escape bad places (like Jews going to America and England before, during and after the Holocaust. Whatever the actual reasoning and outcoes, get a feeling in general for this subject and also read this: Comments - Pelosi - Jews - June 6, 2021 - moved to: Nancy Pelosi *Trump and Soros seem genuinely oppositional but as in everything, stay as objective as possible 2021/06/04-05 Input on Keystone XL Pipeline; see Notes-News for this date I support the pipeline and the legal action against the Biden administration. Some important contexts for this decision are: -Biden and his group are out of line -presidential overreach and overall government overreach-illegal acts-breach of original American Constitution and its amendments -superceding a significant portion of the will of the states and its inhabitants -What is concurrently occurring in Europe -Russia-German-EU pipeline - See Heritage dot org article in Notes-News for this date -China-EU activity -Russia-Hunter Biden link not resolved despite corporate media input -China-Hunter and Joe Biden link not resolved “ “ -Watch for German-owned oil and gas companies inside the United States -Recent Ukraine-Biden-Trump activity involving oil and gas -Burisma (oil and gas) question around Biden and family not resolved despite corporate media input Possible Green industry ties to Democrats -Pelosi definite signs of company ties - at least the earlier SunEdison - Check for Berson Activists -see Notes-News for this date -Check for this with the Bidens and others -Watch for links between oil and gas and green ownership/stocks/mergers by same people pushing for Green or Oil Democrat Groups tied to Anti-American Warfare -Biden could be paid off by European groups and China -Harris tied to Black Panthers and various black groups including those who rioted and rebelled against the mainstream legitimate American government during the Black Lives Matter riots -anti-Trump behavior out of spite - trying to undo anything Trump did or that he authorized -targeting the core of America to destabilize it to put non-Americans and idelogically aggressive types in its place -much of the behavior is anti-white -------------end JUne
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